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Authority – Emotional


Unlock the Secrets of Emotional Authorities in Human Design



Embark on a journey to master Emotional Authority with our insightful video guide! Aimed at the 50% of the population who possess this authority in Human Design, this video offers a deep dive into understanding how emotions profoundly influence decision-making. It’s a vital tool for anyone with Emotional Authority, as well as for those seeking to understand this aspect of Human Design.


What You’ll Discover

  • Fundamentals of Emotional Authority: Discover its prevalence, definition, and the significance of “no truth in the now” in decision-making.
  • Emotional Dynamics in Decisions: Explore how emotions affect judgments and the importance of waiting for emotional clarity.
  • Solar Plexus Insights: Understand the role of the solar plexus as the center of soul’s awareness and its functions in Human Design.
  • Characteristics of Emotional Waves: Delve into different emotional wave patterns, their characteristics, and the impact on behavior.
  • Harnessing Emotional Intelligence: Learn about the expression of emotional intelligence and managing the dynamics of being emotionally defined or undefined.
  • Navigating Emotional Waves: Techniques for detaching from and understanding emotions, and the wisdom they carry.
  • Channel Analysis and Wave Patterns: Detailed analysis of different channels and wave patterns, including their specific characteristics and implications.
  • Practical Application: Strategies for logging emotional states, exercises for understanding emotional authority, and managing different emotional states.

Who is this video for?

This pre-recorded video is perfect for those with Emotional Authority in Human Design and anyone interested in understanding the powerful role emotions play in decision-making. Whether you’re seeking personal growth or better ways to navigate life’s decisions, this guide is your key to clarity.


Key Takeaways

  • Instant access to this detailed, pre-recorded video.
  • A comprehensive exploration of Emotional Authority, from its basics to practical applications.
  • Empowering guidance for embracing and mastering your emotional nature for better decision-making.


Note: This offering is a self-guided, pre-recorded video. It does not include live interaction or the ability to ask questions. It’s an essential resource for exploring and embracing Emotional Authority in Human Design.

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