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Episode #1 Welcome To The Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast

Welcome to the Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast! In this episode, you’ll meet your host, Nicole Laino, her philosophy on the role of mindset in entrepreneurship, and get a peek into what the show is all about.


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Hello, and welcome to the limitless entrepreneur Podcast. I’m Nicole Laino, I will be your host on this journey. And I just can’t even tell you how darn excited I am to be here delivering this to you. Finally, I think like a lot of podcasters, you have this idea, you have this show in your head and on your heart for so long, that it almost feels surreal when it’s happening, and I am no exception there, I feel so grateful to be bringing this to you finally, to have finally pulled the trigger on it. So a little bit about me, and then I’ll tell you a little bit about the show. So me, my name is Nicole Laino. Like I said, I am a former corporate girl, I had a career on Wall Street for six years. And while I loved it in the beginning, and I learned learned learned so much and met some of the best people in my life there. It was not for me, the corporate structure was not for me, I didn’t really believe that what you put in, you got back. And it drained me and actually like led me all the way to a depression, which I see as actually a very, very big gift, that it was this sledgehammer that came down on me, that forced me to change and force me to look at my life differently and ask myself what I really wanted. And when I asked myself that, I really felt like I had greater potential than what I was able to ever accomplish at that job. So I left and went to pursue infinite potential. And that brought me to Los Angeles. And that brought me to start my first company. I am a startup founder, I started a company a software company called Hilo CRM, which is a CRM for entrepreneurs. And from there, while that company still exists, and we very much are still running, I have channeled a lot of my energy into being a business coach, that has kind of been an organic growth for me, where I help entrepreneurs, find their voice, find their calling, find their infinite potential, and launch their business online and grow it to six figures. That is what I do day to day, most of the time. Now, the podcast, this limitless entrepreneur podcast, I call it the limitless, limitless entrepreneur. Because we are all limitless. Entrepreneurship truly offers you the ability to be, do and have anything that you want. The only limitation you have is the limitation that you accept on yourself. That’s pretty exciting. And I want the name of the show to remind you all the time, that you are only limited by your vision, you are only limited by what you accept as a limitation. And if you accept no limitations, then you are truly limitless. So that is what I’m going to try to do with this show. What I want you to do, I like I said, this is the podcast, I wish I could find this. This is a podcast for beginning to the middle stage entrepreneur, someone who is just starting out, we’ll have stuff for you. But also, it’s the climb to six figures getting to that point, it is that first stretch of proving yourself and proving to yourself and everybody around you that this is real. That is who the show will be geared toward. So if you’ve asked yourself, Where do I start? With my business? Where do I start? Where do I put my energy? There’s so much to learn. There’s so much to do, I’m doing most of it myself? How do I grow? How do I pick the right strategies? How do I implement those strategies? How do I still have a life outside of this? And how do I make money? If you’ve ever asked those questions of yourself, then this is the right place for you. So what we’re what we’ll be covering is I always say that I blend the tactical with the mystical, because what I found in the beginning stage of my journey, I found process and strategy, which I love, I’m very much a type A personality. I love strategy. I love organization. I love lists, I love processes. But I found all of that. But I found that I was bumping up against my own internal limitations to what I thought I could achieve, that my mindset was not ready for the success that I said that I wanted. And that is an exercise unto itself. And it is of equal or greater importance than all of that strategy. So I said the tactical is the strategy side. I also embrace the mystical, the energetic alignment of finding your purpose of bringing a certain energy to your business and to everything that you do to conquering your fear to understanding how your mind works. Being aware of the things that hold you back of the limitations you’re accepting, and giving you the tools to eliminate those perceived limitations and grow past them and truly become limitless. That’s the mystical side. So the tactical with the mystical, I say I’m a type a hippie, I love all of the strategic stuff. But I am also a big meditator, I am a journaler, I’ve got crystals all over my desk, I do believe in energy. And I know that my business did not start to grow. And I did not start to believe in it. And really see the success that I was looking for, until I got that mindset that that mystical stuff in line, until I made that a constant practice in my business, knowing that aligning my energy was just as important as developing my content strategy, that it was equally or more important. And that’s what I want this show to be for you, we’re going to give you those strategies, we’re going to this will be a combination of interviews and solo shows. So I will be bringing guests on that I feel add to the conversation and have something to offer you in this space. And then I will be doing solo shows just like this. And I will be talking to you and giving you my take personally on a particular strategy, or mystical aspect of your business.

So a little bit of the logistics of how this will all work

is we are going to you are right now in the intro episode, that is going to be part of our launch package, which will be three episodes that dropped together. So you can binge a little bit and hear what we are all about. Then, every week on Wednesdays, we are going to drop another episode for you. So you want to make sure that you hit that subscribe button, so that you stay in the know and you know exactly when it starts. And when it drops so that you can start to expand yourself in this way so that I can be giving you the strategies to grow your business and the mindset tools to make sure you’re able to implement all of that strategy, and that you’re able to stay consistent with it because that is a key factor. If you can’t stay consistent, then you are not going to see the growth and that is a mindset thing and a strategy thing combined. So that is what we’re all about. I hope you click subscribe and I hope that I will see you next week on the next episode. And remember, you are limitless

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