Find Your X-Factor with Human Design Guide

Human Design combines 5 systems – astrology, the Chinese | Ching, the Kabbalah Tree of Life, quantum physics, and the Hindu Chakra system to produce a unique energetic blueprint of who you were meant to be. We were all born to transmit certain energies (what is defined in our chart) and be sensitive to other energies (the elements that are undefined in the chart).

We are also all given something called a Profile in Human Design. Your profile is the role you’re here to
play in this life. If your life were a movie, your profile would be the description of your character. Personally, I find profile to be the most important factor in building a brand, business, or message by design. It’s what Iuse to help my clients hone in on their X-Factor. It’s what makes you unique. If you’re out of alignment with your profile something will always feel off – to you and your audience.

This guide will help you start to understand your profile and how you can start to experiment with its magic.

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    What if life came with a user manual?

    Something that could tell you what your purpose on this earth was, how to lean into your gifts, stop leaking energy into the "shoulds" and expectations of others, and live a fuller, happier life?

    This is what human design can teach you. 

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