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Episode #105 How Can I Be The Light? 

We’re introducing a new episode each week that will come out on Mondays. On these episodes Nicole is going to take you through a quick tip or something that’s been on her mind in about 5-10 minutes to get you started out right for the week.

On this first episode, Nicole is speaking on something that came to her while meditating, “Darkness cannot fully exist anywhere I am if I am the light.” She’s going to share how you can dive deeper into this concept and meditate on how you can be the light and what that might feel like for you.


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Nicole Laino 

Hello, and welcome to the limitless entrepreneur podcast. I’m your host, Nicole Laino. And I want to start out by saying we are delivering these new episodes, these will be very short, little episodes. This is we’re gonna call these Mindset Monday. We were doing these for a long time in our Facebook group Practical Manifestors, and we stopped doing them over there. But now we wanted to bring them back. And we were trying to figure out, you know, do we do them in the Facebook group, where where should we do them? Should we do them as an email. And this seemed like a really great way to get them out there and get back in the practice of setting you up for the week, with just a little mindset tip a little something, I’m not going to really put a box around what these are going to be, they might be a tip, they might be something that is just dropping in. For me, it might be something that I just felt compelled to share could be a story, I really know, the more I put a box around it, the less I’ll want to do it. So I’m leaving myself really open my manifesting generator self to be able to bounce around and make this whatever feels most aligned each week. So these are designed to be 510 minutes really fast in and out, get you something and then get you set off on your week.

Before I give you this week’s Mindset Monday, I do want to draw your attention to if you are an emotional authority and human design, I’d love for you to join us in the masterclass that I have going on on November 2, which is a Wednesday there will be replays available. So if you can’t join us live, you can certainly catch up on the replay. This is for emotional authorities, I’m going to show you how to master your emotional authority. This is the key to manifesting this is the key to self mastery. For the human design, emotional authority type. I don’t care if you’re a generator or a manifesting generator, or a manifester, or projector reflectors, this will leave you out because you have no definition. So your authority is different than everybody else’s. But all the other four types can be emotional authority. So you can come as any type, you can come and be part of that masterclass. And I promise you, this is going to be the Jumpstart to get you into your human design faster than anything else faster than understanding your type. Because if you don’t understand emotional authority, you’re gonna be all screwed around with your type. That’s just how it works. You’re gonna be like, I feel like a master manifester. And I’m a generator, I feel like I’m a projector and I’m a manifesting generator. It’s because you’re emotional. And you’re getting things confused. So start here, because this is going to tell you how to be more productive, how to is going to be the key to making more while doing less, and be happier. You’re going to be more in flow, and you’re going to what I call you become the Eye of the Storm instead of being caught up in the storm. So really powerful masterclass. I hope that you join us there, please go to Nicolelaino.me/emotional, and you can join us and register.

All right. Now for this week’s Mindset Monday, our first Mindset Monday, I’m gonna give you my current favorite tip for raising your vibration quickly. This was something actually this was a thing that I shared on Instagram recently, and I really liked it. And the people that saw it really liked, I got some great responses and I wanted to share it here. So if you’re not driving, and you’re able to even close your eyes, this was just a comment. This was just something that I’ve been contemplating lately, I’ve been contemplating oneness, and really going beyond feeling like we are separate from everybody else. And because if we’re going to believe in energy, and we’re going to become energetic beings, which we are, but start seeing the world that way, because this is how you can start creating beyond what you can see or what feels possible to you. Possibility is playing in energy, is playing with energy. And one of the very quick things so the higher our frequency is, the higher our frequency is, the more we are attracting what we want. And when we send out a good thought, and we are in high frequency, we’re able to draw back that thought. We’re able to draw back and attract the thing that we want and people are attracted to us. Human Design obviously can give us lots of things to play with here.

But this is just a really simple thing. It’s a question you can ask yourself just to tune your energy this was something that that came to me as a phrase and it was darkness cannot fully exist anywhere I am if I am the light and then this came to me while I was meditating. And then the next thing that came through was–Am I being the light? How can I be more light? Not how can I see more light? Not how can I make it? How can I how can I be it. And so what you can do is just focus on your heart center. Doesn’t matter if you have a defined or undefined. Just focus on your heart center. And ask yourself, How can I be more light? What if I were more light? What if I allowed the light in me to grow and grow? How would that feel? What would I do if I were being more light? And I just want you to feel how that feels in your body, you might feel that turn up of your energy, you might feel I always feel like a widening and expanding of my energy. When I do that, when I asked that question, so this is something you could do. Anytime you’re not feeling really light or you’re not feeling really great or you’re not feeling like you’re in a high vibration. Just ask yourself that question. And if you’re an emotional authority, this might take a little bit more practice because there might be things for you to you need to sort through or if you’re not able to feel that light, there might be some emotional clearing work that you need to do.

So please join that masterclass if you’re an emotional authority, we can help you with that there. And if you’re not an emotional authority, you can reach out to us because we do help with clearing out the old emotions that might be stuck in your open solar plexus. But how does that sit with you if you love this, I hope you did. I hope you enjoyed this quick little in and out episode. If you enjoyed it, please take a little screenshot share it on your Instagram Stories. Leave us a review on iTunes that helps us get the word out about the show and hopefully make it higher in the rankings on on there. Tell your friends about it. please tag me if you if you share this on Instagram tag me I’m at Nicole Laino official or if you want to have a little convo with me, feel free to drop into my DMs over on Instagram. I would love to hear from you and hear what you thought of this episode and the show overall. I appreciate you. Thank you so much for being here. Remember, you are only limited by the limitations that you accept. When you stop accepting those limitations. That is when you become limitless. So go out there and be limitless, my people. I will see you next time.

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