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Episode #70 3 Steps To Experience Your Quantum Leap

If you’re tired of seeing incremental growth in your business, where you’re growing sales by a few hundred or so every month but not seeing huge leaps in your revenue numbers, then this episode is for you. Nicole is explaining how you can create these quantum leaps, to double, triple, even quadruple the sales you’re doing now. She is teaching us about the three major steps we can take to create these quantum leaps in our business and get to the life we’ve always dreamed of sooner than we ever believed.


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Hello, and welcome to the Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast. I’m your host, Nicole Laino. And we’re going to talk about quantum leaps today. Specifically, three things that you can do to experience your quantum leap. 

Now, first of all, let’s define what that means. That’s a buzz phrase that gets thrown around a lot right now. And the reason I’m using it is because there’s a particular definition to it that applies here to the things that I’m going to share with you. Because what quantum leap really does, if you believe in a quantum leap, and you want to create one, it’s really believing that you don’t have to have incremental growth. It doesn’t have to be, I make 5,000 a month, and then I make 5,500. And then I make six, and then I make 6,500. And then seven, that is incremental growth. And what we want to do is we want to believe that it could go from 5,000 to 10,000. It could go from 5,000 to 20,000. It could literally happen in that short time. And this is what it means to collapse time. This is what it means to Quantum Leap. And you need to believe in that in order to create one. 

So this episode is going to be about getting you to believe in the right things. And really getting you to the core of what creates a quantum leap. And what will allow you to do it over and over and over again. And kind of what’s holding you back from experiencing it now and experiencing it faster. So hold on to your seats, get out your pen and paper because you’re going to want to take notes for this one, because this is going to be, this is going to be chock full of information for you, it’s going to be actionable. But it’s also going to be, you know, telling you about how you create this type of growth in yourself, because this is going to be about you, this is going to be about how you expand you. And that expands what you do. And that expands what you create. 

So let’s start out. So I explained what quantum leaping means. It means making a big, outsized jump in your life, it means that you basically believe that anything could happen at any time, that it could turn in a moment, your dreams could come true. And that’s an active practice, believing that that can happen, and really sinking your guts into that, and really getting comfortable with that idea. And it takes some practice, it takes some practice to believe in that because it takes a quantum leap in our understanding, in what we believe can happen. First, we have to make that jump in our mind to say, I deserve that. I deserve it just because I can. I’m the only thing that’s getting in the way, is the way that I’m viewing this, is the way that I am approaching it. And if I get out of my own way, then this is possible. So I believe it’s possible. 

Okay, so what can help here? So the first thing that I’ll tell you with with this is that what can help you believe in a quantum leap sometimes can be the how, which is why I think we chase strategy so much. We chase the perfect sales script, we buy those cheap offers, we buy into these really expensive programs. Because we believe that that person has the answer. And now while the strategy can help, what’s interesting about it is it’s less about the strategy, it’s more about your belief in it: do you believe in it enough that you put all of your energy into it? So if I believe, if someone tells me that, if you go to this store, and if you knock on the door three times someone will answer. And then when they answer, you ask this question, you give them this password, and then that opens up this door, and then they’re going to give you this thing. If I got a set of instructions like that, and I believed in it, every step I took where something came true, or something felt good to me, I would believe in it more and more and more. 

And that’s what happens with these strategies, that if you feel like it might not work for you, it probably won’t. But if you can show up as if I know that this is going to be the thing, I know it is. And if you get into that, or I know it could be. And that’s really the space you want to get into. I know it could be. Is this going to be it? I’m going to show up as if it is. I’m going to put all of my energy into doing this thing. 

So whether it’s a workshop that you put on, and you’re like, I’m going to show up every day, I’m going to do everything I can to get the people in it, I’m going to show up with full belief every single day and everything that I do that this is the thing, and I’m going to allow that to take me over. But now if you approach it where you’re like, I don’t know, my last one didn’t work, and no one really wants to come, and I don’t have enough people in my audience, and I don’t…you’ve already defeated yourself. And that will come through in everything that you try to do. Because it’s half hearted. 

And when it’s half hearted, you are not meeting the universe halfway. You’re not really putting your energy behind the things that you’re doing. And that’s why your effort isn’t paying off. So I wanted to start out by saying that, that you get in the way of your quantum leap by not believing in the ability for quantum leaps. And the how is not the strategy itself, it’s the belief that you put into that strategy. So can you show up? The how can help. So signing up for a program where someone gives you a strategy, and you believe wholeheartedly that that’s going to be the thing, then you put your energy into it, and you probably get the result. And you think it’s the strategy, but it’s not the strategy. It’s the way you thought about it. And it’s the way you operated that strategy. You went into it with 1,000% commitment. So you got the outsized result, as a result of that as a result of your energy. 

This is why so many people have been, you have a flop, you have something that doesn’t work, and this has happened to me so I speak from experience. And then you start to question the strategy. And then your energy changes and your results change. It has nothing to do with the strategy, it’s about the way you show up for it. And that is, if you take nothing else away from this episode, take that away, that the strategy only matters as much as you believe in it. So can you believe in every strategy? Can you believe and be excited about everything that you do? You will start to see your results change, you will start to experience quantum leaps, if you can come at it from that sense of safety and just knowing this is going to pay off. If I show up for it, I know it will. 

So the first thing, so the three things that you can do to experience quantum leaps, and experience your first quantum leap, if you’ve never experienced one before, is one is understand your energy. Understand, now I teach Human Design, understanding your energy, your energy type, your way that you are most magnetic, the way that you are activated. Understanding that and only doing things that move you in that direction, are going to be really, really important for you. 

Because if you’re showing up feeling like I should do this, I should do that, this is what they told me to do, but it feels wrong. But they told me that this is the way so I’m going to do it. You’re going to defeat yourself, you’re going to ruin that thing that I was talking about, the energy that you put into the strategy. You’re just not going to be able to show up for it because it’s half hearted, your energy isn’t behind it. 

So understanding how your energy operates within you, how you best show up and activate yourself, we all have this ability. So if you are a generator or a manifesting generator, your job is to light up your sacral center, your job is to get excited, and feel, respond to the things that are coming to you. And feel that sacral energy turn on. If the sacral energy doesn’t turn on, meaning you’re getting a no, I don’t want to do this, then you don’t do it. And this is the delicate dance. 

So understanding how your energy works and how you are being communicated with through your intuition through your design. And if you’re a projector, it’s waiting for those invitations and seeing how you respond to it. How does it feel when you get that invitation? Are you waiting for it? Are you showing up and shining your light in a way that is so magnetic and putting your wisdom out there in a way that people respond to it, they see you like the lighthouse? Are you showing up like a lighthouse, allowing people to see you fully and then allowing and waiting for those invitations to come to you? Are you believing that they’re coming, that it’s only a matter of time? Because that’s crucial for you. 

If you are a manifester, are you moving on the things that you feel excited about? That you are completely and totally, just the innovative thoughts and ideas that you have inside of you. Are you moving on them? Are you telling people–this is what I’m doing? Now, you could do that in your social media, you could do that with your family, you can do that whatever way you feel informing is the most important for you, and the most impactful. But informing is going to be key for you. Moving on that intuition is going to be key for you. 

So understanding how your energy works, how you activate your energy, and we all have the power to do this and make these things happen faster. It’s just going to be about trusting yourself. And that brings me to number two, trusting and following the nudges, following those hits of intuition that you’re getting, not doing it the way that you’re told, but doing it the way that intuition is guiding you to. You know this takes some practice to be listening to be trusting enough, trusting the intuition that you know, you should post on social media, that’s not terribly hard to do. Sometimes it’s hard to do it. But it’s not hard to believe in that guidance because we’re like, yeah, of course. Well, I post on social media, someone might see it, someone might buy it. I have a good call to action. I created an opportunity. Yeah, no, that makes complete and total sense. 

But what about when the intuition and the guidance is to take a nap? What if the intuition and the guidance is to clean out your kitchen? Those can be just as powerful and as important as the things that make total sense that you could draw a straight line between doing this thing and making money. That is the part that we have to believe in more, we have to believe in the things that don’t make sense. Just as much as we believe in the things that do. And we need to follow those nudges, we need to follow that guidance and follow the authority that we’re given. 

And that with your human design, we’re going to do a whole episode on just authority and following your authority, and understanding how your intuition is communicating with you uniquely. Every one of us has an internal guidance system that allows us to know what decisions are right for us. Because that builds trust. And when you build trust, now, manifestation and money attraction is all about trust and safety, feeling held by the universe. 

So if you feel like you have to create it all, if you feel like it’s all tied to the things that you do, you are actually blocking the manifestation from happening. It doesn’t mean that you don’t do anything. But if you believe only in what you’re doing, then when you’re not doing it, you’re not believing that anything is happening behind the scenes, you’re not believing in the magic of it all. And you don’t feel safe, you feel like you’re doing this alone. And co-creation, by definition is you plus something else. And something else is God, the universe, whatever it is that you want to call it, whatever it means to you. But you have to believe that it’s a partner in this with you. 

Because only that can lead you to the level of trust that it takes to follow the crazy guidance to build the program that makes no sense, to stop a program that doesn’t feel aligned, but is making you money. This is the type of trust I’m talking about, to do the daring things. These are the leaps that we take that lead to quantum leaps in our business, and our life, and our bank account. So trusting and following the nudges, because this is really the key. 

And I’m going to clue you into this. And all of this, all of these steps are leading us to the same place. But it’s about finding your way, defining your way. So any strategy works, anything that’s presented to you, you’re able to pass it through your own filter to know whether or not it’s the right move for you or not. To know how to take inspiration from people and hear how other people are doing things and know whether it will work for you or whether it won’t, based on the way that you are built, based on your design and what you know about yourself. 

This is how we defeat shiny object syndrome. This is how we have this greater sense of trust. Because when we trust in ourselves and we trust in the universe, we vibrate on an entirely different level. We suddenly become magnetic. Suddenly things start happening faster. Why? Because we are aligned and aligned with the frequency of trust, love, belief, happiness, joy, safety. And it really does come from that. 

So sometimes the answer is, sometimes these leaps that terrify us. It has to have this undercurrent of trust, or it’s going to rock your world, you’re going to be so scared that you mess up your vibration. And you’ve probably experienced that before. We hear this in the coaching industry, a lot of people just like, you got to invest. You got to take the leap, you’ve got to spend the money. You can’t charge that unless you’re paying that.

You know, there’s some truth to some of that. But it’s what makes you believe in the leap more. So some people believing in something that’s $20,000 might make them feel more worthy. It might strengthen their trust that it’s coming. So therefore it works. And to some people, it’s so terrifying that every day they’re just so scared that they’re not going to make the money back. And then it’s not going to work, that it actually rocks their whole world. 

So you have to understand yourself, you have to learn to trust yourself. And this is learning the language of your body, the language of your design, the language of your intuition, and understanding how those messages come through, and how you process them, and make them work for you. This is how you become unshakable. And when you’re unshakable, that’s what draws a quantum leap to you. 

Now, the last thing, to have a quantum leap, to have the trust, to understand your energy, to put your energy behind the right things, there are two factors that come in that completely change the way that you operate. And I’m kind of bundling them into this last step here, this last thing that you can possess to manifest a quantum leap. 

It’s your unique genius, your unique genius theme, and your X Factor. These are two pieces that come through in your human design and something called the gene keys, which is a kind of a sister system to human design, which works off of the gates within your human design profile. And specifically where those gates show up in your energetic blueprint. And it can tell you exactly what your theme is of your genius, your purpose, the transformation you’re really here to help create inside of you, and help to further along in the world. It can tell you exactly what your brand is. 

Now, why this is so incredible and impactful is, so many of us look outside of ourselves. And we’re looking at what other people do. Oh, she did this, she did that this seemed to work for this person, and we take in all that data, and then we try to recreate it, we try to create somebody else’s result. And that may or may not work for us. And it’s almost like we’re we’re kind of throwing darts blind. And we’re like, I know the board’s over there, but I can’t see, but somebody else just hit a bull’s eye. So I’m just gonna, I’m going to throw and trust that it’s, it’s going to show up, and it’s going to hit the right mark. And there’s a better way to do that. And again, we don’t have a lot of trust when we do that, because we’re like, I know, I’m probably gonna miss. I know it doesn’t feel right. But this is all I have. 

So when you have a map, like human design, and like the gene keys, where it can tell you, this is your life’s work. This is your purpose. This is how you’re meant to bring it into the world. And this is your unique flavor on it, which I call your X Factor. So these things are all present in your chart. And it’s not dogmatic, where you have to do things this way, in this way, in this way. It’s guiding you. And what happens with most people who understand these pieces of their chart is it feels like permission to be who you always knew you were meant to be. The work you kind of always knew on some level you were meant to do. And it tells you exactly where it belongs. So maybe you had a–an example would be for me, I always felt like I was meant to do mindset work with people. And I had coaches in my head, former coaches that said, you know, you can’t sell mindset, you have to couple it with these other things, and my whole brand and this whole podcast is built on strategy and energy, that it’s about personal transformation, but also in practical ways. I call my framework practical manifesting. 

And that is exactly what my genius is. When you look at all these elements of my chart. My life’s work is to change the way people behave. That is kind of the big headline for my theme. I change the way people behave. I do that through helping people see ways through the confusing things in life. My job, the way that I bring it, is through helping people understand how to commit to the things that you say. Say yes to the right things. I teach alignment. All of these things when they came through, there were parts of me that that I was afraid to let go of some aspects of my business. 

Do I go all in on mindset? Do I really go all in on that, man, that’s scary. If I’m not telling people how to do these very, very practical things, and wrapping everything in this strategic bundle this package, and I’m not positioning it all that way, will it still work? And with this, it was the confirmation, it was the permission for me to lean into this side of things hard, to lean into that genius. It was like, oh my God, this really is the path. 

And as soon as I started doing that, I called in some one on one clients that I had been kind of looking to attract, all very aligned with exactly the work that I wanted to do. Exactly this type of genius. And what this has allowed me to do is build my offer suite, build my programs, and look at my business from a perspective of true alignment. And like I said, it gave me permission to be the exceptional leader I’m meant to be. I have fallen total confidence in myself in this capacity. And every time I do something in this realm of transformation, in helping people commit, and helping people achieve peak performance by finding alignment, I could talk about it all day. I could sell it to anybody who’s interested in that work. 

So that is what it can do for you, it can open you up to what you’ve always known. And it tells us because so much of the work can take a lot of time, if we’re asking questions, and what are the things you’ve overcome in the past? What are the areas where you feel like you offer the most benefit? What if, and what what that doesn’t leave room for and where we usually get screwed up when we try to create a brand based on answering those type of questions. Is that a lot of us deny our gifts, we deny our genius, because we were told that we were too much somewhere down the road, maybe we were told that we weren’t special, maybe we were made to feel like we weren’t good enough. So owning the gift is very hard. Especially when we have to come out and point it out and be like I think I’m special because of this. And you are. 

So there is this element of permission that comes when you see it in black and white. And you see these numbers and they represent certain things. And you read it and you say oh my god, I knew that all along. How is this possibly in my chart, that I’m meant to help people find alignment, and I’m meant to change the way that they behave. Andlike this is how I am the most effective. And then there are other elements of your chart that add even greater flavor and nuance to it which make it so unique to you. Every single person’s will be different, they might have a similar life’s work, but their brand will be different, their purpose will be different, there’ll be other aspects of it, their profile will be different. So the the flavor that they bring to it, the type of offers that they create will be different because of their unique energy. So it’s all very unique. It is all very customized. It is completely and totally unique. Because it’s just you.

I will actually be teaching a free masterclass all on this. It is called Permission To Be Exceptional. And I’m going to take you through the three step framework. It is a free three day masterclass, I’m going to take you through the three step framework that I have for unlocking your genius, stepping into your true and most aligned business. So you can create quantum leaps. I will walk you through all of that using human design and the gene keys. I’m going to show you how to do all of that. It is a free masterclass it will only be free this time, I don’t think I will be doing this for free again. So get in while you can. You can click the link in the show notes in order to register for this. And I hope that we see you there. And I hope that you found this helpful. 

And if you made it all the way to the end of this episode, thank you and remember, you are only limited by the limitations that you accept. And when you stop accepting those limitations, that is when you become limitless. So go out there and be limitless everyone.

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