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Episode #120 This Is Why You’re Procrastinating

On this week’s mini episode, Nicole is talking about an experience that nearly every entrepreneur can relate to—feeling stuck and procrastinating the things we should be doing. She is sharing with us how fear can be holding us back from getting to the next level, and how our Human Design interacts with our ability to be productive. If you’ve ever felt stuck and don’t know why you can’t manage to get the work done you want to, this episode is for you.


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Hello, and welcome to the limitless entrepreneur podcast. I’m your host, Nicole Laino. And we’re here with one of our mini episodes today, where I want to talk about a concept that I really drill this into my clients. And this has been coming up over and over and over again the last couple of weeks. And that’s usually my scientists talk about it more broadly. So that’s my me using my human design and strategy and authority where I’m getting my sacral response to these to these questions and these things that come up with my clients. And then I’m sitting with it. And I’m saying, Yeah, you know, I do want to share this in a more broad way, I do want to put this out there as a message to our audience here on the podcast. So there’s, there’s a phrase that I repeat to my clients constantly, which is that triggers are gifts, your triggers are gifts. And if you’re on this entrepreneurial roller coaster, you are on a personal development superhighway. It’s really about growing yourself and being able to transcend all the different levels that you have to get to the next one, to transcend the shadow. And to transmute it into what we see as our gifts, what become our gifts, when you can look at the shadow and when you can fully look at it. And you can embrace it. And you can say I’m not afraid of you anymore, I’m no longer going to try to avoid this shadow. You change your relationship to it.

And that’s really the game that you’re playing. Because right now every bit of procrastination that you have every every struggle that you have every challenge you have in your business, I guarantee you it’s it is somehow connected to something that you do not want to feel, or you don’t want to experience. So an example of that would be, you know, I’m not going to launch and maybe procrastinating on putting on a launcher or putting together a launch, maybe you can’t get your energy behind it, you can’t focus on it, you distract yourself, and you work on other things, rather than putting the focus where you know that it belongs. And you do that because maybe it’s because you’re afraid that it’ll be like the last one that didn’t go well, maybe and you’re afraid to feel the disappointment, you’d actually rather in your mind and your energy, your soul would rather not take the step than experience the disappointment.

Because if we experience the disappointment, then that might mean that our brain to our brain that maybe it’s not possible, we just made it feel less possible. But if we stay right where we are, if we do nothing, if we procrastinate, if we think about it some more, if we dream about at some more, then maybe it will, it’ll still be in this dream state for us. And that we can have, we can have hope around. But then if we take action and we start moving in that direction, then that might trigger one of our fears, which is that maybe it’s not really possible for us.

So that shadow, that fear is holding you back from that next level. And that’s where this is where trust comes in. And this is where being able to look at that shadow and say I want what I want more than I want the safety, that hiding from the shadow provides me that shielding myself from potential pain is actually what’s keeping me from experiencing the things that I have on my vision board and the things that I have on my list.

And it’s not about just doing everything, but it is about recognizing where these shadows exist, where are you protecting yourself. Because the moment you stop protecting yourself is the moment you start to let the magic in. And it you are you are not allowing it in until you stop protecting yourself until you pull down the wall until you let down your guard a little bit. And you say I’m going to go for it. There’s stages of going for it. There’s the stage of deciding and you know, you’re like, Okay, I’m going to do this, then it’s actually doing it and doing it with all the energy that you have in you, behind you behind this thing that you want to put out there.

And human design can help you with the strategy and the authority help you know what are the right things for you to jump into. And that’s where the trust can come. And this is why it’s such a powerful tool, because it allows you to have trust in the thing. So you could say, I’m going to move forward with this. And I’m going to let my guard down because I know that my intuition is guiding me to something like this, this launch this endeavor, this investment, this thing that I’m doing is correct for me, so I can trust in that. And whatever comes up I know is somehow serving me.

Now how this works. When we have something that’s negative come up, and this is really common and This is partially what’s been coming up with my clients is I’ve been hearing people, you know where, and I get very excited when they come to me and they say, Well, this came up and it’s negative, or how we would look at something normally is negative, it’s uncomfortable. It’s not a good feeling. But I know it’s here to serve me in some way, the universe is actually showing you exactly what is needed for you to clear in order for you to reach your next level.

So I don’t know if I’ve shared this analogy here on the show before if I haven’t, it’s been a long time if I have. So I’m going to do it again. But I look at I look at the universe. And this this game of leveling up, that we are that we are in that we’ve that we have subscribed to being entrepreneurs, I look at I look at this, like if you wanted to get into a party, if you wanted to get into a party, and the universe is blocking your way, and you’re telling the universe you’re saying I belong in that party, my friends are in there, I swear I’m on the list, I totally belong in that party, I got an invite. And the universe looks at you and says, I agree with you, you do belong in this party. However, you can’t go in with those bags that you’re carrying.

And you look down at the bags and you’re like, but I’ve had these forever, they’re part of me, this is just who I am, these are the things that I’m these are, these are my clothes, these are my these are the things that I need in my life. We are attached to them. I mean, I’m addicted to them, so to speak. And the universe as well, they just they can’t come to the party, you can. But you’ve got to get rid of them, you’ve got to change them in order to come in.

And that’s the clearing work. So if you can recognize that the universe is lovingly pointing at those bags for you. That that is what when when negative things come up, when uncomfortable things come up. fear comes up. It’s a gift triggers are gifts. If you are triggered, then that’s the universe pointing to a very specific place and saying if you heal this, something better is on the other side for you. If you don’t, I’m going to just keep pointing at it, I’m going to bring it up in different ways and different ways for you the same thing. But I’m going to bring it to you in lots of different ways. Because obviously this way isn’t making isn’t you’re not getting the message this way, is not getting through to you. So I’m going to find other ways to hold the mirror up to you and say, look at the fear you’re carrying. Look at this wound you are operating out of look at this thing, the shadow. Look at it. And until you look at it, I can’t let you through. I can’t let you get to this next level. Because I’m keeping you safe. It’s not it’s not welcome here. All of you is welcome. But you’ve got to face all of you. You can’t pretend your shadows don’t exist, you can’t pretend your pain doesn’t exist. You can’t pretend your fears don’t exist. Because they’re inconvenient. I trust me, it’s far more inconvenient to try to operate with them. And through them. Things don’t go well. You experience horrible resistance. And things just fall apart before your eyes, things are a whole lot harder.

This is what we mean by Alignment. Alignment is about knowing who you are, and knowing what is and what is not correct for you. And doing that from a place of power, not from a place of instability because you are standing on and hiding from your wounds.

So one of the things that has been coming up that I’m so proud of is I have clients coming to me and they’re like, I know that this this has come up. I wanted to share it with you. But I know it’s good. I know that it’s it’s showing me something that I need to heal. It’s something I need to move. It’s something I need to transmute. And I know that once I do, I’m that much closer to my goal. I know that once I move this, I change my relationship to myself changes and when that changes, I’m able to do things I couldn’t do before.

That’s the magic of this work. That’s the inner work and particularly if you’re at that middle to more advanced stage of your business. This is going to be this is going to be the thing that like so if you’re doing if you’ve been working with a lot of strategies, you’ve been trying a lot of things you’ve had some things work, you’ve had some things not work. Some things have blown up maybe and then some things have just fizzled out. You’ll notice that you kind of develop some more fears along way, because you’ve had things not go well. So now you’re like, Oh, I thought I had it now I don’t this work the clearing out of, of all of those fears and, and worries and wounds that you have clearing those and actually processing them.

That’s where this is where quantum leaps come from. This is where that you know, the quantum leap is not a oh, just suddenly something happened, I started thinking differently. No, you actually changed your energy because you’re no longer carrying that fear in the same way. You’re no longer carrying that wound, you’re no longer afraid of the same things. You’ve looked at the monster in the face. And you’ve realized that it was nothing but an illusion. You are the master now. So it’s important at every level, but particularly if you’re at that mid level, where you’re you’re, you’re like, I don’t know, why would the things that I’m doing are not working, I feel like I’m doing everything, right. That’s a very big sign that you have some inner work to do. And once you do, that’s when things can change overnight. That’s when it’s just like, oh, wow, now I just start to see results. We have clients that are you know, all of a sudden, they move some things, and they move some fears. And they they face some of the things that they have been feeling and been afraid to feel for a long time, have the courage to dive into those and feel them deeply. And their whole world changes.

Suddenly, contracts are getting signed for more money than they ever imagined. People are flowing through people are coming in without them having to ask them without having to chase anybody people are finding them. It does happen like that. It really can work that way. When you get yourself into alignment, and you are grounded in a purpose. And you are grounded in strength and not fear. So that was something I wanted to share with you guys. I want you to take that off into your week, where are you protecting yourself from feeling something that would be uncomfortable? And how can you face it? How can you face that fear, embrace it, and have the courage to feel it all.

And if you’re looking for support in that that is exactly what I do in my containers. That’s what I do in the limitless entrepreneur. That is my group coaching program, that is the best place to get support in this way from me outside of this show. If you want to be coached by me we do we do actual live coaching inside the group on Zoom where you can work with me on actually moving this energy and aligning both with your human design and aligning with your, with your strength. It’s really beautiful work. And it’s my favorite thing in the world to do with people. So if you’re interested in that, please reach out to us. You can find everything on my website at Nicolelaino.me. And you can find all of that information about the limitless entrepreneur program. I believe it’s Nicolelaino.me/enroll and you will be taken to the to the limitless entrepreneur sales page.

If you’re interested in a human design reading, you can find those also on the Nicolelaino.me. Regular website, you can find that and book a human design reading with me if you’d like to know how your design gets synthesized and where your strengths lie. So I hope you found this episode helpful. I hope that this shed a little bit of light on where you might be stuck and how you can move things and how you if something challenging shows up for you that you can look at it like a really empowering thing. My triggers are gifts and being shown something I now have a piece of the puzzle that I didn’t have before how lucky am I can you make that shift? So I’ll leave you with that everybody. Remember you are only limited by the limitations that you accept and when you stop accepting those limitations. That is when you become limitless. So go out there and be limitless everyone. I will see you in the next one.

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