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Navigating Fear With Human Design

Episode 247

In today’s episode, join host Nicole Laino as we delve into the intricate world of fear gates within the human design chart. Fear, a universal emotion that touches everyone’s life, especially entrepreneurs and high achievers, is more than just annoying; it’s a complex part of our spiritual and emotional makeup that can reveal profound insights about ourselves. Nicole takes us on a journey through the human design system to uncover the specific gates associated with fear, providing a unique lens to understand why we react and respond to fear in the ways we do.

This episode isn’t just about identifying these gates; it’s about learning how to work with them. Nicole explains the significance of awareness centers in the human design chart—Ajna, Spleen, and Solar Plexus—and how the gates within these centers correlates with different aspects of fear. Whether it’s the mind’s worries, the body’s survival instincts, or the emotional center’s anxieties, understanding these gates offers a pathway to mastering our deepest fears and transforming them into strengths.

You will leave armed with the knowledge to identify your fear gates and practical advice on navigating them. If you’re ready to shift your relationship with fear from one of avoidance to empowerment, this episode of Unshakeable with Human Design is a must-listen.


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  Welcome to Unshakeable with Human Design, the show dedicated to helping entrepreneurs use human design to shift from hustle to flow without sacrificing results. Come here to become an unshakeable human and build an unshakeable business according to your human design. I’m your host, Nicole Laino.

Hello and welcome to Unshakeable with Human Design, everyone. I’m your host, Nicole Laino, and we’re here together today talking about fear. No matter how evolved you are, you have some relationship with fear. It’s either something that has held you back for a long time, or maybe something you don’t deal all that much with.

But certainly, if you are in the entrepreneurial space, if you are a high achiever, if you are somebody who is a goal getter out there, then fear has certainly been something that you have to build a relationship with. But what is that relationship like? Just like with everything else, with why you operate the way that you do, human design gives us a little window into seeing why do we do the things that we do.

How do things show up for us? And it is like that user manual for your life. It does show us what is consistent for us. It does give us a window into our mechanics. Why do these things show up for me and not for somebody else? We’re going to talk about fear in today’s episode and the gates

of fear, because there are specific gates inside the human design chart that are associated with fear. And if you have these gates, you might have a stronger theme of this fear coming up. And we’re going to talk today about what that might look like for you, what those gates are, where they are in the chart, how you can understand if you have them, what you can do if you do, what that might translate into for you, and how you can start to work with this.

So my husband does not have many fear gates in his chart. It’s kind of annoying. I don’t like it. Pisses me off a little bit because I have a lot. I have quite a few of them and a particular type. But this was one of the key things that I started to work with, it’s definitely something that I work with my clients on and inside our Human Design Lab, we’ve done whole units on this, where we have dug into the fear gates and the specific centers that they are aligned with.

And really done the work around them to start to turn them around and start to understand them. Because when you start to understand why you do the things that you do, then your relationship to that behavior changes. You become the observer. Which is the goal, if you’ve followed manifestation, or anything to do with personal development, but really getting to that point where you get to create the life that you want.

It all starts with being able to observe ourselves and not react, and to have our nervous system stay calm even when we are experiencing something that is not what we want. Becoming the observer, being able to watch and see what’s happening, to watch and observe the program that we’re under, and then we can start to understand how we can change the program and how we can operate differently.

So observation is the key. We don’t want to be in the matrix so much that we don’t know that it exists. We don’t want to be so deep inside our own process that we are blind to the behavior, that it’s all automatic programming.

The whole point of human design is to come off autopilot, and to be more intentional in our lives, and to understand how we can follow our deepest intuition and our deepest wisdom, and not just the conditioning of our outside world, of our upbringing, of our desires and wants where we’re being pulled by pure ego.

It enables us to come back home to who we are and to see how we operate in this world. And then also we get to look at it and say, well, this is how I’m meant to operate. These are the lessons I’m here to learn. And it just changes our whole perspective and it changes how we walk through life.

So today we’re going to talk about fear. I’m going to break down where the fear gates are, how they operate, and how you can see them in your chart and start to work with them. Before we do that, anything to do with operating in our highest frequency, being able to observe our behavior, it all does come down to a deconditioning process.

And so we do have a free deconditioning guide. If you are interested in that, DM me the word decondition on Instagram. I’m @NicoleLainoOfficial. We will send it right to you, or you could go to nicolelaino.com/decondition, and we will send it to you there. You can go and download it right there.

All right, so let’s talk about the fear gates. The fear gates are associated with the awareness centers in the body graph There are nine centers in the body graph, three of them are what we call awareness centers. They are not motors. They’re not generating energy. They’re not moving energy.

They’re not power. They are awareness. There is a feeling with them. Well, I shouldn’t say that they are not motors. The emotional center is a motor and an awareness center. But we’ll talk about that. That’s a separate distinction between them and a bit quirkier than just that. So the emotions have power, but awareness centers, they know things.

There’s an instinctual nature to them. So, there are three awareness centers in the body graph. It is the Ajna center, which is the mind. That’s that upside down triangle, second down from the top. Then, all the way on the left of the body graph, toward the bottom of the body graph, is a triangle on its side facing in, that is the spleen, that is body awareness.

And then, directly across from it, on the right side of the chart, with the other triangle facing in, is the solar plexus, which is the emotional center, the center of emotions. These are all the awareness centers. Every gate in those centers is in its low frequency associated with some type of fear.

Vibrates with some type of fear theme, and frequency. It doesn’t mean that if you have the gate, you’re afraid all the time. It just means that gate’s energy, when the dial gets turned down low into the shadowy state, It will have this frequency of fear and there are a lot of fear gates, so we’re not going to go through every single fear gate in this episode.

I’ll pluck some examples for you so you understand what they are, but what we’re going to do more is looking at these centers and I’m going to tell you what the themes are.

So, like I said, the Ajna center is one of the awareness centers, and the Ajna center is the center of the mind. So these are fears of the mind. These are fears that have to do with thinking. I think of them as, they’re like worry. They are the worries of the mind. I’m afraid of this challenge. I’m afraid I won’t have the answer. I’m afraid of rejection.

These are fears of the mind. These are thoughts, right? They’re more associated with that fear frequency of thinking and how our minds can get away from us. So if If you have a defined Ajna And you have a lot of gates defined inside your Ajna, then you might find that you have a bit of worry, where your thoughts are kind of racing or uncertain all the time. And kind of wrestling with these fears.

So what does that mean? If you have fear gates in your Ajna center that are defined for you, what does this mean? It means the same thing that it does for all the centers. Anything that’s colored in in the chart, we refer to as defined. So let me just say that there for anybody who is new.

And to have something defined, it means that it’s a consistent theme for you. It means that you always have access to it. It means it’s always working within you. So if you have a defined center and a defined gate within it, then that will be something that is consistent for you.

Now, if the Ajna is white on your chart, but you have defined gates in it, meaning some of the numbers are colored in, but the center itself is not, then this will be a theme that comes on and off for you. Meaning, those gates, you might not feel the fear of them all the time. But when your Ajna gets turned on, when it’s activated by someone coming into your physical experience and you getting that energy from them.

My son has a defined Ajna, I have an undefined Ajna. When he’s around me, he activates my Ajna center. It’s defined for me. Now suddenly, when he comes in and I get definition from him, now it turns on my activations in that center. Now I don’t have any. I don’t have any Ajna center gates. I have a completely wide open, clean Ajna. But that does not mean that my other awareness centers are, and we’ll get to those.

So that might feel a little bit more unstable for you, that fear might come and go. If you’re like me, where you have someone who comes in, activates the center for you, and it’s like the lights went on in a dark room, but maybe some of those outlets are a little short circuity.

They’re operating with fear. So when the center gets turned on, you have fear that gets turned on. You might notice that fear might creep up a little bit more when you’re around a certain person, when you’re in a certain situation, those might come up more. You might find that you are worrying more.

Now the second center that we’re going to talk about is the spleen. The spleen also has the low frequency vibration of fear. The spleen is the center of body awareness. It is the fears of the body. And what that shows up as is instinct. That fear of the unknown, the fear of, am I good enough?

It’s not, am I good enough? From the ego place, it’s that fear of inadequacy. Can I really do it? Do I really know enough? And these might sound like mind fears, but it’s coming from a deep survival place of am I good enough to make it? That’s what the spleen is about.

It’s about survival. It’s about safety. It’s really safe for me to put myself out there. I have a lot of fear center gates in the spleen and I have a very active spleen. So I know this, you know when comedians say, you have to go up on stage and realize that if you bomb, you don’t die.

I truly believe that if you have a very active spleen, it can make you feel like you just might die if you get up there, and it doesn’t go well. It is a primal fear center. It is our oldest center and it’s designed to help us survive. It is the instinct to go if stuff gets hairy, and it tries to keep us safe.

So the spleen is the center of body awareness and it is instinct. So those fears have to do with the fears of survival. They’re tied to our survival. The fear of the unknown, this is where a fear of success can come from, is, well I don’t know what’s out there, so if I step into the unknown, I might die, I might not make it, this might be detrimental, this might not be safe.

That is the spleen. That’s the spleen talking. So if you have gates defined in your spleen, or if you have a defined spleen and you have a channel there, what’s activated in your spleen and what fears are associated with the gates that you have starts to help you understand what your particular brand of fear is.

So a huge exercise that I did for myself a long time ago where it was like, let me understand these fears. Because I think when we first connect with human design, we hear things like this, and I was just like, oh my god, I’m just designed to be afraid all the time. And it started out just feeling very bleak, and I felt very defeated by it because it was like, oh, that’s just what I am.

I am fear. But we’re going to talk about what the flip side of this is and how you can work with this. And it is absolutely not defeating. How it can actually be a strength, just like anything in your chart has the ability to be a strength. So understanding and looking through what gates do I have and what fears are they associated with can be tremendously helpful and really help you tune into this.

And start to understand maybe why you’ve been afraid and why fear has trapped you. And you can learn to work with it and start to observe it, understand it, and help it lose its grip on you so much. This was a big, big process for me. Now the third center is the solar plexus. Shooting over to the right side of the body graph, that other triangle on its side facing in toward the sacral is the solar plexus.

This is the center of emotions. Now this is the one that has that little caveat. Emotions are motorized. It is a power center, but it’s also an awareness center. It does kind of double duty technically. Now the solar plexus, these are emotional fears. Our nervous system is associated with the solar plexus and these are fears of emotion, which to me, show up like anxiety.

It can feel more like an anxiety in the solar plexus. These fears can feel, it’s not necessarily as primal as the spleen. They’re more emotional in nature, they have a more emotional charge to them. So if you have a defined emotional center, then you have your emotional wave that you’re going on all the time.

You might have one wave, you might have more than one, but you have your emotional wave that you’re riding. And then on the low end of any of this, you might have these fears where it can feel like you’re anxious. Part of the fears of the emotions, just in general, if you have a defined emotional center, is the fact that we don’t know how we’re gonna feel.

So there’s always this anxiety of I don’t know how I’m gonna feel tomorrow, so pencil it in. I’m not sure I can commit to this. There’s always that fear. There’s always this kind of bubbling anxiety underneath everything. But beyond that, there’s also the fears of the specific gate inside the solar plexus.

Each gate is associated with a specific fear in its low frequency. But now let’s talk about the difference between the low frequency and the gift, because they all hold a gift, just like every other gate in the chart. Every single thing is a potential for something great.

Just as much as it is a potential for the lowest part, the darkest part, we have potential to have great courage where we have a fear gate. And that is honestly our gift here is to really understand things. And your fear gates, hold a key to your power, because if you have fear gates activated in your chart, channels where you have these awareness centers defined, then these constant fears of your definition, if you start to understand them, if you start to work with them, this is where your power can come from.

Let me back up here for just a second. Anything that’s defined in your chart is something that you are here to master. You’re here to master that one specific thing, each gate, each channel, the center that’s defined, this is some type of a lesson for you in this life.

Now I know we talk about the undefined stuff is our greatest capacity for wisdom. Well that’s because those aren’t the things that we’re dealing with all the time, but we’re dealing with the white stuff in ways that are different all the time. So it’s a very well rounded perspective that we get on those.

I have an undefined root. I have had to learn to work with the energy of an undefined root and understand what that means for me, how that works for me, how it moves me, not be moved by it, not be moved by the conditioning of it, decondition it. Because I’ve done that, I have a very, intimate relationship with stress, and how to work with stress, and how to deal with stress.

So, I can teach that, and I can work with people with that. I have a lot of knowledge around it because I had to really go to school in it. The defined stuff, this is the stuff we’re here to master for ourselves because we’re here to be the best of it. So for a fear gate, like I said, I have a lot of spleen gates.

I also have a defined emotional system. I have an emotional channel and I have another gate hanging in my solar plexus as well. So I am here to master my brand of those fears. I’m I’m here to notice how they come up for me. I’m here to notice the consistent theme within them. And when I master them, when I learn to walk with those fears, and I learn to bring them on my team, and I learn what that energy feels like, and I can greet it like an old friend and not like an unwelcome visitor that I have no control over and I didn’t invite to my house and I can’t get them out and they’re now a squatter. I have no power.

But if I have that fear on my team, I understand how to work with it and it becomes part of my courage. It becomes, the fear of the unknown becomes a trust in my own intuition. I did a workshop a few years ago called Trust. And Actually, DM me the word trust and we do sell it if you’re interested in it.

It’s a really amazing small workshop I did like two years ago, I think and really amazing workshop. And it all came from doing this work and learning to trust myself and some of the deepest fears that I helped people work with within my programs, all while I was doing this work with myself on the fear gates.

So the fear of the unknown transcends into trust. It transcends into such deep, intuitive knowing that I’ve got this. That comes not from having no fear and having no relationship with fear, I had to learn to work with fear. I had to learn to work through fear. I had to learn to transcend fear.

Now, fear’s my homegirl. I can handle fear. I know what to do when she shows up. I know how to talk her off the ledge. And I know how to keep going, not in a frequency of fear, but in a calm and unshakeable frequency. That is what becoming unshakeable is about. It’s about working with the darker side of our energies, and you never make it go away.

Shadows never go away. They’re always there. So you better get used to that. They’re going to pop up, but do you know what to do with them when they do show up? Do you get rattled or do you just go, oh, she’s just there again. I’ve got this. That’s what it means to start to master your chart. So, if you want the trust workshop, please, DM me the word trust, we will send it to you, we’ll send you the page, you can see if you’re interested in it, I wasn’t planning on calling that out in this episode, but it really does relate to these gates, it’s not a workshop on the gates, but it does relate to this topic, and if you’re interested in this and this topic is exciting you and making you feel like there’s something in this for you, then that’s a really amazing workshop that I did.

It’s a small one, but really powerful. But the deconditioning journey is what allows you to walk with these fears. So a lot of people get stumped. They’re like, well, I have all these fears. I’m always going to have them. What do I do? That’s what deconditioning is. It’s starting to notice what they are and starting to work with the energies and see how they show up for you and to not be a victim of them.

And to start to change your relationship to them. And strategy and authority is the easiest path to getting there That’s the best way to stop operating within the fear and to start pulling yourself out and operating despite fear and then eventually you get to the point where you’re operating along with the fear and not fighting it all the time.

So strategy and authority is always going to be the voice of reason. That’s going to be the voice of your true intuition that is guiding you to the next right thing for you to do, or the inaction that’s correct for you in that moment. And when you start following strategy and authority, that’s what starts to build your confidence that I’ve got this no matter what.

But to be able to look at the fears and to be able to see for me, understanding that fear of the unknown was going to be a deep shadow pattern for me. And what used to happen to me was I would start to feel afraid and I would stop. I would just stop moving. And it locked me up in that fear. And it’d be in this holding pattern.

And that no longer happens. And that’s how you can maintain momentum. When you’re moving towards something, you don’t have to go run and hide after doing just a little bit of work. And then that fear starts to kick in and then you lose momentum. And it’s almost like you’re starting all over again.

And that’s where with entrepreneurs, we can feel really defeated because it is important for us to take rests, take care of yourself, but you keep going, you keep showing up in bigger and bigger energy, not taking two steps forward and then one step back, or one step forward and sometimes two steps back.

Mastering these is a huge piece of this if you have fear gates to find. I hope you enjoyed this episode. I hope this was helpful for you. I hope that this shed some light on what the fear gates mean and how you can start to work with them. Remember, if you want the trust workshop, send me trust on Instagram.

I’m @NicoleLainoOfficial. We will send you the link for the Trust Workshop so that you can purchase that. Or if you want the deconditioning guide, DM me decondition on Instagram again, @NicoleLainoOfficial, and be happy to send that to you. That’s a completely free guide. Thank you so much for being here.

Thank you so much for making it to the end of this episode. And remember. In order to have an unshakeable business, you must first become an unshakeable human. So thanks again for letting us help you on your journey of becoming unshakeable with human design, everybody. We will see you next time.

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