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Episode #54 The Belief That Almost Cost Me $15K

Today’s topic is something people make, save, change, and raise. So what is it?


Money is a big topic, as there is so much that goes into how we earn money, whether we seek money, our attitudes around money, and more. So much of our lives revolve around money. And blocks around money can be one of the biggest hurdles for many people to get over because we have so many stories and beliefs around money that have been taught to us throughout our lives, many of them that we don’t even realize we have.

If you think you don’t have blocks around money, you might want to reconsider. We all have “stuff” around money, it just may be at different levels and show up differently for different people. And many people think that simply knowing about their money beliefs is enough.

It’s not, though, and this week I am sharing a story about how I nearly lost $15,000 due to a money belief I had thought I’d cleared. I’m telling us how it came up for me, how I was able to identify it, and how I was able to work through it.

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You’ll learn:

  •  The key to making affirmations work for you
  •  The 3 Biggest Money Blocks and How to Clear Them
  •  Changing the Game Around Debt
  •  How to Be in the Energy of Abundance Without Having to Be “High Vibe” 24/7
  •  How to Raise Your “Money Ceiling” to Sustainably Increase Your Income


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Hello, and welcome to the limitless entrepreneur podcast. I’m your host, Nicole ledo. And we are here just by ourselves today, it is just you and me a very intimate episode about money. One of my favorite topics, because there’s so much that goes into how we create money, how we make money, how we earn money, whether we keep money, or whether we don’t expenses, all of the things, so much of our lives revolves around money. And it’s honestly, it’s it’s something that, I mean, I’m always continuing to work on this, but it’s one of those things, that it’s the biggest hurdle for most people. And why is it the biggest hurdle because we have so many stories and beliefs around money that, that honestly, we don’t even know we have. So I want to tell you a little story today about a belief that almost cost me upwards of $15,000 15,000 right away, but it almost cost me I mean, God only knows how much after if I, if I allowed this to stand in my way, for any period of time, it could cost me six figures. So I want to tell you this little story, because I think that there is a misconception that once we work on ourselves, once we work on our beliefs, that that the work is over, that these things are gone, that we can let our guard down. And that’s not to make you feel bad about it. It’s just it’s actually to make you feel good about it that if you have stuff, don’t think that there’s anything wrong with you, we all do, we just have different levels of it, it shows up differently. What got in your way of you making $5 at one point may get in the way of you making $50,000. At another point, that same belief can get in the way, we’re just raising the stakes, we’re raising the numbers, we’re raising that that level around money. So let’s dive into this. And I want to do that, like I really wanted to share this because I’m a mindset coach, I feel like this is what I do. So So even I have stuff come up. And it’s just it comes up in a sneakier way. So if you are a very self aware person, if you have done a lot of personal development work, you’ve done a lot of manifesting and energy work, you’ve worked on your beliefs, you you intellectually, and and in a conscious way, you know the thoughts that you have, you know, the beliefs that you have, but you don’t know how to overcome them maybe, or you think you have by knowing about them, it will be enough. It, I hope the story helps dial you into ways that these things can be creeping up, and you’re not even realizing it, which that is just super interesting. And and it can be really invaluable for you to understand. So I hope that this I hope that this conversation in the story kind of shines a light on things for you. So let’s talk a little bit about and let me take you back. This goes back, you know, several months in my business, but I come up with a new offer I’d come up with this new offer was a high ticket offer. I came up with it, it felt super aligned. I was like this is I didn’t overthink it. I didn’t. I didn’t, you know build sales pages and all of this stuff around it. I just started talking about it quietly, I started seeding it in certain circles, I sort of I started putting it out there putting feelers out there letting my clients and people that I was working with in this realm know about it so that they could either purchase it or they could tell other people about it. So I ended up getting some buzz around it. And I sold the offer almost immediately no sales page, no real content or anything around it, just kind of like hey, let’s talk and then these things just kind of organically unfolding. I was super excited about it. I had a lot of excitement around this offer, which is why it was not surprising to me when it sold it was not surprising to me when things just started happening around it because I was so excited about it because it felt so in my zone of genius. It felt like of course I would offer this and of course, someone would pay a lot of money for this. This was a high ticket offer. This is a private offer. This was not part of any group program or anything that the digital course or anything. This was a high ticket one to one offer that I really loved. So I’m super excited about it. I sell it almost immediately. I get people to buy it. I’m I’m I’m working with someone I don’t want to give too much away about it. I’m not gonna go into the details of the offer and certainly not the people who signed up, but I I sell the offer almost immediately, and I’m super excited. I’m like, I can’t wait to do this work. I can’t wait to work with these people. These are the people I want to work with. Oh my god, I’m so excited. So I start working on it. And you know, I’m, I’m really only people close to me know that this offer exists. This is like a not a secret offer, but just something that’s, that’s creeping its way through my world. Of course, my husband knows about it. I’m like, came up with this offer. He’s like, That’s sounds amazing. That sounds exactly in your wheelhouse. And I’m like, I love it. I love delivering it. I’m loving this work. And I love the people that are responding well to it, whether they bought or not. The buzz around it was was really great. And exactly what I wanted to create, I was like this, I’m onto something here. So all of that we think that that’s the work, right? We’re like, oh, my god, somebody bought, I made all this money. This is a huge leap for me, this is taking my business someplace else, right, should be all great. I was like, all the all the energy work I’ve been doing, I aligned with this thing. I was excited about it, I had a desire, I wrapped it around exactly what I’m supposed to around the core of what I’m great at. And I sold the offer for the amount that felt right to me, that felt expansive, that felt aligned for them and for me. So I sell it and I start delivering it. And then some time goes by. And I’m increasing the amount of work that I am making around at the end. In software, we call this guy I have a software company, of course, we call it scope creep, where you have an idea of what something is going to be. And you then suddenly just start increasing it, increasing it and increasing it. So in software, it’s usually like you’re adding these other features, it starts out with this core idea, you have an outline, and you have a project plan for building out these core features. And then you start adding other things onto it. And then before you know it, you go from a one to three month project turns into a two year project. That’s what scope creep looks like it starts out just creeping up by a month or two. And then the next thing you know, you’re full blown into just a completely side project, it goes off the rails. So I start to kind of create some scope creep around my offer. And nobody’s asking me to do this. There is not a client that is telling me that they are unhappy. There is not a client that is telling me that something isn’t right. They’re not asking for more. But I allow this to consume me, all I’m thinking about is this offer and how I’m delivering it for this, these people. And I am getting super stressed about it. I am creating more work, I am throwing things together and creating these other assets for it. And just up and up and up and up with the amount of energy it’s taking me and the amount of of work that I am creating for it. Okay. And so I’m going through this and then some more people someone messaged me one night I was in my kitchen, someone messaged me about the offer that they were interested in it. And I made kind of a noise. And my husband was cooking. And he’s like, what’s up? And I’m, I’m like, Ah, someone’s interested in this offer. And he’s like, Well, that’s great, right? And I’m like, Yeah, I don’t know if I’m going to offer it anymore. And he’s like, what, why wouldn’t you offer it anymore? Well, because it’s becoming this, this and this. There’s all of these extra things that I have to do. There’s it’s taking a lot more time and a lot more effort. It’s it’s just becoming, it’s really stressing me out. I don’t like delivering it. I’m really not enjoying it. And maybe it was just an experiment and something that I shouldn’t go forward with. He and I proceeded to talk about this for a little while. And we go into some of the details of the offer and what’s happening. And while that is not important, as I’m talking to him, I am noticing something that I hadn’t noticed before I was having this conversation with him. Because when it was happening in my head, I was just thinking about all the things I had to do. I was thinking about all the things I had to do to deliver this product to deliver this offer. And as I’m talking to him, I’m realizing that none of the stuff that I’m stressed about none of the deliverables, none of the work product, none of it Nothing that was stressing me out none of the things that I wasn’t enjoying.

Were something that the people that I sold this offer to or expecting. None of it was part of the agreement that we signed, none of it was part of the the overall outline of the offer that I gave to them at the beginning, none of it, I created it, I created all the stress myself. And as I’m sitting there, remember, I’m sitting in my kitchen chair. And I said, Oh, my God. This is, this is a belief, I am killing this offer, with a belief that I thought I had cleared, or at least I had done a lot of work around it. And it honestly was not one of the things that I thought was one of the beliefs that held me back from earning before. And here’s the belief, and this is a belief that a lot of people have. And it’s one that this is a very sneaky one as I’m paying trying to illustrate with this story is show you how sneaky this little belief can be. And here’s the belief I have to work hard for my money. So here I was, with a complete homerun offer the offer where I say this is the offer. People hear it, they go yes, I’m in. I say here’s the price. They go yep, I’m in. It’s a price that I feel great about. They obviously feel great about it, too. They sign on the dotted line, they pay there, they pay the fee. Everybody’s happy, right? I’m happy, we start delivering it. They’re like, This is amazing. This is incredible. I’ve gotten so much insight, I understand this, oh my god, I can’t believe what we’ve put together here. Everything. All great. And then I go away. And I’m like, I have to do this for I have to I have to I have to deliver this. This is what I should be adding to this. This is what I should be doing in addition to everything else that I’m doing already. Here’s what I should be doing. I should be messaging them about this. Let me send her a Voxer let me do this, let me do that. On and on. And on building it bigger and bigger and bigger. Why? Because in my mind, the amount of money that I was charging for this offer, it couldn’t possibly be this easy. It couldn’t possibly feel this good. It couldn’t possibly, I couldn’t possibly be worth this much money without killing myself for it. So what did I do? I gave myself scope creep. I added more and more and more stuff to this to the point because I couldn’t give them their money back. I was delivering it i There’s no reason to give them their money back. And that would seem ludicrous to my conscious mind. So what does my subconscious do? It says let’s add more and more and more stuff to this. So that she never earns this much again. Because what happened? Someone wrote me about this offer. And I almost turned it down. I almost told them no, this isn’t this is not available anymore. I almost turned down $15,000. Why? Because I made it more work than it needed to be. I had engineered stuff. My subconscious had engineered it. So that I would it would feel so bad to me to deliver this product, that I would never do it again. I almost talked myself out I almost I almost subconsciously I self sabotage myself out of $15,000. It sounds crazy. It sounds ludicrous. But this is how our subconscious works. And this is how if I if I didn’t have that conversation with my husband, maybe what I would have done is I wouldn’t have lots of ways we sit we self sabotage ourselves with these beliefs all the time. So maybe if I hadn’t been standing there at that moment, I wouldn’t have made a noise. And he wouldn’t have asked a question. And I wouldn’t have started the conversation. And I wouldn’t have talked out and been able to kind of coach myself through it through hearing myself out loud saying what was happening. Because I’m trained in this to hear that stuff. As I was talking in the echo chamber of my head. I was not hearing that. Because I wasn’t having this argument. I was just like, it’s so much work. It’s so much energy. It’s just it’s all consuming. I’m so stressed out. That was all I was hearing were the complaints. That was all I was hearing were the complaints. And when I started to speak about it out loud, which is why journaling is so so powerful, which is why having a coach is so powerful that they can hear the things that you You’re saying and point these things out and ask important and, and, and impactful questions around what it is that you’re experiencing and why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling. But I was able to hear it and myself through having that conversation. If I hadn’t had that conversation, what I might have done is maybe I wouldn’t have gotten back to the person who wrote to me, maybe I would have, I would have dragged it out, maybe I would have said it’s not available now. Maybe I would have maybe not told them no, but I would have made it less desirable for them. So they would say no. Right? So this is how it works. And this is how sinister these little, these tiny little thoughts can be. I have to work hard for my money. Why do I feel that way? Well, that’s what I saw my whole life. And when I didn’t work hard for my money, it felt like I didn’t earn it. It can’t be this easy. It can’t flow like this. And why did it flow like this, because it’s around my zone of genius. Because my zone of genius flows out of me with such ease that it doesn’t feel like work, it feels like fun. It feels like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I’m energized by it not drained by it. That’s what happens when you work in your zone of genius. And to me that was translated into well, to work like this, for it to feel this good. And, for me to make this kind of money, those two things can’t go together, it has to be hard. It has to be difficult. In order for me to make this kind of cash, I should be stressed, I should be totally wiped out, I should be burned out to make this much money. No one person should pay me this much. Those were the beliefs underneath. And those were the beliefs whether I could see them or not that were self sabotage that were sabotaging the opportunity for me to make that kind of money, again, to work in my zone of genius. And that is what the upper limit problem is all about. Now, if you’re familiar with the the book, The Big Leap, that is by Gay Hendricks, this is the his entire thesis in that book is that we all have upper limits around all different things in our lives. How much love do we deserve? How much? How much money? Is it safe for us to earn? How much success is it safe for us to have. And we will create barriers and obstacles for ourselves to keep ourselves at that threshold, he calls it an upper limit problem, I have always referred to it as like an inner glass ceiling. So we have total inner glass ceilings of saying I shouldn’t make more than this per year, or I shouldn’t have more than this per month or whatever that is for you. And then we have ones to say I shouldn’t make this much in any period of time. It shouldn’t be this easy for me, we have little ways of that knocking ourselves down below that inner glass ceiling, if we even appear to have busted through it, at some point to come out above it. So if you have an inner glass ceiling of $100,000 a year, and then you make 120. The theory is is that you will do something or something will happen in your life, you will engineer it with your energy or with your action to bring you back down and have you lose that $20,000 Through expenses through self sabotage where you won’t be able to get as many clients maybe someone will leave, maybe you’ll have people not renew, maybe we’ll have someone asked for a refund. All of these ways that we are holding ourselves back. This is the definition of being stuck. Only this is like the achievers version of being stuck. Where we’re doing lots of things where we where we are achieving success. It seems that way it feels that way. But we keep being knocked back down to this level. I had busted through a ceiling. I busted through an inner glass ceiling say I should only make this much and no more on any given client. How are we going to do that? Well, let’s make it super hard. So she can’t possibly take on any more of them. Or we’ve made it so miserable for that she never takes on another one of these again. That is how it works. And that is how it goes unseen and undetected by so many of us because it feels rational. I made a choice. I don’t want to work this hard. I don’t want it to be like this. I want to see my family. I don’t want to I don’t want to work 24 hours a day.

But the question is do you have to or are you making it so and that’s how the beliefs play out. The beliefs make it seem like it’s the external world creating this, but it’s really, it’s our internal beliefs and our internal operating system that is creating it for us that is creating the external result that is creating the stress, we manufacture it. So this is this is, this is my work is all about clearing these beliefs. And so I worked my own process around these to kind of fast forward, I work my own process around these, I worked through the exact programs and processes that I put my clients through, I do it for myself, I also talked to my coach about it, and I worked through it that way. But I have the tools for myself that I could use right away, I didn’t have to wait for the call with her. I sat there and I, I journaled through all of my beliefs about it, I tapped through it, and did my Rapid Relief technique around these beliefs, and dug into where they really came from the root cause of them all. Where do they originate from, and I got through all of that. And so I was able to take on that next client to be confidently and powerfully putting that offer out there and put greater boundaries and parameters around it. So that I make sure I feel good about the offer. And I feel good about delivering it every single time. And that’s that is how we break the ceiling. And we completely put it behind us. I shifted something in my energy around that number, I changed it. And that is what I want for everybody. And that is what I want for all the people that come into my world. That’s what I want for every single one of my clients and every person who listens to this show. Because this is this is how you change your life. This is how you change your world. It starts with the it starts with the inner work. But it’s also the outer work, it’s the things that we do after we shift the inner being. It’s the way that we put it out in the world. And there’s always that dance of doing the work. And then looking within and doing the work and looking within and asking ourselves, are we really making these decisions based on fact? Or are we making them based on fear? Are these truly the things that are happening in our lives because they are organic? And they are so or are we creating it in a cunning attempt to keep us where we are. And that is that is the game. And that is the work. So I hope that you found this helpful, I hope that you found this episode eye opening as far as how how beliefs can can niggle their way into our best intentions. And all of our carefully laid plans and everything that we put all of our energy and how these little beliefs can go and start to try to unravel. Just everything that we tried to build and, and that it can be simple to see them and and start to dismantle these beliefs. And if you want to take this a step further, I’m actually going to be teaching at the time of this recording. I’ll be teaching something on October 27. I will be that is next Wednesday, I will be teaching a workshop called ditch your money shit. And this is this is a virtual event that will be held on Zoom. It’s not going to be in my Facebook group or anything like that. We will be dropping the registration link in the show notes for you if you would like to register for that event, where I’m going to actually show you how to find these beliefs, how what are some of the common beliefs that hold us back this one and there are others how to find those beliefs, what those beliefs are, how they kind of get in our way and exactly the process that I use to break them down, clear them and move past them. When you can get this in your body. And when you can make this your process, you can start to shift your world in major, major ways and you will start to see things open up very very quickly. When you start to shift your energy around these beliefs and when you can start to this is how you can start to make your affirmations work. You can start to make all the manifesting work that you’re doing about aligning with your desires and seeing what you want to create. This is how you do it is you get the other crap out of the way that you get these beliefs that are tugging you backwards, you can cut your cord to them and start to truly soar forward. So that is what I want for you if you are interested in that please go to the show notes and click the link to register for that workshop. We are doing that on October the 27th. It will be very exciting. being super impactful and I hope that you can make it and if not, maybe you know somebody who will you can share that link and and and get it out there for other people who might see benefit from it. So thank you so much for being here. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for being a part of the show and for making it all the way to the end. And remember, you are only limited by the limitations that you accept and when you stop accepting those limitations. That is when you become limitless. Have a beautiful rest of your day, everybody. I’ll see you on the next one.

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