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the Secret to Making Your Expertise Irresistible Using Your Unique Human Design

June 3-7, 2024

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Gone are the days where hosting a 9-day live launch guaranteed you a 6-figure payday. There’s a lot of noise on the internet, buyers are more discerning, and they’re not jumping at every offer thrown in front of them.

And for entrepreneurs in the transformational space - healers, energy workers, life coaches, etc. it can be harder to articulate the value of your offers when you’re competing with people selling tactical strategies with testimonials that say things like “I made $350,000 in 4 days by following Ken’s Instant Cash Launch Strategy”

The online game has changed.

So what do you need in order to convert buyers today?

You need to earn their trust.

You need to become an authority.

YES, Make Me an Authority with HD!

YES, Make Me an Authority with HD!

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I'm Nicole. 

My transformation didn't happen overnight. It required a blend of clear messaging, strategic thinking, and aligning my business and my life with my Human Design. That’s why I created the Business By Design Mentorship. My mission is to partner with you to elevate your business by integrating strategy with your unique energy. This program isn't about generic tactics; it's about YOU. I’m here to help you step into your potential, crafting a message that resonates and converts. This isn't just about finding clients; it's about attracting the right people who lean in and ask, 'How can I work with you?'

I'm not just a coach; I practice what I preach and I’ve been where you are. I wanted to take the “well how does this all fit together” frustration out of your experience. That’s why I take this all the way through to building your Authority Platform. Through building my Authority Platform with the Unshakeable with Human Design podcast, which is in the top 1.5% globally, I've experienced firsthand the power of a resonating message. This podcast hasn't just been a platform; it's been a magnet for perfect-fit clients and powerful collaborations. It's where I've nurtured relationships, shared insights, and connected deeply with my audience. This journey has been integral to developing a method that I’m excited to share with you - a method that empowers you to attract and nurture your ideal clients in a way that feels fun and easy, just as I have.

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in this masterclass:

we'll cover

The Authority Matrix: The 8 Elements of Human Design that position you as an authority in your space

Why you should stop trying to “Niche Down” and what you should do instead

How to choose your Authority Platform and the secrets to monetizing



The Forgotten Element of Messaging: Uncover the secret ingredient that turns your message into a client magnet.


Lead Generation Redefined: Build a system that works tirelessly for you, nurturing and converting leads.

The Essential elements of an Authority Funnel

You’re posting on social media 3-5 times per week with little engagement and stagnant follower growth

You’re an expert in your space but when someone asks you what you do you either clam up or ramble on for 10 minutes

You’re live launching to 50 or less people and the ones who attend aren’t converting

You spend thousands of dollars on networking groups and going on a lot of "first dates" with prospects but not seeing them convert to clients 

If you’re experiencing any of the following problems then this masterclass was designed specifically for you:

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These entrepreneurs were experiencing the same issues before joining our masterclass:

You’ve hired 3 or more high-ticket mentors/coaches in the past year and it’s left you more confused than empowered

You’re focusing on launching and converting only and not building connection with your audience

If you’re experiencing any of those problems then you are probably making at least 1 of these mistakes:

You think visibility means showing up more on social media

In your messaging you focus on the techniques and method you use rather than building demand for your product

You started a podcast without a clear monetization or growth strategy so it’s drained you of time and money and you’re still stuck at 1,000 downloads per month

Social media is your main method for capturing leads, nurturing, and converting them.

Failing to prioritize tasks based on ROI, leading to scattered efforts and a lack of focus on what will truly drive your business growth

Your message is vague and you’re mimicking other successful influencers and content creators causing you to blend in with everyone else 

Investing 5 days in this Masterclass will be the best decision you’ve made for your business in years.

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