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The Secret To Being Magnetic

Episode 278

Today, Nicole is revealing the secret to unlocking your own authentic magnetic power. Nicole challenges common misconceptions about what it truly means to be magnetic, dispelling the notion that it’s merely about external factors like wealth or physical attractiveness.

Throughout the episode, Nicole explores how Human Design can serve as a powerful tool for understanding your innate gifts, navigating personal challenges, and playing the energetic game of life to your advantage. She emphasizes the importance of self-discovery and acceptance, explaining that true magnetism cannot be bestowed upon you by others, but rather must be cultivated from within through a deep connection to your authentic self.

Tune in to discover how you can tap into your own energetic mechanics, attract the right opportunities, and embody the magnetic essence that is your birthright.


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Hello and welcome to Unshakeable with Human Design, everybody. I’m your host, Nicole Laino, and we are talking about magnetism today. And really we’re going to talk about this, I’m calling this the secret to being magnetic. And what I really want to break down for you are two things. Before we start this, if you’re interested in being magnetic, we do have a centers series that’s going on on the podcast right now.

And if you haven’t been following along with that, this is a bigger concept episode. If you’re looking for deeper dives into the aspects of human design, like the nine centers, we’re toward the end of a series that we’re doing on the nine centers in the human design body graph.

So you can go back. We are this week, I think we hit our seventh center. Uh, every Wednesday we have been releasing these episodes. So go back and listen to those if you want deeper dives into each of the centers. And we actually did a profile line series about two months ago in April, I think it was. So if you’re interested in those, go back and listen to those if you want those deeper dives.

But this is one of those. Concepts, because we can get a little bit lost in the details sometimes of the specific aspects of human design that we forget, why does it matter? And magnetic is a word that gets thrown around a lot. And I do think that it’s gotten a bit garbled, maybe a little muddled, maybe it’s been bastardized just a bit, where some people have made it sound like something that it’s not, because magnetic doesn’t actually mean what most people think it means.

It’s linked with these other things that actually are not really what we’re talking about when we’re talking about magnetism. And I want to break that down for you here today. And then the second thing that we’re going to break down is there is an energetic game being played in life.

This is why life looks easy to some people and not so easy to others. That’s why maybe you feel like you’ve had to work harder than others, maybe. Or maybe you feel like you’re one of those people who’s had it a bit easier. There is an energetic game being played in this life, in business, in all things, just in the world, in the universe.

And the question is, are you playing it? And we’re going to unpack both of those things in this episode today. So I hope that you are in for this because we’re really going to talk about what it means to be magnetic. What does that actually mean? Why should it matter to you? How can you start to become magnetic, and your own version of that?

So if that is a topic that interests you, magnetism, understanding how human design can help you play the energetic game in life, in business, and all other things, then I encourage you to come to our Activate Your Magnetism workshop that I’m doing. It’s a totally free workshop. It starts on June 12th.

It’s one day. It is a very simple one, but really, really impactful. If you’ve ever come to my workshops, you know that my free stuff, I’m told very often is better than things that people paid for. So please come to that workshop. All you have to do is DM me the word workshop on Instagram. I’m @NicoleLainoOfficial, and we will register you right there or go to nicolelaino.com/workshop, and you can register on the website.

Now we also have an added thing to this. I am releasing a new program called Unshakeable Human. I end every episode of this podcast with, in order to have an unshakeable business, you must first become an unshakeable human. I’m really talking about that energetic game.

I’m really talking about being a master of your own energy and becoming an unshakeable human through human design is the path to sustainably becoming unshakeable. And unshakeable meaning that you are able to handle literally anything that comes your way. That you understand yourself so deeply and so intuitively that you are able to start using your energy for good.

to attract what you want to be magnetic. Now this is a human design podcast and a lot of times people tell me I’m an emotional authority, Nicole, I can’t act really fast on these offers. You have this special price and I’m an emotional authority and I need time to wait out my authority before I can make this decision.

And I get that cause I’m an emotional authority too. So what we’ve done with this one is we’re letting you know that this workshop is selling into this particular program, this Unshakeable Human Program, and there is a waitlist for it. You join the waitlist now, and you will get 72 hours from the time doors open to exercise the waitlist price, which is 50 percent off the regular price of the program. The program is ridiculous. DM me the word waitlist on Instagram. I’m @NicoleLainoOfficial, and we will register you there for it. You could see the page for the waitlist. If you go to nicolelaino.com/embody-waitlist. Go to the page and look at what we have in this offer. You will want to be on this wait list. You get all the information there. We tell you all about it on the page. So you have time if you’re an emotional authority to think this through, to feel into it is really what you’re doing.

And then when doors open, you can make that decision, whether you want to be part of it with us. We’re trying to do this in a way that feels like everybody gets to benefit from these special prices. So if you want that, go to nicolelaino.com/embody-waitlist or DM me embody waitlist on Instagram and we will register you there for the waitlist as well.

You do need to be registered for the waitlist in order to get the waitlist price. The workshop only will not get you the VIP pricing. Just so you know, there are two different things to register for, workshop and waitlist. You can decide which one or both that you want to be a part of.

So let’s talk about the secret to being magnetic. I talked about this common misconception when we started the episode. To me, there’s a lot of talk, a lot of imagery that magnetism means that you are super sexy, that magnetism equals money, magnetism equals sexy or sexual, that it has to be this luxurious, over the top thing.

And I certainly know from people who come into my world, there is a disconnect because they’re just like, that doesn’t feel like me. But we’re attracted to the result that they’re getting, right? They say that they’re making millions. So we want to be a part of that because we want to make millions too.

But usually you don’t even want that. You want to feel like your needs are being met. I want the money so I don’t have to worry about money anymore. I don’t necessarily want to step off of a private jet. I don’t need all of that. Although it might be fun.

So we get confused with magnetism, meaning these external results. No, the external results are a byproduct of your magnetism. And those results may look different for you. I don’t know what you want to attract. And that is part of a bigger conversation about what are you tuning into and what are you trying to attract.

But magnetism does stem from you being truly authentic to who you are. That you are being so grounded and so clean in your own energy that you start pulling in exactly what is right for you. Exactly the right people, the right opportunities, the right wisdom. You start being interested in the right things.

This is how you get into the flow of life. You find your own brand of magnetic, not somebody else’s, which may look a certain way on Instagram, in their emails and the things that they’re choosing to share with you. You might see it that way, but don’t get confused. What somebody else says they have is not necessarily how you will become magnetic. It’s not the same thing.

And human design can help demystify this process of how we actually become magnetic. Because when we start looking at those external results, we think that the way to become magnetic is to be like those people. So we sign up for their courses, we sign up for their programs, or coaching with them, or something that they’re doing, and then we try to be like them.

And it doesn’t work for us the same way. And the reason for that is that what we are doing is we’re trying to build our house on their land. We’re trying to put up our own business standing on a foundation that’s not our own. And then that leads to a business, a life that doesn’t really feel right to us.

And like I said at the beginning, magnetism is the mechanics of your energetics. So rather than looking at the external results that somebody got, the process of doing, what did they do to get there? Instead of looking at those things and trying to hack their process or pay them to give you their process, recognize that there are energetic mechanics to you being in alignment with yourself. Being in alignment really just means authentic for you.

Now you have people like Gabby Bernstein who will tell you feeling good is the secret and that’s absolutely true. It’s particularly true if you’re a generator like she is. That is the path for her. And what she does is she gets you trying to figure out what feels good to you.

So she is having you check in intuitively with yourself, tuning into your intuition. Absolutely. Whereas some people are giving you more steps of what you can do in this 3D world. Take these steps, post these things, write this way, do it this way. This is how I did it. Follow my 10 steps and you’ll make a million dollars too.

But that’s not an authentic path for you. Gabby is much closer to how you get this. And her way works. Intuition absolutely works. Everybody has their different paths with this. But you’re listening to this show, so I think that you are interested in the human design path because you’ve realized that sometimes it can be very difficult to tune out the outside world.

What we’ve always been told, what we’ve always felt, the challenges that we’ve been grappling with, which can seem like forever, it can be hard to tune all of that out and figure out what is authentically me now? How do I even find that? And human design gives you a few things. Human design starts to tune you into your gifts.

It starts to tell you what you are here to be all the time, that’s honest for you, that’s authentic for you. This is what you’re meant to put out in the world. And it tells you what you are here to not put out in the world all the time. Meaning where are you meant to lean back? Where are you meant to be an evaluator of things as opposed to being the contributor all the time?

So it gives you this framework to start understanding your gifts, to start understanding your natural shadows, how they will come up, and how to navigate those. But then it gives you this wonderful, very simple yet I won’t say that it’s easy process of following your strategy and authority and understanding how your energy works and how you start to pull things to you.

It gives you a step by step to energy mechanics. To the energetic game. I asked you at the beginning, there’s an energetic game. Are you playing it? Human design, above all other tools, and I’ve used tons, I have more than dipped my toe in the waters. I have been swimming in the pool for a long time.

And there was nothing that helped me coach myself through the energetic game like human design. That was what I was so drawn to. There’s so much truth in this. But I also get how I see myself get pulled out of alignment to know what that is, to be able to coach myself through that moment because I know what I’m supposed to do in that moment.

I know what it looks like for me. And it helps me to build that muscle memory of saying, I know how I am supposed to feel. I know what feeling good feels like. I know what alignment feels like. I know what authenticity feels like. Now what comes from that is you get this beautiful permission to be authentically you, and only you know what that is. So I’m going to throw this in here. This is something that has been on my heart for a while, and this might be a little spicy as far as what I’m saying here, and it might ruffle some feathers. This might trigger some of you.

But it needs to be said. I find it ironic that so many people come to me and they want me to tell them what is authentic for them. I find it really ironic. And I’m not mad about it, however, I get asked so much, and I have been there too. I wanted somebody to tell me who I was for a long time.

Because I was so unsure and I was so deep into my conditioning that it didn’t feel safe to really be me And quite frankly, I didn’t really trust that who I was, was worthy. There was so much there. And now your reasoning, if you’re listening to this and that feels true to you, that you’re like, yeah, I kind of do want somebody to give me a reading and tell me who I am.

I get that. And if you fall into that category, it may look a little bit different to you as far as why you feel that way than it did for me. But the truth is that If I tell you what’s authentic for you, it’s not authentic for you. That is a journey. No one could tell me either, no matter how badly I wanted them to.

Tell me why I’m special. Tell me how I’m special. I can’t do that. I can help you find it yourself. Cause that’s where magnetism starts. It starts from this amazing acceptance of ourselves, because I want you to understand that conditioning, that feeling of not enough, that feeling of I should be more, that feeling of I shouldn’t be too much of this, all of that holding back or pushing out of force, all of that creates an energetic frequency of ick.

To the universe and to the people around you. And it is what keeps you from being magnetic. All the work that you’re doing on magnetism, if underneath you are still fighting with yourself, internally questioning yourself, that will inhibit the flow of energy in you. It will mess with your frequency, so to speak.

It’s going to mess with everything that you do. It’s going to make life harder. It’s going to make it feel hard when you go to do something. It’s going to feel like when you do something, you don’t get the results that you think you should for the amount of work you put in. You’re working harder than you need to.

And the reason is you are not playing the energetic game. Well, you are, but you don’t know you are. You’re not using energy mechanics to your advantage. You’re ignoring them. And you’re using them to your disadvantage when you ignore them. So that needs to be said. That human design allows you to have a process for going through that path of self discovery.

True self discovery, not surface level, but really understanding yourself. I know what makes me tick. I know what constricts me. I know what expands me. I know how to get into flow. There is so much power in this. And if you are constantly thinking about what you need to do, if you’re constantly worried, confused, forcing, anxious, frustrated, angry, bitter, disappointed, stuck, then your energy is working against you.

And all of the magnetism work that you’re doing, you’re probably not doing it, you’re thinking about it. You’re trying to figure it out from a mental place. And that’s not the energetic game. And that’s what human design frees you from, is the mind game that will keep you stuck playing a disadvantaged hand in the energetic game.

Human design will open you up to your own brand of magnetism, to your true authenticity, and if you’ve been searching for that for a long time, if you’ve been trying to dig in and really connect with who you are on a soul level, what you have to offer in this world, how to make things easier for you, your family, in your business.

If you have been searching for that, seeking that, and trying to make it happen, then human design, the way that I teach it, if you haven’t had success with other frameworks with human design, with other coaches. I do encourage you to at least jump into the free masterclass with me because inside the Unshakeable Human Program that we are going to be starting in July, that Unshakeable Human Program is about actually utilizing this.

Tuning in, really experimenting with your design, not just learning about it. Although there will be plenty of learning for all of my one lines who want to digest a bunch of information and devour it and know all the things. We’ve got plenty for you in that department and you get to keep the course after it for a lifetime, even after the six weeks that we are together live is over, but the information is only part of it.

The rest of it is the experimentation with it. The integration work that’s gonna help you actually connect with your design and not just understand it on an intellectual level. Which will keep you stuck. Which will keep you in a cycle of maybe paying people and not seeing results.

And I don’t want that for you. And if you’ve been interested in my Business by Design mentorship, I know so many of you have reached out and said, I just don’t feel like I’m there yet. This program that we are launching is the one designed to help you get there. It is the first step in the pillar.

We teach it in Business by Design, but I’m carving it out and giving it to you here in this really, really powerful, accelerated program. If you’re not sure, join us in the workshop. Sign up for the waitlist so you get the discounted price. When doors open, you have 72 hours to make that choice.

But join us in the free workshop, which is activate your magnetism, all about how to double your revenue while working less. And Join us in that by DMing me the word workshop on Instagram. I’m @NicoleLainoOfficial or go to nicolelaino.com/workshop and to join the waitlist, DM me embody waitlist on Instagram.

Again, same handle, or go to nicolelaino.com/embody-waitlist and we will take you to the waitlist page there. And you can read all about the program as well. We have all the details for the unshakeable human program on that waitlist page. So that you get your questions answered and you can start feeling into that right away.

Particularly for my emotional authorities. Alright? I hope that this episode inspired you. I hope that you enjoyed it. I hope that you are fired up about activating your own magnetism. Because it is in you. It is possible for you. It is something that you were born with. It is your birthright. It’s time you claim it.

So I hope that this inspired you to do that, to go and claim your birthright, that is your authenticity and your innate magnetism that comes with being truly authentically who you are. Everyone deserves to be themselves. Fully and completely. And you get rewarded by life. All right. Thank you so much for being here.

I appreciate you. And remember, in order to have an unshakeable business, you must first become an unshakeable human. So thanks for letting us help you become unshakeable with human design, everyone. We’ll see you next time.

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