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Episode #156 Strategy Saves Us Every Time

Today, you get a behind the scenes glimpse of a recent situation Nicole faced and how she leaned on her strategy and authority to break the conditioning that would have previously created frustration. In this episode, she’ll walk you through the situation, how she was able to use her Human Design strategy and authority to tackle the issue in alignment, and ultimately experience a better result than if she had just tried to “power through” and figure it out in her head.

Seeing how your design plays out in the real world is critical for you to not only understand what that looks like, but to deepen your trust in leaning into the experiment. This is the work that changes your life.


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Hello and welcome to Unshakable with Human Design. I’m your host, Nicole Laino, and welcome. This is our first episode with the new title, the new look, the new vibe of this show, and I am so thrilled to be bringing this to you. I have to admit, it was sad saying goodbye to the limitless entrepreneur. we have, it has been two and a half years of us living in that world, and I’m so proud of the work that we did there.

I’m so proud of the show that we’ve built. I’m so proud of the audience that we’ve built. I have such gratitude for the Limitless entrepreneur, and I wanted to use this episode to obviously usher in this next incarnation, this new phase. But I also wanted to explain, Why I felt the need to shift and what you can expect going forward.

So this show, when it started out when Limitless Entrepreneur started out the whole premise of the show was I blend the tactical with the mystical. I take strategy and energy and I put them together and I show you how to work both of them into your business. I was very much focused on mindset and that was really where I was coming from.

It was like, how do we change our minds? And at the time, that was what I was very much immersed in the work that I did. It was blending this mindset with strategy. But I have to say, I was still leaning very hard into strategy. When I look back on it at the time, it felt like I was very much devoted to the emotional, to the mindset side of things.

But when I look back on it, I’m like, no. I was still very much, very heavily into strategy. Even if you look at the old episodes back from the very beginning, you’ll see that there’s a very different, there’s been a shift that’s naturally happened over time as I’ve changed as an entrepreneur. As I have evolved and the work that I do evolves and the people that I’m reaching and the people that I’m connecting with.

And honestly, a huge part of that is about how I have shifted and changed. It’s because I started living by my design rather than the way that I thought I had to do things. So the shift happened, the limitless entrepreneur, this mindset, strategy based show then evolved where, we were doing more mindset work then it was energy. We got into energy where we started talking about emotions and we started talking about energetic practices. But it was still very strategy focused. And I led with that. And to be perfectly honest, for a long time it was, will they still like me?

Will they still follow me? If I just talk about what really matters? Do I have to give them all of this strategic stuff? Do I have to wrap everything in a big strategic blanket? And the truth is that I’m always interested in showing you practical ways of using anything that we do. I am a 5/1 emotional manifesting generator. 

5/1’s, we are here to give you practical advice. I’m not really interested in any fluff and I’m not interested in mindset tools or energetic tools or anything that isn’t going to deliver a result. There has to be something practical at the end, or I literally cannot spend time on it. I will not, I cannot, I have to force myself to do things that are, don’t have a practical nature almost to a fault.

I’m not saying that’s always necessarily a good thing, but it’s what I do. And now the more I’ve grown and some of the things that I have noticed, and this is both some of the things that if you follow human design or if you are into astrology or energetic practices, you know that there are changes coming, that there are shifts in the world.

We’re experiencing shifts energetically. That we have either never experienced before, like they’re like every 400 years, something happens, this shift takes place. So literally nothing in our lifetime or the generations before us, have we experienced some of these things. So we’re going to see these cosmic kind of shifts that are going to change humanity and the way that we work and the way that we show up.

And we’re already seeing it. I think we are already seeing how people are less interested. We have new generations who are much more interested in time and freedom and wellbeing than they are with achieving and having to necessarily have all of this material stuff. We’re seeing that, and older generations tend to look at those kids and think that they’re doing something wrong or there’s something wrong with them, or they just don’t want to work.

They just value something differently. There’s a change in our consciousness. There is a shift happening with this world and we are all shifting with it. We’ll either resist that shift or we will be the ones at the forefront making the shift. And we have the ability and the opportunity to be leaders in that shift.

And I believe, and what I have seen, and we’re even seeing very big names that are typically aligned with strategy, aligned with very tactical measures. aligned with achieving people like Amy Porterfield, Dean Graziosi, Brendon Burchard, all these people who typically have very structured, strategic minded programs and messaging, starting to embrace energy.

Starting to talk about that more Amy Porterfield said on my friend Heather Chauvin’s podcast, which Heather was a guest on this show, she was saying that, business is 80% mindset. She used the term mindset and 20% strategy. Now that’s not something that you would expect from the queen of strategy because she’s literally, she’s a very strategic person.

She makes things very simple to follow, gives steps for people to build courses and email lists and she’s wonderful at that. So for her to say that her growth and in scaling and growing her business had much more to do with growing herself than necessarily making the strategies work. That, to me, signals a confirmation of this change that’s happening.

And we see this with so many leaders and we’re seeing this in society, and it’s happening in your business. And I see this with the higher level people that I get to work with. The more people I work with, that are at that high mid to high six figures or seven figure businesses. This is all they work on is themselves and trying to get into alignment so that they enjoy their lives because otherwise we end up just burning out and achieving. 

And then you climb to the top of the mountain, you’re like, I do not like this view. I fought so hard to get up here. So the focus for this show, I’m still an achiever. I am still a 5/1. I am still interested in practical applications. I am still interested in material success and I still work with entrepreneurs.

But the cornerstone, the core of what you do has to be on you. If you are building your message, if you don’t have clarity on who you are, you will never speak with authority. A message that people will receive. It just won’t happen. It comes from you. It will always feel like shaky ground until you are unshakeable.

Your business, all the strategies that you are trying to use, everything that you are trying to put out there, all the different strategies that you’re trying, they are only as strong as the person operating them, and that is you. All of this, the cornerstone, the core of this, making you unshakeable, can be done with human design.

There have been so many nervous system regulation, being able to energetically hold your vision, being able to make decisions that are in alignment with where you want to go and who you truly are, and not with the fears and the conditioning of the past. Trust. Deep, deep trust in yourself. These are all prerequisites for being and achieving the level that you want to get to.

All of them are necessary, and human design can help you with every single one. And I don’t want to hide behind the idea that this is some sort of strategic podcast. We’ll talk strategy, but everything will be brought back to showing you how you can relate it to your human design. Every topic that we bring you here will get you to step more boldly, proudly, and with greater clarity into the person you were put on this earth to be. 

The guests that we will bring on are going to be people who reflect back those values and will help you achieve that mission. They will also be people who are living their design journey. So I will be bringing on people who are living their human design. 

Who are working within it, and they can give you the benefit of their experience where you can see human design at work. I’m going to show you topics and how they relate to human design and how you can pass it through your strategy, your authority, how you can start making decisions and using these strategies through a way that is in complete and total alignment with who you are and never abdicating your authority to a guru or to a podcast even.

My goal, my mission with this show is not so that I can be the tactical and mystical leader or whatever and give you strategies. My mission with this show is to make you an unshakeable human and help you build an unshakeable business. And you do that by being so darn sure, not of every single question that comes up and the answer that you give.

But so sure of your process in arriving at that answer when the question is asked, I want you to feel so sure of your process, that when times get tough, you know that you know exactly what to do for your type, for your authority, so that you are living in alignment so that it feels good, so you’re not just burning energy to try to get another thing done or not have another wasted day. 

So you can start to see the benefits of actually enjoying yourself actually moving differently through this world and how you can attract more. How you can be more attractive to the people that you are trying to connect with. That you want to make your clients. So you can start working with the people you’re meant to work with.

You cannot do that without being an authority to yourself first. No one will see you as an authority until you see yourself as the authority in your life. That strength has to come from within you, and that is my mission with this show to help you develop your strength and your confidence inside your process.

That is the mission of this show because when you do, when you know your process, when you know how the world brings you things and how to make those decisions, whether to move on them or to pass and feel completely confident in those decisions, then you’re unshakable. Then the world can throw whatever it has at you and you know how to deal with it.

That’s the power and that is the mission of this show. I’m so excited for this next level that we’re going into. This feels like a new rebirth of this show. I am so excited to be here. I cannot wait to deliver this content to you and to start embodying this shift in this show twice a week, every week.

I’m so thrilled to be bringing it to you, and I’m so thrilled that you’re here with us. Thank you so much. From the bottom of my heart, for all of the support you’ve shown, the limitless entrepreneur. And I thank you in advance for all the support that you will be showing the Unshakeable With Human Design Podcast.

Please share this with your friends. Share this with your family because this mission goes far beyond me and you. The more people we have living in alignment, the more people we have running businesses within their alignment and according to who they really are, the knock on effect of that is more happy people.

More aligned people means a more aligned world. We’re more connected than we think. So please share this show with your other entrepreneur friends. Share the show with people who are human design curious. Share this show on your Instagram, on your Facebook. Please tag me. I’m at Nicole Laino official.

Help us get the word out that this show is the show for entrepreneurs who are looking to ground into who they are and to become unshakable. Thank you so much for being here. I will see you in the next episode. Go out there and be unshakable, everyone.

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