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Episode #139 Interview with 2/4 Manifesting Generator Tammy Cho, The Body Whisperer

Today, Nicole has a special guest with an interesting expertise that she is dying to share with you, Tammy Cho, The Body Whisperer. Tammy is a 2/4 Manifesting Generator and she’ll be walking you through her journey from burned out Nurse to self-love embodiment guide and psychosomatic therapist.

Tammy and Nicole discuss:

  • Tammy’s discovery of how disconnected she was from her body and how that created physical and energetic “kinks”.
  • How her practice blends a unique, proven face and body analysis system, neuroscience, ancient wisdom and energetics of manifesting and emotional leadership to help successful women breakthrough in their business. 
  • Practical application on how this ties into our Human Design journey. 
  • How this journey of, self-discovery and knowing self, and then loving self for who we are has allowed Tammy to create more money in her business.


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Nicole Laino: Hello and welcome to the Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast everyone. I’m your host, Nicole Laino, and I’m actually here with a guest today. I’m super excited about this. I have been all by myself for so long on the show. The last number of episodes I’ve done have been all just me by my lonesome and I am so happy to have my friend here with me.

I have Tammy Cho here, and I’m excited to introduce you all to her because she’s a really beautiful soul and she has such an interesting expertise that I am dying to share with everybody. So let me tell you a little bit about her. Tammy Cho, she’s a body whisper. She’s a self-love embodiment guide, a psychosomatic therapist, an international best-selling author, a speaker, and the CEO of Path to the heart.

She’s served as a registered nurse and in the psycho-spiritual industry for over 20 years. She blends a unique, proven face and body analysis system, neuroscience, ancient wisdom and energetics of manifesting and emotional leadership in her work. Tammy. I’m excited to have you here. Welcome to the show.

Tammy Cho: I’m excited to be here too, Nicole. 

Tell everybody a little bit about you. I don’t like to tell my guest’s story. I like to kick it over to you and tell everybody what did I leave out in that bio and tell them just a little bit about you and what you do and who you are. 

Sure, as Nicole expressed, I’m a body whisperer and I started my journey feeling really disconnected from my own body, and I, one day I was working as a nurse for 20 years and I sat there, I got off the phone with a client and I started having chest pain and he heart palpitations. That was reading up my jaw, down my arm and all of this.

And I was, my eyesight was getting fuzzy and. I couldn’t, everything was getting fuzzy, even what I was hearing, and I ended up being wheeled off to emergency in front of all my coworkers at work. And you know what, Nicole, like leading up to it, I actually knew, I knew that I was like burning out. I knew that.

I was struggling with anxiety and difficulty concentrating. I even got a doctor’s note too. Take time off work. And so I was kind of preparing myself to be off, but I couldn’t get myself to let go. And, someone would question like, is it, my IQ? Like, why didn’t you, Tammy take time off?

And it really stemmed to a part of my life where there was a lot of trauma and my mom left me when I was a baby and I was bullied and there was a lot of abuse and things like this. And I got really good at living. In a way that I just pleased other people around me did whatever I thought people wanted on me, of me, and I became this people pleaser became this overachiever and all of this, and it really got me living a life that looked good on the outside.

I became a nurse, had a loving husband. I had investments and became a millionaire before I was age 30. And it was that I wasn’t happy on the inside. . And for myself, I was just in a space now that I needed to break through. And of course that turning point for me, Nicole, was when I had my six month old daughter and she was lying there in one of those baby Einstein mats, and for the first time she intentionally hit one of those hanging toys.

And there was a community nurse sitting to the left of me and she was saying like, oh, Tammy, did you see that? And I was so fixated on keeping this little person alive that I was like, I was so disconnected and I just said that, yeah, kids do that. And so if it wasn’t for that community nurse, I wouldn’t have known how disconnected I was to myself.

And now, this is why I do what I do is that as a body whisperer and doing face and body analysis, I help someone take off the mask that maybe they’ve been wearing a while. Feeling like they got everything on the outside, but deep inside they’re not fulfilled, they’re not happy, and at some level they’re sacrificing their soul.

And I also use face analysis as a way to help people uncover what is going on at an emotional level and going to the root cause behind what sort of health challenges may be playing out in the. because often that correlates with subconscious blocks that are in the way of creating the impact or the abundance we want in life.

And so that’s what I’ve devoted my life to, to help people step into this embodiment of emotional leadership within themselves and to live in alignment with who they choose to be and who they are. 

Nicole Laino: Wow. Wow, there’s so much there. There were so many times I wanted to like, jump in and be like, tell me more about that, or Let’s talk about that.

Because there are so many things that I think that I could relate to, and I’m sure that, the person listening to this right now is relating to at least some part of your story of wearing a mask, of finding I call them the strategies that we use to survive, which yours was people pleasing. It was like, this is the thing that I’m gonna fall back on. I played small and people pleased a bit. Those were my big things. I used a whole cocktail of them but we all have ways that we shift into this like automatic program of this keeps me safe. I can get by like this, but that’s not thriving and it comes out.

Tammy Cho: Yes. 

Nicole Laino: I use this quote all the time. I say it a lot. I say, I’ve said it on the show before, Carl Young said that, which has not made conscious appears outside his fate. And we are if it’s, if we’re stuffing it down, if we are not, if there’s something that we’re putting in the dark, some trauma that we are not facing, We are not getting rid of it.

It’s going to find its way out. And usually it’s through our body. It’s through. That’s the silent way of it, but it’s very loud. But it’s the last thing that we listen to. So I love that you shifted your life to really focusing on healing the body but listening to the body. And I think that’s something, I feel like that’s a shift that we’re seeing overall with people with society right now is like we’re, we went, we were very much mindset focused for a long time.

And I know that’s been my journey is oh, it’s actually it’s the embodiment, it’s the body. And so can you tell everybody a little bit, because your expertise is face analysis, can you tell everybody a little bit about what is face analysis and what can it tell us? You touched on it a little bit, but I wanna go deeper here.

Tammy Cho: Yeah, for sure. So face analysis essentially yes, it’s a self-discovery tool, but it’s also a therapeutic tool at the same time. And so what I walk people through essentially is a journey within their own face. For example, I will go through all the different features lines we, the texture of the skin , how they maybe move certain characteristics.

All these kinds of things that highlight someone’s strengths. It highlights someone’s challenges and also any internal conflicts within self that keep us out of alignment within ourselves. And it’s all written on our face and body, and it doesn’t lie. Our body doesn’t lie. And the second part of the journey I take people on is that to experience themselves.

In their inner world, the private side of their face, which is the left side of our face, Nicole, and the outside of what we show people is generally presented on the right side of our face. And so it’s I’m helping someone essentially draw from their mind. into their heart, their body,

And this is the transformation that often happens is that when we witness and see ourselves in this way, we could change our life when we shift how we see ourselves and the way we relate to ourselves and change the way we relate to life. And so this is a big, really, huge thing for me that how face analysis and my body reading has impacted my life in so many ways.

Because if we’re not in our body we’re probably not feeling very deeply because we’re likely in our heads and trying to get everything done. 

Nicole Laino: Yeah. There’s also something that, a lot of people spend, when we think of energy, a lot of people go to manifestation and manifesting and attracting and doing all of these things you’re looking to manifest.

And we get a little caught in that spiritual ethereal world of the energy and then it goes to like law of attraction. A lot of times the thoughts that I have, I’m attracting with this. You’re looking to attract things in the physical world. that comes through the body. That is a body connection.

We don’t want imaginary things. We don’t want that. That would be the visualization. We’re all doing that, but the way that you can bring things into being is through the physical. So you have to connect to your body. If you’re disconnected to your body, then that’s probably a big reason why you’re not manifesting or why you’re not able to create what you want in the world.

You can think about manifesting in all sorts of ways. But I want to, cuz this is fascinating to me that you can look at somebody’s face and can you, so you’re looking at me now. Are you able to look and see things from my face right now? Or is this like an in-depth thing that you need to go and analyze photos or something like that?

Or are you looking at people in everyday life and just being like, ah, I see this here. 

Tammy Cho: There’s definitely certain things I could highlight from your face. And I’m just being honest that on my side, looking at the camera, the picture on your side is actually fuzzy. So I wouldn’t wanna actually do a reading per se, but I would say that it definitely is an in-depth experience cuz otherwise it becomes more of an intellectual thing.

But in general, I could see, for example, your general shape of the face and it tells me right away you’re just someone that has that feminine sensitivity, very warm, affectionate, nurturing type of person. And just with how your face is more elongated, definitely you care about more than yourself, you care about you.

Whether you call that idealistic or humanitarian tendencies or like you, you care about making a difference in a wider way than just for yourself. And so those are some things that I could see clearly right now. And it really speaks to the personality of how we are showing up.

And it’s interesting, Nicole, because when I do the face splits sometimes one side of the face actually looks very extremely different from the other side. And I have a picture of am Maya Angelo actually, where if you were to put cover one side of her face she would look really happy. And when we cover the other side she’s uh, looks like she’s crying and this is how some of us are moving through.

And it shows up differently for everyone of course. and oftentimes we’ll get body symptoms. Obviously it starts with the overwhelm, feeling depleted in the body somehow. But it could be symptoms like, lower back pain and what we feel in our shoulders and we brush it off.

We move our body a bit and then we move on. And when we ignore things long enough, it manifests into challenges. And because I work with a lot of high achieving women, sometimes it looks like knowing what we need to do and then actually doing and implementing what we know we say we need to do, like that disconnect.

Often it looks like that, like very much like when in my story, I knew what I needed to do, but emotionally I couldn’t really let go. 

Nicole Laino: And do you think that was, the stories that you told yourself, like in your head you were saying, I can’t take time off now. This will mean this we are, were those old stories subconsciously at play, looking back on it now, is that kind of how you see it playing out? Or do you see something different? 

Tammy Cho: Essentially I, was I connecting to it emotionally? It’s, it was, I was fearful who I was if I didn’t do these things? If I didn’t do all these over pleasing, overachieving, overproducing, whatever, that is always being busy. If I slowed down enough to actually be present that much with myself and my feelings, it was a very scary place because I honestly felt at an emotional level that I was gonna die.

Nicole Laino: Yeah. 

Tammy Cho: That’s what it feels like emotionally, right? 

Nicole Laino: And the identity dies, right? 

Tammy Cho: Yes. That, yes, exactly. 

Nicole Laino: It’s that false identity that we’ve, that props us up. That’s, it’s those, there’s the ego deaths that we talk about in like the energetic world where it’s an ego death.  It was, if I let go of this, who am. You are you. 

Tammy Cho: Yeah. And even though we don’t wanna carry those identities at some level anyway, it’s like we just tend to hold on to those identities because it’s familiar. It’s what we know. And even though without it feels like chaos or, I mean we’re, we’ve just gotten used to being a certain level of being.

And that’s what often keeps us out of alignment with what we want. Cuz there’s places within us that, That there’s blocked energy. There’s emotions as energy and motion . And if we’re holding energy in, in the way in our body and for example, the way we walk could highlight if we’re on purpose with our soul’s purpose what the way we are actually holding our hips tells me if someone’s like how much restriction they have with foreign movement, how much they hold themselves back there’s a lot of information. And the way we hold our body is also it creates those kinks, so to speak, to the energy flow. And so often we focus on the mindset and strategy and not saying anything’s bad with that. At the same time, there has to be this body, mind, heart, soul, energetic alignment that comes forth because our mind and action could be doing this.

And we honestly feel we’re actually moving forward and doing and if we’re holding our body even a certain, a different way, that’s actually highlighting that there’s some resistance that there’s a lack of flow in a particular area. So when we actually bring awareness to all these areas, then we actually, we can live life releasing sort of health symptoms, challenges, depending on the situation of each person. Of course. 

Nicole Laino: Yeah. And. It is so powerful and what I’ve, what I have found and I’m curious if you found the same thing in your work with the women that you work with, but I work with a lot of people who work very hard. They’ve been doing a lot of things. They’ve been using the strategies they have been out there.

And what I have seen is if they’re not getting the result they want, if they’re doing a lot of work and it’s, it doesn’t, it’s not quite working. They’re not at the level that they probably feel they deserve to be at than it is an energetic problem. And that’s where movement can happen very quickly.

It’s hard to get somebody who can’t do any work and who doesn’t know what to do and is completely lost like that. That’s a big undertaking to put them on the right track. But to take somebody who’s doing a lot of things but not getting the results necessarily that they want the energetic alignment is normally what can push things and help people move very quickly because it’s oh, if you just stop pushing energy into this aspect of you that’s not correct for you, that isn’t authentic to you, that isn’t right for you. Things can start to move. Things can flow, like you’re saying. Do you see the same thing with your people?

Tammy Cho: Yeah, I definitely see a similarity with just that depending obviously where they are in their journey, and the body will highlight and reflect this way. It will tell us like where we are in the journey, how much resistance there is. Maybe sometimes it’s just such a self-discovery and everyone’s on a huge range on where we’re at.

But because I’m working with high achievers that are doing all the things already, they tick those boxes, putting themselves out there and doing all the things. Oftentimes it’s these little shifts in embodiment in our beingness and how we choose to show up. And that actually determines the flow that we’re able to move through on a consistent basis and then link in the mindset and strategy together.

That’s what makes, I find, the hugest difference. And I will say that a lot of it has to do at the emotional level out there, how they relate to their own emotions. That’s probably one of the biggest things to come back to the body.

Nicole Laino: Yeah. Talk to me a little bit more about how you define relating to your own emotions.

Tammy Cho: And so when, often when I guide someone through feeling their emotion, they’re often not feeling very deeply per se into their emotions. They’re and they’re often confusing what is a thought and what is the emotion. And so feeling, I’m stressed. That does feel like it has some emotions, but deep down under that, it’s often I’m really sad and having this knowledge on identifying it, but also more importantly, being with it. Really we don’t need to identify, we could just allow us the emotions to move through us. , we don’t actually need to wrap a story around it. Although I find for some clients it’s helpful to guide them to feel safe.

And a lot of times the story is that unraveling of their safety to be with me. . And so everyone’s slightly different, but at the end of the day, it’s if we are, have that emotional leadership within ourselves to relate to emotions that it’s not wrong or right, it’s just energy. It’s just emotion that we’ve attached certain things to and to support someone to not yeah to just not it to to resist almost.

Cuz what I find is that a lot of people will move through life and they know they’re feeling something but they’re not going deep enough. So there’s a resistance. . there And so when that resistance is there, it’s creating that lack of flow and that emotion just gets locked down and that’s when it gets locked in the body.

Nicole Laino: Yeah. 

Tammy Cho: And so by yeah, bringing that alignment into ourselves and allowing it to flow and doing the breathing and going into the areas that we don’t always want to, and to be able to express and release. There’s a confidence that is built through that. There’s a self-trust, there’s that compassion piece, and I’m not sure about you, Nicole, but a big part of my journey is that when we have that compassion for ourselves, we can flow so much, nicer or in flow, whatever you wanna call it. Like life becomes easier. 

Nicole Laino: Oh, a hundred percent. I I don’t think you can be grounded if. , don’t feel your feelings. What’s happening under the surface, because a huge part of what I do, I’m known for human design. I’m known for business strategy. But a huge part of what I do is emotional clearing.

It’s, let’s empty the cup. Empty the vessel of all of the old emotions because, and that’s not just cuz it’s oh, it just sounds good or it’s because at least what I have found through myself and all the people I’ve worked with is those emotions. What they’re doing on a subconscious or an unconscious level, more likely is you are avoiding feeling that emotion again.

So if you’ve stuffed down sadness, or if you just haven’t fully felt sadness, where you’ve glazed over it, what you’ve done now is you’ve left, like I, I think of it like residue. It’s if you cleaned the dishes, but you really didn’t scrub ’em, or you left a layer of gunk on the bottom.

It’s still there. So that layer of gunk, then there’s another layer of gunk of the next emotion and the next one and the next one. And now you have gunk lasagna in your body of emotions. All these, this little cocktail of emotions that you have going on. And what you’re doing is then you have this unconscious pattern of avoiding feeling, that feeling again.

So, you’ll avoid the thing that makes you, that might make you feel sad, and you’ll avoid the thing that might make you feel angry and you might avoid the thing that would make you feel not good enough. All of those emotions and all of those things associated with them. Then when it comes time for you to step out, if you feel unlovable on an unconscious level than when you go to get on a sales call. If there’s a feeling of unlovable, you might clam up. You might not have the call. You might not ask for the call because deep down you have this fear that people don’t love you cuz you haven’t resolved it. And so it pulls the strings. It ends up being like the puppeteer of your life are these unresolved emotions and I love that you can see it through the body, through the work that you do. Are you able to see, do you have different tools that you use based on what in somebody’s gait, in their face, in their expression, talk a little bit about the process that you go through. So you make the call, you look and you’re, you give the analysis and you say, these are the things I see.Then what happens?

Tammy Cho: So, I’ll walk you through a little bit of my journey and how it showed up on my body. Because one of the things that I was so desperate for love and, because of my journey , I’m now self-love embodiment guide , but it was very much, I didn’t love myself on so many different levels and how that shows up on my body was that there was like a piece of it, it feels like a hardened area that actually was protruding.

And you can’t be looking at it physically. You’re not, your eye is not Yes. Physically, and you’re, I’m, it’s not, when you look at someone, it’s not oh, I see that big thing sticking out. But literally you could feel it when you’re touching yourself. And so with that, like I was so yearning for love and the way I positioned my body and how I was, just showing up and standing or walking, like my body would be forward, And you could tell from the center of the body.

So, I was totally giving everything, like the way my elbows were showing up was literally pushing outwards. So I was giving everything I could just to receive some love yet within myself. And it was showing up in my solar plexus. I was like blocking it. . So, for myself to see all these things because yes, we could make it into everyday things.

I’m not doing the strategy, right? Or yeah, I know this is about myself. And un unless we’re look connecting with the body to go in to connect to these pieces within ourselves and to actually allow our body to guide us into the emotions is a lot of the work I do is that when we are making those connections and we release that it’s now it’s like entirely flat cuz I’ve learned how to give myself what I need and a lot of that had to be coming back to my body, coming back to the presence for myself.

And it’s also affecting, obviously, my whole position in my body. I used to have a lot of lower back pain. and so very much if I’m, you’re giving ourselves, like for example, our bodies forward and it’s all expressed and things, certain tissues hanging a certain way in this way, then if you think about it, like the lower back’s gonna be like kinked.

So, a lot of that creative expression, like I’m a very creative person. You can tell by my forehead just being very round and just the ball on my nose and things like that. I’m very highly intuitive and things like that. And there were places that I was just holding that I was giving it all away and not bringing that back to myself.

I was kinking the energy. And so this is all highlighted. And so if we’re moving about life doing all these things, but we’re not adjusting our posture and alignment. , and that’s one step being with the physical body. But then there’s also the actual embodiment of our beingness of the emotions that we want to create, the identity we want to step into and to want to have in our life.

So there’s obviously a lot of parts to this. Like I, speak about the body a lot, but essentially I’m bringing that someone back to how they’re relating to themselves and how they choose to show or represent it through the body and helping someone see themselves has caused someone to, like someone that wore glasses to realize that they didn’t need to have glasses anymore.

And because they’re finally willing. They created the space to really see themselves and they didn’t need to hide anymore. So everyone’s experiences and results are different, but it was just, it’s just, I love to share that one because how we see ourselves our eyes are a heart chakra.

It’s like our soul, and it was really beautiful to see people, help people see themselves and shift this relationship in their internal world. 

Nicole Laino: I love that. And is it a little bit like the experience that I have with human design? Once you give somebody their reading that it’s just confirmation of a lot of things that they knew on some level before or is it all I had no idea.

Tammy Cho: I would say it really depends on the person’s face shape and how long they’ve been on the journey. I would say that it’s a mix for the clients I work with. There are pieces that they’re aware of, but they, they actually are hiding from, even though they were aware of , because otherwise it wouldn’t show up on the body. And sometimes it’s like they know it and they’re working through it, and they’re not sure they’re still stuck because they’re still up here disconnected and they’re not sure how to come down. . And that’s one of my gifts to help them experience, like what that even feels like for some people.

They’re not, we’re not aware. Like I wasn’t aware that I was disconnected. I need something to happen to awaken me, and I think that when we look in the mirror and there’s something about our body that maybe we’re not liking, maybe there’s parts we like, right? But whatever part that is for you, right?

Subconsciously, that’s your body is guiding you to look there. So are you continuously maybe criticizing a part or maybe you love a part and there needs to bring more there, there needs to be a bit more sort of balance in different parts. So it’s very, yeah, it very, it really varies a bit. , I attract a lot of also intuitive people.

So I would say at some level they know. And even though their mind is telling them, they don’t know. I could see that their body is listening as there’s this relaxing oh my goodness I feel seen. 

Nicole Laino: Huh, yeah. There, there’s something else that you said that I wanted to highlight. You were saying how, you were from your own journey, that, your heart was like protruding, like literally reaching out, just giving and giving in its search to be loved and its need to be loved. And then, but you had this other part of you, I think you said your elbows were pushing out where not receiving the love back and that’s so common for people that, that where we’re trying and we’re pushing out, and I see it, the way I look at it through human design is that it’s usually a lot of the white space in our chart. It doesn’t have to be, but it’s the first place I look. But white spaces where we’re meant to receive, it’s easier for us to receive there because it’s open, like the doors and the windows are open.

So, it’s easier to accept something there, the good and the bad. But when we try to push out there we block ourselves from receiving because we’re taking up all the space that we are so busy trying to operate from that place that we shut down and we’re not able to receive from it. And that’s just whether it’s human design or body analysis.

But that is just a common, that’s just a truth that where we’re chasing. In the chase in the desperate need for the thing and pursuing it. We actually miss all that could be coming to us. Like we’re blind to it cuz we’re so tunnel vision focused on I gotta get the thing, I gotta get the thing, I gotta get the thing.

We don’t realize that it’s here already and we’re shutting ourselves off from it. 

Tammy Cho: Yeah. And then a big part of at the core of everything, it really comes back to how much we love and accept ourselves, and obviously we need to know ourselves before loving those parts to some extent.

And it’s helpful for the mind to settle into that anyways. And like for myself, I was like so I kept myself so busy. I just had no time and space to feel at one point. And so I, first, my first step was really slowing down enough to hear myself and then it moved to a part where, yeah, I can make the space for myself, but I still felt that I was stuck and I had to work through all that and there was a space where I would connect in and I would actually get enough information and intuition to move me a little bit forward. But I would self sabotage this because I wouldn’t listen any deeper. And so it’s just interesting how this all plays out, depending where you’re at and sometimes it’s like we’re not aware, but I was, something keeps on flashing in my body and so that guides me in a deepest place that maybe, my mind is blocking out and not wanting to listen to.

So on many different levels different ways to obviously come back to self. And then there was another space like realizing that I’m actually not meant to slow down that much because I actually need to actually be a little bit like I’m spending time in different hats to satisfy. And that to me, this journey of self-discovery and knowing self, and then loving self for who we are.

That’s what invites this abundance energy, and that’s what that, when I’m most centered in that, is when I’ve been able to create more income in my business. That’s, I see. There’s a direct correlation with that for.

Nicole Laino: And I’ve seen your human design chart and because I actually did an interview with Tammy on her platform.

And I went through her human design chart now, Tammy, do you mind if I share just some of what your design looks like? Because a lot of people are just curious and I think it helps people to see design in action to see why people. , like why you operate the way you operate and then why other people operate the way that they operate.

We’re all designed to be different. Is it okay with you if I share? I should’ve asked you that before the show.

Tammy Cho: Yeah, definitely. Yeah. No, I’m an open book. 

Nicole Laino: I was gonna say, I didn’t really leave you like, you’d be like, no, actually it’s not. That would be awkward putting you on the spot, 

Tammy Cho: Honestly.I’m fine , 

Nicole Laino: But Tammy’s entirely defined, her whole chart is defined. So every center is defined, not the whole chart. Obviously no one can have that, but every center is defined and you’re a two four emotional manifesting generator with a triple split definition. And what you are explaining. And you also have I believe you have a lot of left facing arrows.

So, when you said I’m not really meant to slow down too much. I’m meant to be busy, you have so much energy that if you slowed down, it would almost be wrong for you. It would feel like I’m not there’s stuff that needs to be put places. There’s energy that needs to flow, that you’re actually kinking the flow by relaxing too much.

You can be relaxed in action. 

It’s like the quality of the action that you take can be relaxed, but for you to sit back and do a whole lot of nothing that’s probably not gonna be healthy for too long for you. Is that what you were finding? 

Tammy Cho: Yeah, I definitely felt that slowing down helped initially and after a while it was not serving for sure. It just felt that I felt so antsy, and I did make myself wrong for doing that. And I felt that I just needed to learn to slow down better, but I go, no, that’s not right. I could do it now. I’m not in that space that I’m running from something anymore.

Yeah. So that, that definitely rings true. And Nicole, I feel for this cuz I do have a lot of energy and I know that you shared with me like my two is very much like needing to. by myself and spend that time by myself. But there’s a part of me that really likes to be with people too. And, and process. 

Nicole Laino: That’s the four. You’re a 2/4. So that’s the split for the two. The two is I just wanna be alone and do my own thing. And then the four is but I need to be around people. and I need to be social. So you have this like introvert social thing happening, but when you can make those two things work, and when two’s do things just get so easy for you guys, like I’m, I envy 2/4s.

Because stuff just comes to you , when you are nurturing that you need to be alone and do your own thing, but also allowing yourself to, again, don’t follow any rules. I’m an introvert. I’m an extrovert. Like you are an introvert, extrovert, you. If we were to follow the label, then you’d get stuck in between sometimes I feel like this, and sometimes I feel like this, that’s how it works for you.

But the more you hermit in an aligned way, meaning like doing your own thing for the joy of it and for nurturing yourself, the more your network grows and finds you. And when you are out, you’re doing it in this natural, social way of making connections with people. Like you make deep connections.

You don’t make superficial connections, you make real connections. So when you can marry those two you’re just dancing with life. 

Tammy Cho: Yeah. And I really love the human design system because they lay out all these energetic ways to explain, maybe like how I maybe support someone in coming back to them and arriving within their own heart with realizing that’s what I need.

Because I realize a lot of things about what if we go to the core of everything, it’s actually a need that’s unmet. And so when we allow ourselves to have our needs and live by, that’s why I need, this is how I need to create my schedule. And it’s beautiful cuz human, human design and the body, I feel like it’s, there’s just so much relationship there is so beautiful.

And when we allow that to come together in this way, it’s just I feel like what’s coming through is so synergistic and beautiful. For anyone that is walking these two spaces together, a hundred percent.

Nicole Laino: Amen to that. Human design does connect you back to your body because it takes the, everything is taking the power away from the mind and putting it back into the body and connecting with your body.

You’re paying attention to how your gut feels. You’re paying attention to what you’re getting from your spleen. You’re paying attention to the truth for you. And it’s all connected and all rooted in the body. So I love that. And yeah. And I have a friend who is almost entirely defined. She has one center open and she has all left facing hours. So she’s got a lot of like masculine “doing” energy. And she came to me and she was like, I’m trying to connect more to the feminine energy and rest more and do this. And the first question I asked, I was like can I ask why? Because if it’s like you were saying to where you needed to unwind a lot of stuff because you were out of alignment, that you needed to take that pause to figure out like, where does my energy belong?

What do I have to like, get rid of here? What do I have to face? And she was like I just, I want to be able to do it and it really landed on that she felt like she should. And I said if it doesn’t feel natural to you, it’s really natural for you to be very busy.

You just wanna make sure that you’re busy doing the things that feel right to you. And it’s not automatic, but just because people are saying like, you have to get into your feminine, your feminines gonna look different than my feminine . And, yeah. And so like we have to recognize what’s right for us and not, just take these blanket statements that we hear and sound good and it works for somebody else, or change somebody else’s life.

It doesn’t mean that it’s correct for you. 

Tammy Cho: Yeah, Nicole and I will add that what I notice is that like when we go into the spaces of the heart and we actually allow ourselves to own what it is that we need sometimes that is from the sort of the wounded child, so to speak, right? That emotion is there and it’s but it’s not until we address the needs of this inner child. Until we actually transcend that and move into the emotional needs of our higher being self than the identity we’re actually trying to create. And so otherwise there’s a, almost feels like a disconnection with ourselves, if that makes sense. And yeah, it really rings true what you’re saying and just to understand these different aspects of where the emotions are coming from.

Not to say sometimes we could do it without knowing, but I find someone who’s been living in the mind for a while needs to connect to what is this and what is as so it’s so scary to go into the depths of something that feels very traumatic for that child, that felt traumatic at a young age that our mind is telling us is wrong and not okay to feel like that.

Does it make sense what you’re feeling? And yeah, we live life creating that in her life. And so yeah, I just wanted to speak to that point. 

Nicole Laino:  No, I love that, and thank you for sharing that. And thank you for being here. This was amazing. I love what you do. I think this is so interesting and such a different way to approach the embodiment practice and the embodiment process.

I highly encourage anyone listening to reach out to Tammy and learn more about. About what she does because it truly is fascinating and very useful. And really the body does hold the keys or as the famous book says, the body keeps the score. So don’t ignore your body.

We get very focused on the mind, but come back to the body and you’ll see things move. Things open up fast when you start working with the body. So I love what you do, and thank you for sharing your expertise and your wisdom here. Tell everybody I know you have a free gift. Tell everybody about that and tell them where they can stay in touch with you and learn more about you.

Tammy Cho: Sure, I’d love to if you wanna stay connected and just learn more about what I do. My website is a Path to the heart, so exactly how it sounds, path to the heart.com. And you could find out a range of things about what I’m doing and if you wanna reach out to me in that way. I’ll just let the audience know.

I also offer a complimentary deep dive session if that’s something you wanna dive into, to explore a bit with me. And the offering I would like to put out to the audience as well is this: discover what your face shape says about you. And it really helps you start the journey to knowing yourself and what that means and making those connections between ourselves and other people around us and how we relate to those people around us, even with a difference in someone’s shape or face. And also gives a bit of a highlight on what can actually shift by actually starting on this journey. So I’d like to offer that to the audience, Nicole.

Nicole Laino: Beautiful. I highly encourage you to go and pick that up. We’ll link all of that up, of course, in the show notes. You don’t have to worry about writing that down or getting that information. Just hop on over to the, wherever you’re listening to this and go and be magically transported there through the links in the show notes. We’ll take you straight there. Tammy, thank you for being here.

I appreciate you. Thank you for sharing with everybody. And thank you listener for making it all the way to the end of this episode with us. I do wanna let you know about the contest that we are running right now. If you would like to have a mini HD reading or mini HD coaching session with me right here on the show, all you have to do is leave a review for the show on iTunes.

Take a little screenshot of that review and then share it in your Instagram stories. And tag moi. I’m at Nicole Laino official. And then if you are interested in getting the deconditioning guide for human design or my Flow-ductivity guide, which is how to be productive while remaining in Flow, you can get those at Nicole Laino. Me decondition or Nicolelaino.me/productivity. We will link all of that up in the show notes for you. Now remember, you are only limited by the limitations that you accept. When you stop accepting those limitations, that is when you become limitless. So go out there and be limitless everyone. We will see you in the next episode.

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