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Episode #118 Leaning Into Your Rest Cycle

After going to The Pitch Weekend hosted by Rebecca Fiero, Nicole is taking some time out on this Monday episode to talk with us about one of her takeaways from the speakers she heard from at the event. She’s talking to us about how there are many aspects of our Human Design chart that can indicate that rest is a necessary part of our energetic cycle, and Nicole is sharing with us just how we can best take advantage of this.


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Hello, and welcome to the limitless entrepreneur podcast. I’m your host, Nicole Laino. And we are here with one of our Monday mini episodes. Again, welcome. I’m excited to be here. And I’m excited to talk to you about this. So these Monday episodes, we try to make them short, sweet, to the point and something that you can take with you throughout the week. Sometimes that’s an action sometimes it’s something to contemplate. Sometimes it’s just what I’m feeling. And I feel like when I feel something, and I’m moving on, through my strategy and authority, according to my design, and something’s driving me to share something with you, I do it and don’t question it.

So one of the things that I just came back from a really great event, Rebecca Fiero put together this beautiful event in Scottsdale, Arizona called weekend at the pitch club. And she had these amazing speakers there. And one of them is Aisha Marshall. And she, she didn’t actually speak on this, this wasn’t her topic, but she mentioned it because this is kind of a big part of her brand. And if you go to her Instagram, she’s at ie Shia, which, you know, she’s one of, she’s an Instagram pioneer. I’m gonna see if I can get her on the show, actually. But she’s, she’s on Instagram pinned to her to the top of her feed is this, this talk that she did on something called what she calls cocoon season.

And this really hit me. Because sometimes we feel like we should be moving faster. But everything in us is telling us to slow down everything in us is telling us to wait. Now, if you have in your human design, if you like what we look at, instead of cocoon season, we kind of look at it, it could be the rest cycle. So if you’re a manifesting generator or a manifester, you might be unrest cycle. If you’re emotional, like me, you might be just in a part of your wave that is telling you to kind of wait to see to get clarity on what it is that you want to move on. There are so many things in the chart that can be telling us to wait and there’s so many, there’s so many messages, and we tend to resist them. Because we want to move fast, we want to see results quickly. And some of us are under the gun where we feel like if we don’t move, we’re going to miss the boat.

So she talked about cocoon season. And what I what I wanted to bring to the show and kind of put out there for all of you, I wanted to share my experience with it because as she was talking about it, I feel like I’m coming out of my own cocoon season. I feel like I’m coming out of my rest cycle right now I have been in one for a little bit. And I wanted to clarify some misconceptions that there can be about when we go into a rest cycle. So if you have a defined ego, you’re gonna have rest cycles, if you are a manifesting generator, you’re going to have a rest cycle just like a manifester does manifest, you can have a rest cycle. If you have a one line in your profile, there’s going to be a little bit of that like cocooning, there’s going to be a little bit of that like going inward and being by yourself and scrolling away. If you are to line there might be that so there’s so much in the chart that says it’s it’s not only natural for us to feel that way, but it’s beneficial.

So the first step is really stopping. Thinking that you’re waiting is a waste of time, that this time that nothing is happening. Because there is something happening, you’re there’s so much happening underneath the surface that’s putting the pieces together that you can’t consciously do on your own. So it’s conserving your energy, it’s moving things together, the awareness centers are bringing thoughts, ideas, systems, things together for you, and making the pieces fall into place. And we can’t rush that process. And when we do we miss the magic. When we do that’s when we launch we write something, we put something out there, we make a move, and it doesn’t go the way that we want.

So this is one of those I’m coming out of that season myself where I have been deep in rest. I’ve also been deeply nurturing my one line energy, because that’s so important to me building foundations for my business. There was a time where I was like I had to gather information, I had to process things. I had to create products and some back end systems and some things to to get me ready for the next level. And rather than looking at it and wishing it would move faster. I really nurtured that. I really nurtured that. So while my five line I’m a five one while my five line wants to go out and tell everybody what I’m experiencing what I’m thinking what I’m feeling, tell them the way show them how I can fix things, show them how I can universalize this information, show them the new way that I’m creating. The one line says wait We’ve got to really nail down this new way. We have to make it great. Now, we don’t want to fall into perfectionism, we don’t want to fall into inaction out of fear.

So that’s where the, that’s where the checking in with yourself comes in. It’s where you pause and you say, Why am I doing this? Where am I? What am I trying to? What am I trying to accomplish here? Do I feel like I’m in a rest cycle? Or do I feel like I’m in fear. So these are ways that you can kind of get into your body and follow if you’re following your strategy and authority. Because this is what happens. People might say, Well, I tried following strategy and authority, but I wasn’t getting anything, I wasn’t getting invitations, I wasn’t getting things to respond to first of all you are, you’re always getting things to respond to, you’re just typically it’s not the things that we want. We’re looking for something, I didn’t get a response that told me to do the thing that I wanted to do, because that’s the mind driving it, you have an idea of what you want to accomplish. And you’re trying to, you’re trying to hack strategy and authority to get into that. And we can do that we can hack our operating system a bit with some little tips and tricks of ways of, of accessing our energy.

However, by making decisions and truly entered entering into things correctly, if you’re a projector get waiting for that invitation, the right invitation, not just any invitation, that’s the art of this. So it’s about it’s about waiting for the correct ones for you, and following even the little ones and trusting that they’re leading you somewhere. But when we’re not getting those invitations, when we’re not getting the responses when it’s not leading us to where we want to go, just trust that the rest is doing something, trust that the inner work is doing its work on you. Because we’re not meant to work all the time. But something is always working on us. So trusting that trusting that you might be just in a cocoon season, you just might be in arrest cycle.

If you had any of those elements that I mentioned in the episode, if you have any of those elements in your chart, there is rest that’s required for you to live in the highest expression of who you are. For you to accomplish the things that are truly meant for you for you to fulfill your purpose. That’s the whole point of this work. So trust, trust and nothing takes greater. There’s there’s two things that take great trust, doing really crazy, huge, big leap things and doing nothing and trusting that both you’re going to be held and carried and caught during it.

So that you hardest things to tune into yourself and ask yourself, Are you are you in one of those cycles right now. And be kind to yourself, and really nurture that time. If you are you won’t regret it. It will be the best thing that you do. And nothing will catapult you forward. Like truly leaning into the rest. Truly leaning into it. Okay, so I’ll leave you there. Thank you so much for being a part of this. Thank you for listening. Please give us a little snapshot on Instagram tag me I’m at at Nicole Laino official over there send me a DM if you love this episode, I’d love to know what you hear what you what you think of it. Remember, you’re only limited by the limitations that you accept. And when you stop accepting those limitations. That is when you become limitless everyone. So go out there and be limitless. I will see you in the next one.

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