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Are You Giving Your Power Away?

Episode 244

Today, Nicole dives into a transformative question that has the power to shift our perspective and results: Where are we giving our power away? Nicole will share insights and personal experiences that challenge listeners to reflect deeply on how they might be unknowingly surrendering their power in daily life. This episode isn’t just about identifying these moments; it’s about reclaiming our authority and moving from a place of restriction to one of limitless possibility.

Nicole shares recent contemplations she’s had about the narratives we create around our capabilities and the roles we choose to accept or reject. Through the lens of Human Design, Nicole addresses common misconceptions and the dangers of absolutes, urging listeners to question the stories they tell themselves. Whether you’re a manifesting generator feeling stuck in the corporate world or an entrepreneur grappling with self-imposed limitations, this episode offers a fresh perspective on empowerment and personal growth.

This episode is a call to action for anyone ready to break free from the constraints of conventional narratives and step into a more empowered, flexible, and unshakeable existence. Tune in to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation that promises to leave you inspired to reclaim your power and redefine what’s possible in your life and business.


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  Welcome to Unshakeable with Human Design, the show dedicated to helping entrepreneurs use human design to shift from hustle to flow without sacrificing results. Come here to become an unshakeable human and build an unshakeable business according to your human design. I’m your host, Nicole Laino.

Hey everybody, it’s Nicole Laino and welcome to Unshakeable with Human Design. I am always excited to be here with you guys. First of all, I want to say thank you to anybody who came to our Authority Accelerator Masterclass about two weeks ago. The energy was electric. It was so much fun.

I love being able to interact with the audience and actually get to meet some of you and hear your feedback about what I’m teaching. And it’s just really, really fun for me to teach this stuff that I teach, the energy and the strategy that I feel so passionate about. So thanks to everybody who came to that.

I know there were a lot of listeners to the show. Just like what I say, like 80 to 90 percent of my leads and the people that come into my world come from this podcast. So I just wanted to say a big shout out to everybody who came and thank you.

Now, this actually came from a Facebook group that I am a part of, a human design Facebook group, not mine, someone else’s, that I’m just a member of. And this was a question that came up and it made me think about this topic, and I brought it up inside the masterclass and it was received well, so I wanted to bring it here, I was like, this would be a really great topic for the show. One of the most powerful questions that you can ask yourself is, where am I giving my power away?

This is something that I do fairly regularly, but like with anything, I am a committed person. I am someone who has habits, and rituals, and all of that stuff. But there are tons of things that I know are great to do that I don’t do as often as I know I should. I have to remind myself to come back to them.

And this is one of those things, because as long as I’m willing to look deep enough, it always provides a really insightful answer to why I’m not getting what I want. Why do I feel stuck?

Cause a lot of people might say, I’m not giving my power away. I’ve done a lot of personal development work. I’ve done a lot of personal growth. I’ve done the inner work. So I’m not giving my power away. I’m a totally empowered person. And I consider myself to fall somewhat into that category. I don’t feel like I actively, knowingly give my power away. But I don’t know if I’ve met anybody, ever, and I’ve met some really successful people.

I have I don’t know if I’ve ever met anybody who’s not giving their power away to something at some point during the day. And a lot of times they’re things that totally seem normal to us.

And I’m going to get into what I mean by this in just a second, because really what I’m talking about is that if you’re not getting what you want, if you’re not getting the results that you want, if you aren’t achieving the growth. When we’re in the personal development game, when we’re in the entrepreneurial game, we have big goals and we naturally stall at levels for a little while, and if you’re at one of those, then asking this question can be a really powerful in into the conversation with yourself about what’s, what are you holding yourself back from?

And they can be strategic things, they can be energetic things. So if you’re saying, okay, where am I giving my power away? I don’t think I am, so how can I see it if I don’t know? Beware of absolutes, is what I would tell you. Or look for the absolutes in your life.

Look for the labels. What does an absolute look like? I can’t because I can’t do that because I’m a I have to do this because I have to blank because blank. All of these are absolutes. All of these are ways that we shut our mind down to another possibility because it has to be, or it can’t be, another way.

And that will keep us stuck. That’s a box that you’re currently in, in your mind, in your energy, in where you think you can go. You’re You’re in a possibility box. So don’t give your power away to anything. And this is where the Facebook group comes in.

This is where the masterclass comes in, because I’m going to say this on a human design podcast. Don’t give your power away, even to your human design. So what’s the difference between surrendering and giving your power away?

Let me talk about the Facebook group. The question that someone posed in there and what inspired this episode and inspired this whole line of questioning that I went on in my own mind. Someone said, I’m a manifesting generator and I’m unemployable. She created a story in her head because she’s unhappy at her job. She’s been unhappy at other jobs.

She’s a manifesting generator. She looked at her chart. She doesn’t think that corporate, or a job, or working for somebody can ever work for her. She said, I’m unemployable. Then she asked everybody in the group to validate that story for her. Does anyone else feel like that? Are there any other mani gens that say that they are unemployable?

I think I’ve heard that said. That mani gens shouldn’t have a job. Mani gens shouldn’t work for somebody. And she asked for that validation and lots of people gave it to her. A lot of people were like, yup. I said goodbye to corporate a long time ago because I’m unemployable.

I realized that a long time ago. Now that’s fine. And you might say, are manifesting generators meant to work in a corporate environment? I would say, depends on the mani gen. Depends on the person. Because the biggest takeaway from all of this is you are your authority. There is no absolute.

And I hear this come up lots of ways with human design. People do a business reading with me, or in my programs they say should I do this? Can I do this? Is this in my chart? And the truth is that the decision is not about the gates. The gates influence whether you might like something or not.

It might be suited to you or not, but the decision to do it, it’s not because I have this gate, so I have to do this. I’m a manifesting generator, so I have to work by myself. I have to work for myself. Sure, you might be happier doing that. I am. I’m a manifesting generator and I work for myself. Do I say that I could never work for somebody else again?

I don’t say I can never do anything again. I don’t say I have to do anything forever. When people ask me things like, do you think you’ll stay in your house? Are you guys going to stay in Austin? And I’ll say, for now it feels that way. I don’t say I will always be anywhere just because I don’t know.

And I don’t like putting those type of hard boundaries around myself and closing my mind off to possibilities. So that was my response in that Facebook group. I actually responded to this and I said exactly this. I said, beware of the absolutes. I have clients who are in corporate who are very happy manifesting generators being supported, being given lots of things to respond to.

Depends on the job, it depends on the structure of the job, it depends on what you’re doing every single day. Do you feel like your energy is being used in a way that feels good to you? Your authority decides. So that client that I had, who had a really great job in a corporation, she had a lot of freedom and autonomy in that job.

She did not do the same thing every day. She worked with lots of different people, and there’s so much more to the chart than a type. Her particular type of manifesting generator, her particular chart, she was a four line, so she worked really well with other people. And she was mentoring people and did all of these different things.

She made her role what she wanted it to be. Because she was her own authority. And this is where authority comes in, because authority is the most powerful thing in your chart. Now you’ll hear me talk about profile, and I’ll say in messaging, I really hone in on profile.

And then we dig into these other areas of the authority matrix. You hear me say stuff like that, and I mean it. But as far as grounding you and where your power comes from, nothing comes close to authority. Your authority is the thing that grounds you. It is where your power comes from because it’s what allows you to say, I get to do whatever I want, whatever feels good to me, whatever is correct for me at this time.

You don’t give your power away to someone telling you it had to be that way. You don’t give your power away to an old coach who said, in order to be successful, you must do it like this. You don’t give your power away to people in your family who told you that they would only support you or they would only like you or respect you if you did it this way.

You don’t give your power away to that. And I know that a lot of people are taught to make decisions where they tune that stuff out. But there’s still that mental game going on of I’m defying this person, I’m going to make a conscious choice not to do what they said.

No, when you’re making a decision from your authority, none of that stuff even comes into play. You’re not even thinking about it, because it’s coming from your body, it is an intuitive response that comes from inside of you, and when you follow it, it guides you to things that you couldn’t even plan for.

That’s what grounds you, but it allows you to create flexibility and flow. Because when you’re grounded in your authority, and you’re tuning out the I can’t because, I have to because, it has to be this way. When you tune that out, when you’re not giving your power away to those things, then you can actually have flexibility in your life because you don’t have a preconceived notion about the path that you’re taking.

It doesn’t feel rigid. You get to dance and play with life. If I don’t like this anymore, I don’t have to do it forever. There’s great power in having that feeling in your energy. I will do this until I feel pulled to do something else. And I trust that when I get pulled to do something else, my energy is behind it.

If my authority says yes, it will lead me somewhere and it will be easy and I will be provided for, there’ll be some reason that I do it because it feels right. When you start to surrender to that idea, this is where the surrender comes into place. It’s not giving your power away to anything.

I can’t do this. I have to do this. I’m a manifestor, so I can’t. Not true. You’re a manifestor. So certain things are going to appeal to you and not. It’s true. Maybe as a manifestor, you might never feel like working for somebody. That’s fine. If your authority is continuing to tell you that, that’s because your authority does not desire that. That’s not the path for you.

It doesn’t mean because I’m a manifester I can’t do that. That’s the type of thinking I would love to obliterate. That is my goal with this episode, is to get you to notice when you say things like that, when you have a narrative like that going on in your head. Because that’s what’s making you rigid, that’s what’s putting you in a box, and that is ultimately what’s keeping you stuck at your level.

It’s always tied to something like that because you’re refusing to see it another way. Create that flexibility in your thought, create that flexibility in your energy. Be open to all possibilities because we can do anything that our authority says is right for us in that moment.

We get to change our minds. We get to do it differently, or we get to do it exactly like somebody said, because that feels right to us now. None of it’s wrong, it’s whatever is correct for our unique being, our energy at that time. And if you learn to surrender to that, then life becomes a fun game.

It becomes a bit of a dance. So, I hope you enjoyed this, I hope that this shed some light on this process and helps you reclaim and regain your power up against all the labels that we put on things. I’m an Enneagram 5. I didn’t come from money. I have family trauma. I’m a mom, so I can’t. I’m a mom, so I have to.

I need. I need more followers. I just need this. I just need that. You’re training your focus on limitations, and that’s not where growth comes from. So I hope that this helped to loosen the grip that some of those absolutes might have on you, help you look into where you might be giving your power away and reclaim it, and start making decisions from your inner authority, or your outer authority, depending on what type of authority you have.


Your environmental authority, depending on what type of type and authority you are in human design. But that is the power of human design, that it does give you your decision making power back. You become the authority in your life. And when you do that, then you can start to become an authority to others.

And not until then. There’s always that shaky ground until you become an authority to yourself. So thanks for being here. Thank you for sitting in on this episode with me. Thank you again to anyone who came to the Authority Accelerator Masterclass. I truly enjoyed meeting every single one of you in there.

And remember, in order to have an unshakeable business, you must first become an unshakeable human. So thank you for letting us help you on your journey of becoming unshakeable with human design, everyone. We will see you next time.

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