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Episode #125 The 3 Superpowers of Generators

This week’s episode is specifically for the generators out there. Some people can be disappointed when they find out their type is a generator because generators make up the majority of the population, but this week Nicole is teaching us the unique superpowers that generators possess.

Nicole shares:

  • The basics of your strategy, signature theme, what it feels like when you are in alignment and out of alignment as a generator
  • Why some people feel disempowered when they find out they are a generator, and why it is actually a gift
  • Why the sacral center is so powerful for generators
  • How your aura is magnetic, and how you can harness that magnetism
  • Generators are the sexual energy of the world
  • The key difference between generators and manifesting generators


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Hello, hello, welcome to the limitless entrepreneur podcast everyone. I’m your host, Nicole Laino. And we’re here with an episode today for my beautiful generators, you gorgeous, gorgeous generators. Now, I’m going to tell you three things that make generators of USA, your three superpowers generators, this is gonna be your three superpowers in this episode. And there’s actually it’s like three and a half, because I’m going to give you three superpowers. And then I’m going to give you a little, a little taste of something extra at the end, that’s going to tell you exactly how you’re different than manifesting generators. Because some of this stuff in the three tips, it’s going to apply to both generators and manifesting generators. But I’m going to be really clear at the end of what really differentiates the generator from the manifesting generator, what makes generators specifically, what’s their superpower versus kind of something, it’s a piece that the manifesting generators just don’t have in the same way, it’s different for us.

So, so this is, so this is something that I hear from a lot of people, you know, you’re on your chart. And I was actually listening to a podcast where the host had a human design reading on the show, and he got the reading. And when he was told that he was a generator, he was just like, um, and there’s just this feeling of like, just a generator, I’m just a generator, because there’s like the sexiness with like the manifester, and reflectors with these rare unicorns, and projectors, or guides, and then we’re like, I’m a generator, it’s like, you’re a builder. And we’re like, oh, okay, I want wall. And we don’t want to feel that way. Because you were gonna flip that in this episode. Because you are not just a generator, you’re a freakin generator. And it is magic to be a generator.

So we’re flipping this around, if you’ve had that thought, that you are just a generator, and that is nothing special. Because there’s, we’re 70% of the population. And we’re just this, this vast majority. So it means that we’re just like everybody else. Not true. Not true at all. You are magic, you are magic. And I’m gonna tell you exactly how I’m gonna tell you like three of the top things that make you super magical beings. And, and you know, what I want to say also about generators, yes, generators and manifesting generators, we make up 70% of the population, it’s a lot, there’s a lot of us for sure. And generators, these even more than you than manifesting generators, there are more generators than there are manifesting generators. So you guys are the majority, I think it’s like, I think it’s something like 33% or something, and, and the rest is generators. But I don’t know exactly what those figures are. But it’s it’s small. It’s like three or 4% more generators than there are giant manifesting generators.

But I want you to take comfort in this. And I want you to think about this. That yeah, there’s, there’s a lot of you, there’s a lot of us, but very few generators and manifesting generators are using their design properly. So they’re out of alignment, they are there, they’re not the same as you, you’re on this path. Even just knowing that you’re a generator, you’re already ahead of the pack. And if you’ve been doing any of this work, where you’ve been starting to play around with response, and with just following your authority, whether it’s sacral, or emotional, anything, if you’re playing around with any of it, if you’re experimenting with any of it, I want you to just pat yourself on the back right now and know that you are ahead of the pack. You’re part of the future not part of the past.

Okay, so we’re gonna go through I wanted to I wanted to clear that up just a little bit. Now, just to do a recap, if you are new to this whole human design game, and this, you know, understanding what a generator is, I’m gonna go through some of the basics here. generators, your strategy is to respond. If you are not responding if you are initiating that’s where you get stuck. If you’re finding yourself stuck, and for generators stuck feels like frustration. If you notice, if you ever say someone’s really how are you and you say I’m frustrated, then that’s your clue. You hear that word? And that’s your clue to stop juku to pause that’s your clue to just hold up and say, I am not operating correctly. Am I in response? Chances are no chances are you are not in response if you are frustrated, and your signature theme, meaning the theme that will that means that you are in alignment is that you are satisfied satisfaction. If you feel satisfied, like it’s a good day. It’s just feel good.

Now you don’t have to be bouncing off the walls crazy high vibe like some people make you think you have to be in order to be in attraction mode as a generator and this is what’s really powerful about human design. And as a generator, if you are satisfied, you’re good. That’s all you need to know. I’m satisfied, I feel really good right now, I know I am in a high expression of who I am. And my energy is in a high expression of what it is. Okay.

So now I’m going to run through the three major superpowers of a generator, just wanted to clear that up, I wanted to let you know what your strategy is, because the strategy is how the universe brings everything to you. Your strategy is how you are communicated with and how opportunities in the right things are brought to you. So it’s really important for you to understand that and to be following it. Because if you’re not following it, that’s where you’re going to end up in that frustration land. And we don’t want that. Because you don’t need to be there. You can literally avoid frustration, or shorten the time period that you’re in there. If you’re only using it as a trigger, to point you in another direction to make you stop and say, Oh, I’m frustrated, therefore, I must, it’s a rule. If I’m frustrated, then I stop. If I’m frustrated, then I pause. And then I make sure that I’m in response to something else. Okay.

So you’re always paying attention to what makes you a generator, you’re paying attention to your sacral. Your sacral is what makes you a generator. That’s what makes us different than everybody else. Manifest errs, projectors, reflectors, no sacral defined generators, manifesting generators, sacral defined, you can have one channel or you could have six channels in your in your sacral center to find it doesn’t matter. You’re a generator through and through no matter what if you have that center colored in on your chart, and that is the second square up from the bottom. The first one is the root. And right above it is the sacral. Now the sacral is the center of life force energy.

So let’s talk a little bit about I want to get to these three superpowers of the generator. Okay. Now, the first one is, and we’re gonna do like a little a little shifting with this, but the first superpower of the generator is, we’re builders, We are builders. But I don’t want you to think about that in an disempowering way. Because it sounds like we’re the ones who are meant to work, we’re the ones who are meant to do everything, everybody else gets to lie around and do nothing, and we just make everything happen. We make everything happen. We make everything happen. We are necessary. We are needed. projectors, they can’t get everything that they want done. And they can Who are they going to guide if there was nobody doing any of the work? Who are the manifester is who’s going to mobilize the vision behind it, who’s going to make it all happen? It’s the generators.

Now, I want you to just take a little shift here, and I want you to think about yourself, where the artists were the passionates were the ones who are I want you to think about yourself that way I want you think about yourself that like when I am lit up by the work that I do, ah, I make magic happen. God, I make beautiful work happen, I bring things to life. That’s what the sacral center does. It is the center of creation. And we have it all the time. The other types, they’re going to get it when they’re in our aura, they’re going to get access to it when it’s activated through the transits. But we have it all the time. And what a beautiful thing. This motor, the motor of the body graph, we make the world go round. So own that. Not just a generator. We are generators, and that there’s power in that. So own it.

But also know that as the builder, as the ones who makes the world go on who build the world. This world was built on generator power. that not everybody gets our power. Not everybody deserves it. We do not have to give our lifeforce energy to anything that is not aligned for us. And it isn’t in our best interest to. So this is where you get to be discerning. This is where you follow strategy and authority into the correct things for you to lend your energy to. What do I have the energy for right now is what the sacral tells you. And it says, I will bring magic to this thing. Now when it says yes. And when it says no, it says I will not bring magic to this thing right now. I’m going to bring frustration, so don’t even try. So just start listening to it. Don’t feel obligated. Don’t feel like you need to give your energy away. It’s precious, and it is valuable. So I had to say that.

I had to say that because so many people feel really disempowered being a generator and it’s just No nonsense. And it is a not self. It’s a not self we’ve we’ve valued the wrong things or we value and I’m not knocking the other types. I honestly I want to be every type. Like every time I learn about something or I dive into something where I work with a projector, I work with a manifester, I work, I’m in awe of what they are, I want everybody’s design, I want to step into everyone’s design for a day. That’s kind of like what I want to do is just experience it because it all seems so beautiful. But I want you generators who this episode is about, I want you to own that. Being a builder means that you get to choose who you build for what you build. And when you do, you do it beautifully. And you bring something nobody else can. So embrace that.

Now, number two thing, a major superpower of the generator is our aura. We have this light, big, enveloping aura, it and when I say it’s light, I mean it like it permeates things. It’s not the dense, thick aura of the manifester, which is powerful. And, and beautiful in its own way. But this beautiful, warm enveloping aura that just keeps it’s like it keeps going forever and ever. It just keeps drawing things in. What I mean by this is that our energy can be felt when we are in good energy, it’s contagious. We set the tone for everybody we’re around just by virtue of our aura. So when you are satisfied when you are doing things that you love, when you’re building the right things, lending your energy to the correct stuff for you, when you are lit up, it’s contagious. People don’t even have to see it, they just feel it from us.

So that is that’s when we talk about magnetism, that’s what we’re talking about. We’re talking about the aura, because that’s the energetic field around every every being has an aura. Every living thing has some sort of energetic field around us. And we have our aura, which, depending on which sources, you check about three feet to six feet around your body. Now, some people I think are good at pushing their aura out, it’s sort of like an energetic practice of strengthening your aura, where it becomes people can feel it a bit more. But generators, you don’t have to fight to be felt. You just need to be in alignment for you. And that aura is just going to start drawing people in because it feels so good to be in an align generators aura. So just trust that that’s doing the work for you. You don’t have to overdo it.

And giving away your energy to the wrong things actually diminishes that. The aura is a byproduct of building the right things, of working on the right things of living life in this sort of blissful state and seeing the beauty and everything and allowing yourself to be to be guided through what your sacral is excited about. And it can be listening to birds in the trees. It can be it can be walking down a boardwalk on on a seaside and feeling that ocean air and smelling and smelling the ocean breeze. And you feel that that aura, your aura is strong and it’s pulling people to you in that moment, pulling opportunities to that match that vibration. Okay, so when we talk about like energetic match, this is like a really simple way of getting to energetic match with the things that you want. I’m feeling good, you’re going to get other things that make you feel good.

Number three, and this one might surprise people or maybe it won’t. I didn’t really I did think about it, but I didn’t necessarily get it. But we are the sexual energy of this world. Without generators like we are at like we have consistent access to the libido to that to that fire in the gut. It is the it is the center of sexual energy. So if you have this defined part of your superpower, are you exercising it? Are you are you embracing your sexual energy? Now this does not mean that you have to be naked on Instagram. Or this is not me telling you to to masturbate before you go on a sales call. Like some coaches will tell you but are you embracing and not hiding from your sexual energy? Are you are you exploring it? Are you recognizing it as a part of who you are, because it’s part of your strength, and it’s a part of what makes your sacral feel alive.

So take that into consideration and also know that people feel that from you, people get our sexual energy. And that doesn’t have to necessarily mean that it’s promiscuous or they’re, they’re wanting it, there is just this juiciness to our energy. So embrace it, use it, love it, really, really take a look at it and, and make sure that there’s no shame around it. Because that’s the other thing is that all of these superpowers can be where we have strength where we have consistency, so consistency in the chart, if we’re unhealthy there, then we’re consistently unhealthy. If we look at the whitespace, in the chart, the white space, we have inconsistent access, sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not. So it’s going to be if we’re in the not self of something that we are inconsistent in, then we’re in the not self sometimes, if we are unhealthy, and an aspect of something that’s consistent for us, then we are consistently unhealthy. So it’s gonna be more of a theme for us, right?

So sexual energy, if you have shame or guilt around your sexuality, around sexual energy, then that’s something that you definitely want to work on, you want to see where that came from, you want to dismantle those triggers and decondition in that way, are you clean in that, so that that can be felt cleanly from you because they’re feeling in any way they just might be feeling it in a not magnetic way if you’re out of adjustment with it.

Okay, now bringing you to this last thing, the three and a half the the thing that differentiates generators from manifesting generators, now generators and it manage ends, I’m a manifesting generator, I love my kind, I love myself, I love what we bring to the table. And we are these multi passionate like kind of tornadoes, so to speak of energy. And what we do is we manage ends we skip steps, we like we can move really really fast. However then sometimes we need to go back and do some of those steps because we weren’t supposed to really skip them.

So it’s really important for us to be moving deliberately generators you just kind of do that automatically. There’s something so powerful about how focused generators can be there’s true mastery in this type if you’re a generator the focus that you can have with the things that you respond to with the things that you work on with what you give your energy to there isn’t the the you know the the inconsistent jumping from one thing to the other. That beautiful builder energy that passion gets so focused in one direction that so much can happen over time what you guys can create is truly mind blowing and the energy that you guys admit there’s a difference I feel between Manny gens and generators because many gents we do have we have a bit of that with frustration and anger I tend my ego is the motor that I have connected to my throat center so the ego I can I definitely can shift to anger I can be very impatient. I can be like if I’m not doing what I want or someone gets in the way of the thing that I want to create I’m all I’m pissed so I go I can bypass frustration pretty fast and go to straight up anger and have to catch myself there.

And generators you guys just are more smoothed out than that. You’re more smoothed out than that you are there’s such joy in the generator there’s such like you guys are I want to say that there is this there’s an innocence to it because it just when when you’re in alignment it just what you love and who you are just comes from such a pure place that I love being near pure generators I love being near and I mean I buy generators and emotional generators either one just that that feeling that you guys that that you guys have and emit the aura that you have is different than the Manny Jen and in such a beautiful way. There’s such a grounded quality to the to an aligned generator where it’s like, I do look at those people, and I’m like, you guys can do anything, you really can. And when you lock in on something, and you hold the focus for something that you truly love, and that you are truly into, and you say, I’m going to build on this, I’m going to grow this, I’m going to the compounding just happens and the mastery comes and you guys are truly masters of your craft, you’re truly masters of the things that you do that that matter to you when you commit to them. And it’s such a beautiful thing.

So that’s the difference that I see between gens and mani gens, is there is this ability to, to keep building that same road, whereas managers, we can be building like five roads at once. And that’s just how we have to work. It’s not a flaw. It’s literally how we have to do it, because we’re frustrated if we don’t, and if we’re frustrated, we’re done. So we have to have all of these things going on in order to keep ourselves feeling excited. And to put our energy in the right places. And our energy is just, it’s not going to be right in one place all the time. It’s going to be it’s going to, and there are ways of working with this. And that’s, that’s the next step in working with your design is, is the nuances of it, we’re covering the high level here, there’s so much more to this, there’s so much more depth in the practice of it rather than just the knowledge of it.

But generators, you guys can build out one road. And you can build that one road and one road and just keep going and keep going. And then the next thing you know, it’s like wow, look at the path. Look at what’s here. And that’s, that’s what’s so exciting. And that’s that is your strength. So I hope that you found this helpful. I hope that you found this exciting. And if you’re a generator that this made you love the absolute, who better yourself, I just hope that you are like lit up and like I am amazing. I am a generator.

And if you loved this episode, I would love it. If you would tell us if you would take a little snapshot a little screenshot, share it on Instagram stories and tag me at Nicole Laino official, please tell your friends about the show. Let everybody know where you’re getting your human design information from and and point them in our direction so that we can help more people find this work and dig into this work because it is my mission in life to make sure that people dig into their authenticity and never play small again. And human design is the best tool that I have found for that. And so I would be grateful if you would share this with your people. And I thank you. I thank you for being here. I thank you for being part of our community. I thank you for being a loyal listener of the show. And I hope that I get to meet all of you someday. But thank you so much for being here. Remember, you are only limited by the limitations that you accept. And when you stop accepting those limitations. That is when you become limitless. So go out there. Be limitless everyone and I will see you in the next episode.

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