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Episode #33 Cracking the Consistency Code

If you struggle with staying consistent in your business, Nicole is sharing her secrets to crack the consistency code and discover what is standing in your way of being able to share your magic consistently.

We all have magic to share with the world, but often run into blocks when it comes to being visible and sharing that magic with the world.

Nicole asks you to consider what it means to you to be consistent, whether that’s in showing up on social media, or putting out content, or another area of your business.

She’s going to invite you to go deeper and examine just what is standing in your way of being visible and sharing your magic with the world.

You were put on this Earth for a reason, and staying consistent is the only way to get your message out to the world. Nicole is sharing her secrets in this episode to cracking the consistency code, and you won’t want to miss it.


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Nicole Laino
Hello, and welcome to the limitless entrepreneur podcast. I’m your host, Nicole Laino. And it’s just me today, it’s just us talking about a little thing called consistency. Yes, we’re talking about cracking the consistency code in today’s episode. And I hear this come up over and over and over again, with my clients with people who are in our Facebook group people I talk to online in the DMS, they say that I need to be more consistent, I need to get organized, and I need to be more consistent. And I agree, consistency is absolutely important. But I think there’s some things that people are getting wrong with consistency, it’s a word that gets thrown around. And I think it’s something that is, especially with social media and the way that things are, in our own heads can become an echo chamber, where we start using words, we start using terms, we start saying things that we hear others say, and we adopt them because it seems like the answer to our problems, something’s not working, so I’m not being consistent. So the first question I have for you, if you’re saying that was what does that mean? What does it mean to you to be consistent? What aren’t you being consistent with? And I’m always I’m not surprised anymore. But what happens a lot of times when I ask people that in person, they can’t really answer that for me it comes out with it comes out with something like creating content, being on social reaching out to people like there’s the usual suspect answers, but you know, so what do you want to be consistent with but but in to what end? What is it that being on social will do for you? What is it that doing the thing that you say you have trouble creating consistency around. What is the goal with that thing? Why is it on your list? Why is it something you want to be consistent with? And what ends up happening here? I think is is what’s really underlying all of this is, there’s a lot of shoulds in here, I should be on social, I should be doing this, I shouldn’t be doing that. I’m not doing it. Therefore, I’m not consistent. And what that does to your brain, when you feel like you are being a failure, you’re being flaky, you are not being consistent, then the the, you know, mental browbeating starts where we start, our inner critic kicks in and just start saying like, you’re never going to be able to do this because you can’t even be consistent with just posting online. Why is it so hard to post online? You don’t know what to say? Do you really even have a message? If you don’t have a message? Should you really even have a business I told you this was a bad idea. That’s kind of the the dialogue that will start in our heads and whatever it is that you’re not being consistent with. But most most people, it’s usually about showing up, it’s usually about content. And what I really want to dig into here, we’re going to talk about it in that context. What I want to talk about today in this episode is what it really means to create content, what it really means to show up. And why you really aren’t able to, that it isn’t about necessarily about consistency about because we’ve all done it, right you’ve bought so you say I need to create more content, I need to create content consistency. So what do you do you buy a $37 365 day caption product, right? And that should solve the problem. If just showing up and putting out content is the problem, then that should solve the problem that should be the answer is putting out like here, I have these captions, I just fill in the blanks and make them sound like me and put them up. But that doesn’t feel right. For most of us. They don’t really fit, we still stop ourselves. And because the underlying problem is that it’s not that we want to be out there putting just anything out there. We are called to be putting out truth out there. So caption templates aren’t going to give you your truth, they might help kick you off. But usually that’s not really the answer to the problem here. And most people are that doesn’t solve the problems. It’s really about being visible. And being visible. You feel called to put something out in the world. You feel called right now, what you feel angry about yourself about about not being consistent about not showing up is that you felt called to put your message out into the world, you felt called to believe in the message that you have, whether you’ve dug it out of yourself or not yet is you know, irrelevant. But there’s a part of you that’s calling you saying you’ve got something to say. And you’re not saying it. Why? Because you are afraid to be visible. You are afraid to show up as the full, unvarnished, unapologetic, beautiful self that you are, you are afraid to share your magic. And I like to use the word magic, we talked about zone of genius a lot. And zone of genius is a term that everybody understands. So I use it. Because I think that we can there’s a specific hierarchy to that there’s there’s lots of ways there’s things that we’re good at, there’s things that we’re not good at. And then there’s things that then then there’s the one thing that we are truly put on this earth to do. And it’s very hard to even admit that you have that that is your magic. I like using the word magic because it has this, there’s another vibe to it. The it requires you to recognize and own the fact that you have magic in you that you are a divine, beautiful creature put here for a reason. And if there’s something ticklin at you telling you that there’s more it is telling you that you are not putting your magic out in the world as you should. And you are meant to. So but it’s it’s admitting that we actually have some magic that we have something to worth putting out there that we have something worth hearing. And that’s the first step. So we can’t be consistent. You can’t be consistent with putting yourself out there. Maybe you do it once in a while and I see this with a lot of people. You put something out that’s truthful, you put something out, that’s you, you start showing up, and then you back off. It’s like you get on a stage, you sing one note, it goes really well. But you get freaked out by the crowd and you ran off the stage. And then it takes you another week, two weeks, three weeks for someone to coax you back onto the stage to try it again. And what happens then is you start from scratch, you start from the beginning again. Now, why this happens is, we all have different reasons that we fear being visible. We fear being out there. For a lot of women, it comes from being taught somewhere through our upbringing, that we were too much, or that it wasn’t safe, to be fully and completely ourselves. It wasn’t safe to share our magic. It wasn’t welcome. People didn’t like it. They thought, Oh, she’s a show off. She’s conceded. That was a big word when I was growing up, she’s so conceited, and was the worst thing you did not want to be conceited. You did not want to be called that because that was just all the girls just hated you if you were conceited, and she’s so conceited. And I believe that that truly holds so many of us back, we don’t want to seem like we’re bragging, we don’t want to seem we don’t want to celebrate. And when we don’t celebrate, we don’t welcome in the opportunity to manifest that thing again. So something great happens to us, we don’t want to celebrate it. Because we don’t want to feel like we’re bragging, we don’t want anybody to think that we’re too much. Or that we’re trying to say that we’re better than anybody. God forbid, God forbid anybody thought that. So we don’t, we don’t celebrate it, we don’t put it out there, we don’t share it. And what that does, is that keeps us right where we are. Because those are the things that light us up. That is your magic, that is your innate magic, and you will not share it. And, and the the reason that when you step out and you do it once, or you do it twice, or you do it for a little while and it feels good. What actually ends up happening is, there is an energy about that, and you’ll feel it. And it might get uncomfortable to hold that energy, it will come it will flood you for a little bit, you’ll do some work, where you’re looking forward, you’re looking at what you want to create, you’re allowing that to light you up, you are being inspired by yourself, you feel empowered to share what it is you’re here to share. So

Nicole Laino
you do it. And it feels great. And you are in that energy and the flow happens, this is what flow is. So you get to the flow, and you are doing it and you are putting it out there and it is so great. And then one day, you get up and it isn’t the same. And you think it’s gone. Maybe it was just a fluke. And then you get in your head about it and you go down the spiral, you start spiraling down. And your job is to stay in that energy to create it again, to honor whatever feeling you are having to clear it out using something like the EFT tapping that I do with the rapid release method, we use that but using journaling, whatever it is for you to honor the feeling that you’re having clear it out, and then bring your energy back up to where it was before. To hold the energy of possibility, which is hot, which is powerful, which sometimes can feel like a lot for us to do, it’s a lot to hold. But once you get better at holding it, it’s like you’re working out, it’s like you go to the gym, eventually, the weight stops feeling so heavy. Eventually you’re able to do the 50 leg lifts instead of just 20. Because you’ve gotten stronger, your job becomes being able to hold the energy of the person you want to be instead of sitting in the energy that you are right now and sinking back into it. We can get scared. It triggers us when we start moving into the place where we’re meant to go. When we start moving into that energy of being the biggest, baddest version of ourselves. When we really tap into that there’s a part of us that goes Whoa, that’s this is too much. We’re heading into that too much territory, you better pull back. People aren’t going to like it. It’s a little scary. What could happen. You might turn some people off. And I’ll say, I’ll say this. You might and that’s good. but it’s a good thing. If you trigger people, first of all, you could be the catalyst for their change. Because every single person, even the people that are Pooh poohing your success, have magic in them too. And you’re triggering them, because they’re afraid of it. And maybe you will trigger them to the point where they look at it, and they start to accept it themselves. And they start to move in a direction where they’re honoring it, and putting their magic out in the world, being the example. So being consistent is not about doing the things it is. But it really is about doing the inner work that allows you to be consistent with the outer work. And I always say to my clients, always, if you are having trouble doing the outer work, it is a sign to go inward and heal whatever it is, that’s holding you back. Because that is what’s happening, we hold ourselves back with the internal struggle that we force ourselves to go through, and that we refuse to look at. When you look it in the mirror, when you start having a conversation with that part of you that’s holding you back that is scared to move forward. And you ask it to be on the journey with you, you will be shocked at how quickly you can become consistent with the things that once felt hard. They become easy, they become fun, dare I say it fun? Yeah, you start to have fun in areas where you were dreading hitting those tasks on your to do list. That is that is the that is how you crack the consistency code is you do the inner work that allows you to be consistent with the outer work when you get comfortable when you can release the shackles on you sharing your truth, when you can release the fear of being seen. When you can release the fear of being visible and allowing the world to see you for who you truly are. You are unstoppable. You are limitless. And that can be a little scary for us. So that’s where we got to hold that energy. You have to practice. Even if it’s three minutes a day you practice holding that energy of I’m limitless. I am you clear it out, you hold that energy, clear out the bad hold that energy and then get longer, longer and longer times that you are holding it. So this I hope this was valuable to you, I hope that this shed some light on cracking the consistency code for you because that is what we’re here to do. We’re here to give you some big aha moments, but also some actionable strategies that you can start implementing right now. If you are interested in hearing more about this, I talk about this stuff all in my Facebook group all the time. We do hot seats, if you want to be coached by me, you can be in there as well. We do free hot seats once a month inside inside the group. But I also if if you would like to join we were doing our workshop on this very topic on being visible on being consistent on creating the badass brand that you were meant to deliver to the world. If you’re interested in that, please go to the link in our show notes where you can visit the registration page and register for that workshop. So I hope to see you there and until then, remember, you are only limited by the limitations that you accept. And when you stop accepting those limitations. That is when you become limitless. I will see you on the next episode.

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