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Episode #159 – The Secret to Manifesting with Human Design

People want to manifest. What does that even mean? Nicole clarifies what it looks like in her world and how understanding your Human Design can help you do it more effectively.

Manifesting is essentially, creating with energy. Bringing what you want into form. It might seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. In today’s episode Nicole will share 5 aspects of our Human Design that give us insight not only on how to manifest, but how it can feel easy too!

She cover:

  • What it means that we are “always” manifesting?
  • How your HD Type can act as a Red Light/Green Light to guide your actions so you actually manifest what you want vs. what you don’t want.
  • Why embracing your HD allows you to magnify your action so you get amplified results from your action. No more muscling your way through.
  • What is the specific “signature” for each of the 5 HD type’s for manifesting.

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Hello and welcome to Unshakeable With Human Design. I’m your host, Nicole Laino. Welcome. Welcome everybody. I’m excited to be here with you today and just to start the show off, I want to remind everybody about a couple of things that we have going on and available to you if you go to Nicolelaino.me/podcastlinks.

All of the links to whatever we are doing at any given moment are on there. So whatever is fresh for us, fresh Resources, masterclasses, anything that’s available, free, paid, all of it can be found there. So bookmark that page. Just go over there and you can always see whatever is up to date for us. Right now we have the Flowductivity Guide, which is our human design productivity guide.

How to be productive while remaining in flow. We also have the deconditioning guide, which is just an essential element to getting started and really using your human design is the deconditioning process. And we break that down for you in that free guide. So you can go over to that nicolelaino.me/podcastlinks page and you can download both of those.

We also have other things going on and you can keep up to date over there and see what else tickles your fancy and you want to dive into. That’s our housekeeping. Now let’s talk about the episode. This is something I’m always bringing to you, whatever’s coming up, whatever I’m talking about with my people, whatever I’m responding to.

Remember, I’m a manifesting generator, so I’m always paying attention to what I am responding to and what’s happening out there with my people, with the people that I’m speaking with who are DMing me on Instagram. And one of the things that has obviously come up a lot, is manifesting people want to manifest.

And what do we mean by manifesting? Let’s clarify that and define that a little bit here first. Manifesting when I’m talking about it here, I’m talking about creating with energy. Creating with energy. That’s how I think about it. Bringing thought into form without necessarily muscle and doing a lot and putting a lot of effort behind it.

There’s always action behind manifesting, but we can magnify our action so we can do more. We can get more without having to do more where the action that we take packs a greater punch. It’s more potent than if we don’t have our energy behind it. So that’s what we’re talking about when I’m speaking about manifesting.

That’s what I mean. I do mean it in like the woo magical way of manifesting. So why human design is an integral tool and something that can help you manifest, because manifesting when we traditionally talk about it. There’s a lot of your thoughts, create your feelings and we’ve done an episode on that.

I did an episode called, I think it’s called, “The Law Attraction is Wrong” Oh, you could go back and listen to that one. I’m not going to rehash the entire thing there, because this is going to be something different. This is actually where we’re going to break down how with each type, your type gives you a huge clue into how you manifest.

And what you are ultimately manifesting with and how you can use it to gauge whether you’re in, quote unquote manifesting energy or not. We’re always manifesting all the time. It’s just, are we manifesting what we want rather than what we don’t want? Are we manifesting in alignment with all the things that we want and the hopes and the dreams that we have, or are we manifesting with our lack.

So I’m going to break down for each type how you figure out if you are in good energy or not great energy. Am I going to be attracting what I want or am I attracting what I don’t want? And human design can give you that map. So we’re going to get into that in just a second.

But why human design works for this is because human design is an energetic tool. It’s telling you how your energy is used. And now I talk about it in practical applications. I break it down into, how you can be more productive, how you can be happier, but ultimately it’s just about changing your energy so that you’re more productive.

Being productive is the byproduct of the energetic shift. Being productive isn’t the cause of the energetic shift, it’s the other way around. The energy shifts and you get more productive naturally. It just happens. You’re like, oh my goodness, I’m getting so much more done, and it doesn’t hurt.

I don’t feel burned out. I feel really good. The ideas are flowing, things are working. It’s because your energy has shifted. It’s not because you were more productive. So now you feel better. And we often get those backwards. So human design is an energetic tool. It tells you how your energy is concentrated, where you have the most consistent access to your energy.

What is going to kick your energy into gear? Ultimately, because what we’re talking about when we talk about the five different types, we’re talking about your aura. We’re talking about the energy that comes off of you, that other people experience, that the field experiences. So we’re, when we’re talking about manifesting, we’re talking about the quantum field, we’re talking about the energetic field, the electromagnetic field.

We have an electromagnetic field around us. We all do. And human design tells you the quality of that field. So that’s why it’s such a powerful tool because it’s not getting down to what am I thinking right now? Or even what I’m feeling. Getting into it shows you how you can relate some of the signals that you’re getting to your energy and whether your energy is in the state that you want it to be in or it’s not.

And that’s what makes it so powerful and that’s what makes this a game-changing tool. And why People can see really fast results when they start to use it and they start to learn it. So when you learn it, like I, I kept thinking about this. I kept getting this image of there are all of these devices now that are like the aura ring and the whoop bracelets and things like that where they measure your sleep, your your blood oxygen levels, your heart rate, they give you your vital signs and they even tell you like, when to wake up. This is the optimal time for you to wake up for your sleep cycle, and it learns all this information about you. And then it gives you feedback and it tells you are in a higher state or a lower state.

You need rest, you need more rest. It’s time for you to wake up. Now, it understands you. And it’s a monitor. So what we’re doing is you’re getting to know yourself better with these devices through technology, human design. There’s no bracelet, but human design. What it does is it gives you, it’s a monitor for you.

It gives you a mechanism and a mechanical process to understand that if this, then I’m in good energy. If that I’m not great energy and this is how I shift. So HD can show you all of this. And the way that it does that, the easiest way it does it in many ways. There are many more finer details that you can get into.

But the simplest one I’m going to give you right now is type. It shows you through your type and more specifically, because every energy type, each of the five has their specific way of being in good energy. They have their specific energy, they have their specific way. That’s why people feel different. That’s why when you’re around a projector, you know that feels different than being around a generator when you’re around a manifestor, that feels way different than being around a reflector.

It’s a very different energetic feeling. Something that you can’t, you’re not speaking about without any words. It just feels different being in that person’s presence than it does being in the other. And the key with this is every single type gets a signature and a not self theme. They each get their own signature.

This is your green light red light. This is the thing that says you are in alignment. You are not in alignment, and this is the simplest place for everybody to start, is just understanding your signature when you are in it and when you are not, and then noticing what’s happening when I’m in it, and what’s happening when I’m not.

What am I attracting when I’m not in my signature? And what am I attracting when I am? So generators, and manifesting generators. We are here. Our signature is to be satisfied when you’re in that satisfied energy. But what else are we here for? We’re here to do, we’re here to make stuff.

We’re here to be busy. We don’t feel necessarily terribly good usually when we’re sitting around doing nothing. Now, it doesn’t mean that we don’t need rest. Of course, we need rest. But rest, looks, feels, and looks different for us. Usually rest looks like doing something fun rather than doing something that has to do with work, but it’s still doing.

So generators, manifesting generators. Ooh, generators, manifesting generators. You have to be in a state of satisfaction as much as possible. And if you’re in frustration, which is you’re not-self. Then that is your big old red flag. Your red light saying, whoa, you are in the energy of not what you want.

You’re not going to get what you want here. You are not attracting the things that you want to be attracting when you are in frustrated energy. So you have to shift that, and it’s up to you to shift that. Now manifesting generators and generators, I’m going to lump you in. Now, I’m a mani- gen and I don’t love it when people do that, but it is pretty much the same.

The only difference I’m going to give you is manifesting generators. There’s probably going to be a lot of creative energy. You’re going to want new things. You’re going to want to be doing new things, you’re going to want to be creating something and you’re probably going to want to move a bit faster.

So are you in that energy? Are you doing things like that? Are you doing things that satisfy that creative urge in you that does exist. Now going on to, to, let’s go to the manifestor. I didn’t even know where I was going. I was like, what order are we going to do these in? I don’t know. It’s a surprise.

Manifestors, let’s go to them next now. Manifestors, your signature is peace. It comes from creating something beautiful and something that means something to you that you feel is necessary, that it had to be in this world. You’re like, I cannot sleep unless this thing is created. And when it’s created, it’s just ah, look at it.

I meant peace in myself. And now that peace. Is going to be, ultimately, it’s a, it’s about you creating what you want. So you’re actually taking those ideas and you’re taking those thoughts that you have and you’re saying like, this is what I want to create. It’s manifesting that’s going to give you that state of peace, but you have to rest in between and you have to give yourself some peace in between.

And if you’re angry, that’s you’re not self theme. That’s your big old red flag. You’re not in the right place. Rest or create. If there’s nothing to create, you can’t force it. There is divine timing in your design. Everybody has it. You don’t have outright waiting, but there’s still waiting. There’s waiting for the right thing for you. The thing that you can’t help but move on. 

And now going to the projectors. Projectors you’re here to be successful. Your signature is success, and success comes from you feeling recognized. So do you feel successful when you are in that signature of success?

When you are feeling successful, the other thing I want to say is your signature is not created by the outside world. The signature is created in you. The signature is created from you. You are the source of that signature. You are living it out or you’re not. So projectors. Success recognition comes from you first.

You will manifest when you are recognizing yourself more than everybody else does. And then you’re not self theme is bitterness. If you are feeling bitterness, then you have a big red light in front of you telling you this is not your way. Something needs to shift. Recognize yourself. 

And then our reflectors, your signature is surprise. Your signature is surprise. So what surprises you about everything that you see? I find for the reflector sometimes it’s easier to look at the disappointment side – the not self and look at disappointment, how it almost can become pessimistic when you are a reflector and you’re not in your signature.

It can feel like we’re doomed. It can feel just really down, like just disappointment. People are letting me down. People aren’t listening. People don’t see, people don’t feel what I feel and the surprise is when it turns out to be better than you think it is. But you have to start creating that shift within you first.

You have to start creating that shift of seeing things that are positive and noticing when you are trending to the negative, changing your environment and shifting and being around people that lift you up. Your environment is everything and you can’t change anything when you’re in that state of disappointment.

Unless you’re able to use it like surprise, where you’re able to use it to cause surprise. Shedding new light on something new. It all comes from you first though. Like with reflectors the way that it seems is that the community needs to change. The greater world needs to change before I can change.

No, not every place is bad. And that can be the conditioning. That’s the disappointment. That’s the living in disappointment, living in the not self theme causes you to look at the greater world with disappointment. So go look and try to find something that makes you see it with surprise. Go surprise yourself.

Go surprise yourself with something beautiful. Connect with nature and remind yourself how beautiful life is. So this is the building blocks. This is that first foundation of getting yourself in your signature most of the time. Can you live there 90% of the time? Can you get to 50% of the time? If you’re not living there very much right now, can you get to half and half?

And then getting to that 60-40 and then inch it up and inch it up and inch it up where you’re just noticing whenever you’re frustrated and you’re a generator, you’re like, whoops, okay. I’m in that space. Don’t judge yourself. Remember, my motto is with curiosity, not criticism. Can you be curious about the frustrated state and can you shift it into what would make me feel really satisfied?

It’s obviously not what I’m doing. So these are the shifts and your type does give you big clues to how you can make the big broad brush changes. In your life and it can give you that moment to moment clarity of whether you are in like, like I’m saying, use it like the aura ring, use it like the whoop bracelet and use it as a monitor to say am I in my signature most of the time or am have I been in my not self theme?

That’s the monitor. That’s all you need to know. And then it starts to tell you what you need to do to course correct. What do I need to do to get back into that signature? What would pull me back there? What would feel good? And then doing, being, connecting with that thing. Okay. So these are things that we cover in all of my, in all of my programs.

Certainly inside the Unshakeable Entrepreneur program. If you’re interested in that or if you’re interested in having a reading and diving into this more. This will air sometime in April, we are going to be raising our prices on readings and all one-on-one stuff that the prices are going to go up pretty significantly just because one-on-one time has become very precious.

So pushing more into group programs or if you want to get in for a reading while the prices are still the same, you can try to do that right now. If you want to get on in, on a reading, go to again, it’s that nicolelaino.me/podcastlinks page, and you will get the links to all of this, the links to the readings, the links to run your free chart, the free guides find out more information about the Unshakeable Entrepreneur Program.

All of that can be found on that page. We have them all linked out to you there. So it makes it super easy for you to just land on one spot and then go to all of the places and grab whatever information or sign up for whatever you need. But we would love to welcome you into one of our programs. I would love to sit down with you for a reading.

I’d love to dive with you, dive in with you more into your human design. And if not, I hope you’re enjoying this show. If you are, please leave us a review on iTunes. Subscribe to this show because that is what helps boost the rankings for this show and gets it seen by more people. Tell your friends, share it on Instagram, share it in your stories and tag me.

I’m at Nicole Laino official. I love seeing what you love about this show. Tell me what you loved about this episode. Tell me what rang true for you, what hit home, and what you’re going to use next. So remember everybody, you have the ability to be unshakeable. Human design can get you there.

So please go out there and be unshakeable, my friends. I will see you in the next episode.

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