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Episode #171 – Working With Your Human Design Gates

The Human Design Gates, what are they are how do they provide a window into behavior – why we do things? Today, Nicole will give an overview of the gates, not only from a Human Design aspect, but also how the Gene Keys plays a role into the contemplative side of them.

She’ll dive into:

  • How we can tune these gates like a dial to maximize our time in flow and highest expression
  • The importance of the placement of our gates in our centers
  • The Shadow, Gift, and Siddhi of gates and why they matter
  • Why the gates give us insight into the more unique and specific aspects of our Human Design


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Hello everyone. Welcome to Unshakable with Human Design. I’m your host Nicole Laino, and I’m excited for today’s episode. I’m always excited to be here with you guys. I love this show. I love what I get to do here. But today we’re going to talk about something that I work with a lot, and this is a question that comes up a lot, which is, what do you do with the human design gates?

They’re super intriguing. We love to know about them. But what do we do with that information? How do we work with the human design gates and what do they mean for our charts? I’m going to give you an overview of that because it’s a question that comes up a lot, and it was certainly a question I had when I first started diving into design.

I was like, okay, it’s great that I have all of these, and some of them have terrible names. Like I was like, my conscious Sun is the gate of confusion. Oh my God, I’m doomed. And I don’t know if you’ve had an experience like that, but if you have, we’re going to debunk a lot of that. I’m going to show you different ways of looking at this, and I’m actually going to weave in some of the Gene Keys here because the Gene Keys are actually a big part of how I work with the gates.

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And I’m so excited. I can’t wait to tell you what it is, but let’s dive into the gates. Okay, so human design gates, you’ll hear me on this show, probably say all the time, this is how we work with the gate. We’re going to work with this energy, we’re going to work with the design. So obviously, strategy and authority gives us some more clear cut, here’s what you do when you experience this. Human design is giving you through strategy and authority, and if this, then do that. Here’s what you want. I want you to notice, here’s what I want you to do. Human design gives you that framework, but when we come to the gates, that gets a little bit muddy. What do I do with this?

So let’s just talk about human design and the Gene Keys for a second. The reason that I like the Gene Keys, and I am a Gene Keys guide, so I’ve gone through their program, I have gone through all of the sequences. I absolutely love, love, love that work, and I incorporate it very holistically into what I teach.

When I’m working with clients on human design I use them really synonymously. I use them very interchangeably. A lot of times because my knowledge spans both. But human design, I go for that mechanical process. I’m looking for what to do and the Gene keys are like that contemplative aspect of noticing things.

What does this mean to you? How does that show up for you and gives you more of that, the doorway into the behavior. Here’s why we do things. A lot of that comes out through the gates. It comes out through the centers and it comes out through the gates. Now the gates with human design, you’ll get a definition of a gate and there’s lots that you can Google.

There are so many resources out there for Gates’ information and lots of them are good. And I do recommend reading a lot of them because it probably won’t make sense to you right away, or it might, but I guarantee you, whatever your understanding is of it, it will evolve over time. But the gates hold the key to truly your differentiation.

They hold the key to your uniqueness, and I’m going to break down exactly how that works, how this happens. So we have a whole chart, right? And you’ve heard me probably explain it this way, that the human design chart is like that equalizer. It’s like the big board in the music studio that the engineer is sitting in front of, and he’s turning all the dials and he’s changing the levels of the different, very specific, very detailed pieces of the sound.

He’s turning them up in all these different ways, turning them up and turning them down until he gets the sound or she gets the song to sound exactly like they want it to. Has that level that really detailed level of control over the output of the music, human design, is that board that you get.

The board is predefined. These are the things that are going to be consistent for you. These are the things, the sounds, so to speak, to continue with that analogy. These are the instruments that you’re playing your song with. These are the ones that we bring in from outside, and these are the ones that you play all the time.

So these are these dials, these levers that you have to turn up and turn down are your gates, are your centers, are your channels now Gates? Now obviously we know that there are nine centers in the body graph, and each center represents an energetic theme. You either have that theme defined or undefined, which means consistent.

Or inconsistent to you? Is this an instrument that you’ve been playing your whole life or is this an instrument that you pick up and you can play it sometimes, or maybe you’ve had some experience with it, but it’s not the one that has been yours forever. You’re not a prodigy with this one.

It’s not completely in your body, right? So we have these themes and each of the themes- so inside of the centers there are gates. So if you look at the head center, if you’re looking at the head center, at the very top of the body graph, the head center has three gates inside of it, it has gate 64, gate 61, and gate 63.

Those three gates have a very specific theme that has to do with the greater theme of the head center. So the head center obviously has everything to do with inspiration. It’s a pressure center. So it’s the pressure of the outside world, inspiration coming into our minds, into our experience, into our energetic being.

Now that greater theme of inspiration. That greater theme of being inspired and having inspiring thoughts and the way that things enter into us, each of the gates gets a specific theme that has to do with inspiring be or being inspired by and in a certain way. So Gate 64 is the Gate of Confusion. That is my conscious Sun.

Hello, gate 64 is the gate of confusion. So it says that the way that I experience inspiration is through confusion. That’s how it starts. Now, when I first heard that, I was like, I’m doomed. That sounds awful. But the gate gives us the, there’s great power in understanding that, because then with Gene Keys, so while I might have seen that as limiting when I first read it in the human design Definition.

In the traditional aspect of it, it really doesn’t sound like there is a positive. But then when I discovered Gene Keys, and this is why I went through my certification and why I dove so deep into that program, into that modality, because Gene Keys gives you a shadow frequency, a gift frequency and what we call a siddhi frequency, and the siddhi is like the enlightened state.

So the shadow, what’s happening when things are not in a high expression. Gift, high expression. Siddhi like Buddha expression, super enlightened. We are mere mortals, so we’re probably only touching that siddhic state every so often, but the more time we spend in the gift, the more times we touch that higher level of consciousness is really what we’re talking about.

So it gives us these three levels and it allows us to work with it and by understanding how the shadow shows up for us, how the gift shows up for us and when we do touch that siddhi. And all of this is a big unfolding, deeper questioning process that we can go through. So the gates themselves, there are 64 gates in the body graph.

You will have a total of 26 potentials because that’s how many activations we get, although most of us have some repeating. So you’ll have less than that many gates actually defined in your body graph. So we’re going to experience gates through the ones that we have defined, those are going to be consistent themes for us.

The way that I experience and I am inspired is through not understanding things first, and then my unconscious earth, excuse, excuse me, my conscious earth is Gate 63, which is just on the other side of the head center and that’s the gate of doubt. So I understand how my mind works very well through this process because I see that there’s consistency there and they’re in very prominent place, the two most prominent places in my chart.

So by understanding this, I understand these themes. So think about this from a performance aspect. Which is the angle that I come at human design a lot of times I’m always thinking about, obviously I’m a five one – practical solutions. What are we going to do with this? What’s the application for this?

How can we use it? That’s just my energy, I’m always looking for that. So that confusion that things enter into, I’m always thinking about like, how do we figure this out? How do we, my brain is always working that way, and it always has, and not everybody’s does. But understanding the low expression of my most powerful energy has allowed me to know how to shift out of it to know myself so much better.

To know that these themes, and outside of even the conscious sun and conscious earth, all of my gates, every defined gate I have is somehow a consistent theme for me. It’s something I’m here to be. Again, this is how I might have a defined G Center and you might have a defined G Center, but the fact that I have the 29 46 channel, that I have Gate 25 active, that I have Gate one defined.

The reason that Gate 10 is a bridge to my split that is going to deeply influence my chart and the way I operate and who I am, whereas yours is going to look very different. Define G Center, great. We have that similarity, but we probably have much greater differentiation because of the gates that are defined in mine versus the one that’s defined in yours.

So it allows us to, what is authentic to us gets very specific. These are those dials that when we start to turn them up, this is what it means to step into bigger and more powerful versions of yourself. When you can look at yourself through the lens of seeing these particular gates, and when you can start understanding how you can tweak them, how they show up, for you. To notice that it’s just a low expression of something that you have and not a problem. It’s just something you need to work with. There’s so much power in that. Every shadow contains a gift. So much power in that. Beautiful openness comes from that. Great hope comes from that because there’s nothing wrong, it’s just the dials turned a little bit low. So we get to these deep levels of differentiation through the gates.

It’s what allows us to really take us from looking all very similar to all looking so unique. I will also say that when we get into the scientific side of human design and how we tie these things together, how do these energies show up in us? The 64 gates in the human design chart, there are 64 codons in our DNA.

There is a connection between the expression of our DNA and the amino acids and the hexagrams, which are ultimately where we get the gates from the hexagrams which all come from the Chinese. The hexagrams that we’re referring to in the gates, they’re a combination of yin and yang energy.

This is how we live our design through these gates, and it starts with those bigger categories. Your type, your authority, your centers, what’s defined, what’s undefined, your channels, but it’s the gates that determine what channels are activated for you. It’s your gates that determine which centers are activated, because when one gate connects to another gate at the other end of the channel, that’s how you get definition.

In those two centers, if you have a hanging gate and it doesn’t connect to anything and there’s no other channels in that center, if you have a center that’s white, it’s because there are no channels connecting it to another center. If you have a center that is defined, it’s because there is at least one channel, possibly more, connecting it to another center, energy can move freely between those. That’s what creates the consistency for you. So the gates are the building blocks of your design. So that is why they are so important, and that is why when we get into things like building our offers, building out our message, and stepping into an unapologetic version of ourselves and stepping into peak performance, human design can give you the ways of, it’s like the cheat sheet or the what to do if this, then that kind of process for getting yourself unstuck and starting to attract more. But the gates are what start to get you stepping into, this is me. I always knew it. Or maybe you always knew something was you, but maybe for some reason you have this feeling about, or you were told that aspect of you was undesirable. It was not okay. Maybe that’s not true and you need to own that this is you and it’s beautiful, and go and claim the gift. Or maybe you need to move it out of the shadow. Maybe you have been living in the shadow of it.

But that’s where we can start to use human design as the map to show us where do the dials need to be turned? Rather than thinking we’ve gotta turn them all to all the way up to 11. No, we can start with certain ones. And when we get into the placements of not just what gates do we have, but what planetary placement are those gates in? And I did an episode very recently on planetary placements where I give you the themes behind all of them. So having a gate in your conscious sun is very different than having a gate in your unconscious Venus. Having a gate in your conscious, Jupiter has a specific theme of prosperity, luck.

There’s so many different, there are so many different ways we get to greater and greater differentiation than two. because Gate 29 in different placements is going to have different themes for you. Even within that greater theme of the 29th gate. That’s how powerful this system is. That’s why it’s so powerful.

That’s why when you start working with this, the level of confidence comes just blooms within you. This is how you become unshakable when you clear out. you decondition, and you start to love yourself. Love yourself so unconditionally and so fully and so powerfully. Because you can look at the chart, which then is a reflection of you and say, that’s me, and I love the shit out of me.

I love that about me. That’s how I was made. So it’s this beautiful process of being able to own it. So I hope you found this helpful because what we’re really talking about here it’s the power of being able to realize that every single gate in your chart is showing you your potential and it’s showing you your potential for gift, and it’s showing your potential for shadow.

And when we’re in the shadow, we’re getting lessons. When we are in the gift, we’re getting what we want, and things feel good and things feel right and things feel authentic without having to think about it. And it’s a beautiful place to be. So I hope this inspired you to dive deeper into your gates. I hope that this inspired you to dive deeper into your human design, because it does hold so much power for you.

And I hope. That this inspires you to hop on over to the wait list page, Nicole Laino dot me slash waitlist so you can get in on this amazing offer that we are opening up for you in June. Get in on that early bird pricing, that waitlist only pricing. Only if you are on the waitlist will you be eligible for this pricing.

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So we’re really excited about this. I hope that this inspired you to do all of those things. 

So remember, In order to have an unshakeable business, you first have to become an unshakeable human. So join us next time where we will continue our journey of helping you become unshakeable with human design. We’ll see you then.

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