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Episode #41 The Secret to Making Big Money on Social (Even with a Small Audience)

If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels on social, posting and posting without seeing any results, this week’s episode is for you. Nicole is going solo today talking all about what’s true and what isn’t on social media.

She’s going to break down what you really need—the TRUE missing ingredient in most people’s social media plan.

Now, this isn’t necessarily going to increase your follower count, but that shouldn’t be your goal. Your goal should be to convert the followers that you do have into paying customers.

Nicole is going to be teaching you how to take your content from “inspiring” to “inspired to buy” by being intentional about your posts and using social media strategically as another tool in your marketing tool belt.


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Nicole Laino
Hello, and welcome to the limitless entrepreneur podcast. I’m your host, Nicole Laino. And it’s just you and me today, we are diving into a topic that is really important for everybody to understand. If you are growing a business online and you are using social media to grow and to sell, then this episode is going to be incredibly valuable for you. And we’re going to dispel some myths and and just really dig in here to talk about like, what’s true and what’s not on social media, what do you really need. And really, I want to talk about the missing ingredient in most people’s social media plan. So there’s one thing that you can kind of add to your social media strategy that’s easier than you think, and is the most powerful thing and will actually get you, I’m not going to promise that it’s going to get you 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of more followers, because and I’m not even saying that that should not be your goal. That is a vanity metric. And that is something that for a long time, it felt like when people said it was a vanity metric, that that was just something that people with lots of followers said to make you feel better about buying their program when you didn’t have a lot of followers. And that’s not true. It’s actually it’s very true. That is a vanity metric. And it doesn’t mean anything about whether you will be making money or not online, if you can’t convert, it doesn’t matter if you have 100,000 followers, if you can’t convert them into a paying customer, then I don’t know what the point is. If you’re an entrepreneur, of course, if you’re an activist, then yes, more followers who are listening to your message and just being like, yeah, you go, then wonderful. But I’m here to make money. I can’t eat followers, I cannot pay bills with my followers. So I am more interested in whether I can convert them into a paying customer. And at any rate, and you know, we’ll talk about offer sweets and all of that in another episode. But what I want to really dive into is how can we get more bang for our buck on social media? And how can we take the the stress and burnout factor that often comes with social media and this feeling that we have to be posting all the time. So there is this common feeling on social media that more is more, right? That more posting, I have to post every day, or I should post three times a week, plus every day on stories plus videos plus this plus that Instagram just said that they’re a video program platform. So now I need to do video on there too, and do short term videos, we have all of these ideas about what we need to be doing. And I these are just not true. More is not more on social media. It doesn’t mean that posting more when you are doing this other thing that I’m going to talk about won’t get you results it will but if that’s your main strategy at the top is just I post every day and I see this a lot with Tik Tok and the people on Tik Tok, they’re just like you need to post three to five times a day on Tik Tok. And that’s how you keep your people engaged. And that’s how you grow your following. And yeah, that that might work. I don’t want to live that way. And I don’t think that that’s entirely true. And the truth is, is that I don’t think anyone truly understands Tik Tok just yet. I think they’ve been very mysterious about their algorithm. And what really what I have found, and I’ve grown to almost 11,000 followers on Tiktok. Very quickly, what I have found is that good content, got me followers. And I go sometimes a week without posting a Tiktok. And I still get lots of views. It takes a little bit of time to grow. But it is not about more. It isn’t just about more. And that’s what I really want you to take away from right now is it is not just about more, I want you to broaden your ideas of how to approach your social media content. So this idea that more is more sort of gets perpetuated by influencers, who either built an audience at the beginning of the platform. So if you’re on Instagram, they built it at a time where the algorithm was a lot more favorable to posting more times per day. And you got you got bumped up in the feed based on how many times you were posting, those days are gone doesn’t exist anymore. That is not how Instagram favors content. Now they favorite based on quality. And the engagement rate that it gets an engagement does not necessarily mean likes and comments. It also means how long someone takes to pause at your video, or pause on your post to read it. Whether they click the Read More. It doesn’t matter if they like it or they comment on it if they’re looking at it. And if you look at your metrics, you will see that sometimes your post that doesn’t have that has the most engagement actually doesn’t have the most likes and doesn’t have the most comments and the algorithm does pay attention to that. Someone who grew on Facebook in the beginning might be like you have to go Live every single day on Facebook. And while true that can help you, it might not help you as much today as it did two years ago. So more is not always the answer. So a lot of times the influencers and people in the interest of telling you something that that you think will be the answer, people just keep saying the same things, because it’s what worked for them back then. And no longer has to work for them now, because they are at a certain point. And things have sort of taken off for them. And they keep people interested by saying things like this, and giving you tips and strategies around how to do the thing, that’s not necessarily what’s going to work for you today to convert people into paying customers. So the other thing that influencers do is that they really don’t know how they grew. And they can’t really give you an answer for that. So they just sort of pare it back, whatever is being said, or has been said around the block about how you grow on a on any particular platform or on social media in general. And what this does is this leaves entrepreneurs like you confused, spinning, your wheels burnt out. And you probably wonder if you’ve posted every day for a while you posted a lot. And you haven’t gotten the reach that you wanted, you haven’t got the conversions, you haven’t got the engagement, you probably feel like you’re wondering, Will this ever work for me? Or if you are really trying to grow and get to the next level. So if you’re at a point in your business, where you’re like, I have clients, I have people I need to serve, I want to serve in a bigger way I want to, I want to fuel my launches and fill my launches with qualified people. I want to use social media to do that. So I’m posting every day, but I’m still not getting people into the launches. I’m not actually that channel is not moving people where I want them to go, that should be more your focus is looking at that and saying, How can I make this better? What can I do to change this? And what what we’re going to talk about is there are a million ways to grow on social media and to move people in down your funnel. But the one thing that you can add to your social strategy is this, this focus will actually convert people and make your content go from inspiring to inspire to buy, encouraged to buy, you’re really moving people into action is this one thing is intentionality. Intention is the power and purpose behind your message. And what intentionality is, when I say intentionality, I mean, really thinking about it when you’re thinking about more. And when you’re thinking about just increasing the number, that becomes the main focus. So the quality ends up suffering, or you drive yourself crazy trying to up the quality and up the quantity at the same time. And it’s not necessarily going to get you the results that you want. The the intention is is you really being able to ask yourself some better questions about this. So asking yourself a question of what is my intent with this content. So if you want to move people into a launch, if you want to move people into a sales funnel, if you’re moving people into these particular mechanisms, mechanisms that you have, that will convert them down the road, wonderful, those are free, or usually low ticket options to move people into this next stage with you, which is wonderful. But the content has to do its job to get them to click on that and to move down to that next stage in the funnel. So are you asking yourself, what is my intent with this post? Where do I want them to go? And what will make them go there? What can I say? What can I offer that sort of teases this gets them to want more and moves them to this next stage? How can I provide them with value without feeling like I have to give away the store? How can I be intentional about this?

Nicole Laino
And you know, where do I want these people to go? What do I want them to do? These questions allow you to not be so focused on the number of posts that go out the number of videos that go out, but really asking yourself something like reals, reals, if your intention is I want to get a lot of views on to I’m going to use reels as a tool to get a certain type of person. I’m going to gear them toward a certain type of person. That’s my niche. I’m going to get to that. So I’m going to get them into many use it as a tool to get them into my following. I’m going to bring them over or at least get them looking at the rest of them. My Content. Okay, so I’m using it as a tool, which takes the pressure off feeling like I’ve got a cell in the rails, which can feel difficult at times, or not terribly effective, you can do it once or twice, you can do it here and there. But using it strategically, to say this is the best use of reels that I’ve found is to move them into the next stage with me or to move them to another piece of content, to move them to a YouTube video at times, it depends on what your funnel looks like. But an intentionality intentionality in your process is to say, I’m going to use reels to do this, then I’m going to have a post or a carousel post or something else that the algorithm will favor, where I’m talking more in depth about what it is that I’m offering in the next stage of my funnel. And this is how you start using your social media channels as a sales funnel itself, you get people to come in, you’re bringing them in with something, you are moving them to the next step with you, and then moving them to the next step. You can only do this when you’re intentional, you can’t do this by accident, that is when you’re just putting posts up for the sake of it. And maybe you are if you’re not being intentional, and you’re putting posts up just to get the numbers up, then that might cause you to be holding back and watering down your message because you’re so spent trying to get them all out that you’re allowing the intentionality or allowing the the what you want them to do and the calls to action to be weaker. And you’re not really inspiring them to go anywhere. Because everyday you just sort of spouting out the same stuff, or the you know, you go girl kind of messages, those are fine. You do your You go girl message. But then let’s add some substance behind it. Let’s turn the volume up and say, Okay, I got them with the, with a bit of a rah rah message. And now I’m going to move them into something that is a little more heavy hitting, and I’m going to show them what type of value I have to offer. Okay. And then you want to ask yourself, Who do I want to self identify with this message? Who do I want to reach with it? Who do I want reading it to go? That’s me. That’s me. That’s my problem. So you heard me in this podcast, I called out people who are looking to fill their launches, people who are looking to up their conversions, maybe you feel like you’ve plateaued. I am reaching out, I’m telling you exactly who I’m looking for to have this message land with. That means it may land with some other people. But if that is my goal, I’m pointing that out. Are you doing that in your content? Are you doing that even in something like reals? Are you speaking to a particular person and allowing that message to land with them? Or are you trying to reach everybody? That’s what happens when you’re not intentional. And when you’re not intentional, you just put a bunch of stuff out there that has no real end game. And when you have no end game, you end up doing a bunch of work, and no money in the bank or not enough money in the bank and not enough people in your launch. To be intentional means to do it with the amount of time that you need, in order to get people in. All of these things are intentional. And when you’re being intentional. And when you have these goals. And when you’ve identified what being intentional looks like, then you can ask yourself when you’re not doing it. What in my mindset, what my way of being is keeping me from executing on this the way that I want. Because those are, that’s how you identify a mindset block an energetic block that you have, to the success that you want. There’s something in you that is holding you back from executing and fully moving toward, you know, moving toward and down the path of having exactly what you’ve been asking for. Right, when you’re not intentional, if you’re kind of just dancing around everything, and there’s no real point to what you’re doing. And that is an energetic block in itself. Because there’s something in you that saying being busier is more important than being productive. If I that that sort of the hours for dollars kind of mentality playing out in a paradigm where hours do not equal dollars, spending eight hours crafting social media posts and doing all of this stuff does not equal money like it does in the punch o’clock, corporate sort of, you know, nine to five environment that many of us are used to. So that is how a mindset of time for dollars, plays out and is and is not in your best interest and is not serving you in the entrepreneurial paradigm. So Hope you’re seeing how this is this is why I focus so much on mindset because this is how we end up trying to do something. And we are not able to do it because the way we are operating the strategy we’ve been given is not in alignment with what we actually want to achieve. So, intentionality when you’re approaching an intentionality, it grounds you, it grounds you, it keeps you from just running off and doing things for the sake of doing them. But it makes you it makes you ask better questions. It gives you a starting point, what do I want? What do I want to achieve with this? What is my goal? Really grounding yourself in that and saying, Well, what is the best and most effective and efficient way for me to achieve that? Who do I want to reach with this message? And it’s an evaluation tool. So when you write something, when you do something, when you go to put something out, you can ask yourself, Am I achieving my intention? Am I inch? Am I achieving my stated intentional goal with this launch with this runway to the launch with this promotion period with this post with this video? Am I achieving it? Yes or No? If the answer is no, then you know you have edits to do? If the answer is yes, it’s good to post. If you’re doing this with every single thing that you do, you will start to see the level of success in your results change. So, time, and quantity doesn’t give you any of this thinking about like how much you have to do or how many times you have to do it does not give you the same level of grounding, and does not give you the insight that you’re looking for in your social strategy. That’s why you’re frustrated. That’s why if you are just looking to check the box, I said I would post every day Check, check, check, check, check, that’s wonderful to do is an exercise to get out of your own way. If you find that you are hesitating to post, you have a lot of fears around it, it’s fine to do as an exercise. But daily posting is not required. In order for you to sell online, what is required is for you to have a message that people see as valuable to see you as a resource to to want to go to you and trust you that they get to know you and trust you I did not say like because if you listen to that episode, you know how I feel about liking. But you’re causing people to know you to trust you and to ultimately buy from you because they feel connected to you in some way. They feel like you have an answer. They feel like you have a product that will serve them and they want to buy from you. That comes from intentionality that comes from being very intentional about what you put out and how you put it out. Because with time and quantity, when you’re just marking to like five posts a week, seven posts a week, X amount of stories when you’re just getting into that numbers game, when something goes wrong, the answer is always the same. Just post more. It’s not working post more. It’s not working post more. Because what else could it be? How, like when you look at it that way? How could there ever be another answer than more? Would the answer ever be less that more is not working? So I should post less? No? If more isn’t working, then the answer is to post more valuable stuff. How do I do that? Well, you can be super intentional with the way that I do it. I can be really thoughtful about the stuff that I put out there. I’ll ask myself great questions about whether it’s truly building a relationship with the audience that I want to build a relationship with? And is it leading them someplace that I want them to go? Better questions, right? So we have a free guide for you actually where we’ve kind of outlined some of these questions for you. So you can easily start implementing this in your business. If you want that just go to the show notes. And we have that linked up for you there.

Nicole Laino
And I hope that you found this valuable I hope that this inspires you to take a take a look at your social media with some fresh eyes, to take a breath to cut yourself some slack about how many times you have to post every week that to make the priority more to show up powerfully and with purpose and intention than to just show up more. More is not always more. Sometimes more is a distraction. And it’s a distraction from what you actually want, which is to show up with a story to show up with meaning. And sometimes we’re hiding from the fact that we’re scared about whether people will Like what we put out there. So we just, we hide behind more. And we pull some quotes off the internet, and slap them up there with almost no caption, and a bunch of hashtags and pray for the best. But that doesn’t convert that doesn’t actually nobody’s buying that, because why should they. But when you show up, and you tell them something about you, when you tell them something about your journey that they can see themselves in, when you have a product that you are putting out there to the world. And you’re clearly laying out the thought process behind how you arrived at it and how it’s valuable and useful to them. Then they pay attention. And then they pay some more attention and they read some more of your things. And then before you know it, they’re buying from you. This is how it changes. And this is how you become consistent. Because when you’re sharing things that you care about, that is so much easier than sharing just as much as you possibly can. And that makes you feel like oh my god, I don’t have enough, I’m not enough, oh, I got to do it again, I got to do it again, get you into this place of lack. And instead, intentionality puts you in a place of I want to put this out in the world. And I think that this will move people to action. This will inspire people to do something and take a move in their own lives. And maybe that move will be with me. That’s the most we can hope for. That’s what we can put out there. That’s the intent. So I hope that you found this valuable I hope you grab the free guide so that you can start posting with intentionality and you can start planning your content and and approaching social media from a new place. And that you can bump up those conversions because that’s what the this has the power to do for you. So I thank you for being here. I thank you for making it all the way to the end of this episode. Remember, you are limited only by the limitations that you accept. And when you stop accepting those limitations. That is when you become limitless. I will see you on the next episode.

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