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Type – Reflector


Unlock the Power of The Reflector Type in Human Design



Delve into the unique and rare world of Reflectors with our comprehensive video guide! Designed for the 1% of the population who are Reflectors, as well as those intrigued by their unique qualities, this video offers in-depth insights into what makes Reflectors so special in Human Design. It’s an essential resource for Reflectors and anyone looking to understand their distinctive nature.


What You’ll Discover

  • Reflector Basics: Uncover the rarity and special role of Reflectors, and the background that defines them.
  • Unique Characteristics: Explore the lack of defined channels in the Reflector’s Human Design chart, the concept of hanging gates, and the significance of white centers.
  • Aura Insights: Learn about the Reflectors’ aura, how it differs from other types, and its sampling nature.
  • Role and Purpose: Understand the vital role Reflectors play in reflecting the community’s energy and the importance of being in the right environment.
  • Lunar Cycle and Decision Making: Dive deep into the significance of the lunar cycle in Reflectors’ decision-making process and how to utilize it effectively.
  • Strategy and Authority: Grasp the concept of waiting a lunar cycle as a strategy, the signature vibration of surprise, and dealing with disappointment.
  • Patience in Decisions: Emphasis on the importance of patience and the process of evaluating decisions over a lunar cycle.
  • Navigating Challenges: Insights into common challenges, societal pressures, and the unique connection Reflectors have with children.
  • Self-Care Practices: Discover the importance of solitude, time in nature, and the benefits of being around animals for energy clarity.


Who is this video for?

This pre-recorded video is a must-have for Reflectors and those fascinated by their role in Human Design. Whether you’re seeking self-discovery, looking to understand a Reflector in your life, or simply curious about this rare type, this guide offers invaluable insights.


Key Takeaways

  • Instant access to this enlightening, pre-recorded video.
  • A comprehensive exploration of the Reflector type, from aura dynamics to lunar cycle strategies.
  • Guidance for Reflectors on embracing their identity, making aligned decisions, and finding grounding.


Note: This offering is a self-guided, pre-recorded video. It does not include live interaction or the ability to ask questions. It’s your go-to guide for understanding and embracing the Reflector journey.

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