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Episode #177 The Biggest Mistake People Make With Human Design (That You’re Probably Making Too)

In this episode, Nicole reveals the most common mistake people make when engaging with human design, preventing them from experiencing its full potential. She explores how this mistake leads to self-labeling, limitation, and a lack of progress. You will learn the importance of active implementation, embodiment, and experimentation in order to unlock transformative results.

Nicole covers:

  • The biggest mistake she sees people making over and over when it comes to Human Design
  • Why almost everyone thinks they’re further along in their Human Design journey than they actually are (and what you can do to change that)
  • Success stories of some clients that highlight the tangible and intangible results of human design, such as increased confidence, business growth, and transformed relationships
  • The role of active work, integration, and the continuous evolution of understanding in unlocking the full potential of human design


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Hello everyone. Welcome to Unshakable with Human Design. I’m your host, Nicole Laino, and we are here to talk about the biggest mistake that I see people make with human design that you are probably making too.

That’s right. Most people are not doing the human design thing right, and I’m about to share with you the most common mistake that I see.

And it actually makes human design do more damage than good because, when you’re going about it this way, we see more labeling of ourselves, we see more of that leaning into the limitation, all of these other things stem from this one mistake. And most people, even the people that come and do a reading with me, they commit to doing a reading. They jump in, they do the reading, and then I ask them certain questions at the beginning of the reading, because my readings are not really just readings. My readings are very much coaching sessions. I really make them very tailored to you. I’m not just walking you through your chart, taking you through your chart in a very specific way that is targeting the issues that you say that you have.

So I ask you very specific and intentional questions at the beginning, and part of it has to do with what is your experience with human design? What have you done? Tell me more. And most people think that they are a lot further along in their HD journey than they really are. And there is one very, very prevalent reason for that, that they feel that way and they are not correct. So, we’re gonna dive into that today.

Before we start, we have a really exciting offer that I’m gonna talk to you about in a little bit as well, but we just unveiled a brand new offer. It is a new community. It is a membership, it is a lower ticket offer for everybody, whether you are an entrepreneur or you are just a human design enthusiast.

To jump in with us, it is called the Human Design Lab. And I could not be more excited about this. I highly recommend that you check it out, you join us and you jump into your human design. Prices are low right now. They will be raising, and we want you to jump in with us from the very beginning so you can be part of all of the magic that we’re doing in there.

And I will tell you more about that in just a little bit, but let’s get to the big mistake, right? So human design can deliver a lot of results for people. It has delivered amazing results for me. It has delivered amazing results for my clients. Countless ones. There are tangible and intangible ones.

The tangible ones, like my client, Kim, who just recently bought a dream business for herself, bought an entire business that has been created already. She had the confidence to do that. She built a business before that and now she had the confidence and felt the certainty in herself and what she was doing to not only do things like launching retreats like she has, and selling them out, making $10,000 plus from retreats, from launching another aspect of her business. And then now this one just came into her lap. She followed her process, and she made a confident decision to jump into this.

She goes into detail in a testimonial that she gave, but she was saying that the amount of trust that she has in herself has been the single biggest influence in her life.

It’s allowed her to make the decision to buy a business, to make decisions in my business that have generated more revenue so far this year than any two years combined.

So that’s a huge, tangible result, right?

And then my client, Sarah, who also has tripled her rates since we started working together, and it’s not hard. Her being able to ask for that, that level of confidence that she’s risen to, which has resulted in a bottom line, but it came from an intangible. It came from that confidence. It came from that expansion in herself that she was able to demand these rates. And I mean, Sarah, to me, she doesn’t even look like the same person anymore since we started working together. She has just blossomed and grown. She was incredible before, but just amazing to see this transformation in her.

Me, the results that I have gotten from human design, and it’s all from not making this mistake that everybody else I see is making. So for me, like with my son, being able to parent my son and understand him, who he is, not who I want him to be, or not as a reflection of me and how I was, so I think he should be the same way. Or how my husband was and how he should be like him. Or maybe we don’t want him to be like one of us.

So we’re trying to steer him away from that. No, we get to parent who he is. My husband and I get to partner who we’re actually with and have greater compassion for ourselves. Those are like the tangible intangibles in my life that it has had this incredible impact on all of my relationships.

On the way that I coach people, it’s changed the work that I do. It has transformed my business making $50,000 more a year since I started human design than I did the previous years, and that number’s just growing. It has made me unshakable. It has given me this amazing framework to transform my life and to continue to transform.

And to be able to take punches that life throws at you like nobody’s business, and get up and feel like I’ve still got this. That’s what comes from this.

But most people aren’t getting these results, not from human design. They get a reading, or they start to dive into it. They’re like, this is really interesting. You listen to podcasts like this and they think it’s really interesting. They think it’s really great work. They see the value, it’s opened something up in them, but they’re not seeing these type of results. It’s not getting over that hump. And they’re like, yeah, I get it.

But I don’t know why I’m not seeing the payoff in my life the same way that I would like to. And the reason that I see results, the reason that my clients see results, the reason even that my husband sees results, is because we use it.

We actually use the information that we get. We are actively experimenting. Because what is happening is, when you are just going to the intellectual level, that mind level of consuming content. Consuming all the information. And human design is a rabbit hole of information. You can gorge yourself on information to your heart’s content. Like, till the end of time you could be consuming content about human design, but are you actually gonna see results from all of that? Not really.

You will not see results because you have understanding, but you do not have embodiment of the knowledge. You are not embodying it. You are not living your design.

You are not in alignment. You are not actually using it. You don’t know really what it means to you. It is useless unless you are using it.

I wanna also make this point. You’re also in probably your not self if you are just consuming the content. Hello, my open head center people. Everyone who is an open head center, boy do we love to consume content. There’s the answer. They have the answer. Ooh, this is so juicy.

Where are my one lines? I am a one line. We love to consume content. We love to research. We love to dive into a topic, and it’s wonderful. It’s great to do that to a degree, but when it stays just in the mind, then it takes you away from the real work. That is the not self. Getting stuck in the mind game is exactly what human design was built for.

To get you out of that, to take the power away from the mind. That seductive information, that’s seductive reasoning of the mind, and putting the power back in your body. Tuning you into your truth. You are not tuned into any of your truth if it’s all in your mind. If all of this knowledge just sits in your head and gets rattled around in there, you trying to figure it out and get all the answers and figure out what does my motivation mean or what does my environment mean?

Or what does this mean? It says power in my trajectory. What does that mean?

Not questions that are going to get you a result. They are going to satisfy your not self that just wants more info but is afraid to act.

So I liken this to going to the gym. Remember P 90 X and they had those infomercials, P 90 X and these super toned and ripped people in these infomercials.

Or you go into Instagram and you can see these fitness influencers who have these programs, and they have these amazing bodies, and they’re showing you all these workout tips and they’re showing you these moves. These are my four favorite moves for flatter abs, and this is how you get into your bikini body for the summer.

Those people didn’t scroll Instagram, or read a book, or read a blog in order to get to the fitness level that they are at. Those abs didn’t come from reading a book about how you get abs. It comes from doing the work. It comes from showing up consistently and doing the right work.

So I’m not saying that you need to spend all the time in the gym, and I’m not saying that you need to be 24 7 obsessing over whether you’re experimenting properly, but more experimentation is what leads to embodiment of this, where it just becomes the way you are.

Like I studied NLP so long ago. And I was kind of studying it without studying it, and I was using it.

I don’t even think about a lot of those techniques anymore. Outside of the bigger techniques that we do that are more akin to hypnosis, I’m not thinking about reframing. It’s just something I do. I don’t speak the way I used to speak anymore, and many of us don’t. But that’s because I used it.

It’s because at the beginning, I was actively reminding myself to reframe my thoughts. It was a slower process. It was a much more deliberate, intentional process at first. Now it’s second nature. Now it’s just the way that I speak. Now it’s the way that I think. Now that’s the way that I operate.

It’s the same thing with human design. I don’t think about most of it anymore. I’m aware of it, but I’m not thinking about every move I make. But I am noticing where my not self is coming up and where I am in alignment. I know what alignment feels like. I know when I’m on track, I know how to trust. And I can trust in that process, and when I trust in my process, my energy is clear. And I am pulling in the right people, the right opportunities, and the right instances for me in this life for me to be on the collision course, ultimately with my purpose. To be on that trajectory with living out my purpose. There’s a lot of focus on purpose and I just did an episode not too long ago on Living Your Purpose Through Design.

And most people come to me and they wanna know what their purpose is. And I could tell you, and I do, but the way that you embody your purpose is by living your design day in and day out.

Then you’ll have a general understanding of it, and then that’ll deepen and it’ll change, and you’ll get another aha the more work you do around this.

But it’s all about the actual work. It’s not the time that I spend reading books. It’s the time that I spend actually integrating the work.

I’m going through another change with my purpose where I’m like, oh my goodness, I see this next level of calling, and I would not be able to see that. I would not be able to notice it.

I would not be able to step into it, it wouldn’t even be presenting itself if I wasn’t living my design and I hadn’t gone through the other phases that came before it. So this is why human design above and beyond all else is an experiment. There is knowledge, but human design is an experiment.

If you are not using it, it’s like watching a movie about going to the gym. You are not getting fitter. So that is why I created my latest offer, which is the Human Design Lab. The Human Design Lab was intentionally created to be at a price point that anybody could join. This is the cheapest transformation you will ever purchase, but the most impactful as well.

It’s meant to be an entry level thing. It’s meant to be able for anybody to jump in. I hated the idea that nobody could get the type of transformation I was giving in my higher ticket, higher level programs because they were priced out of it. I wanted everybody to have the opportunity to have this type of transformation, and that is what the Human Design Lab is.

But it wasn’t just about creating a course, cuz courses, what happens? You listen to them while you’re getting ready in the bathroom in the morning and you don’t really integrate it. You’re not really doing the exercises. Maybe you download the workbook, maybe you do a couple of questions and then you move on and then it’s over.

And you’re like, I’d finished that course, bye. Or most likely you didn’t finish the course. I made this a membership and a community for a specific reason. I want to take you through this on a journey. It is a marathon, not a sprint. I didn’t want people to feel like they had to go broke to have this transformation.

There are other higher ticket, higher touch programs for people who want more support and coaching from me, but this is a way for you to get some level of support. You’ll get community and you get specific ways of embodying and integrating this work.

You get the information. Information is wonderful. You need information. But what makes this so different from the other programs, communities, masterminds, all the other things that are out there is that this is geared toward embodiment. This is geared toward experimentation. That’s why we call it the Human Design Lab.

This is meant for you to jump in, start mixing it up, start trying different things with your design, be in community with other people on the same journey. Be able to connect with people who have the same aspects as you, and hear what their journey is about. We moderate it and make sure that the integrity of the information is of a high standard.

So we are there where you’re getting support. You are being lovingly guided on this journey, and we’re taking you through it in a way that moves you quickly, but very deliberately and intentionally through embodying your design. I’m so excited about this. This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

Took a while to figure out how to get it right, how to really put this together in a way that would transform people’s lives and still make it where we could deliver this at a price point that everybody could afford. That this wouldn’t be out of anyone’s reach who truly wanted to make a transformation.

It was a tall order. It’s not easy to do, because they take effort, they take support, they take time. We have to support it, myself and my team. But we did it and I’m really proud of what we’ve put together. I’m very excited about this. I feel like this is a really high level of information and support that people are getting inside this particular program.

It is a membership. It is a six month membership. You can go on forever and ever and ever if you want to, because again, it’s like you never stop going to the gym, but you will be getting monthly focuses. You get access to our accelerator course, which is all information on type authority, profile, all of that stuff that we work so hard to integrate and embody.

And then every month there is a focus that we go into, which is gonna be about embodying one particular aspect. And we gear it toward all the different ways, based on your design, how you would embody it, how you would integrate it.

And then we also do the gate transits. So every time a gate transits the sun. Every six days or so, we will give you prompts. We will give you a definition and kind of the way that the gate expresses itself. So you’re getting tuned into this is the energy that’s here. Do I have this, do I not? How does it show up for me? And throughout the whole year, we will go through the entire wheel.

We will go through all 64 of the gates we will be covering. So if you stay with us for a whole year, you go through the entire gate catalog, and you will have embodied and hopefully brought into a high expression every single one of those gates if you did the work. So that’s the goal, and I think we put together a really beautiful curriculum and set up for this. And we kept the price really low and we could not be more excited. So I hope that you decide to come along on this journey with us.

We have the link below. If you go to nicolelaino.me/lab, you will be brought to the page for that and you can sign up.

If you have questions, reach out to me on Instagram. I’m @nicolelainoofficial. Happy to answer your questions over there if you have any. If you’re on Instagram and you can text me right now, you can just put HD Lab in the dms and I will send you all of the information on the Human Design lab there.

So I hope that you found this helpful. I hope that you decide to join us. I hope that you at least check it out and see what we have going on in there. Because the biggest mistake that people are making with human design is they are not using it, and we’ve fixed it with this program.

So I hope that you go on that journey with us. I am so happy that you’re here with us. Thank you so much for making it all the way to the end of this episode and hearing me out.

Remember everyone, in order to have an unshakable business, you must first become an unshakable human. I hope this episode helped you on this journey, and I hope that you tune in next time so that we can continue helping you on your journey of becoming Unshakable With Human Design.

We’ll see you in the next one.

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