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Episode #100 You Create Your Abundance Blocks – Here’s How

This week’s episode of the podcast is a special one, it’s our 100th episode. Nicole is going to share a little about where this podcast has been, but more importantly this week she’s talking to us about where the podcast is going. She’s been experiencing an evolution in her personal growth, and she’s ready to share it with us. She’s been learning not how to do MORE, but to do what is aligned for her so she can work less and make more. Using the tools of Human Design, Gene Keys, EFT tapping, and more, she’s begun sharing this transformation with us over the past few episodes and in this episode she’s speaking specifically about the blocks that we create for ourselves, the limiting beliefs that get us stuck and how releasing those is the key to our abundance.


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Hello, and welcome to the limitless entrepreneur podcast. I’m your host, Nicole Laino. And welcome to our 100th episode. I am so excited. This is honestly, I’m I’m really proud that we’re here. Many podcasts actually, an interesting statistic is that most podcasts do not make it past 20 episodes, which I think is really interesting. You start them. People have big ideas, and then they can’t keep up with them or they fall off for periods of time. But we have been like clockwork here every single week with you, every single Wednesday dropped an episode for 100 episodes, we did the three to launch the show. And then it’s been once a week ever since or more, we’ve done a couple of impromptu episodes in between. But here we are 100. And I’m proud of us. And I am grateful to you, if you’ve been here with us from the beginning. Or if you’ve just hopped on, I am grateful to you being an a loyal listener of the show. I appreciate it. If you have shared the show with people on your social media, with your friends in your Facebook groups on your email list, if you’ve shared the show, thank you, thank you, thank you 1000 times over because that is it helps more than you know, it helps more than you know, there is nothing like word of mouth recommendations. So thank you, if you have done that. And if you are thinking about doing it, I encourage you to it helps us get the word out even more. So thank you so much. So thinking about what to talk about today 100th episode where we talk about, I built this up in my mind for a long time. That’s what I do. That is part of it’s part of my challenge. And my genius, which is to run myself in circles a little bit before coming down on like, okay, now I know what this idea is going to be. And I really wanted this show. I really wanted this show to be about the last 100 episodes, I wanted to kind of talk about the evolution of the show where the show is going. And then I also I always want there to be a real takeaway for you. For the listener, I want you to know that I want there to be a shift. So always the goal with this show, it has always been to shift you a bit.

And now if we take a look at the last 100 episodes, the first 100, you’ll see that when we started out, the show has evolved. It started out where it was always about, you know, the tagline was always about blending strategy and energy, taking the mindset work and tools to help you become better, so that you can implement these strategies, and you can use them. And while I still believe in that my focus has been has shifted greatly to the me part the evolution of me. Because the truth is, is that when you are in an energetically expanded space, when you have let go of the stories that have told you what will or what will not work, what you can or cannot have, what is or is not acceptable, when you’ve cleared all of that stuff out and when you are able to be expanded, where you’re focusing on more of what you want versus what you don’t want. And you know the difference between when you’re doing those two things, when you’re in that space. And you’re not thinking about how to fix yourself. And you’re looking at yourself very, very differently. And you realize that you’re the creator of your own world, the strategy becomes a fun thing you get to play with. The strategy becomes a piece of of the puzzle, but a very, very small piece. Because the truth is, is that if you are in alignment in all of those states, if you have clean energy around all of those things around your past, if you’re aligned in the present, and if you are really attached to a positive, exciting future for yourself, then the strategy starts to take care of itself, the strategy becomes less of a big deal. The strategy, you can kind of use anyone and it will work when you have those things in place. And what I’ve noticed, is it there’s just one prerequisite you have to want it, you have to want it, you’re not going to take a strategy. What we do is we get really stuck on what strategy is right? Right or wrong. Which one will work and the truth is any of them will work but you have to be they have to be in alignment for you. And that’s where the you work comes in. That’s where that’s why I’ve brought you tools that have worked for me.

Like human design, like the gene keys, like the tapping the Rapid Relief technique which uses is a derivative of EFT for clearing out those old ways of being all of these modalities, I bring them to you. Because this is what will shape who you are. And this will be what allows you to understand what strategies are right for you which ones are correct for you that you will enjoy using what you will enjoy putting out there and making decisions that are in alignment for you. And then those strategies will take care of themselves. And then you get to play and not have so much weight on whether this or that thing is the right quote unquote, right choice. So where you’ll see us going in the next 100 episodes and beyond is going to be very much on changing you internally. The strategies are a beautiful thing that I will have episodes on to layer on top of that stuff. But it’s very much going to be focused on making you limitless, truly making you limitless, really stepping into the bigness of the title of the show, which is the limitless entrepreneur. Limitless does not mean just revenue. Limitless does not just mean being able to do more work, because that was where it was focused in the beginning of the show, when the show first started, we’re very much focused on get your mind right, so you can do more energetically aligned, so you to get more work done. And that’s not the goal, who wants to do more work? I want to get more out of the work that I do. I want my work to be filled with intention. I want it to be so potent that people can’t, I want to be so good and, and so full, that people have to pay attention to me. I want to stop focusing on the number of followers that I have and just focus on if I can, because who cares if I have a million people that know who I am, but don’t pay attention versus having if I have 50 people who are hanging on my every word, and who I really connect with and who are dying to work with me, then I would rather have that than the rest of them who kind of don’t really care.

There is a difference. And it takes an evolution of self to step into that and truly mean it. Because for a long time, we say things like that. But the truth is, is that we still feel like we still feel bad that we don’t have as many people looking at us, we still feel a little bit validated by a follower count. But it really it matters, who we are at the end and the business that we’re building. Because we can build a great business quietly. It does not have to be this big, loud launch strategy. And everybody knows that you’re making millions and millions of dollars. You don’t have to be shouting it from the rooftops, you can nothing wrong with it. But it can be done quietly. And that’s what I have been playing with. I’ve been playing with doing what feels right to me whether it seems like the right thing to do or not. Whether it’s the way I’ve always done it or not, I got rid of every belief that kept me and this is an ongoing process. But I’m what it means to become. The version of you who has everything that you want is really about subtraction and not addition, we think we need to add all these skills and things onto ourselves. But it’s really about getting rid of the baggage that we’ve been carrying. Every belief that told us that we wouldn’t be supported. If we stepped into that space, the money wouldn’t come if we did it this way. It’s not possible for us to only do this much and to only to only post this many times on social media and still get clients all of these rules that we’ve set up in our minds there. It’s getting rid of all of them. The next version of you doesn’t have those rules. She doesn’t. So what I want you to take away from this episode because I always want there to be a shift.

That’s really what the goal is especially going forward. This is what I’m digging into. How can I shift you a little bit more? So you’re gonna see human design a lot more. You’re going to hear a lot more about the gene keys because the gene keys nothing is going to open Your heart up and open your energy up. Like the gene keys process, you’re going to hear a lot more about how to step into that next level you how to how to attract using your emotions and the relationship between your emotions and the quantum field, and actually attracting the things that you want. So today’s shift what I want you to because this is something that has been coming up a lot with me lately, and with the people that I work with. And this caused a huge shift in me, particularly around money. So, I want you to pay attention to what you’re putting on pedestals right now, or what’s always been on one for you. Now, what I mean by a pedestal is what have you made so much bigger than you? What have you, and I’ll give you this. What we pursue in the energy of desperation, becomes our greatest block. This is how we create blocks, we chase something, we put it so high up so far above us. And we make ourselves feel so small in comparison to it, that it just becomes this thing that we have deemed unachievable. I’ll be happy when I get that thing. I will be successful when I will be validated when if I could only have that thing. The desperate energy that’s behind that is what will keep the thing on the pedestal away from you.

So what are you putting up there? Now? This is the question I have for you. What are you putting on a pedestal? Now? What are you setting up and making untouchable in your life? Is it the next revenue goal? Is it the next launch? Is it your program? Is it the clients? Is it the next level client? What is the thing? are multiple things? Is it the partner? Is it the the romantic partner? Is it a child? What’s the thing that you have made the extreme carat on the string? What are you putting up there? Because this is how you create your blocks. But it’s also how you take them down. By recognizing that you’ve put something so far away from yourself, by just just the act of being aware of that automatically starts to bring it down. And then if you start to play in the place of seeing yourself with it, or seeing yourself be completely fine without it, you will start to change your relationship with that thing. Because everything in this world is relationship. Everything. We are energetically in relationship with everything. And anything that we have a relationship with where we are chasing it. We are in the act of pushing it away. You can pursue things. But as long as it’s in the energy of I deserve it. I can’t wait to get it. It’s going to be so much fun when we’re there together. And then making that how can you pull that feeling into now? That’s a story for another time right now I just want you to focus on what are you putting on a pedestal? What feels far away from you? What have you made so big that you’ve made yourself feel small in comparison to it and just see, to see. See how it shifts you just knowing that that relationship exists? And allow that just allow yourself to recognize when that relationship comes up so if it’s money and money’s on the pedestal now you know that it’s money on the pedestal. And when you notice that you are in desperate energy around money do you just stop and take a pause and say there I go again.

And remember, my favorite, my favorite little motto is, look at it, be aware of it with curiosity instead of criticism. Don’t criticize ourselves, we get curious about why we do the things that we do and why we think the way we think. This is the act of changing who you are, is when you can start to look with curiosity at these things. Hmm, there I go again. So interesting. How when x happens, I get into this way with money, I get into this desperate place with money. What if I looked at everything a little bit differently? What if I looked at that first situation a little bit differently? Does it change the relationship with money? What if I just chose to breathe right here? What if I asked myself? What is the feeling that’s coming up right now? Because it’s the feeling that we’re addicted to. So I’ll leave you with that. And I say thank you for listening and being here for 100 episodes. I hope you’re here for 100 more, and 100 more after that. I appreciate you. Please, share this with your friends share this on social media. please tag me I’m at Nicole Laino official on Instagram, do a little snapshot in in your stories and share it there and tag me so that I can share it with my audience. And thank you and give you a little shout out on our page. Please leave a review for the show. I’d love to see 100 new reviews come in on the show for the 100th episode. That just helps us get into even more people’s into even more people’s earbuds if them listening to the show. Thank you so much. And I leave you with what I always leave you with. You are only limited by the limitations that you accept. And when you stop accepting those limitations. That is when you become limitless. So go out there and be limitless everyone. I will see you next week.

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