Are you ready to BECOME her?

Are you ready to BECOME her?

In order to create something new in your life, you need to BECOME someone new.


You've known it. You could always feel it but, you tried to do things the "right way".

You went against your intuition because you never learned how to tune into it and trust it.

You've tried all the doing and become a task manager but now you've plateaued and you're ready...

Ready to claim your power and tap into your innate magic so you can create a new reality for yourself and your family. 

You've had all the power you've ever needed right inside of you all along.

" I realized that I've been holding on to some stories that really have debilitated me in in my life, and just being able to release that was unbelievable. And I know that I've probably taken five steps forward just from that experience of releasing."

- Allegra Wermuth

An Accelerated 4 Week Journey to Claiming Your Highest Self








what's included in the becoming experience:

How does this sound?

You've always known your purpose but you've somehow disconnected from it. In this module, we'll dive into reconnecting you with your purpose so you can fully align and call in your desires.

Employ this technique to become a leader in your life. To lead yourself and to lead others.

From masculine to the feminine paradigm. Release yourself from the need to DO and shift into being the creator of your life.

Nicole's signature method for creating and connecting to your next-level self.

Create an intimate relationship with yourself so you can identify the subconscious patterns that are keeping you from living the life you're meant to live.

Master Yourself - Own Your Power

Find Your Purpose

Observational Thinking

The Shift

The Character Method


For getting what you want and getting what you want done. Learn to work with your nature instead of against it.

Rituals & Practices


Open up to receiving energy so you can manifest your desires.

Becoming Magnetic


6 Modules of Content to take you on a 4-week journey to becoming your most expanded self.

Daily action items to integrate and deepen the work

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Let's do this thing.


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