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The message my subconscious received during my childhood was to be perfect, but not too perfect. This is how I became a perfectionist overachiever who would self-sabotage her own success at nearly every turn. A lifelong pattern of sprinting towards audacious goals while simultaneously installing a glass ceiling above my head ensuring that I didn’t achieve too much.

In the work I do as a coach I’m always looking for what I call “The 4 Stuck Strategies”. These are four behaviors our unconscious uses to keep us from achieving our goals. They are the ways our unconscious protects us from re-experiencing the pain from our past wounds. Resistance comes from these four behaviors. When you hear people talk about “energetic blocks” this is how we find them.

If you’re stuck or feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your life, one or more of these are most likely at play.

I’ve learned that there’s always a higher part of ourselves calling us to something bigger. It comes in little knocks and nudges that we can easily ignore.   

This was when I developed a healthy obsession with personal growth. I knew that the answers were within me and I was determined to find them. I wanted to truly create my own future. 

My coaching practice organically formed out of the assistance I was providing to the customers of Hilo, a CRM I founded for network marketers. I had found my calling. Clients were getting results and I felt fulfilled. I was rising. 

The 4 Stuck Strategies are as follows: People-Pleasing, Procrastination, Perfectionism, and Playing Small.

I was doing all the right things: I was hiring these big name mentors, creating offers, and marketing them. I built a 6-figure business, but I was still playing small. I knew that it wasn’t what I was doing but how I was doing it that was causing me to struggle and hit these plateaus.

I knew true freedom was possible. I knew that I had the potential to be unshakeable. That’s when I found Human Design and got certified in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as “tapping”). These two modalities changed everything for me.  

I was succeeding, but that glass ceiling was still there.

The reason that I experienced resistance and struggled in the past is because I denied my gifts. Somewhere along the way I was taught that it wasn't safe to be all the things that I am.

I made a commitment to myself to no longer let my past define my identity. I would no longer let other people’s opinions or judgements influence who I was or how I operated. In order to release myself from the hold the past had on me, I had to go into all those dark places where the pain hid. I had to feel all the emotions I’d pushed away because they were “inconvenient”.  

Human Design gives you an energetic blueprint of who you are; when I looked at my Human Design chart I saw the real me. I saw all the things I had always known to be true and I saw them for what they were: my gifts, who I authentically am. 

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

— Carl Jung


I was ready to make the unconscious conscious and be the master of my own fate. I did that by looking at my external world as a mirror of my internal world. If I didn’t like a result I got, I asked what unconscious beliefs could have created it. EFT (“Tapping”) gave me a tool to therapeutically dive into this and at the same time, clear the energy behind whatever I found.

Now I own all of me, and help my clients do the same. I am able to use the knowledge I’ve gained from my personal journey to help people tap into their unique gifts and become unshakeable. 

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