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Episode #109 Why Slowing Down Is The Key To Growth

What if your need to move fast is actually slowing you down?

Slowing down can feel practically impossible for a lot of us. Do you find yourself even when you say that you’re going to slow down, spending all of your “rest” time in the energy of “when can I be productive again?” Or feeling as though if you slow down, everything you’ve built will all crumble? That maybe you’ll slow down next month, or maybe the month after…

Nicole is challenging us to TRULY slow down. Not just be unproductive, but truly take time to rest and intentionally slow down. If you feel like you might be trapped in this cycle, this episode is a great pick-me-up to get started with your week.

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Hello, and welcome to the limitless entrepreneur podcast. I’m your host, Nicole Laino. And welcome to this week’s mini episode, our little mini series that we’re doing here on Mondays. To just give you a little something that is coming through for me. And usually I like to pull this from real life examples of things that I’m working on with clients or that I’m working on myself, or give you a little tidbit just of of something that’s that’s happening right now. You know, I’m kind of like I’ve said, I am not being prescriptive about what these episodes have to be, because then I want to do them anymore. So we’re keeping them fun. So today, I am this is something that’s come up with a lot of my clients lately. And when that happens, I’m like, I should be talking about this. The universe is sort of giving me these things to respond to. So why not put them out on the podcast and put them out for all of you. So I’m excited to be doing this one with you. This is this is like I said it’s been repeating a lot. Very, very timely and really impactful. Because once people overcome this, this piece that I’m going to, I’m going to share with you they really just everything gets easier. This is the key to becoming limitless is this is a really key limitation that keeps you from being limitless. 

Before I start I do want to draw everybody’s attention. We have a masterclass coming up on November 2, called the emotional authority masterclass. If you’re an emotional authority and human design, you really like I implore you to take this masterclass. Because if you are struggling with being productive, if you are struggling with income, if you are not able to if you feel like I know that I could perform at a higher level, but for some reason I can’t or I can’t do it consistently, and you are an emotional authority, then you really will benefit greatly from this masterclass, I promise you, this will be the best two hours you ever spend. It’s the first place that I start with every single emotional authority. I start with the emotional system for everybody that I work with, but particularly for emotional authorities, because you it is another animal. And we’ve done some episodes on the show all about it. So if you want some more information about what we’re going to talk about, you can go back to those episodes that we’ve done last few weeks. But please go to Nicolelaino.me/emotional, and you can register there. 

And so let’s get into the episode, I hope to see you at the masterclass. So this is what I’m finding is one of the hardest things for entrepreneurs to do. I prescribe this. And it’s not even something that necessarily is something that we’re thinking about. It’s just this is one of those patterns that I see come up with entrepreneurs, that this is the hardest thing for them to do. And it’s so simple. Because when you say it to people, they’re like, Oh, of course, or oh, I’ve tried that, or Oh, but it’s not, it’s actually where we notice in practice. So in concept, it sounds really simple. But in practice, it’s actually very, very hard to do, it’s one of the hardest things for people to do. It’s where I see the most resistance come up. And it’s what we call what I call unconscious resistance. It is something that shows up in your action pattern more than it will ever show up and be on your radar for a belief that you need to clear a belief that you need to turn around. 

And those you know those that unconscious resistance always points us to a particular belief that needs to be cleared. So that’s why we look at these things two ways. Sometimes people will have you fill out your worksheet of all the beliefs that you think you have. And honestly, you’re going to miss the most important ones. Typically, when you do that, it’s going to be your experience that sort of illuminates what your shadow patterns are. So this one does point to a very specific belief, a very specific belief. 

But the hard thing for people to do is to slow down. It’s the hardest thing for anyone to do. Take time, rest, pull back, don’t do so much. And it’s so hard because the belief that they have is, well if I slow down, I’ll die. If I slow down, I’ll fail. If I slow down, it’ll mean that I’ll make less money. If I slow down this month, the next month I’m behind and then if I’m behind next month, then I have the end of the year coming up and that whole cycle starts.

And you know maybe you’ve tried slowing down and you say that that doesn’t work. And my answer to that whenever people tell me that is did you really try? Have you really tried slowing down? Because if you took an afternoon off and you thought the entire time about how behind you are or you are going to be if you have wasted hours distract Acting yourself, and then you beat yourself up about it. If you feel stuck, or have felt stuck at some point, so you’re not productive, but you’re thinking the entire time, when will this be over? When will this be over? When can I be productive again? 

Or if you’re human design strategy, you know, if you’re following human design, and you say that you’re waiting for responses, you say that you are waiting for invitations, you say that you are waiting for the divine inspiration to come to you. If you’re a manifester. You say that you’re waiting for the lunar cycle if you’re a reflector, but the whole time you’re wondering, when will it happen? When will it happen? When will it happen? How long will this take? What are my invitations coming? Why am I not getting invitation? Any invitations? You’re not actually in the energy of slowing down? You’re in the energy of When Will this be over? I gotta do this fast. I gotta do this fast. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, I gotta get to it. 

So I implore you, if you are if you if you answered yes to any of those, you are not actually slowing down, you have not tried truly slowing down. So don’t confuse being unproductive, with intentionally slowing down, there’s a very different effect, there’s a very different energy to it. Because you should be able to nurture yourself and still be in the energy of I get to rest and income stays the same, or it increases, my income stays flat, or it goes up. I create opportunities when I rest. Now, if you’re saying right now, that’s just not true. can’t lay in bed and, and make things happen. Now it’s true, you can’t only do that aligned action has to be in there. 

But this is what I’m talking about here is there’s a difference between thinking something and being it. You know, we talked about the be do have formula, Jim Ford made that kind of famous in the circles. But you know, in that big question of how do I be something versus how do I think I am being something? How do you be it? Well, that’s your energy, your energy is the truth. Our thoughts lie? Our words lie. But our energy never does. So if you’re sitting there, and you are technically waiting for the invitation, but the whole time you’re feeling like where’s the invitation? Why are these coming? I have things to do I have the I’m on a deadline for this, I have to get this done. You’re in the energy of I’m this is not going well, you’re in the energy of your living in the future. You’re living a month from now, already. With impending doom in your mind, I see how this is all gonna fall apart if I’m not working. If I’m not, quote unquote, productive. 

And you have to challenge what you see productive as what’s your definition of productive. And when you can shift that from productive being how much output did I create today to how much energy was able to put into the things that I did? And then that carries over. I remember, there was this as a hockey analogy. I remember the going way back in the 80s, there was the Edmonton Oilers were like that was the first team that Wayne Gretzky was on and Mark Messier. There was like this powerhouse team, really young kids playing and they played the the New York Islanders who were like the dynasty at that time. And they were an older veteran team. And I remember Wayne Gretzky talking about that. They lost the Stanley Cup Finals to the islanders. And it you know, in the first time, they played them, and he was like, I remember walking by like, I didn’t want to walk down the hallway where I thought they were I would hear them celebrating and everything. 

And he’s like I walked by, and it was quiet in their locker room. Like you heard some bustling, but nothing really. And they all were like sitting down and they looked really tired. They look beat up. And I thought to myself, I was like, Oh, they won, but they’re wounded. And we feel great. I know I can do this again next time. We’re going to beat them next time. And that energy that he had there, that’s that that that, that longevity, that ability to have stamina, that ability, like they played a game and they were like, I could go for another I could go I could play a whole other game right now. If this were one more period, we would have killed them. So what are we gonna do? We’re gonna we’re gonna play them again. 

And that’s that’s how I want you to shift the way that you’re thinking about it’s not about how much you play right now. It’s about how what’s your ability to play tomorrow? and slowing down as acute has cumulative effects, it has this different effect on your energy. Because if you keep working with that belief of if I slow down, I fail. If I slow down and make less money, then you are doomed to work hard and burn out. And that’s just how it’s going to be for you. And that’s going to destroy, I’m telling you, that is what is destroying your productivity right now. Because there’s part of you going, I’m too tired to do this. And if this is how it’s got to be, then I don’t want to do it anymore. I see this with so many people. And if you’re able to move differently by not carrying the baggage of that belief, that’s why we clear you can’t get to that energy of, of true trust that you’re supported. That, that things will be okay, if you aren’t going. 

And especially I’m talking to my generators and manifesting generators, we have that that will to work, get really mad at ourselves when we can’t do it. When we’re frustrated, and instead of actually giving into the frustration and saying, I need to stop. Truly stop. We try to find a way to keep going some more. What’s my workaround? How can I get around this? And all that sometimes is the answer. It’s not the it isn’t the true answer. And the truth is, is that you can’t condition and you can’t decondition and be rid of these beliefs if you’re operating through them. 

Okay. So, and this is especially true if you have prime elements of your chart, that require rest that require solitude, that requires space between all of the doing. So if you are an emotional authority, I’m telling you, this is a big key for you is to learn how to wait to learn how to rest, to learn what your cycle is going to be your emotional cycle, and how you operate with it. And you have to learn how to do that without being like, Oh my God, when is this going to be over? I’m going to wave I’m going to low point in my wave when it’s just going to be over. I have stuff to do. Hong Kong, Hong Kong and one, I guarantee you it’s going to take longer, you’re going to stay in that yucky state longer, because energetically, you’re not doing what your body is asking you for you’re not doing what your soul is, is truly asking you for, which is to stop without guilt, without shame. So I put this to you to ask yourself today, and for the rest of this week and just ongoing. You know, what if my need to move fast? is actually what’s slowing me down? How can I shift that? How can I shift these beliefs 

if you are ready to move forward with those that is exactly what I do inside my program, the limitless entrepreneur, that and so much more. But it’s a big part of what we do. If you’re interested in that is I encourage you to go over to Nicolelaino.me and go to the work with me section where you can learn more about that program or about the work that I do. But this is this is something that I see people come out of and it has the most profound effects. Is this letting go of all those things that are not true? And I hope that you find that one way or the other. I hope this helped hope you love this episode. Please share it on Instagram tag us. Please, please leave us a review on iTunes or on whatever podcast platform you listen to. Those really help us get the word out. We appreciate you. I appreciate you making it all the way to the end of this episode. I appreciate you being here with me. And I wish you all the best. So remember, you’re only limited by the limitations that you accept. And when you stop accepting those limitations. That is when you become limitless. So go out there and be limitless everyone. I will see you in the next one.

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