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Episode #15 How Attraction Marketing Fails Most Entrepreneurs

Are you tired of posting your content and praying it makes an impact? Maybe you get a few likes and a comment here or there but your content doesn’t convert to repeatable and reliable sales. You’re open and vulnerable in your stories yet for some reason you’re not hitting your sales goals and that leads to you questioning if the problem is the content, or you. If this sounds like you, then you’re not going to want to miss this weeks episode where Nicole discusses:

-Attraction marketing and where it goes wrong
-Positioning yourself as an expert and creating authority
-Building a purposeful path to sales (aka a sales funnel)
-Using your story and authority in the DMs to build true relationships
-The importance of self-mastery


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Hello, and welcome to the limitless entrepreneur podcast. I am your host, Nicole Laino. And I am so happy to be here with you today, we are talking about a topic that I honestly hadn’t heard for a long time I hadn’t heard anybody bring this up for a while. And I was not disappointed about that. And I’ve heard it several times over the last few weeks, I’ve heard it come up, it’s been it’s been in my clubhouse feed, it has been popping up in conversations that I’m having with clients, potential clients, and all sorts of people all across the board, in my private messages that I’m having with people. And the topic is attraction marketing. Now, I hadn’t heard that term for so long that I really thought that everybody had kind of caught up with the truth about it, which is that attraction marketing is is really an over simplified, look at how social media marketing works. I always say that attraction marketing is the, if you build it, they will come kind of hope for the best posts and hope, post and pray approach to social media marketing. And posting and praying is just honestly, it is not, that is not a process to bank on. And that is not how you create repeatable reliable income in your business. There are lots of ways to do that. And there’s lots of ways to use social media to do that. And I am not in any way saying that organic growth, organic lead generation, organic traffic is dead, it is absolutely not. It’s just the content can’t do all the work for you. And the people who are teaching it, I really do believe like they have seen success, they have grown audiences, I will say this, a lot of them did do it in kind of the heyday of organic reach, where the algorithm was different before the pay to play, kind of just just format really came to the forefront on Facebook and Instagram and other platforms, where they really de prioritized organic and prioritize paid traffic, you can absolutely do it without paid traffic. But these people who are teaching it, a lot of them built when the organic traffic was a lot higher, they built their follower count, they built a lot of their audience before that change happened. So they’re still reaping the benefits of that they’re still reaping the benefits of having grown their audience at a time where it was sort of easier to organically grow your audience. And I they’re teaching what they know, and I am not criticizing that. But when I see people who are not as far along in their business, who are starting now or who are, you know, trying to grow in a meaningful way right now. And they don’t have that audience and they don’t have that established presence online. And they think that the content will do all the work for them. What that leads to is a few things that usually leads to results that are not meeting their expectations, of course. And that they that also leads to well, the lower engagement is another thing, the likes the comments, just not seeing that the views if you’re doing video, what that leads to is a lack of confidence on their part. They feel like social media doesn’t work. They also feel like it’s personal. Because they’re being taught to put out an authentic message, which means putting out things that are about who they are, and using their story. And, and being vulnerable online. And when we’re vulnerable. And we don’t get the response that we’re hoping for. I think for most people, it’s very difficult to not take that personally, and to not be hurt by that. And to not have that hurt your confidence. And what does that do that leads you to not want to do it again. Because who wants to be judged? Who wants to feel like they aren’t getting the response that they want that people don’t like them? Is honestly what that translates into, on a deeper level. People just don’t like me, I’m not one of the cool kids. Now, I’ve gone on the record, saying that social media can make me feel like I’m back in high school sometimes, if I’m not careful, and I’m not. I’m not consciously thinking of it. I had to do a lot of work around that. To not see it like the playground where I’m not being picked for the kickball team again. You know, and for a lot of us, I think that that is true. I think particularly for introverts where We, where we typically spend a lot of time, you know, a lot of the time, and we have our private thoughts and our private feelings and we share them with our circle, and we share them openly, I think a lot of people are very open. But to do it on a public platform takes another step. And then you take that step and you don’t see the response, you don’t see the results that you see other people getting. And you think it’s you. And that’s what I see with a lot of people I see a lot of people kind of crushed, by being told that attraction marketing was the way to go seeing other people have success with it, like some of them having a runaway success with it, and then them not. And feeling like it has something to do with them with their story with who they are with how people react and respond to them. And that is not entirely true. Yes, for some people, it’s going to take you longer to get your message out there. Sometimes feeling our message out, takes a lot of time and figuring out what really catches with people. But like I said, attraction marketing to me has been over simplified. And when we oversimplify it, then it’s easier to make other people feel like it should be easy. It wasn’t for me, therefore, it must be me. And that is a formula I would like to dispel right now. If you are using attraction marketing, where you are posting content, and you’re not getting the response that you want, then I want to take this time right now to tell you that it is not you that you just lack a process, it has been too simplified for you to make you feel like that was the only piece of the puzzle for you to put in. But there’s so much more to it. This does not mean it needs to be complicated. It just means that there are other pieces that need to be in place in order for you to see that repeatable success using social media, and especially to go beyond your warm market and to start bringing new people in. So I see this in two camps. I see this with coaches and entrepreneurs where you’re trying to bring people in and see your value. And then I’ve also seen this with the network marketing crowd, where you burn through your warm market and forget about it being able to pull new people in how do I do that. And this episode, I hope, lifts the veil on some of that gives you an idea of what this process can look like. So what I teach people to do, what I teach my clients to do, and what I teach in my workshops as well, is I really believe in and teaching people how to build their what I call the social sales funnel. So we think of sales funnels a lot as automation, we think about them, we think about like building a funnel would be like building a landing page to a freebie and then the freebie goes to an email sequence. And then that warms them up and brings them to a sales page eventually. And we think about it that way. And that is absolutely what a funnel is a funnel can be lots of things, a funnel just means that you are bringing people in one end and out another and that is a purposeful path that you are bringing them on. And each step in the path brings them closer to the end result that you want to get.

So a funnel allows you when you think through a funnel, it allows you to begin with the end in mind to say, this is the end result I want, what are the steps that I need to take someone on in order to bring them in to get the right person in who would buy this thing to get this end result. And what are the steps I need to take them on to in each step make them more likely to buy. Now I want you to what I teach is how you can take people you can take that same, that same idea and apply it not just to email sequences and everything that we are used to, but how you can apply it to your social media. Now, it does not need to be complicated. It is a framework for you to see everything that you are doing in a process form. And I believe that process lead leaves space for creativity. That is when you get out of that stuck rigid mode. And you are able to if you ever feel like you look at a blank page when you go to write content, or you get really stressed out when you have to create content because you put so much weight on the content part. That is part of the reason and you don’t have a process so you’re just you’re in the weeds of doing and you aren’t able to under Stand first of all alike. So what you’re doing is you’re doing one action, you’re creating content, that is not creating the result that you want, everybody’s telling you that it will eventually. So you are doing an action that is not yielding results. And it feels kind of helpless, I guess I’ll just keep creating content, I guess I’ll just keep doing this, I just look, I’ll just keep doing this. And they tell you to, you know, make direct reach outs and create content, make direct reach outs and create content, there is a broken part of the process here, we are not using them when when you’re just given things to do, then you’re just a task manager. When you have a process, then each part of the process is meant to make the next part more effective. So the people you’re reaching out to, there should be a process behind you choosing who you are talking to. And there should be a process behind what you are saying in those conversations with them to figure out is this a person who might want what I have? And then there should be a process around what content are you specifically putting out at certain times, in order to get people to buy this product or to buy the service or to sign up for your program, or to join your team? What is what is it that you want them to do? All of these things should have thought and a strategy behind them. When you have that strategy, that’s when you can be creative. Because you’re not thinking about the how the whole time, the house is sort of taken care of for you. Now, you just have to let go enough. Because this is how you get into alignment. And we talk about alignment a lot here. But this is what they talk about being in flow. And if you’ve ever sat down to create content, or you’ve ever sat down to generate leads and reach out to people and felt like you would rather be doing anything but that then this is the feeling you want to cultivate, and a process will give that to you. Because what it what it will do when you lack process, then lack of process leads to a lack of results. And we need to know what the repeatable actions we should be doing are in order to see the results that we want, because we want to build good habits, we want to build momentum in our business, by doing good, important things more effectively doing them over and over and over again, so that we are building momentum. And then we have somewhere where we’re leading them to. And when we don’t have a process, we feel scattered. And when we feel scattered, that’s the opposite of being in alignment. And alignment truly is what will dictate your results. If you are in alignment with the goals that you have for yourself, that comes from being able to let go that comes from space. And process will give you space process creates space. So that is what I teach, I teach you to build your social sales funnel, and the process becomes so clear. And so many people experience these aha moments, when we put this simple framework in front of them and say, This is what we do. Now there’s all of the work that’s done in figuring out who your ideal client is and what your message is. But that that’s the fun part. And we just plug those pieces into the different parts of the funnel. And then when something isn’t working, or we’re not seeing results, or the funnel breaks in a certain spot, we know exactly the spot that needs to be fixed. We’re bringing people in, we’re getting them to this point, they’re dying here before they buy, maybe it’s our calls to action. Maybe it’s the offer. Maybe it’s the way we’re presenting the offer. Let’s examine those things, make them better and tested again. This is when you can become the Scientist this is when it no longer becomes personal. This is when it becomes a process and you become the master of that process. Who can come in and fix the parts that need to be fixed. And then start to see those results come and start to see your results change and make adjustments based on the data you see. So I am actually teaching all of this I am teaching this entire process of building your social sales funnel in my upcoming workshop starting on January 25, called the six figure formula workshop. Now my six figure formula workshop we call for everything, we cover the social sales funnel, we cover the the soup to nuts, how to magnetize and monetize your audience in five days. So how to bring people in how to actually attract them to you nurture them, and then monetize them. That’s the part that a lot of people leave out. When you’re just putting out content and you’re not actually leading them to a place of buying, then we’re just doing a lot of work. And we’re not seeing results we need to induce buying, we need to bring them to a point where they make a choice, are they going to buy from us or not? Are they going to buy from us next time? Are we are we moving them toward something, your social media should I think about it like a river, it should be flowing all the time, leads moving through it, and coming out the other side, and then coming back around and passing through again and new people coming through, that is how it should be, because then you never have gaps in it, then then it just becomes something you do. It just becomes part of your process. And then it becomes something you can hand off to somebody else this is where you can start to delegate and then you can really see yourself level up. Because that is the key to Leveling up is getting people to help you. So you can be in multiple places at once, you can start focusing on only the things that you are truly, truly great at. And truly, truly love doing. And everybody else can be doing the other things and you can check in on them. So we teach you how to magnetize and monetize your audience. In five days, we teach you how to tell your story in a way that positions you as an expert that positions you as an authority. And it positions you as somebody that your audience can trust, we walk you through that process, we show you how to use that both in your content, and also in your DM strategy. So how you can be using your story and using your authority in the DMS so that you are moving them down the path and you’re building true relationships. So if you’ve ever felt like you get people in the DMS and you don’t know where to go with them, this is what we work with you on. And then we tie it all together with really showing you that path to self mastery. Because that is the missing piece for a lot of people. We think that we need tactics we think we need and this is what the whole premise of this podcast is about is that strategy will only get you so far that you need businesses spiritual as I say that that strategy will only get you so far, if you don’t have the alignment work. If you have not mastered yourself, it will not matter how many skills you have mastered. Because they will only bring you so far. At the end, it is you against you. Day in and day out the game of entrepreneurship is a test of self mastery. That is what this journey is about is how

well and efficiently and openly. Can you master yourself. And if you’ve been drawn to this path, then that really truly at the essence is like you might want the money you might might want the accolades, you might want the success. But that is all tied to you believing in the possibility of you that you believe that you have greater potential than what you’re seeing in your life right now. And you are willing to do the work and you are willing to walk this path and do all the work in order to realize your full potential. So that is the path to self mastery that I’m talking about. And that is that is what unlocks all the doors, you will find that everything opens up to you content is easier to write your ideal client is easier to attract because you are showing up differently. And when you show up differently, the world responds to you differently. So we walk you through all of that how to magnetize and monetize your audience telling your story, the DM strategy, building your social sales funnel, but then giving you that ultimate class and self mastery so that you can implement every step of this along the way. And we’re doing this starting January 25. If you’re interested in taking this workshop, which you should be because it is free. It is so powerful. We’ve had people come through this workshop, the older version of it is people went through that which this is the new and improved version. We’ve actually just amped it up and changed it and rearranged it and really made this I’m very, very excited to put this out there because it’s even more powerful than the last one. But other people have gone through this workshop in the past and said that this has been better in two days of the five day workshop. They got more out of it than they did in coaching programs they had spent 1000s of dollars on it People have had true aha moments where they’re like, oh my god, I see how it all works. Now, it all felt so scattered, and, and incomplete before, and you’ve just filled out the whole puzzle for me. So that is why it’s so exciting. And that is why everybody should take this. If you feel stuck at all, if you feel like you have just not been able to make organic lead generation and sales happen for you, on social media, then definitely come to this workshop, we would love to have you there, we will link up to the registration link to sign up for the workshop inside the shownotes. But if you want, we also have just a really simple link for you to go to a really simple URL, which is Nicole laino.me. So it’s just my name, Nicole laino.me, forward slash workshop, Nicole laino.me forward slash workshop, go to that page, sign up for the workshop. And we will send you all the details so that you stay up to date with everything. Okay, guys, thank you so much for being here. I hope that you walk away from this episode understanding a little bit more about what attraction marketing is what it isn’t. It is absolutely a technique that works. It just requires some other pieces. For most of us, it requires some other pieces in order to really be a successful strategy in and of itself. It is not a successful strategy for many people. But if you have these other pieces, these other pieces before and after it is kind of like that’s the middle that we need these, we need these entry points for our people, we need a mechanism to truly nurture them, and then emit an a mechanism to monetize them. So I hope that you see that attraction marketing can work if you have these other pieces in place. And we’ll give all of those to you and helping you actually build out your social sales funnel inside that workshop, the six figure formula workshop on January 25. I hope you join us there. And in the meantime, I will just say thank you so much for being a part of this community for listening to this podcast for being a listener. If you loved the episode, please share it on your social media channels, share it in your stories, and tag me at Nick Laino on Instagram and I will shout you out on my page. And guys, thank you so much for being here. Remember, you are only limited by the limitations that you accept. And when you stop accepting those limitations. You truly become a limitless entrepreneur. Thank you guys. I will see you on the next episode.

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