Helping entrepreneurs and ambitious women harness their feminine energy and break free from subconscious patterns of perfectionism and over-analyzing so they can sell and serve at their highest level - without the burn out.

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  • Step into your superpowers without letting your conditioning drag you back to your former self.
  • Follow through on your visions with ease and joy as you make your own dreams come true (like finally starting your own business or completing your first 10k run)
  • Increase your income and experience greater satisfaction in your career and your accomplishments---instead of feeling like you should be doing more
  • Understand how to relate to and motivate others, whether they're in your family or on your team
  • Find your place in the world and take more joy in doing what you love because you've finally given yourself permission to do only what lights you up

Human Design is a modern system based on ancient wisdom. 

It combines the Hindu Chakra System, The Kabbalah Tree of Life, Western Astrology, the Chinese I'Ching, and Astrophysics. It’s like having a personalized life manual that highlights your strengths, challenges, and potential paths.

From understanding your decision-making process to harnessing your unique energy type, Human Design is here to offer you actionable insights to live authentically and harmoniously. Think of it as a 'cheat sheet' for navigating the maze we call life.

You are not asked or required to believe in anything. Human Design offers an opportunity to experiment with your energy and your awareness to see what works for you. 

What exactly is Human Design?



The Human Design podcast created specifically for entrepreneurs and high-achievers. 

Learn how Human Design and the Gene Keys can help you turn the volume up on key energies found in your chart.

The Unshakeable with Human Design Podcast

Start here:
  • Increase your income without working any harder (and 10x the satisfaction you feel in your career as a whole)
  • Feel healthier than you have for years thanks to shifts that felt easy and intuitive to implement
  • Replace your anxious thoughts with a deep feeling of peace and expansive creativity (so you can spend less time lying awake at night and more time on those hobbies you haven’t had time for in years!)
  • Spend more of your time in flow, blissfully humming along, aligned with your life’s purpose
  • Let go of old habits & patterns of thought so that you can live up to your fullest potential
  • Trust your intuition to guide you to the right next step, meaning you’re able to take decisive action towards what you want (no second guessing required!)
  • Stop allowing fear to keep you from your power. Because – let’s be honest – you know what you want. You’re just looking for the smartest route to help you make it happen.

Imagine if you could...

That's what you get when you start understanding and living by your Human Design. 


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Don't know your design yet or have only run a basic chart? Click below to run a completely free advanced Human Design chart to determine your type, profile, authority, and so much more.


Have we met yet?

I'm Nicole. 

My transformation didn't happen overnight. It required a blend of clear messaging, strategic thinking, and aligning my business and my life with my Human Design. That’s why I created the Business By Design Mentorship. My mission is to partner with you to elevate your business by integrating strategy with your unique energy. This program isn't about generic tactics; it's about YOU. I’m here to help you step into your potential, crafting a message that resonates and converts. This isn't just about finding clients; it's about attracting the right people who lean in and ask, 'How can I work with you?'

I'm not just a coach; I practice what I preach and I’ve been where you are. I wanted to take the “well how does this all fit together” frustration out of your experience. That’s why I take this all the way through to building your Authority Platform. Through building my Authority Platform with the Unshakeable with Human Design podcast, which is in the top 1.5% globally, I've experienced firsthand the power of a resonating message. This podcast hasn't just been a platform; it's been a magnet for perfect-fit clients and powerful collaborations. It's where I've nurtured relationships, shared insights, and connected deeply with my audience. This journey has been integral to developing a method that I’m excited to share with you - a method that empowers you to attract and nurture your ideal clients in a way that feels fun and easy, just as I have.

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-Sarah Schindler, Cognitive Parenting Coach

"I'm charging more than double what I did last year AND it wasn't as hard."

Learning about my Human Design has been a life changer!

It’s helped me to step up my game—not just in business, but also in my daily life. I have a new way to process everything in my life. Nicole’s teachings have given me more compassion, more patience, more love.

In terms of business wins, I've tripled and upleveled my client base since working with Nicole. I did a launch the same time a year ago and today, I'm charging more than double what I did last year AND it wasn't as hard.

Click below to learn all of the ways we can work together, whether you want to learn at your own pace, in a group, or one on one. 

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Get your free advanced human design chart

Don't know your design yet or have only run a basic chart? Click below to run a completely free advanced Human Design chart to determine your type, profile, authority, and so much more.

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