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Episode #145 – The Secret to Becoming An Authority Using Human Design

Today, Nicole shares the secret to becoming an Authority using your Human Design and why this is so important for entrepreneurs, no matter what you are selling. She’ll explain the difference between the value of your knowledge and your true authority and how to tap into it. She’ll walk you through the different types of authority based on your unique Human Design and the powerful results you can see in your life and your business when you use it unapologetically.


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Hello and welcome to the Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast everyone. I’m your host, Nicole Laino. We’re here today with a little episode on becoming an Authority. Now, no matter what type of entrepreneur you are, if you’re listening to this show, you’re selling something, you’re putting yourself out there, and you are the product no matter what it is that you’re selling, whether you are a designer, a coach, a service provider of some kind. People need to see you as an authority and we’re gonna talk about how you can position yourself as an authority in this episode today. And this is the cornerstone of every entrepreneur’s business. So I’m excited to bring this to you because this is sort of my specialty and this is something that is near and dear to my heart.

So I’m excited for this episode and I hope you are. Before we start some announcements, we have a free masterclass coming up on March 8th. Be sure to register for this. I don’t do many free masterclasses anymore and this is gonna be a great one. This is how to 2X your revenue while working less using my proven HD framework.

I’m gonna teach you the authority matrix, which I’m gonna give to you in a little while. That is gonna be, I’m gonna go through all of that in the masterclass. It’s going to be phenomenal. It is free. I don’t do many free ones, so get in on this. You can sign up for it at nicolelaino.me/masterclass and get in on the action there and we can hang out.

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See how easy that is? It’s so simple. Why would you not enter this? And you get to hang out with me on the show, promote your business, talk about you and your human design, and it’ll be super fun and you get to do it all for free. So fun. I hope that you win. I hope you enter. I hope you win, and I hope to see you on the show, and we get to dive into your chart together.

All right. Without further a. Let’s dive into the episode, shall we? So first of all, like what is authority? Being an authority? Think about that. Who do you consider an authority? Why do you think that’s important to be an authority as an entrepreneur, as a business owner, as somebody who’s going out there, and if you want clients, if you want people to sign up with you, if you want people to pay you lots of money.

We all want to be paid top dollar for our services. We want to be worth that much. You know, if we want to be worth that much, we have to be seen as an authority. They have to see us as an authority. And what does that really mean? It means they have to trust us. They have to trust us implicitly. They have to trust us that when they hand over their dollars, that we will deliver and will deliver big.

They should be so excited to hand you their money because they’ve been dying to work with you for the longest time because they believe that you hold something that they need, that they want in their lives that they desire to have, and not from a desperate place, but they look at you and they say, I believe that you can help me.

So there’s just inherent trust in that there has to be, or the whole transaction is off balance and it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work when someone signs up with you. When somebody pays you and they’re doing it because they think you’re the cheapest on the market and they just don’t wanna pay very much.

That’s not gonna work. It’s not gonna work for you and it’s not gonna work for them. That’s probably gonna be a really bad client relationship. But if you are an authority, if you set yourself up and position yourself as an authority, then you can determine your price. Then you can show up differently.

And that’s what this is really about. So authority is about trust. People trust you and that matters. No matter what industry you’re in. It matters that you are an authority, even if you have a career, even if you have a regular career where you work a corporate job. Being an authority on places like LinkedIn can really help you to be able to demand a higher salary, a better title, and a better position at another firm if you chose to. 

Authority matters. So this is what positioning is. It means positioning yourself as an authority. It means showing up in a way that people will inherently trust you. And so if you are feeling like you don’t have enough followers. If you’re feeling like you get low engagement, if nobody’s buying, if you’re thinking of lowering your prices or you have lowered your prices, then it’s tempting to think that you have a strategy issue.

Oh, I don’t have enough Instagram followers. Quick. I better go get somebody who has an Instagram course to teach me how to get more Instagram followers. You’ve probably tried that, and I’m guessing it probably didn’t work. It didn’t work for me. I bought every strategy under the Sun. I bought everything.

I’m embarrassed how much money I spent on strategies that didn’t really pan out for me, or I couldn’t really operate to the level that other people did. I saw other people getting results, I just couldn’t do it. And it wasn’t until I dug deeper and I realized what the real problem was, that I was able to shift it.

So what it really comes down to is it’s not a strategy issue that you have. If people aren’t listening, if people aren’t catching what you’re throwing down. If people aren’t buying and investing with you, then you have a messaging problem. But deeper than that is you have an authority problem. And here’s what it comes down to.

Now, there are courses out there, how to become an authority. There are people that will teach you how to speak and to speak with authority. But here’s the thing with that. Is authority comes from you first. You can’t be an authority to others until you are an authority to yourself. I’m going to say that again.

You can’t be an authority to others until you are an authority to yourself. Now you might be, I don’t want to confuse you and think that what I mean by authority means that you believe that what you do matters. I think most people out in the world, entrepreneurs, you jump into this because you’re like, I think I can change the world.

I believe I can change people’s lives with what I do. I can turn their home into something magnificent that they couldn’t even imagine. I could turn their life around. I could change the way that they feel. I could teach them how to change their finances. I have so much value. But that’s value in what you know, and that is not the same as you being an authority to yourself.

It’s not the same. I wish it were, it would be so much easier because we could all just amass skills, and then we’d be like, I’m enough. But all you have to do is look at all the coaches who have a million certifications, like, I mean, a million. I’m one of them. I have a lot of certifications, but they don’t actually make us feel like an authority.

We might feel like more of one, but that in and of itself doesn’t do it. We try to, I know what I’ll do. I’ll go out and I’ll get trained to do something and I’ll get a little certificate or I’ll get some letters after my name, and then I’ll be enough, and then I’ll be an authority. Then I’ll be worthy. And so that’s really what this comes down to.

It’s not about doing something different, it’s about being someone different, and you need to become the authority to yourself. Becoming an authority is different because when you become an authority, you have authority. People start to see you differently. This is when you radiate a level of confidence, a level of trust in yourself, there is an unshakable nature to people who see themselves as an authority.

And now there are two ways within human design that we address authority. One is one that you’ve heard. We all get an authority, right, with our human design profile. So I’m an emotional. Emotional is my authority. So by an authority. So you might be a splenic. I’ll run through them right now. So there’s emotional authority, sacral authority, which if you’re a sacral authority, depending on the chart that you download, it would say pure, it’d say pure manifesting generator or pure generator, because only generators can have sacral authority, splenic authority, ego authority, G center or self projected authority.

Mental projector, which is environmental authority, and then lunar authority, which is for our reflector population. Your authority gives you the way that you make decisions. What authority does is it builds trust in you, not the outside world. When I started to trust and built a relationship with my emotional authority and they all have their own nuances.

What I think is interesting about emotional authority is emotions change. Emotions are emotional. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster ride being an emotional authority, and we often feel like we don’t know. Many of the other authorities are a little bit more cut and dry with like, I get a yes from my sacral, I go.

I get a no from my sacral. I stay, I don’t go. I get a splenic hit and I move. They’re meant to be spontaneous and for us emotionals, we’ve kind of got to hang out there and just let things percolate for however long until we feel like we’ve gained clarity. Now, in the beginning I found that to be difficult.

I was very impatient. I did not like waiting. What do you mean I have to wait? How long? Don’t know. Depends was the answer that I got, because that is the answer. I didn’t like that either. I was like, well, three days should be enough. And I tried to arbitrarily set that, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about the fact that what I realized was I was building a relationship with part of myself that was going to allow me to make decisions where I was absolutely certain in my process.

Where I was so grounded in I know what my “yes” is and I know what my “no” is that nobody else’s stuff matters. I’m not going to be sucked in by someone’s fancy copywriting. I am not going to be thrown by testimonials that may or may not really be attributed to that person’s program. That’s another story for another time.

By some lack of integrity in testimonials that are used on sales pages a lot of times. But I’m not gonna get sucked into that. I’m not going to get sucked because my process is my process. I know how to tap into my intuition, my inner knowing and whatever decision I make, I make in full and total power. That alone gets you very, very far. Gets you very, very far. 

That’s the part that is the grounding part where you are able to hold any decision, emotional authority, or otherwise just when you start to trust your authority, then you’re like, then what your parents told you, what anyone else thinks- obviously we have to consult people.

We consult people in our lives, stakeholders in decisions. There’s some things we make, decisions we make as families together, but when you know, you know. You know what your yes is, you know what your no is and no one can take that away from you. The power in that process, the power, I am my own authority.

I don’t need anyone else to help me make a decision, and I used to need a lot of them. I made a lot of decisions out of lack and fear. I made a lot of decisions out of being pushed into making them or making them on someone else’s timeline and not on my own. I make them my way now, and I am unshakeable because of it.

Now, the second thing in human design that we get is that it’s not actually something that comes out in your chart, like something you could read. It’s something that I’ve put together, which is the authority matrix, I call it. This is a portion of something that I do where we’re going through developing someone’s message and really digging into who they are and working with specific elements within the chart.

I take them, and it’s this little cocktail that I’ve created where there’s specific pieces that I make sure are clean, that they are healthy, we use them to illuminate different parts of you, to get you stepping into your higher and authentic self, and that ultimately when these energies are in a healthy high expression, then that is when you become an authority to others.

That is when you can project out your greatest strength. That is when you step out and you are able to stand out from everyone else because you are so grounded in who you are, in the way you deliver a message, in the way that you position yourself and you do it unapologetically. That is what the Authority matrix allows.

 The authority matrix and this whole process is what I’m teaching in the masterclass on March 8th. So I hope that you make it to that because that is where I’m gonna dive into all of the details because there’s just not enough time in this show to go through it. And I really wanna dive into it in the masterclass.

So March 8th, go to Nicolelaino.me/masterclass and register for that. There will be replays available. You join our Facebook group, and we have a brand new Facebook group, which I’m super excited about. We have a new Facebook group where you join the Facebook group and that’s where the replays will be housed.

So make sure you join that. After you register, we’ll send you a little email with a link for it. I hope that you found this useful. I hope that you liked this. I hope that this has gotten you seeing how authority is different from strategy. Because once you are the authority, you can take any strategy and make it work. 

It was amazing to me that when I started to become my own authority, when I was clean in my energy and I became my own authority and I knew my process and I’m making these decisions, I was able to make bigger, bolder moves because I trusted myself on a new level. People just started to come to me, and trust me on a new level, a new level of person started to trust me, which I was trying all these ways, like, oh, I’ve got to find my niche.

I’ve got to do all this. How do I attract this high level client? You become the high level entrepreneur inside. This is that work. And once I did that, it just became so much easier. Then I was pulling out old programs I had and I was like, oh, I had an idea. Maybe I could use this strategy. And I was just able to use it.

Something that I was not able to operate before to its full capacity. And I was shocked. I was like, oh, wow, look at me getting all of this use out of all this money I spent before on programs and processes and strategies that stymied me before, or I wasn’t getting any traction with, and then suddenly it’s all working.

It’s fabulous. I didn’t have to spend any more money either. It’s fantastic. It left me more money to spend on the things that I really did need, and I was able to determine that because I know my process and I am the authority and I’m able to make those decisions from a complete and totally empowered place.

And I want the same for you. So come to that master. I’m gonna tell you, I’m gonna tell you to come, not asking. Just kidding. You make your own decisions . But I do hope that you come. I hope that I see you there. It’s gonna be a party. If you’ve never been to one of my masterclasses, they’re really good. I’m just gonna say it.

They’re really awesome. So you should come. Come, hang out. It’ll be cool. Anyway, I hope that you found this useful. I hope that you see how being an authority. Is the missing thing. If you’ve been dealing with any of those issues that I was talking about before, if you’re not have, if you don’t have enough followers, if you haven’t gotten traction on your message, if you haven’t gotten the engagement that you were looking for, if you are lowering your prices and, and feeling that desperation of, I’m doing all the things, but I don’t know why it’s all not working, I should be more successful right now, then this is the masterclass for you. This is the thing that’s missing. You’re not an authority and it has nothing to do with the things that you don’t know. Because I know that you’re an expert already. It has to do with what you feel inside and where you’re coming from and the way that you’re positioning yourself and presenting yourself.

And I want to show you how you can change that. I want to show you how you could become your own authority. So come to that masterclass. If I haven’t made it clear, it’s gonna be awesome. Remember you are only limited by the limitations that you accept. When you stop accepting those limitations, that is when you become limitless.

So go out there, be limitless, my friends and I will see you in the next episode, and hopefully on March 8th. I’ll talk to you soon.

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