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Episode #186 Setting Your Energetic Minimum With Money

In this episode of Unshakeable with Human Design, Nicole dives into the concept of “energetic minimums” and their powerful impact on our financial reality. Inspired by Amanda Francis, the money queen, Nicole shares her personal experience with a mindset shift that changed her life and allowed her to set a firm energetic minimum for her income.

Energetic minimums are not just about wishful thinking; they involve deep inner work, clearing past traumas, and reprogramming limiting beliefs. You will learn how our external reality mirrors our internal reality, and by aligning our energy and beliefs, we can manifest the financial abundance we desire.

She’ll even share a personal story about how she used this concept to surpass her energetic minimum even when faced with challenging circumstances by staying focused on positive energy and opportunities.

Tune in to discover the transformative power of energetic minimums and start aligning with the financial abundance you deserve!


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 Hello, and welcome to Unshakeable with Human Design, everyone. Your host, Nicole Laino. We’re here. It’s a Monday. And this actually came from, a listener and a member of our Human Design Lab, actually, reached out on Instagram and asked me a clarifying question about the episode I did on July 3rd, which was called, This Mindset Shift Will Change Everything.

And in that episode, I talked about the mindset shift that changed my life, and in that episode I talked also about having an energetic minimum with money. And this is a concept, I did not invent this.

Where I heard about this first was actually from Amanda Francis, who is the money queen. I don’t know if anyone teaches the money stuff better than her. Cause she just so is it. And she taught energetic minimums. And an energetic minimum with money. I’m going to explain what this means.

So if you’re familiar with this, I certainly don’t want it to seem like I’m ripping this off. This is just a follow up to that episode because if people are asking, then not everybody knows it. It’s one of those things I take for granted. So in the episode from July 3rd, I told a story about how I had some financial stuff happen, where it was sort of like a holy shit kind of moment, where I was just like, what’s happening?

It seems like revenue is drying up, that’s supposed to be coming in, there’s bills that aren’t being paid, and I have all this money going out, more than usual. This just all feels so bad. And one of the things that I talked about in the episode, one of the tools that I used to deal with this was that I have an energetic minimum with money.

So I have this belief that I don’t make below a certain amount of money. It doesn’t happen. I don’t make less than that, ever. And that has become my truth. And over time, I keep raising that minimum. I keep raising the floor of what I will energetically allow. And it’s a process because what you need to find out is, what is your energetic minimum right now?

Your energetic minimum right now might be zero. Your energetic minimum right now might be debt. And we can have them with all different things. So, it’s a really great exercise to go through to see what is your energetic minimum now.

Here’s a story about energetic minimums, something that I think most people can relate to. It’s that feeling of whenever you get ahead, something comes in to steal the money.

I make more, and then another expense comes. I have a great month and then I find out I need all new tires on my car and there goes that money. There goes the extra. There’s never anything extra. There’s always just enough to get by. And the Energetic Minimum is a theory, a practice that Amanda Francis has taught, and I hear so many people talking about it now, is that you get to set that, it’s not the outside world. So this is all taking into account the idea that our reality reflects our internal reality. Our external reality, what we’re experiencing with money, clients, family, everything, love, it’s all a reflection of what we feel we deserve, what’s our truth inside.

Energetically, what’s the frequency, what’s the vibration, what’s the belief that’s being set out because that is ultimately what we are met by. So this is a quantum physics sort of theory of, if I believe I am a $30,000 a month earner, then I am. Then eventually the universe will catch up with me.

And the universe will deliver that. My reality of what will be brought to me will match the reality that I have in my heart, in my nervous system. Cause this is not, it’s not a thought. Your energetic minimum, it’s not a mind minimum. It’s not, well, I said in my mind, I make a minimum of $10,000 every month.

You have to believe it. And that’s where the work comes in. And this is specifically what I do inside the Human Design Lab VIP, which is all about deconditioning, which is all about shadow work, which is all about nervous system regulation, and clearing past trauma. That’s what I do in there. And this is the work that got me to be able to hold an energetic minimum.

So when everything seems to be falling apart, I can use the tools that I have to say, no, whatever is happening on the outside doesn’t matter, because I know I make this and I do not drop below this. That is my floor and I don’t accept it. I am not open for the possibility that I will make less than X amount and that’s my floor.

Now that floor, like I said, has been risen over the course of the last few years. I have worked on that and done a lot of clearing out, because originally when I wanted to set an energetic minimum, I didn’t believe that I could truly make the amount of money that I wanted the minimum to be. So for an energetic minimum, whatever you’re making now, if you’re making $6,000 a month right now, and that seems to be the number that you always hit, then $6,000 is your minimum.

So the game is, you say, I want it to be 10. Okay, can you get your energy behind 10? The answer to that might be no. In the beginning, usually, we have to have some proof that it can happen, until we start being able to do the work. That’s where some visualization and stuff like that comes in.

Again, that’s stuff that I teach in the VIP. But that visualization, how can I get myself to believe that that’s possible for me? And that’s part of this game. That’s part of the energetic game of can I make what I wish to be true so real to me that it becomes my truth?

And when you first hear it usually sounds like BS, you’re like, yeah, right. Okay, whatever.

Or on some level, I know I had this, where I felt like well, that’s true maybe for some people but not for me. I’ve got to work hard for it. It’s going to be totally from sweat equity that I make something like that happen. It’s not going to be because I just believed it. And that was a limiting belief that I had and I had to work on that and raising that minimum.

So if you want to get to the $10,000 from six, then you’ve got to believe that’s possible. And you have to get it in your body because your nervous system is what you attract with. I have an episode called The Law of Attraction is Wrong, and you can go back and listen to that where I go into exactly how I use EFT tapping to clear out and balance the nervous system, regulate the nervous system, so that it’s a clean place for you to put desires in.

So your desires aren’t triggering your fight, flight, freeze, or fawn response. Because that’s what happens. $10,000. There are all these beliefs of what $10,000 means. I can’t have that. I won’t be able to do it. I’ll need to spend a lot of money in order to make that happen. All of that’s happening on a unconscious level, even if you really want it on a conscious level.

So we have to deal with the unconscious that’s keeping you from energetically connecting to it. So when they say something like, can you become an energetic match for what you want? That’s another thing we hear in the metaphysical, quantum energetics world, right? And certainly in the coaching industry, can you become an energetic match for the thing that you want?

And that is the inner work. And that’s what I’m talking about, an energetic minimum. So when it looked like I wasn’t going to hit my minimum, when it looked like there was going to be like virtually no money coming in, I sat with it and I was like, no, that doesn’t happen in my world, I don’t accept that.

I kept working, I did not allow that to derail me, I kept doing my thing, I kept my energy connected to what I wanted, not connected to my fear of what could happen or what it looked like was going to happen, and I surpassed my minimum by quite a bit. So that was what the episode was about, and that’s what energetic minimums are.

It’s not pie in the sky. I didn’t sit there and just meditate on my energetic minimum, I’m gonna go to the store and spend money now. No, that wasn’t what I did. It allowed me to keep working in the energy of, I’m putting out good energy, I know that clients are coming, I’m gonna keep doing things that increase those chances.

I didn’t go into frantic trying to fix it mode. But I allowed myself to stay in action, to stay in good energy, to be open, to see opportunities, to take those opportunities, to not be in fear or desperation while this was all happening. And what happened? I was met with support. And I was met with surpassing the minimum that I set for myself.

So I hope that this cleared that up. Energetic minimums are money mindset work, I think has evolved into money energetics and really getting down deep into not just what we believe, but what’s stored in our bodies, what beliefs are in our bodies. And ultimately that is what we are attracting with.

So if you liked this episode, please go back and listen to the one from July 3rd, This Mindset Shift Will Change Everything. And then there’s another one called, The Law of Attraction Has It Wrong. And you can go back and listen to that where I talk about more of the process that I go through with this.

And if you really want to dive into this work, if you have money mindset issues, if you have energetic blocks, if you feel like you’re living in shadow, or any of those things, you have any of these issues where you want to start to tune your energy more deeply with what you want versus what you’ve always gotten or your fears.

Then I invite you to check out the Human Design Lab VIP, which gives you a monthly Q& A call with me, where we work on that and I give you exercises to do every single month, and we work through that together. It’s a really beautiful container we have there and it’s a very small group, so there’s lots of attention potential for you there, if you show up.

Go to nicolelaino.me/lab, and you can go down and you’ll see there’s the regular lab and then there’s the VIP, or you can go to nicolelaino.me/podcastlinks, which has all the links of all the things that we offer. So you can check it out there.

You can check out everything else that we have. I hope you loved this episode. I will leave you with a very short one today. Thank you so much for being here. Remember. If you want to have an unshakeable business, you first must become an unshakeable human. So come back next week so we can help you further that journey of becoming Unshakeable with Human Design.

We’ll see you then. Have a good one. 

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