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Human Design Centers: The Spleen Center

Episode 273

As the fourth installment in the series exploring the nine centers of the Human Design Body Graph, this episode uncovers the primal essence of the Splenic Center and its crucial role in our well-being. Nicole guides listeners through the intricacies of the spleen, revealing its connection to our survival instincts, intuition, and immune system. She explores the differences between having a defined or undefined spleen and how this impacts our experiences with health, fear, and trust. Through personal anecdotes and insightful examples, Nicole illustrates the transformative potential of understanding and embracing the unique lessons our splenic center has to offer.

Listeners will gain a newfound appreciation for the splenic center as an internal alarm system, designed to communicate what is safe, right, and good for our well-being. Nicole shares practical tips on how to build a relationship with your splenic system, decipher its messages, and cultivate the courage to trust your intuition. Whether you have a defined or undefined spleen, this episode will empower you to navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and resilience.

Tune in to discover the secrets of the splenic center and unlock the key to becoming an unshakeable human. Join Nicole on this transformative journey and learn how to harness the power of your primal instincts to create an unshakeable business and life.


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Hello and welcome to Unshakeable with Human Design, everyone. I’m your host, Nicole Laino, and

we are here continuing our Centers series on the show. There are nine centers in the Human Design Body Graph, so there are nine episodes in this series.

We are going through each of the centers and giving them their own episode. So, if you have not been caught up with us and not been following along with this series so far, this is the fourth in the installment, there are nine, like I said. This is number four. We’ve already covered the root center, the solar plexus, and the sacral.

And today we’re going to be talking about the splenic center in human design. And the reason for this is, first of all,

we did a series on Human Design profile lines, so all of the six lines in the profiles. We did a series on those a few months ago and the feedback from that was so strong and so fabulous that we decided to do another one.

And when we asked the listeners what you all wanted to hear about next, what was the next series you wanted us to do? It was a runaway hit. The clear winner was centers. Everybody wanted to hear about the centers and I understand why and I was happy that everybody was tuned in at least to what is the most important thing to know.

The centers, they’re at the core of our design, but they’re also giving us a lot of dimension. So type is obviously a huge factor. So like I always say there’s the human design trifecta. There’s type, there’s authority, and there’s profile. That’s how you’re operating correctly.

These are like the core foundations of what you need to be operating under. You need to be operating according to your energy type, which is your type. You have to be making decisions according to your deepest wisdom, that is yours and yours alone, your own inner authority. That’s your authority. And then your profile, that’s who you’re here to be.

That is the role you’re here to play. That is the correct version of you that you put out in the world. That’s the foundation of living your purpose. But how we do that, and how we get more dimension to this, and what kind of lies underneath, are the centers. Because type and authority are determined by the centers that you have defined in your chart.

It is what gives you your essence. There’s a very big difference between a projector who has seven centers defined. They might be a very defined projector.

I just did an episode on Taylor Swift recently. I did her Incarnation Cross. I did an episode on that just a couple of weeks ago.

And she’s a projector. Now, you might have an idea of what a projector is like. And she doesn’t present like a typical projector. She’s highly prolific as far as the output of energy that she seems to be putting out in the world. She’s kind of everywhere.

Which might seem exhausting to some projectors, but she has a root center defined. She has her ego center defined. She is a single definition projector. There are certain aspects to her design that lend to the energy that she puts out and what we all get from her. It’s all of the chart and at the core of that is her centers.

She has two motor centers defined, the root and the ego. So she has more energy than, say, a projector that is a self projected projector who has just a G center and their throat defined. Very different energy. Very different qualities. Now, it does not mean more powerful, less powerful. It just means different.

And human design is the science of differentiation. It tells us how we are different from one another. It tells us what makes us special, and it tells us who we are here to be in the world. And at the core of that are our centers. Because the centers determine what type you are. Centers will tell you, and the connections to each of the centers, tell us whether you’re a manifester or a projector.

They tell us whether you are a generator or a projector. All of that is determined by centers, and then the channels that connect those centers. And our authority is determined solely on the centers that we have defined and that we have undefined. If you have a solar plexus defined, you are an emotional authority.

Now we just got your decision making mechanism and process in this life. Totally based on the fact that you have one center defined. It doesn’t matter what the rest of your design is. Your authority is emotional. Why? Because that center is defined. So that’s how powerful the centers are. So that is why we are giving the centers their due respect and giving them these totally dedicated episodes.

So, if you’re loving this series, if you are enjoying this and you’re seeing the value in it, I want to kind of call out here, we talked about it in the last episode, that I’m going to be teaching a program, called Unshakeable Human, and if you’re listening to this later on, you can absolutely still get information on this, but I am teaching a program called Unshakeable Human, which is everything about becoming an unshakeable human according to your human design.

It’s gonna be really comprehensive as far as how do you live your design. So many of us want to start doing our branding according to our human design, start living in our gifts, but this is the part that comes first. Like I say at the end of every episode, in order to have an unshakeable business, you must first become an unshakeable human.

This is that part. So if you’ve tried to apply this to your business, if you’ve tried to make your mercury gate your message, and you’ve tried to work on your conscious sun to figure out how you can jam it into your business and make it really sing so that you’re calling out to the people that you’re meant to help in this world.

And that hasn’t worked, it’s probably because you haven’t become the unshakeable human. It’s probably because you know what your potential is, but you’re not living it, and that’s what this program is going to be all about.

We have a very unique way that we are launching this particular program.

It’s through a waitlist. So if you just go to Instagram and DM me the words, Embody Waitlist on Instagram. I’m @NicoleLainoOfficial. We will sign you up there. Or you can go to nicolelaino.com/embody-waitlist and you can sign up on the website.

So that is how you will get into this one. I’ll explain more at the end of the episode, the details of that. But just wanted to call that out. If you’re loving this series, then you definitely want to get on the waitlist because that’s how you would go further with this exact work.

Okay, so let’s dive into the spleen, shall we? The splenic center is the oldest, most primal center that we have. This is the center of survival. It is the center of security, safety, body awareness, and intuition. It is so powerful, but it’s also an awareness center.

So it doesn’t carry energy. It is evaluating things. An alarm system is really what the splenic center is. That is kind of how it is designed. It’s biologically connected to our immune system. And you might have a defined spleen or an undefined spleen.

And like we’ve said in the other episodes where we talk about centers and we talk about definition. When you have something defined, it means that it’s consistent and it is fixed for you. So what that means is it’s going to be on all the time, it’ll be happening all the time, it’s a consistent process that’s happening to you, you have access to it all the time.

But it is also fixed, meaning you have particular ways that you experience it. And when you are undefined, it means that you have a myriad of ways that you can experience it. And those things will come to you at different times, in different ways, through different pathways. Because you’re open. You are flexible in that space.

It’s not strong or weak. It is just different. Are you consistent and fixed, or are you open and flexible and more inconsistent and variable in the way that you experience these things? So, it’s connected to the immune system. If you have it defined, then you may naturally, when you were born, had a stronger immune system.

It kind of knew what it was doing, it was working in a consistent, strong fashion. So typically people who have a defined spleen, just from this body awareness side of things, I have a defined spleen, so I’m going to say we, we can take our health for granted. Because it’s just always come easy to us.

So we haven’t really had to work at it. Sometimes we could take it for granted. We might fall behind on going to the doctor. We might fall behind on some of those checks and things that we should be doing. Some of the tests that we should have run.

And we may not give ourselves the appropriate amount of rest during our sickness and after our sickness. Because we don’t need as much generally. But we can often overstretch our immune system. So we take it for granted. On the other side, if you have an undefined spleen, you may have gotten sick and your body might have had to learn how to fight off different things.

It might have taken longer, you might have gotten sick over and over again with the same illnesses as a kid, because your body had to learn it, and it took a little bit longer for it to understand how to process that. How do we fight this? It had more data to take in, it didn’t have a consistent process, that was always on, always learning.

But what that can result in, sometimes, is a very resilient immune system later on. But it might have had to go through periods of learning that, of being trained, so to speak. Kind of like how we’re training AIs now to get smarter. You have to train your immune system to get smarter, to fight off the things that maybe someone with a defined spleen kind of knew out of the gate.

Beyond this though, beyond just that immune system, immunity, body awareness response, we also have intuition. It’s all connected. Basically, what the splenic system is about, is telling you what is safe, right, and good for your body.

For your well being. And it communicates to us through intuition. This is that voice that says, go to the doctor. This is that voice that says, don’t get in the car right now. It’s that voice that maybe doesn’t necessarily make sense, but it’s just this intuitive knowing. This is where we feel like I just know in my heart that I should or should not do something. That this is or is not good for me.

That’s the spleen. That is what it’s doing. Defined, you have that happening all the time. Undefined, it’s happening on and off. And maybe not as consistent a process for you. So, this feeling of safe, right, and good for me. What is good for my well being and what is not? That is what the splenic system is designed to do.

It’s designed to communicate with us and whisper when something is right or something is not. I said earlier that it was like an alarm system, and it really is. It’s like, don’t go there! Don’t do that! And because the spleen in its low expression or how it can communicate is through fear. So it’s that voice, that little voice inside of us.

That voice may be the voice of fear for some of us. And it’s where we have to start to recognize that fear is a way of keeping us safe. Now what do we do when we want to walk through fear and we want to do the things that feel a bit scary? How can we trust that this primal center is leading us to something that is right for us or not?

How do we know when the fear is safe for us to walk through and what we want is on the other side of it? And how do we know what’s truly an alarm saying, don’t go that way. It’s not safe. And that’s what building the relationship with the splenic system is about. Part of that is the deconditioning.

I don’t care whether you have it defined or undefined. I have a very defined spleen, so I have channels there, and I have a lot of gates that are activated, and I have a defined spleen. Now, there are seven gates in the spleen, and they are all associated in the low frequency with fear.

So there are seven gates of fear that sit in the splenic center. Now all of the awareness centers have a low frequency of fear, but this is primal fear. It can feel like if we go that way, if we do the thing that we are scared of, we’re gonna die. And I have felt like that most of my life, to tell you the truth.

I have felt in some way like the fear was so big and so strong that I was always fighting with it. That I was always succumbing to it for the earlier part of my life. I’d get afraid and I would back off. And what I’ve learned through bringing my spleen into a healthy expression, not being in the shadow of my defined spleen, not playing small in this area, I have learned what’s on the other side of fear. How to have courage. How to have trust.

And this is the potential of the spleen is to have tremendous courage and tremendous trust. And why do we have that? Because we trust that we would be warned if something were really dangerous for us. With that defined spleen, I had to build a relationship with it so that I could trust and understand what was a real warning sign and what was just that voice of fear that was always going to be there.

Because I have a lot of voices of fear. It was working with every single one of those gates, working with my gate 48, which is the fear of inadequacy, which was a huge theme in my life. Oh boy. Was that a big theme in my life? We often think of the ego center as that feeling of not being good enough, but when we look deeper into it, and that’s, what’s so powerful about these centers and these gates is understanding that I really wasn’t afraid that I wasn’t good enough.

I was afraid I was inadequate. And there’s a difference between fundamentally not good enough, like me as a person, I’m not good enough. And I don’t have a skill, which is sort of what Gate 48 tells us. So this is how we could start to use a map of what’s holding me back?

And what do I have in my chart that might be sending signals this way? And for me, it was a lot of the fear. My spleen is super active, so understanding those fear gates, understanding my relationship with them, and understanding what was actual fear that I should be listening to, that was trying to keep me safe, that was truly an alarm system, versus what was actually just this voice that was always going to be there, and how could I tune it, so to speak, so that it wasn’t going off all the time.

How could I set the sensitivity of it differently? How could I strengthen it and become more courageous, more prepared so that I could trust greater, so that I can have a greater sense of trust because that is what the spleen holds for us. The potential for trust. So there are lessons in every element of the chart.

Every single element of the chart holds some key to what our lessons are in life. For me, my spleen had a lot of them. It taught me about my relationship with fear. And it taught me how to work through it and what my fears were. And how I could overcome them. And learn to trust in my own intuition. And so when we look at the chart as the lessons that we are here to learn, what are our unique lessons, then we know where to put our efforts as far as how we grow ourselves.

What personal development do we really want to focus on that is going to have the greatest impact on our own personal growth and our lives and what we want to achieve? So, if you have a very defined spleen, like I do, there might be some lessons in there. If you have an open spleen, you’re going to be learning about the not self which is holding on to things because you think other things make you feel safe.

And you’re so afraid if they go away that you will no longer be safe, that it will not be okay. Different lessons. They show us what our lessons are. And that’s the power of this amazing system is that it can show you what your relationship to these themes are and how you uniquely work through them. So I hope that this gave you a little insight into the Splenic Center.

And if you want to dive deeper in this and start to understand what your lessons are, how you can grow to be uniquely you, to live your unique purpose in this life. It starts with learning those lessons. Growing and then living in that purpose. Operating according to your own design so you’re not experiencing the resistance you’ve been experiencing up until now.

If that interests you, please join the waitlist because you will love the Unshakeable Human program. Just DM me the word Embody Waitlist on Instagram, I’m @NicoleLainoOfficial and we will register you right there or you can go to nicolelaino.com/embody-waitlist and we will get you registered on the website, you can do it right there.

So I hope you enjoyed this episode. I hope you’re enjoying this series. I hope you love it. Please share it on Instagram if you’re loving it so that other people can know about it. And remember, in order to have an unshakeable business, you must first become an unshakeable human. So thanks for letting us help you become Unshakeable with Human Design, everyone.

We’ll see you next time.

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