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Episode #107 Human Design Gate 32: The Gate of Duration & Continuity

On this week’s mini episode, Nicole is doing a little dive into transits in Human Design, and specificially the current gate. Transits are the imprint of the planets at any given time that give someone born at that time the conscious and unconcious sides of their chart. In any chart, the conscious sun gate is going to be the biggest energy in your chart, because we derive 70% of our energy from the sun.

So in this episode Nicole is diving deep into the gate that is currently in transit for this week, gate 32. She’s sharing with us some of the things we might be feeling due to this shifting of the planets, and what we can do with that energy.


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Hello, and welcome to the limitless entrepreneur podcast. I’m your host, Nicole Laino. And we’re here with one of our new minisodes that we have for you here tend to be calling them Mindset Monday, but I don’t know if that title is necessarily going to stick. Because we don’t know, I don’t know what they’re going to be. They’re really our way of giving you a quick hit at the beginning of your week, something to think, to think about something to take into your week, something to help shift you. So put the title aside. Here we are. Before we get started, I do want to draw attention to the masterclass that we have coming up, the master class is going to be on November 2, I’m very excited about this, this is going to be all about navigating emotional authority. So it’s going to be about the solar plexus center, specifically for the people who have it defined. So if you are an emotional authority, this masterclass is tailor made for you. Now, if you’re not emotional, but you want to take part in the masterclass because your partner is emotional, your kids are emotional can be very, very beneficial for you as well to go on this part of the ride with us as well. So I encourage you to join us there go to Nicolelaino.me/emotional and register for the masterclass there, because this is honestly, if you’re everybody needs to know their authority, it’s going to be what’s what’s driving better decisions in your life, it’s going to be the biggest voice that you have. But if you’re emotional, it’s even more important, because it is complex, it’s the most complex of all the centers. So really understanding how it operates in you is going to make or break your progress and expansion in really, truly living your design. So please come to that please register Nicolelaino.me/emotional.

Today I want to talk to you about I want to give you a little overview of what the transits are. And then I want to focus on the the gate that is in the is in the end of the energy of the sun right now. So the placement of the sun. So the transits, what happens is the way that your chart gets imprinted, how you get your chart is that’s where the stars are aligned, so to speak, planets are aligned at the moment you’re born. And then also 88 days before you were born to give us the conscious and unconscious sides of our chart. And each of those are represented in gates and the 64 gates on your chart. That’s all the numbers that you see on the chart. Now if you have them colored in, it means they’re defined if they’re not colored, and they’re not defined. And the gates are we haven’t talked about them on the show. Specifically, we’ve talked about them in episodes, but I haven’t done a Gates episode. But the way that the gates show up, they’re very specific energy.

Now you notice like if you’re looking at the chart, just visually, the center’s are are the nine shapes around the chart. And then the channels are the lines that connect the center’s together. And then there’s numbers within the it within each center, there’s numbers, and there’s numbers at each end of a channel, there’s there’s a number at each end. So what they’re doing is we’re getting smaller and smaller visually. So we’re getting into finer and finer detail of your energy centers are a bigger, more energetic theme of that center. It’s what it does, overall. And then the channels are they connect to senders, so you’re actually getting the energy of two channels that are kind of combining and speaking to each other. So they’re kind of greater than the sum of their parts. And then we have gates, and gates are the singular number, the singular energy inside that center. So if you take we’re going to be talking about a gate from the spleen today.

So if you take the spleen, the spleen is the center of body awareness, intuition, and survival and safety. And then each of the gates within the center within the spleen are some form of safety, body awareness, intuition, it’s speaking some piece of it. And what it makes up is all of the energies of that splenic, that splenic awareness, the spleen is an awareness center, and then the transits. So that’s how your chart gets imprinted. And then, you know, every moment the as we’re orbiting, and as we’re moving, the stars are in different placements, but we’re still experiencing that. That’s the energy of our atmosphere at that moment.

So babies who are born right now, this is their imprint. But we experienced that as the transits. And the most the most powerful one is the sun. The sun is where we get 70% of our energy, it’s where it’s where it enters us. It’s 70% of it, which is why your conscious Sun whatever your conscious Sun gate is, is going to be the biggest energy in your chart. But the Sun is in a placement of a gate at all times. And today, the gate is engaged 32 AND gate 32 is in the spleen and gate 32. It it is it connects the spleen to its pairing partner would connect it to the route that channel, it’s the channel of transformation that it’s part of. But this channel, this gate, gate 32. So when a channel when excuse me when a gate comes into the cosmos, when when it’s in the sun, we’re going to pick up on that energy. So if you haven’t defined, it might feel like an amplification of something that you already feel. If you don’t have it defined, it can maybe you have, maybe you have the other side of it, maybe you have gate 54. And that would complete that channel for you. So it does different things for you if you have if you have it open normally. And now it’s in the sun, now it’s transiting into the sun’s energy, you might feel this energy.

So it’s interesting to know that these are kind of I look at them like the theme that we’re all kind of living for that week, because they last for six days, the transits every six days, the Sun moves into a new energy. And this week, it is it is gate 32. Right at the time of this recording, it’s gate 32. Now, gate 32 Is is all about it, all of the gates of the of the spleen, what I wanted to talk to you about why I thought it was worth bringing up, it is the gate of duration. And the gate of continuity is how we look at this gate, you kind of just intuitively know when something is right. Gate 32. So there could be a lot of awareness here, where you are the gates of the spleen are all about awareness. So in the high expression of them, you’re just like, I know, this is right, and I will jump into the unknown with faith. Because faith is always the high expression of the gates of the awareness centers, Faith beyond the thing faith in the energy of that game. So having the faith that the thing that you believe in, and if you’re listening to this, if it’s your offer, if it’s your business, if it’s your you know, moving to a new city, I know this is right. Right. That that the opposite side of it.

So you might be feeling really empowered right now you might be like I just know, just have a deep knowing, because you’re experiencing this energy right now. But conversely, the low frequency of it, because we can always be in high or low frequency of any energies in our chart, and any energies that we are experiencing. So sometimes when we transit when the sun transits into a new gate, and we don’t have it defined, and we’re not used to it, it comes in, and it can shake us a little bit. It can feel like a lot.

So one of the things that you might find is that you might feel like you are afraid of failure right now. Because that is the low frequency of this game. The low frequency of this game is the fear of failure. So I really believe in this thing. I really know that this could work. I believe in it. I just know I have a deep intuitive knowing. But the fear is, it won’t work out. What if it doesn’t? What if it doesn’t? So I wanted this episode to be a little reminder to you that, that what if it doesn’t, is a choice to feel and believe that. And if you’re feeling that at a bigger in a bigger way right now, it might be because that is the energy that’s the low frequency of the energy that’s all around us at the moment, for the next few days. But you have a choice to believe in what if it does? But what if it does? Trust your knowing trust what you know,

you know, this gate just reminds me of like this is this, this gate is the is the embodiment of those those quote cards that we used to see all the time. Like, what if I fall open darling? What if you fly? That is this gate? So I want you to think about that I want you to be like but what if I fly? And you can think of me saying it like that. The next time like if this week you find yourself overwhelmed or feeling because every gate of fear the gates of fear. So the spleen the Ajna and the solar plexus are all awareness centers. And anything that’s awareness, the low frequency is fear. So it’s going to be an the, the gift of the gene key here is is preservation and and and really being able to, to persevere and to go through. So, contemplate that. Just really lean into that if it can go bad. The opposite could also be true. This is always true. Just right now, that’s the theme of this week. So I wanted you to have that I wanted you to know about that. Go forth and prosper my friends. Remember that you are only limited by the limitations that you accept. And when you stop accepting those limitations, that is when you become limitless. So go out there, be limitless meet people and sign up for that workshop because if you are an emotional authority, it is through you. I will see you in the next episode. Bye bye

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