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Episode #131 The G Center 

In this episode, Nicole is deconstructing the statement, you don’t get what you want in life – you get what you identify as. Specifically, how this identity work can be damaging if you aren’t doing it in a way that is aligned with your unique Human Design.

She’ll cover:

  • The importance of the G Center in how we identify
  • What it means if your G Center is Defined or Undefined
  • The Role the Magnetic Monopole plays in attracting what you want
  • And strategies to be sure you are tuning in to an aligned frequency


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Hello and welcome to the Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast everyone. I’m your host, Nicole Laino, and we are here with, it’s just you and me, just you and me today. And this is something I have heard over and over again, and I wanna address it. So let me know if you’ve heard this before. Have you ever heard the statement, you don’t get what you want in life?

You get what you identify as? This is something in the personal development world that is, a very well known type of direction that they give people. And or maybe if you haven’t heard that specific thing, maybe you have done a lot of identity work. Who am I? How do I see myself and you’ve done a lot of work around that, and maybe you’ve done that work and you haven’t seen a shift.

Now there’s actually a reason. And a particular element of your human design chart that might lead to why that hasn’t worked for you. And it’s why that statement that I mentioned, that we don’t get what we want in life we get what we identify as isn’t actually true for everyone. Or it is, but it can be actually kind of damaging to some people depending on your chart.

So identity work can actually be the right or the wrong way. Something very important for you to do, or something that’s actually damaging for you to do, depending on your human design chart. So I did a lot of identity work in the beginning. I did, and I still do because in my chart it’s supported for me to do that.

But, I remember finding this out when I started to work with human design, and I thought about how many people were being taught the wrong way, and how damaging that can be, that it’s actually deeply, deeply conditioning. Because what happens is you do the identity work and it just doesn’t, it doesn’t work for you.

It has to be done differently. And this is why teaching and coaching through human design is so powerful. Cause we can look at the chart and we can say, oh, you are this way, so you should do it this way. Oh, and you are this way. You should do it this other way. And that’s why it’s so powerful, why you can get results with the same techniques, with tweaks as opposed to it all being a one size fits all.

So this element that we’re talking about of the human design chart is the G center, which is the diamond shape in the center of the body graph. So if we’re going from the top, from the center and the top down, you have the head center, the Ajna center, the throat center, and then the G center. Not to be confused with the other G thing.

It’s the G center. The G center is right in the center of the chest. It looks like it is connected. It looks very much like,the spot where the heart center would be in the Hindu chakra system only in human design we have a nine center. We have nine centers instead of seven. So we actually see this, as the, this is the G center, and then we also have the ego.

Heart center, which is off to the side of it. But we’re focusing on that one in the center, the diamond shape in the center. Now the G Center is the center of love, self-love, identity, purpose, and direction. It is the center that says, this is who I am. It is the center that is, it’s the center that says I love myself.

I know where I’m going. I know the direction. I know my purpose. That it comes internally from me if I have it defined. If you have that center colored in, you have a very different experience of the knowing of yourself than you do, than than someone who has that center, undefined. Somebody who has that white in their chart to tell that person they need to know where they’re going, who they’re going to be, how they’re gonna get there, see that purpose, see that direction, and lock onto. and hold that can be incredibly damaging because where we’re white in the chart, we experience things in a variable way. Meaning we experience it one way one day and it’s gone the next.

It might not, you may not, it might not feel it at all. You might not feel purpose at all the next day, you might not feel if you have that center open. These themes are gonna come and go for. They’re gonna shift and change depending on where you are, depending on who you are around, the environment that you’re in now.

This is a beautiful center. Having this open, it is not a hindrance to your ability to envision your future. It isn’t a [00:05:00] hindrance. It’s actually you’re going to, you’re, you’re not gonna be locked into anything. It’s gonna be so fluid for you. It’s gonna be open and your ability to change can be huge as long as people aren’t telling you that you have to know these things and it needs to stay the same, and it needs to be really, really solid.

Which would cause you then, cuz this is what conditioning does. Someone tells you you should be a certain way, you should do something a certain way. It is hard for you, impossible for you, or it doesn’t work or it feels terrible and you force yourself to do it and it continues to not work and then you think something’s wrong with you.

That’s basically how conditioning works and the way that we decondition is someone tells you to do something and you say, Nope, that’s not how I work. Without guilt, without shame, without apologizing for it, you’re just like, thank you for your advice. I appreciate that. That sounds like something that is wonderful for you and I’m happy that it worked for you.

I don’t believe that that is the correct path for me because I make my choices and I know my design and I know how I’m built and I know what is and what is not correct for me. So the G center, this center, why it’s so important? It’s, it might be outside of . It’s hard to say. What centers are the most important.

The ones that I’m working with tend to be the most important at the time. And it depends on your chart and, and your life. But this one I come back to over and over and over. This one I come back to. I’m always tuning that G center because the G center is the home of what we call the magnetic monopole.

This is the center of your heart’s resonance. So if you have gotten into heart math or understanding heart coherence and the vibration that comes from your heart center, this is all coming from this place in your body graph. This is coming from that G center. So the vibration that you’re sending out, you’re tuning that heart, that heart resonance your heart’s energy to a specific frequency.

Now, if you have it open, it’s gonna move. It’s gonna change. If you have it defined, it’s gonna be pretty solid on that thing, for better or for worse. If you have a negative identity of yourself, then that’s what you’re going to be sending out. If you have this negative idea about your, about your identity, if you have an identity like that, you struggle, that is what you will get.

That statement will probably be true for you. You don’t get what you want. You get what you identify as. That is a G center. That is a, that is a defined G center statement. Someone who, where it comes internally from you, if you have it defined, it comes internally from you. So the magnetic monopole, what it does is that’s your magnet.

This is the magnet that only attracts, it only pulls things to you. When it’s in alignment with what you want. You get what you want. Things just start coming to you. And this is why working with your human design and understanding how to work with your chart and specifically with this center, depending on your, the way that it’s configured in your chart, the gates that are configured, the channels that you have there, if any.

All of this is so important to your attraction field, and this is how it gets to be easy. This is another piece in the puzzle of how we get to realign our life and make things easier for us, rather than thinking that we can only get what we produce. We can only get what we put out into the world. So we’re running around all the time not thinking about how we could, what we’re attracting with.

So this magnetic monopole, this, this magnet that is attracting things to us when it’s in alignment, whether you’re defined or undefined, it’s doing this. You are attracting all the time. It’s just how we do it and how we tune it. That G center is attracting, that magnet is attracting either exactly what you want because it’s tuned to what you want or it’s attracting lessons to you. It’s in alignment with however you identify, however you see yourself, or if it’s open, it’s, it’s attracting in a different way. It’s attracting based on where you are. And it’s about learning to work with this. So no matter what is happening and whether you’re defined or undefined, working with this center, so it is tuned to what you want and not with what you don’t want.

You do not want this center tuned to struggle, to lessons, to identities and ways of being that you are looking to shed. But this is the thing that doesn’t lie you know, I always say like your words lie. Your actions can lie, but your energy never does. You might be say one thing, you might be doing a bunch of stuff, but if you are energetically in a place, that is what you will get.

You will get that. And so there’s different ways that we tune this. There’s different ways that we tune to a f. So it’s the same way that if you were in a car and you tune your radio to station 100.3, then that signal out that 100.3, that frequency is out in the air, and now it’s coming into your car because you tuned your car to that frequency.

That is exactly what’s happening with the magnetic monopole. You’re tuning your frequency to a certain station. Is it the station that you want? And how we tune it is different for the defined and different for the undefined. There’s a different way that we approach it, same outcome, same thing that we’re doing.

We’re just gonna approach it a different way so that it’s supportive in both environments and there’s different tools that you can use for that. But I wanted to bring this up because this has come up. I’ve had a lot of people come into my world through readings, and through this podcast coming to me and in my networks where they have an undefined G center and they have been doing identity work and it has been very, very damaging, or they’ve felt really disoriented or less than because of this openness that they have, and this can be an incredible gift.

My goodness. The ability to reflect back because where we’re open, we reflect where we’re open we feel the other. We know about the other. To be able to cleanly reflect back without feeling shame, guilt, or feeling like you should be any other way, to know the difference between you and the other person, and to be able to show them who they really are under the surface, to be able to feel that what a powerful gift.

Particularly if you’re in the coaching space, if you are in the personal development space, if you work with people on things like that, what a gift. But you have to clean it first. It has to be in a healthy expression first. You have to want it to be exactly what it is. That’s why I did an episode a couple of episodes ago.

I wish I knew what it was, but I can’t remember. I did an episode where I talked about, I talked about the biggest breakthrough for me with deconditioning, which was about being able to love my openness and see it as my greatest gift and to trust my definition. If you haven’t listened to that episode, I think it was like, episode 1 24.

It was a Monday episode. It was a shorty. But that was profound for me. And if you can live that, really, really amazing things start to happen, and particularly with this center, because this is the one, it’s strategy and authority, and then you come to this one, and if you can tune this one, you’ll start attracting at a very, very fast rate.

You’ll start getting the things that you want rather than the lessons that will help you course correct. Because remember, the universe is bringing us, the universe is bringing to us what we need in order to get the thing that we say that we want. So we’re attracting all the time. And when we get a lesson, if we handle the lesson where we’ve really learned it and we’re able to move past it, then we no longer attract that.

So that’s what’s happening here. We’re either attracting lessons or we’re attracting what we want. And it comes from did we really learn that lesson or did we just have that experience, that circumstance, but we remained the same. The G Center is a huge part of testing. Whether that is true, whether you really learned the lesson, if you did, you won’t get it.

And it comes from here. So this is the, this is, this is really amazing work. And if you have this center undefined, just know that identity work if you’ve done it and it hasn’t gone well, it’s not you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. This is an amazing gift. It’s just something that can be difficult to work with because most of what you’re told is contrary to the way that you’re built, but an example of how an open G center. So, I mean, forget about it if you’re an actor or if you’re in any sort of performing or, working with people in, in this way. Tom Hanks has this center completely open, and when I look at him, I’m like, he becomes, every role just becomes it just shows up and is just like so immersed where he’s completely different in every single role, and he completely embodies it. Why? Because his sense of identity does not come from within him it comes from where he is. So when you plant him in the middle of a scene, in the middle of a movie, in the middle of a life, he can fully take it up without having to think about is this me or is this not me?

It’s him wherever he is. Can you get comfortable there? And if you can, What a ride. How amazing. I have the center defined so I’m, I, I have a, a different experience. My identity comes from within me, so that’s, that’s part of my work. But I look at that all the time and I’m like, you know, if you can, if you can clean that out, how fun, what a beautiful, beautiful way to experience life if you’re not letting it send you into a tailspin or knock you on your tushy. Because it, I’m sure it’s a lot. I’m sure it is alot. But I hope you found this helpful. I do have a couple of announcements that I wanna, I wanna throw out here to you. One is we have a contest. We have a cool little contest going on for the month of January, and we might continue this where, what I’d like to do, what I’m going to start doing is having people on this show where you get a mini reading. So the contest is if you enter into this contest, you get a chance to win a mini reading coaching slash coaching session on this show. You’ll come on, you’ll get your own episode. So you get to highlight yourself, what you do, get your, get your name out there and whatever your expertise is, speak about it to our audience here.

 And you also get to come, you can come in and say like, I’m having this issue. I am experiencing this, this is something that I haven’t been able to get past. Is there anything in my chart or is there anything in the chart that, that maybe would help me course correct or that’s jumping out? Or you can come and just wanna hear like, what are the most important things about my chart?

I’m just. Starting out, I’d like to know more. Whatever it is that you would like. You can come here and you get a little 30 minute episode where you can come on and we run through your chart together, and you get to, you get to steer that a bit, the way that you enter this contest. Super simple. If you are a fan of the show and you wanna be on it, I’m assuming you are.

If you wanna be on this, um, then you would go to iTunes and you would leave a review for this show and you would tell everybody that you love it and why you love it. Then you’ll take a little screenshot of that review and you’ll post it in your Instagram stories and you will tag me at Nicole Laino. And that is your entry.

You’re all done if you do that. My team will be taking, taking down each of those posts so that we have them, and then we will draw the winner at the end of the month and we will reach out to you and schedule that with you. If if you would like to enter that so that, that is exactly how you do it.

Super, super simple. We will also put all of the, these details in the show notes for you. So if you didn’t catch all of that, just please go back, no worries. Or you can reach out to me on Instagram, send me a dm, be like, I wanna enter, what do I do? Happy to, happy to, happy to assist there. And then we also have two free guides for you.

Both of them, kind of relate to this episode, so I’ll drop them both here. We have a, we have a deconditioning guide, which will be super helpful, particularly for this episode. If you’re, if you’re an open G center, you’ll wanna do this, but the deconditioning guide covers all of the centers. Go to Nicolelaino.me/decondition and that is a free guide, completely free to you.

 Just sign up there and you can download. And then we also have a productivity guide, or as I like to call it, a flowductivity guide. This is a how to, how to teach you how to use your design to be more productive, to experience less resistance, if any, but while remaining in flow and ease. So it’s not just about getting more done, although you will, it’s how you can get more done, how you can be more creative, how you can experience the flow.

By harnessing your human design. And this is a really big guide. This one, I got a little carried away with this one. It’s like 19 pages. It’s huge. It’s like more like an ebook than a guide. So please go download that at nicolelaino.me/productivity. And we will also link all of this up in the show notes for you.

So we have you covered there. But if you just wanna type those in, they’re kind of decondition or productivity, my website forward slash decondition or forward slash productivity. And you can get either of those guides. I hope you loved this. I hope that this was helpful. I hope you download the guides. I hope you enter the contest.

I hope I get to do a little reading with you on the show. If you want a full reading, a whole reading, you can certainly go to my website, at nicolelaino.me, and you can see where there’ll be something there to show you. The Work With Me section shows you how to book a reading if you’d like to have a full reading or if you wanna dive.

And you wanna work with me for an extended period of time on realigning your entire business and life by your human design, your offers, your sales, your sales system, your life, the way that you relate to your kids, your clients, your friends, your spouse we do all of that inside the Limitless Entrepreneur Program.

If you’re interested in more information on that, it’s on my website, but you can certainly DM me on Instagram and I will be happy to fill you in on any of the details you’re looking for. And so remember, you are only limited by the limitations that you accept. And when you stop accepting those limitations, that is when you become limitless. So go out there and be limitless everyone. I will see you in the next episode.

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