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Episode #2 How to Align With Your 6-Figure Self

Ever feel “stuck” in your business?

Getting out of your own way can be the toughest part of growing an online business. YOU are the thing standing in the way of achieving the success you want for yourself.

When we get “stuck” we usually turn to new strategies and tactics – thinking that the way out is the latest Instagram hack or social strategy. But way more often the answer to getting “unstuck” is to look within ourselves. It isn’t to add something new, it’s to remove the beliefs that are blocking us from creating what we want and aligning with our goals.

In this episode, I’m demystifying manifestation and actually giving you a PROCESS to get in “alignment” with your hairiest, scariest goals. This is how you create major breakthroughs in your business like blowing past income goals you previously only dreamed possible. I call it Practical Manifesting and I lay it all out for you in this session. Enjoy! 


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Hello, and welcome to the limitless entrepreneur podcast. I am your host, Nicole Laino. And I am so excited to be here with you talking to you about this topic, aligning with your six figure self. You could also say aligning with your inner badass, because that is really what we’re talking about here. And this was an important episode for me to create for you, certainly at the beginning of this podcast, because this is often this is this is the this is about getting unstuck. I hear from people all the time saying that they are stuck in their business, they are stuck at an income level, that is not their goal, income level. They feel like they just can’t break through. And that can be very frustrating, obviously. And I know the tendency, and it certainly was for me, which is why I wanted to bring you this episode because something that I discovered and I’m helping my clients discover every single day and work through is that one thing that I discovered is that when we get stuck, we often look to strategies were like, What can I do differently? What can I do? How can I do it? What’s the next tactic that I can move on to? And while that can sometimes be the answer, sometimes it is tactics most of the time, and I would say very rarely is it just a tactic. There is another element at play, that usually takes us a lot longer in our business, in our journey to accept and open ourselves up to where like next, next, next, next next Instagram Stories, reels, this thing is going to give me what I want. But what’s actually at play and what actually we need to focus on is to turn inward and realize that it’s really our energy that is holding us back. So a turn you might have heard before is being in alignment. Are you in alignment with your goals? Are you in alignment with your business? I used to hear that all the time. Am I in our energetic alignment? I’d have coaches asked me that. I don’t know, well, does that feel in alignment? And it became sort of a buzz phrase. And I always found certainly at the beginning, I found that I was going well, I don’t know what that really means. What does it mean to be in alignment? And then when I did figure it out that okay, I feel out of alignment with something I think, you know, we all know when something feels wrong. But what do I do about it? How do I fix it? How do I get into alignment? And that was the thing that was really missing for me. So what I wanted to do with this episode is kind of let you know what it feels like to how you can tell if you are out of alignment. How do you know if you are in alignment? And then how do you get there, and what I have discovered, because that really is the secret to getting everything that you want. Because you are either in alignment with a goal. And sometimes it’s the goal that needs to shift. And we’ll get into that in just a second. And sometimes it’s us that needs to shift. And sometimes it’s a little bit of both. And I found that really confusing in the beginning because no one was really explaining that and laying that out for me. I’m a process driven person. So when things get really touchy feely, like energy, I was really hungry for some sort of process around it. So that’s what I that is my goal with this episode is to give that to you. So what does it mean to be in alignment, and alignment? I think we’ve all felt it. Certainly if you are creative in any way, if you are an athlete, or ever were an athlete, maybe you felt this in your business, or you’re a painter, a writer. Certainly writers get this I was an actor, I knew what this felt like. But being in the flow. Being in alignment feels like being in the flow. If you know what being in the flow feels like. That is what alignment feels like. Everything feels easier. Everything feels more fun. You almost feel like you’re flying. Like what you’re doing is just so in alignment with who you are and where you’re going that it feels effortless. You know being in the pocket, they call it to are you in the pocket? Are you are you operating in flow, that’s what alignment feels like. And now to be out of alignment is usually we lead can relate it to feeling stuck, the opposite of flow, everything feels harder. Everything feels like a struggle. You feel like you’re doing a lot of things and they’re not working. You are looking at the same things on your to do list and you just can’t bring yourself to do them. Something’s out of alignment. So we ask ourselves, is it the goal that’s out of alignment? Or is it us that’s out of alignment? And I’ll give you a little a little clue into how you can figure that out. So I had expired. Your inst flow. And I have felt it in many, many instances in my life and in my business and one of them having to be, I noticed that launches that have gone very, very well. Flow, openness, joy, fun. Now we tell you to have fun, but that is not everything. Truly having fun, you can’t force the fun. And you can’t force this flow. It there’s a process that you can go through to make it happen more regularly, but you can’t force it. And that’s the harder thing like when we control that, that is not going to get you control doesn’t create openness, control usually creates constriction. And that’s what we are not wanting to create to get into flow. So I asked myself, I had, you know, I had a really tremendous, I had a, you know, multiple, multiple five figure launch. And I was totally in a flow state through that. And that got me asking the question, in a bigger way, how can I create this flow state again? What do I have to do? What how did I get there before? And there are lots of things that I went through, because like I said, I’m a process person. I say that I’m a type a hippie. But I also say that I love the concept of manifestation. But it became too too esoteric for me. It did not it was not specific enough. I didn’t understand how to manifest other than being grateful. I didn’t understand that. And I was like, How can I call it practical manifesting? How can I create a process around this where I’m practically manifesting things where I know how to get into that state of manifesting what I want were manifesting all the time. But how can I manifest this again, how can I create this moment again, now, the first step in creating flow creating alignment is to understand what you want getting crystal clear about what you want. Now, that starts with the reason that that is so important, is that the universe is going to give you what you want. So you’ve got to be really, really clear about it. Because if you are fuzzy about it, then you get fuzzy results. So what’s crystal clear about what you want, and being painfully honest about it. Now, what do I mean by that? You might say, Well, I’m already honest about it. I already said what I wanted, and I can’t get it. I’m not getting that. Well, I’d ask you to ask yourself these two questions. One, Are you clear about what you want? So and I’ll give you an example of clear and unclear in a second. But are you being crystal clear about what you want? And are you being honest? Is it truly something you want? Or are you holding back? Maybe you feel like you are tempering that goal? To make it something that feels more attainable? That feels like it’s more acceptable to society? Is it a true and honest goal? Is it truly what you want? And you know, you’re putting it out there and you’re saying, I want this thing you’re telling the universe? Now, the reason it has to be clear. And the reason it has to be honest, is that energy doesn’t lie. Our words lie. Our thoughts lie. Our actions lie. But our energy never does. So what I mean by that is if you’re saying I want a successful business, that is an example of an unclear goal, and unclear want, because that could mean lots of things to lots of different people, right? Successful is subjective. But if you get really clear on something, and you say I want a seven figure business. Now your energy, you might be saying that with your words, you might be saying it with your thoughts, but your energy may be saying something different. Now, you might be saying, well, who wouldn’t want a seven figure business? Of course, I’m not lying about it. Right? But your energy is not just talking about the lawn, your energy is creating something inside of you. That’s all the things that you feel about a seven figure business. Maybe the thoughts that come up for you are, wow, that would be a lot of work. All of my time would be taken up with a seven figure business. That’s a lot of responsibility. How many clients is that? When you start doing that that’s affecting your energy that’s affecting how you feel about creating a seven figure business. If your feelings about it, are worried. You’re afraid of it. It seems like a lot of work. Do you feel how those those words are closing you down? They’re closing you down energetically. That would be a way that you are not aligned with that goal, who you are and how you feel about having a seven figure bid. SNESs is not in alignment with you actually having it. Your energy is telling the universe you feel differently about it than your words are saying. So I might say a seven figure business feels so freeing, I would be so free with a seven figure business, oh, it would be so amazing. But if my energy is saying, that sounds like a lot of work, you’ll never see your kids, how will you ever handle payroll for that many people, you would need a whole team. If your energy is saying all those things that is far more powerful than any words or affirmations, you could tack on to it. So I hope that that example made it clear to you how your energy is affected by the goals that you have. And it’s so important that we align that energy with what we really want. So I want you I’m going to go back to that same example. And I’m going to show you, these are the three things that I have found that get in our way of being in alignment, and just something for you to think about go through this process. So identify something that you want, identify the goal, the big, scary goal. And then ask yourself, there’s three things that that can come up in my experience has been, so if I say I want a seven figure business, and I say that unapologetically. Unapologetically, that is a key factor to you.

Saying that you want something that you are accepting with that declaration that you want it that you deserve it. Okay, so the first thing that I want you to look at is, is there any shame around this? Is there any shame? Ask yourself, I want a seven figure business, we’re just going to keep using this example, I want a seven figure business, what shame exists around that goal. Now, shame that could exist around that could be that that sounds really greedy. Or I don’t need that much. So my goal should be lower. I really want a million dollars. But society has told me that that’s excessive. So if I’m excessive, then I’m a bad person. And if I’m a bad person, then I shouldn’t want this. That’s how shame works. And that’s how shame affects your energy. So I want you to pay close attention to that shame. That’s the first one. The second one belief? Can I have it? Can I have a million dollars? Like, do you really believe in your heart of hearts, in your guts in your energy? Do you believe that you can have that you can create a million dollars? A million dollar business a seven figure business? Do you believe that? So when you say I want a seven figure business does your first thought go to? Well, that could never happen. Because if you’re at $50,000, right now, seven figures might sound really crazy to you. That might sound out of the realm of possibility. And it is a requirement that in order to be in alignment with your goal, that you believe that the goal is not only probable, and not only possible, but inevitable, that it’s already happened on some level, that you are already connected to the seven figure number, that you’re already you’ve already got it on some level. That’s the level of belief that you need to have. And one of the coaches that I worked with James Wedmore, he said, he always said, you know, how you feel about the sun coming up every day? You are so certain if I asked you, is the sudden gonna come up tomorrow, you would say, Well, yeah, then you need to feel that way about having a seven figure business. If that is your goal, you’re gonna have a seven figure business, you’d be like, Well, yeah, of course. Yeah. That’s the level of certainty. So the belief before you have that level of certainty, then you need to get to that level. Before you get to that level of certainty. It’s going to stand in your way, and it’s going to keep you out of alignment with creating that goal. So that’s the second thing that I want you to to tap into and ask yourself when you set a goal for yourself. And then the last one is the how lot and most of you, I’m think can relate to this one in a big way. Is that the how we get stuck on that. I want to create a seven figure business. How am I going to do that? How am I going to do that people have teams that have done it before. And you’ll look at everybody even though you’ve built the belief and you say I see other people doing it, they’re doing something similar than me. We have the same coach. We have the same people around us. I know it’s possible, the belief is there. But then you say, but I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know how I don’t know the mechanics. I don’t know the steps. I don’t know who to hire. I don’t know how and that will energetically block you. So each of these things, shame, belief and the how they are are going to be obstacles energetically from you creating what you want. So in order to remove when we remove these, when we break through the shame, the belief and the how, and we get to that space of knowing, then we get to the space of allowing, and that is when you can manifest what you want. And that is when you get out of your own way. If you’ve ever said that, I feel like I’m getting in my own way, that is an energetic block. That is an energetic issue that you have. If you feel that it’s not a strategy that you’re looking for, it’s something internal you need to overcome. And this is most of the work that I work on with my clients is getting them over themselves, their internal blocks, to the external results that they want to create, to the external work that they want to be able to do and can’t bring themselves to do it. For some reason. If you’re going through this, I want you to know, this is so, so normal, and it exists at every level. So if you are at $50,000, and you want to create 100, if you’re at 100, and you want to create 500, if you’re at 500, and you want to create a million and everything in between, this is the game that you’re playing to realign yourself with the goal that you’re setting out. So like I said, from the beginning to recap here, alignment is you and who you are being and your energy that you carry in. And then your goal and what you want the crystal clear, unapologetic goal that you have for yourself. Sometimes we need to adjust the goal, where we say a million dollars might be too much for me to believe right now. But 500,000 feels about right. And you can adjust that goal. And that might take care of the shame, the belief and the how I understand that I can wrap my head around that I can I can go for that. And you energetically aligned with that. And then you know how to align yourself. The other thing that you can do is aligning you. So you ask yourself, I’m trying to create a multiple six figure business, I’m trying to create a seven figure business, you have to ask yourself, well, what do I need to do to be in alignment with that goal? That might be I wake up at 5am to get work done before the kids get up. That might be that I meditate to clear my energy every single day, that might be that I create a system for my for my content. And for my lead generation, it might be that I hire three people. That is how you become in alignment with that goal. Hiring is a big one, we often ask ourselves, we often say I can’t hire somebody because I don’t have the money. But when you’re in alignment with the goal, and you have that 100% Belief 1,000% Belief that it is inevitable that it will happen. I’m on my way to seven figures, I know that I am the belief is there, I know how I’m going to do it is hiring somebody that’s going to take care of the hell for me, it’s so more so much more important for you to hire that person, and then allow the money to come allow the growth to come to support that higher than it is to remain out of alignment by saying I’m going to wait until I have the money to hire that person. That is how these alignments work. And that is what it means. And this is how you get unstuck. This is how you unstuck your business is you start asking these bigger questions of yourself. And you start paying attention to when you feel closed off. Or when you feel open. When you feel in the flow. Pay attention to what you are doing. Pay attention to how you are feeling journal in that moment and get it down on paper so you can refer to it again. And try to recreate that experience. When you are out of alignment. Take the time don’t try to push through it. Realize that that is a moment internally focus and internally expand yourself and don’t push through trying to just power through on a strategy because you will most likely spin your wheels and that is where people get frustrated. That is where the stuckness only feels bigger than them and then you end up stagnating or some people quit because of that because you try to push through a space where you are meant to focus inward and expand. So I hope that this was helpful for you because this is this is the starting gate. This is the important work that I wished I had understood more clearly from the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, because this is the work that has blown the doors off and blown them open. So that I could create much greater wealth, much greater successes in much shorter time periods. And it will for you too. Guys, thank you so much for joining us on this episode of the limitless entrepreneur podcast. I hope that you found it exciting. I hope that you found it illuminating and I hope that this gives you a new perspective on how you can create a different kind of growth in your business and you can accelerate that rate of growth and grow past your wildest dreams because that is what it means to be limitless and you are absolutely capable of everything that you want. And you’re deserving of it and don’t you forget it. If you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a little review on iTunes that helps us get the word out there and stay in touch with me on Instagram at at Nick Laino That’s NIC L A I N O I will catch you in next week’s episode. Be limitless everyone

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