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Episode #124 The Secret To Working With Undefined Centers

At the end of the year, we often times spend some time reflecting on what worked and what didn’t in our past year. On this mini episode, Nicole is sharing with us some of her reflection of how understanding her Human Design, and specifically understanding the different centers where she was defined and undefined, has changed the game for her. It has allowed her to make more money, work less, and feel confident in her goals and vision for the future.


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Hello, and welcome to the limitless entrepreneur podcast. I’m your host, Nicole Laino. And we’re here with a mini episode. I am, I’m bringing you this because I was reflecting on where at the end of the year, of course, I was reflecting on this last year. And then that got me thinking about the years before and kind of where I’ve come from. And if you haven’t gone through that process, that’s a really empowering thing to do, especially because I guarantee you that you have progressed, you’ve progressed from where you were a few years ago to right now. And that may not feel that way, moment to moment, because we’re always so focused on what the next thing is that we forget to look back and see how far we’ve come how long the journey has been, and how resilient and amazing we are and what we’ve manifested.

So I was going through that process. And during it. I was thinking about, you know, where I had come from and what I’d gone through. And I was thinking, I know that people who are listening to this show, probably have been where I’ve been as well. So if if you have ever felt like if you’ve gone through I should say if you’ve experienced having one month, where you think that things are going great. And then literally nothing happens the next month, no people, no signups, no revenue, you have like a 20k month and then you have a a maybe a 5k month after that. If these drastic drops, and you’re putting out daily content, because this is what I did. You’re putting out daily content on every platform you can think of, and burning yourself out, just trying to come up with new things to say to everybody. And it all feels so chaotic. And it all feels so unpredictable. And you wonder like, how am I ever going to get out of this? Is this what it’s always going to feel like? Is it always going to feel hard? Is it always going to feel like I am, if I’m not burning out, I’m not successful. And that was how I felt. And I was sitting here thinking about how I feel right now and checking in with myself.

And looking at this last year and the shifts that have happened, and particularly how they relate to human design. Because that’s such a focus of what I do now. Because it has been so profound for me that when I look at the last year, the shifts that have occurred do boil down to a couple of things, I’m going to share them with you one in particular is what I really wanted to share in this episode. But the the level of of grounding that I have now when I was in chaos when my business was unpredictable. It really came from a lot of it came from my open head center and my open ajna and really feeling and not working with my strategy and authority thinking and trying to work out of my open head and trying to strategize like how would the next thing happen, even though it never felt natural to do it that way. But really leaning on the strategy hard. And, and constantly changing the strategy when it didn’t work.

I had no trust I was just doing and you can hustle your way to six figures. That’s absolutely possible, you can just push. But at some point you burn out. And that was what was happening to me. And then I found human design. And what I have now is I have a business that’s grown by about 30%. From the time I was burning myself out, well, actually a lot more than that, if I’m looking at a few years back, but if I look at a year ago, where I’m increasing by about 30%. And I’m, you know well over six figures, and where I’m at now. I’m also I take clients two days a week, I I have streamlined a lot of my business, and that’s definitely what I’m taking into 2023. And where that came from is grounding. where that came from, was no longer operating out of this out of fear. And out of my limiting beliefs and my wounds. I did a lot of healing. And that took a fair amount of time and I was working while I did the healing.

But for human design, strategy and authority making sure I’m in response, and I’m waiting out my wave. Part of that moving fast. was so not correct for me. That that pushing it was when I looked at it, it was like my open root was absolutely driving me to to go and go and go and relieve the pressure of not making money. So I’m pushing, trying to succeed trying to make things happen. And I’m doing that in a really unhealthy way. And I’m doing it where I’m bypassing the sacral response, I’m not even paying attention to response I’m just doing because things were on a list, or because someone else said that that’s what worked for them. So I’m going to try that because I want to succeed more than anything else that is so open root, I just just out of alignment, the the not self of the open root Center, which I have an open root.

That that entire the entire way I was operating, when I look at it through my chart was I was pushing out of the open centers, which are my root, my head and my Ajna. And I was ignoring the centers that were defined, for the most part, I really wasn’t paying attention to them, I was overrunning my waiting period for my emotional wave. And I was not in response. So I was not turning my sacral on. So I was working against my energy, which was making everything that I did really inefficient, and made me feel super burned out. And frustrated, I was just in this constant state of frustration. And that, in that, in turn, I’m not magnetic in that state, when I’m frustrated. I’m wondering why I’m not getting clients, I’m not getting clients, because I am not attractive right now, I am not an attractive person, I am not an attractive energy at that moment.

And so I was everything that I was doing was kind of working against my design. And what I have now and what this entire year has been about is, I have deepened so much into my design. And this is what I want you to take out of this is when I was sitting here thinking about what is it? What’s the shift? What is the thing that is different now than was back then when it when things weren’t working? Things are working so well now, and I’m so clear about the future. And I have such belief in my ability to make my goals happen in a way I never had before. What’s different now versus then.

And when I look back on it through my chart, through my human design chart, it’s it’s this one phrase came to me. And so I’m gonna phrase it as a question to you, it was a statement to me. But the question for you is, can you love your openness? And trust your definition? So what I mean by that is, can you trust the whitespace? Can you can you love the whitespace in your chart, and just allow it to be what it is.

So for example, my open ajna Center, which is completely wide open. That can feel like distracting what I meant to do with an open Arjuna. And if you have an open Arjuna, this will, this will apply to you. I’m not meant to work out of that space, I’m not meant to be outwardly strategic. I’m not meant to be certain about things, I’m not meant to have a clear cut way of seeing everything through the same way. I’m meant to be super open minded. And I meant to just have ideas sort of flowing in and out. And allowing that to happen.

I used to make stories up about that I used to make stories up about how I had to be more strategic and how I had too many ideas, and how could I get them all to come? How can I make them all into a reality? How can I make them all happen? And it drove me crazy. And it drove me down the wrong path every single time when I operated from that place. And then when I shifted to actually enjoying all the ideas that come through, realizing that every single one of them did not need to be acted on that if I just waited for my strategy to bring me something to respond to that. The ideas would come from that. And they would be in response to things and those would naturally be made into something real. Some some next step I’m supposed to take that it will all be there. And that’s the trust in the definition trust in that sacral trust in my strategy, trust in my defined identity that I know who I am and I know where I’m going and if I tune that to the right station, I’m gonna get the music that I want played.

I trust I trust all of you The definition that I have I trust all that actually is me. And I’m going to let everything else I’m going to create space everywhere else. And I’m just going to allow things to move. And I’m going to notice when I’m not doing that, now, this takes practice. I am almost three years into my human design experiment. And I’ve been teaching it for about a year and a half, I have been fully engrossed in in teaching this to people. It takes practice, it doesn’t happen overnight, because we’re conditioned to operate the other way. We’re conditioned to be the not self in most cases. And there’s other not self strategies that we have. But when you’re working through them all. You just, things just get easier. And you feel this dropping in and dropping in and dropping in where you literally feel, which is how I feel now that there is absolutely nothing I can’t handle. There’s absolutely nothing that could come my way that I can’t handle.

Now, it doesn’t mean that I’ll have every answer. That would be my open Ajna. That would be my open option and not self saying you got to have the answer. What’s the answer? What’s the answer? What are you going to do? What would you do if this happened? Now I trust that the idea will come when I have to respond to something. And that is such a beautiful feeling. Like I can handle anything. And from that space of trust, if you can come to that type of space of trust, then that’s where you can take empowered steps. That’s how you can move forward with real power. And that’s how people are magnetized to you. That’s how people you show up like that. And you don’t have to sell anymore. Because you trust yourself. Because you trust so deeply that people are attracted to the unshakeable nature that you have. And that comes from a deep deconditioning process. Deep, deep, deep deconditioning process and following the mechanics of your design.

So I hope that this was helpful, I hope giving you a little glimpse into my process of how human design has shifted from where I was to where I am now, not only how I operate, but how I’m able to see things and the way that I attract people. Now I don’t have to really do anything that I don’t want to do, I do the things that are aligned for me. And people come people find me, or they find their way back to me, the ones who are meant for me. And I trust that that process is always working. So and this is just paid for paid over and over and over again. This is just been confirmed.

So I hope that you found this helpful, I hope that you can find a way to love your openness, to allow it to be what it is because it’s magic for you. It is your wisdom. And it can be a heady thing to try to understand how something that’s so open you can be wise about. But that is exactly what becomes so clear. When you start to decondition that space, you start to see how it’s your strength, you start to see how it’s your magic. And this is how you go from loving parts of you and convenient parts of you and useful parts of you to loving all of you. Because remember, the goal is not perfection. The goal is wholeness.

So I hope you found this helpful, everybody please, if you are loving the show, please share it with your friends, share it, share it with one friend today. If you loved this episode, if you loved another episode and you want to share it with them. My mission is to make sure that nobody in my world ever plays small again. And I want to bring human design to as many people as possible and particularly the way that I teach it and the way that I speak about it because it has such a huge impact on every on others. If you are feeling any of that, please help me spread the word. Put this out to your friends put this out on your Instagram tag me so that I can shout you out. I appreciate you. Thank you so much for listening to this show for being part of our little limitless entrepreneur, podcast family. And remember, you are only limited by the limitations that you accept a new stop accepting those limitations. That is when you become limitless. So go out there and be limitless everyone I will see you next time

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