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Episode #13 Make 2021 Your Breakout Year

What does the New Year mean to you?

For most people, it’s about setting goals for what they’re going to achieve in the next 12 months.

This is an outdated, task-oriented approach that doesn’t go far enough.   

If you’ve struggled to reach your goals in previous years, this is probably why. It’s because you’re missing essential pieces of the process.

In this episode, Nicole takes you through her 3-step process to creating the change within yourself as well as your business so you can make 2021 your BREAKOUT year.


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Hello, and welcome to the limitless entrepreneur podcast. I’m your host, Nicole Laino. And this is the last episode of 2020. Are we all excited to get this year over with, I think most of us are ready to close the books on 2020 and move into 2021. And I know there’s a big New Year thing happening right now everybody’s really excited. We’re shifting, I mean, the world is still in a really strange place. But the new year actually means nothing. And I mean that because time is really just in our heads, it’s the same thing with our birthday. are we different the day before our birthday than we are the day after? Not really, our lives typically don’t change that much. But our thinking does. And so really, I’m only saying that because I want you to understand that the New Year’s what you make of it, everything is what you make of it, it’s the perception that you have. And what you do with this time, what I do think the new year is good for is one, it’s good for data, it’s good to have like a year over year comparison, it’s apples to apples to say like okay, January of this year, in January of this year, how do they compare that type of thing, data is incorrect. You know, the the year is incredibly useful for it’s great for setting intentions, it’s a great time to sit back and say what do I want to create? Because sometimes we get really, really stuck in reactive mode. And the doing that this little pause at the end of the year, is a really nice time to shift from to shift from reacting to things, and kind of just in the mix, to really looking forward and saying what do I want to create next year? What am I no longer accepting? And we’ll get into that in just a minute. And, and really looking at the year. And this is what this episode is about. It’s about reverse engineering our goals. So rather than saying, while we’re in January, how much money do I want to make in January, okay, I just have to start running. And that tends to get us into a space of just doing for the moment. And while that can be fine. Like I’m all about living in the moment. A plan helps you do things. And then if you have a staff as well, you need to plan for your staff to be doing things ahead of time. So that you have one you’re not in this state of panic all the time. And you can tell whether you’re hitting things and whether you’re not you know where to adjust, you know where to take a step back and say something needs to change here. When you’re in it, you can tend to like you get into the weeds and you get a little underwater. So I love the new year for looking forward. And with intention. And in in the spirit of creating something new. And realizing that you are you pulled all the cards here, you’re able to create whatever you want this year. And then you can start plotting your plan for world domination, like I do. So I wanted I look at I like I say I like to reverse engineer the goals for the year. But in order to create like a breakout year, I see I see this whole year end review. So I worked in finance for a long time. The year end was a very, very big deal for us. We were looking at the entire year and planning out the entire year ahead. You were forecasting everything. How many people do we need in each division? How much? How many resources are we putting into these areas? What do we see as our growth path. That was what my team in the finance group that we that I worked for. That was the reports we put together for management to look at our bosses looked at that and said, This is how we see things going. These are where we want our resources. And I want you to start doing the same thing, even if you are a team of one to be looking at it and looking forward and saying what resources do I need? You might feel like you need them a year from now. But how do you start implementing that now that is how we speed up time. That is how we create massive change quickly. Rather than feeling that SLOG and feeling that like we’re underwater with what we’re doing. So I see this year end review process in three parts. So I see it as review. Then we envision and then we plan our attack. So it’s our EP, we review In the previous year, we envision the next year. And then we plan, we plan the year with the vision that we worked on in mind. So and I’m going to walk you through all of this, okay. And if you’re not part of my Facebook group, our Facebook group, I did a, I did a walkthrough of this as well on on video on a Facebook Live, where I can give you if you jump into the group, go to inner CEO group.com. And you can jump into the group and catch that video to where I went into this in detail. So but this will give you something else. So I’m giving you some a different color from this perspective on the podcast. So review, reviews, really important review. And I suggest that you keep these notes someplace, so have them have them stored someplace, either in your computer or in a notebook that you kind of mark that your year end review is in here, because it’s great to come back to next year. And you can then compare year over year, not just about your numbers. But who were you? Because that’s the first question I want you to ask yourself when now we’re talking about the review section. The first question I want you to ask yourself in your review, is, who was i Last year at this time? Where was I? What was my revenue? How did I feel? What space was I in? What did I think I would create? This year when I was in this space last year? What did I think the end of 2020 would have brought me by now. So and really dig into that. Really think about where you were who you were? And I want you to think about how are you different now? What has changed inside of you? And outside of you? What have you created? What results have you gotten? But more importantly, who are you now? How are you different now? What do you believe now that you didn’t believe then? What don’t you believe now that you did believe back then. And that’s a really important piece. Because it’s our beliefs that hold us back, that help us create when they are empowering beliefs, and that hold us back when they are limiting beliefs. So what have you worked on? What do you feel like you’ve shed this year? What did you let go of write that down, write all of this down, you should be this is a great journaling session to go through. And this is you meeting with your board. That’s you. This is your year end review meeting. So take it very, very seriously answer these questions and take time to go through them. They will hold they hold the keys to figuring out how you create your true breakthrough. And you reach your next level. And now what made you feel different this year? Did you hit a milestone? Now if you hit a milestone, so say you hit your six figure year, say you hit a $10,000 month, but maybe you didn’t have another one? But you did hit the $10,000 month? What’s the milestone? But more importantly, what did you do that allowed you to hit that milestone? What changed inside of you that helped you create something new that you had never created before? That’s another way to look at it. What did I do this year that I was never able to do prior to this year? And what helped create that breakthrough? So as you see what we’re doing, we’re looking back and we’re saying What lessons do I have? What lessons did I learn this year? And what what exactly was I doing? Who Was I being at the times where things went right? And then if you had a real pitfall or something didn’t work out for you dig into that as well, and see what the lessons are because honestly, failure holds our greatest lessons. And if you haven’t learned it already, now is definitely the time you want to take to go back and dig into that. So for me, one of the the biggest, what made me feel different this year. What caused big change in my business. I made investments in my business. That was definitely the biggest lesson that I learned that investments in my business smart ones are the key to the growth that I want to see. So and the scariest ones have the biggest ROI. So I invested in a very expensive coaching mastermind program which absolutely paid off it paid off within six weeks, and it shifted who I was. I invested in staff and that has been a huge needle mover for me in just the way I feel and also what I’m able to produce and it is changing the way I do business. It is changing. It has shifted who I am and that’s what we’re We’re looking for what has shifted who you are.

And if you haven’t created those shifts, ask yourself, What will shift the way I am? What will truly make me feel different about my business. And I’ll tell you right now, getting support, either in the form of a mentor, a coach, or staff are just hands down. When I speak to other entrepreneurs. And I know many of them, I work with them I have, I have friends who are mostly in the entrepreneurial space, everybody says the same thing. It’s about the support. And it allows you to feel different, it’s allowing you to hand off work. And it’s also allowing you to hand off the pressure of how will I do this all, if you have a coach or somebody that you can lean on, that takes the pressure off of you to feel like you have to have all the answers. And if you have somebody to handle the work to the pressures off of you to do everything, which are usually the two biggest weights on our entrepreneurial shoulders is how am I going to do it? And how can I possibly do all of this alone or with the staff I currently have, I don’t have enough support. That is just and that is a manifestation block. feeling unsupported, in general, is just it throws off that whole root chakra thing, I won’t get to woo in this episode. But it it allows you to not be grounded, it keeps you from feeling grounded, and we need to feel grounded in order to manifest the way that we want into this physical world. So that is our review. I want you to go through that section. Who were you last year? How are you different now, what shifts occurred and what caused those shifts, and you go through that process and really dig into it. And now we want to move in to now that we’ve reviewed now we move into the second phase of this process, which I call envisioning. This is the part don’t skip this, do not skip this, some people do the review, and then they do the plan. But this middle part is arguably the most important part. Obviously, the review part is super important, because learning the lessons, and making sure that we’re tuning into that and learning the lesson. So we don’t repeat the same problems and the same, this the same bad behavior, or bad decisions that we made. That’s super important. But envisioning is so important, because that is what is drawing us down the path. It’s dictating what the plan is. So before I go into any detail about like, you know, explaining this anymore, I want to explain the process to you. And I think it’ll become clear why we do it and why it’s so important. So I want you to in this envisioning process now I want you to picture yourself next year, sitting here, listening to this episode again. But sit here and and picture yourself at the end of 2021. What is the story of your 2021? I want you to write it. I want you to write it out. I want you to write a story to yourself. What is the letter to yourself, explaining what this year was to you? What happened? What happened this year? How much money did you make? How do you feel? What do you believe now? What do you believe a year from now? That is an important one. What do you believe, a year from now? What don’t you believe? What did you have to let go of? What did you do? That you maybe didn’t do in 2020? What did you do differently? How did you do it? What was the scariest thing you did this year in 2021. This is the envisioning process I want you to go through, I really want you to put yourself at the end point at the finish line for 2021. And I want you to rerun the race. I want you to think every step through. And now I want you to think about this from that place and say what is your new level of what you accept in your life? Now, you’ve heard me say before on this podcast, that you are only limited by the limitations that you accept. You hear me say that at the end of every single episode of the show. So you’re only limited by the limitations that you accept. So what do you no longer accept Mm hmm. What is it when you envision yourself one year from now, what is it that you no longer accept in your life? What is unacceptable to you now? So I and just to give you kind of a frame of reference of what I mean, when I say what is unacceptable to you now, right now you accept a certain income level. So, if you are used to making $3,000 a month, then making $3,000 a month is something that you just accept that you are like, alright, this is this is what I do. Now, if you made 2000, you might be disappointed in that. But you don’t expect to make four. What do you now, what is the new floor? What’s that new floor for you? It’s not the three, is it five? Is it six, you decide, you decide what you accept. And I want you to start raising your energy and raising your level of awareness. And who you are being that you are being someone new that you are being the $6,000 a month entrepreneur and no longer the $3,000 a month entrepreneur? What is the new level? What is your new level of acceptance? Okay. And now in this story, that you’re writing for yourself in the story, where you’re where you’re one year from now, was there is there if you read it back? If you go through it, if you recorded yourself, listen back to it? Is there a line or a word that kind of stands out to you that is like this sums it up? This sums it up? For me, I keep hearing, like, for me Elevate is a word that that keeps ringing true to me striking a chord. And I want you to tune into your intuition for this one, because this is where your intuition really kicks in. And we have to trust it. What feels authentic to you? And what what line, what word? If you said it? Would it remind you of who you are at the end of 2021? Is there something at the end? That, that if you said it today, it would bring you right back to that moment where you are the future you the 2021 version of yourself, the better version of yourself the next level version of yourself? Is there a word? Is there a phrase? So as a lot of you know, I was an actor. And when you when you created a character, sometimes you had a line, there was something that anchored you into your character. So what is the line? What is the word? What is the thing? What anchors you to the person that you want to become? More so than the person you are right now? Matthew McConaughey called Launchpad lines that you could there was just a line that told you everything you needed to know about the character you were playing. And he talked about that from dazed and confused. Is that all right? All right. All right. As I get older, they stay the same age high school girls get older, they stay the same age. And he said that line told him everything he needed to know about that character. And whenever he felt like he was off course, he could sink into it. He was like, I know who this dude is, because of this line. And now I want you to think about that. What anchors you what tells you everything you need to know about the future version of yourself, look back through your notes of your envisioning exercise that we just went through. And I want you to distill it down is there something something there that that that anchors you to the person that you want to be? Do that. And now from here, we go into that third phase, the plan of attack. So from this new level of awareness from this new version of yourself, where you are now end of 2020, not the person you are now from this new level of awareness. I want you to plan what you will do. What will you do and I want you to plot it out on the calendar and ask yourself, Where are my moneymakers? Where am I making my money? Where are they specifically on the calendar?

Where are your goals and your milestones? What do you expect to hit by what days? And really that is just there to pull you back to know if you are on track and really to tell you what you need to be doing. In order to make those milestones actually appear, actually create them. So if you want to have a $10,000 month, you could say that Sure, great, what what is the mechanism that you are using to create that $10,000 month? Are you launching? Are you doing some sort of event? What are you doing that’s going to drive the revenue of that month? And then that tells you that the month before, what are you doing to get people to that revenue producing activity that you’re doing? Is this a daily thing that you’re doing? And it’s just numbers that you’re hitting? Or do you have like a big bang event like a launch? Know that going into it, it tells you what you should be doing throughout the year. And then again, just tap into your intuition and see what it’s telling you? What is it telling you you should do? What should your milestones be, really be daring here, and tune into your inner self. And check in with her and see what it is that she feels you should be creating. And when you should be creating it. That will tell you everything you need to know. So guys, I want to say thank you so much for listening to this episode. And for listening to this show. I know we’ve only been live this is our 13th episode. And it is it has been just an A very exciting little adventure. For me, this was something that I wanted to do for a really long time. This is a big milestone for me in 2020. So I thank you for being part of it. And being part of this and sharing the show. If you like what you hear, I always encourage you please leave a review on iTunes that helps us get found. If you are really loving an episode, share it on your Instagram or your Facebook stories and tag me at Nick Laino. And I will certainly give you a shout out and put it on my page. Thank you. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for listening to this show for being part of this. And I wish you total domination and so many breakthroughs in 2021 I have no doubt that you will make magic happen because we are only limited by the limitations that we accept. And when we stop accepting those limitations. That is when we become limitless. That is when you become a limitless entrepreneur. So thank you limitless entrepreneurs. Happy New Year to you all I will see you in 2021

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