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Episode #114 How Logical Investments are Keeping You Broke & Stuck

We’ve all been there—considering a new business investment and pouring over the pros and cons list to try to make the “right” choice. On this week’s mini episode, Nicole is challenging us to consider that trying to rely on logic 100% might actually be what’s keeping us stuck. Listen in to find out how you might be getting in your own way by relying too much on your conditioning for decisions, and how you can better rely on your innate design to make aligned decisions for you.


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Hello, and welcome to the limitless entrepreneur podcast. I’m your host, Nicole Laino. And we are here for one of our mini episodes. Welcome, welcome, welcome. I’m excited to deliver you this little tip these Monday morning drops that we have for you artists that you offer your week with a little bit of wisdom, just a little bit of deeper knowing in yourself, and hopefully getting you trusting yourself throughout this week.

So today’s episode, this is something that the best advice typically is the simplest stuff, we kind of go off looking for these, like earth shattering big ideas that you’ve never heard before. And we think that that’s going to shift us and the truth is, is that that’s not actually what shifts us, it’s usually the very, very simple stuff, that once we embody the simple, and we’re able to actually do it and not just hear it and be, you know, mind blown by the idea, we’re actually able to implement it, embody it, and become it. That’s how real change happens.

I’m in a mastermind group. And it’s often when we share what what’s working for us, it’s often you know, there’s some strategic stuff in there. But for the most part, it’s rooted in really, really simple advice, and simple shifts that have been made and deepened over time. So what I want to talk to you today about is about investing. And I want to talk to you about how making investments of your money and your time, from logic are keeping you broken, stuck. So making investments, whether it be money investments, or time investments, and investment of your resources, from a place of logic, is keeping you broke, and stuck. And I’m gonna show you what to do instead. And ultimately, if you’re following this advice, you’re gonna be able to be a sure bet, that no matter what you invest in, no matter how you invest your time, or your money, it will be a good investment for you. And this will build your confidence, and this will change everything.

But let’s take a look what we do instead. And I want to first say that I did this. So everything, pretty much everything that I delivered to you here is something that I have done in the past, I have made pros and cons lists, I have made, quote unquote, good logical decisions before and they have been some of the worst investments in my life. And the worst investments are only the worst investments when we look at them, like something we did wrong, rather than a learning experience. But that can be really difficult when you’re in it. When you drop a bunch of money and it doesn’t pay off, the return on your investment is not there.

And so I want to just preface it with saying that I’ve been there. So this isn’t me beating you up. This is me, sharing some wisdom from what I have experienced. And many of the other people who are very successful in my circle have experienced as well. So this is particularly when we make decisions from a place of logic, when we’re trying to make sense of them. When we’re trying to say I want to buy this thing. Okay, well, what are the pros of doing this? What are the cons of doing this, and we get into our head we’re making when we make decisions from logic, we’re making it from our mind.

Now this is especially interesting, and detrimental when we do it from logic, when we’re making investments that are personal development investments. So things that are like mindset work, embodiment work, energetic work, anything that has to do with ourselves, investments in our business, a lot of times have a blend of some sort of mindset or personal development component to it. There’s something in there of that. So this is especially bad for those investments. Because here’s what happens if you’re making a decision, from logic, from your thinking mind, about how you can decondition your mind. So you want to buy a program, you want to sign up with men with a mentor, who’s going to help you think differently, who’s going to help you show up differently, who’s going to help you rewire the way that your brain is programmed and your body and your energy is programmed. And you pass that through.

So by virtue of that, you’re saying I want to sign up for this because I’m recognizing I have a problem in my mind and the way I operate. And then where do you make that decision from? You’re looking to make that decision through filtering it through the mind that’s making decisions incorrectly that is conditioned, that is something that needs to be rewired and worked with so you can make decisions that are in alignment with where you want to go, rather than where you are. Then it doesn’t make sense, right? It’s especially detrimental in this in these situations. Because you’re making decisions from the most conditioned Space, your mind. And you’re making the decision to fix your mind or to change your mind or to work with the way that you operate through that conditioning.

So do you see the faulty logic here in that? Do you see how that only gives you more of what you’ve already done. And then what can happen is as you make those decisions, as you so you sign up for the thing, you make it from pure logic, you are, you’re, you’re somewhat confident in it, but maybe you’re a little bit upset, or you’re a little bit beating yourself up for maybe past decisions not going well past investments, you not living up to them, not being able to take action, not being able to fully step into whatever the promise of that program was, or the promise of that investment was. So you beat yourself up. So you see how this is showing us that it creates a circle here, where you are making circular decisions that keep driving you back to a place of unworthiness. And that’s in your mind. So you thinking that you’re unworthy is causing you to make decisions in alignment with unworthiness. And it’s giving you more to make you feel like you are unworthy. So we have to break that cycle, right, we have to stop making decisions from that place.

Now, the first thing is, if you are if you’re into human design, human design is exactly how you start making these decisions. It’s your strategy and authority that will help you make these decisions, not from your mind, but from your body from your intuition. And when you’re getting used to that, I’m going to give you a little question that you can ask yourself that reminds you to pause. So the next time you’re making a decision, the next time you’re looking to invest in something, then next time you’re looking to maybe it’s a certification, and you want to add a certification to what you do. Maybe it’s a program that you want to invest in, and it’s a big investment, whatever it is the pause that can happen here.

So when you start to get into that space of spinning on logic and being like, how can I make this decision, make the right decision, and you put pressure on yourself in that way. When you do that, you’re cute, that’s your cue to pause and ask yourself this question. Why do I want this? Why do I want this? Do I want it to fix myself? Do I want it because I think people will like me more do I think do I want it? Because I think that it will fix my money problems? Do I want it? Because I think that people will find me more impressive. Will I? Where is it coming from? Is it coming from a place of lack? Because then you don’t even have to go to your strategy and authority, you just need to know that anything any decision made from a place of lack is going to give you more lack. It has to come from a place of abundance. It has to come from a place of love for the thing. When you when I got my certification in human design, I asked myself that question, why do I want this? And my strategy and authority, my sacral and my emotional authority? Were telling me yes, this is the right investment for you. But the way that I felt even more in tune with this and confident in it was when I asked myself why? Because I just loved it. Because it was lighting me up inside, which was why my strategy and authority was so on board. So this is how you can start if you’re just getting started with strategy and authority with human design with living by your design. When if you’re just getting started with a you can ask yourself that question why just to sort of get your brain on board, just to sort of bring you back to this place of noticing what your patterns are? Are you in a pattern of looking to fix yourself? And that’s something that you can work on. That’s a shadow that you’ve just brought into the light. And then you follow whatever it is your strategy and authority is to drive you into that. To tell you whether this is ultimately right for you. That just puts you asking why put you in a clean space to be listening to your intuition because then your body can tell you yes, this is right for us. Yes, this is the direction Yes, this lights me up. Yes, this is my next move to make. The next thing I’m meant to initiate on if you’re a manifester.

That’s the thing that’s going to light you up if you’re a generator. These are the things this is the way that you can get into this and this is how powerful human design is. This is how it can get you there. into a state of only making decisions that feel great. And even when they’re scary, you know that they’re leading you somewhere. And that builds trust. And when you have trust in your body, remember, we manifest with certainty. We manifest with certainty. So if you can build trust in your body, if you can make trust in your decisions, if you can have full and total trust that no matter what happens, you know that you took the right step for right now. That changes everything that is one of those small shifts that compounds and compounds and compounds. And then before you know it, you are a different person. So go out there and try that.

And if you’d like if you’re getting started with your human design journey, you can certainly book a human design reading with me. They are they are one on 190 minute meaning 90 minute readings that you can do with me, go to my website at Nicole laino.me. And you can find that under the work with me section how you can book a human design reading with me. If you loved this episode, please take a little screenshot of it, share it on Instagram. I’m at Nicolino official on Instagram tagged me in that screenshot. Let me know what you loved about the episode. DM me over there. I love to hear from you. And please leave a review subscribe to the show so that you don’t miss any of our episodes. Leave us a review on iTunes or wherever you’re listening to this so that we can get the show out to more and more people. Thank you so much for being here. I love you all. I appreciate you have a beautiful rest of your week. And remember You are only limited by the limitations that you accept. And when you stop accepting those limitations. That is when you become limitless. So go out there and be limitless everyone. I will see you in the next one.

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