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Episode #162 – A Tip For Triple Splits

Today, Nicole is giving some love to the Triple Splits. She’ll cover what it means to have a split in your definition and then provide some tips specifically for those of us with a triple split. When our centers don’t “talk” to each other it creates three separate islands of definition and triple splits can feel like they are constantly being pulled in different directions.

Nicole will provide some helpful insight on how to navigate this effectively, including:

  • Why Triple Splits may feel drawn to look for solutions outside of themselves vs. internally
  • How being around a lot of people and changing your environment can bring clarity and alignment


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Hello and welcome to Unshakable with Human Design. I’m your host, Nicole Laino. Let’s get into it, shall we? We’re going to talk today about triple splits. I did a splits episode, I don’t know, maybe a month or two ago. I lose track. We do so many episodes now. But I did do one on all the splits, which you can go back to, and I’ve listened back to it and I actually felt like I kind of glossed over the triples. I didn’t feel like they got the love that they deserved. 

So I’m going to do a little tip. One, I’ve actually been doing a lot of readings for triple splits and had some clients come in that are triple splits and I’m like, this is in my world. So I realize that there’s not always a great definition and an explanation of a triple split. So I’m going to break it down here. Before I do remember, go to nicolelaino.me/podcastlinks for all of the things that we are doing, for all the masterclasses, everything that we’re doing, all of the free resources that you want that we are offering at any given moment can be found on that page.

Bookmark that page, have that saved. Check in with it regularly. See what we have going on. We always have the Flow-ductivity Guide, which is our human design productivity guide for how to be productive while remaining in flow. We also have the Deconditioning Guide, which is the bedrock of human design, deconditioning according to your human design, so that you can live in the highest expression of your human design if you’re following strategy and authority and not feeling like you’re getting the bang for your buck that you see other people getting it probably has to do with the deconditioning. So go download that guide and get kicked off with that process, and you’ll start to see results very quickly if you really devote yourself to that work. 

So let’s dive into triple splits here. So again, a split in your definition is exactly that.

Anything that we see on the chart that is colored in is what we call defined. So that is your definition. The colored in stuff, the colored in centers is specifically what we are talking about. So if you are looking at a chart and that someone has the root and the solar plexus defined, and there’s a channel that connects those two centers, And then if you see that someone has the Sacral Center and the G Center defined, those are all next to each other.

But let’s say they have the 29-46 connecting the sacral to the G center, and then they have the 19-49 connecting the root to the solar plexus. But those two don’t connect. There’s nothing that connects those two islands, those two sets of centers, they speak to each other. The G center and the sacral speak to each other through a channel.

The root and the solar plexus speak to each other through a channel, and then maybe they have their head and their Ajna defined through the 61-20. And those two speak to each other, the head and the Ajna, but they don’t all speak to each other. The Ajna can’t get to the G center, the root can’t get to the sacral.

All of that is broken up into these three little voices is what it really feels like. So these people can feel like they’re pulled in different directions. They can feel like they have a lot of energy typically, and they’re not necessarily looking to themselves to be like, what’s wrong with me?

Which is what happens with the single splits. We can feel like there’s a void in us. It hasn’t been my experience, both in reading about it and learning about it through my certifications and through the work that I’ve done, but also just in my observation of triple splits. They’re typically not looking inside for the problem, they’re looking at the outside and they are saying, something’s wrong out there. I gotta fix this out there. It’s not introspective. It lets me go after something is usually where a lot of, cuz they can tend to be what we refer to as ambitious, driven sometimes aggressive.

And I don’t mean that in a bad way, but but intense, you know. Depending on what they have defined. It all depends, like everyone’s chart is different. So remember, these aren’t hard and fast rules. These are some general things that I’m throwing out there, things that we see a lot of times, but not necessarily a hundred percent of the time.

But the tip that I have for triple splits, if you’re a triple split, be around lots of people. You might already be doing this if you are living in a pretty high expression. We’re always drawn to what we really need. It’s a matter of are we giving ourselves the thing that we’re drawn to?

Are we following that intuitive guidance that we’re getting to say go do this. I find myself, I don’t always listen, and then I have to remind myself you’re not listening to your intuition to go do the thing that will ultimately help you. So I have to catch myself sometimes. Even the people who are doing this.

We have to remind ourselves to not follow the conditioning, not follow what we’ve always done, and not just get stuck in habits and stuck in routines. 

For me in particular, it’s like I should be going out and working out in the world more than I work at my desk by myself. Having a small split I do very well and if I find myself frustrated or stuck, I do remind myself to go out and go work someplace else.

Sometimes I can’t, sometimes I have things that I have to do here. I can’t record a podcast in a shop. Although maybe I’ll try that someday, it doesn’t really work terribly well to do it that way. So sometimes I have to be here, but when I don’t have to be here, I do try to do work outside of the office, outside of the house and have even gotten a co-working space so that I can be in that atmosphere where I’m picking up on other people’s energy.

Triple splits. You’re going to want to be around lots of different people, all the time. Moving your group. Not the same people all the time, but really changing that environment, changing the people whose energy you’re picking up on because they’re going to bridge your splits differently. You’re not going to get all of them to connect and you don’t need them to, but it’s going to give you a new perspective and a new way of clicking things into place when you are around lots of different people at lots of different times, when you’re being a bit of a social butterfly.

Or at least in the auras of other people. So these crowded workspaces can sometimes feel really good for you as long as, you’re probably not going to be the same one, or as long as the people are changing in and out, that can be really helpful and healthy for you. I think I mentioned in the Bono episode that I did, the Celebrity Human Design reading, I did for Bono.

My Love, when I did it for Bono, he’s a triple split and he has said many times that he is not as good without his band and he’s not as good without his wife, and he’s not, he’s recognized that he needs other people to reach his full potential. That when he works alone, he is half as good as what he is when other people are around, that it elevates his game. So for the triple splits out there Look at it through that lens. How could being around other people, how has it elevated your game and how could it elevate your game? Can you go experiment with that? Can you go play around with that?

Do you go? Is it mastermind retreats? Is it co-working? Is it changing around inviting some people over to your house to co-work. It can be anything. You can really have fun with this and play with this in creative ways that you can expand the people that you are around and see how that affects the way that you feel, what you’re able to create and how well you’re able to work.

 These can be really helpful things for people with triple split definition. So I hope that you found this helpful If you’re a triple split. Let me know what you thought about this. Let me know what you thought about the episode. Take a little screenshot, put it in your Instagram stories.

Tag me. I’m at Nicole Laino official. Tell me what you loved about the episode. Share this with your friends. If you know someone who’s a triple split, please send this to them so that they get one of these tips and they get to understand their design more. Please, if you love the show, leave a review for it.

Wherever you are listening to this podcast on whatever platform you’re on, please leave us a review there. Subscribe to this show so that once you stay in touch with us and you don’t miss out on any episodes. And then also it helps to boost our rankings in all of the podcast platforms, so that means more people will get to listen to this show.

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How you can live in alignment. Now remember, the key to having an unshakeable business is to be an unshakeable human and that is our mission with the show is to help make you an unshakable human. So go out there and experiment, everybody so that you can be unshakeable. We’ll see you in the next episode.

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