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Episode #172 Why You’re Overwhelmed According To Your Human Design

In this episode, Nicole delves into the topic of overwhelm and its impact on entrepreneurs and high achievers. She explores how human design can offer valuable insights and strategies to effectively manage overwhelm and regain control. Nicole discusses various factors that contribute to overwhelm and provides practical tips to navigate it using human design principles.

Nicole covers:

  • What overwhelm actually means
  • The role of your thoughts in triggering overwhelm and ways to address racing thoughts and decision fatigue
  • The connection between the nervous system, emotions, and overwhelm
  • How the open and closed centers in your chart affect you
  • Techniques that she has used, such as tapping and deconditioning to regulate the nervous system and manage overwhelm
  • How human design readings can provide personalized insights and guidance for overcoming overwhelm


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Hello and welcome to Unshakable With Human Design. I’m your host, Nicole Laino, and we are here together to talk about a topic. This all comes from a conversation that I had with a friend of mine who has also worked with me on their human design, and I received a Voxer from them that sort of spurred this, and I thought that this could be really, really relevant for everybody else because I think it, it, it gets to the heart of something that a lot of us are dealing with.

So really, if. You are dealing with overwhelm, right? So for those of you, if you feel overwhelmed, if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, if you deal with overwhelm on a fairly consistent basis, um, or sometimes we get overwhelmed by all of the overwhelm and it feels like it kind of takes over. Now as entrepreneurs, as high achievers, we just naturally sort of deal with this a lot because we’re striving for greatness because we’re always pushing ourselves.

We want to fully realize our potential, so we’re always [00:01:00] pushing to the next level. We’re always taking on more. We’re always stretching ourselves because we wanna create an impact on ourselves and on others. We have big goals, big dreams, and we take on a lot. So this episode is going to talk about how human design plays in that, and how we can use human design as a framework to see maybe why we’re experiencing overwhelm when maybe we shouldn’t, or maybe we don’t have to when it’s not necessary.

And also how human design can help us work our way out of it to avoid overwhelm in the first place or know how to bring ourselves back to a regulated state. When we do get into overwhelm, so we’re gonna go through that today. And first of all, let me just say what, like the definition of overwhelm is. So, definition of overwhelm is to cover completely to submerge.

It’s kind of what it feels like, right? [00:02:00] So we’re gonna talk about how can we, how can we come outta that feeling like we’re underwater? How can we come out from underneath it all and sit from a new vantage point? Where we are on top, we are able to observe what is happening. We are able to understand so deeply how we work, how the situation was created, how it is operating within us, how we can regulate ourselves, and how we can course correct moment to moment.

Okay. So I’m excited to dive into this with you. I think this is gonna be a really impactful episode. I’m, I’m very excited to do this with you. Um, before we get started, I do wanna remind everybody that we have a few things coming up. We have a big launch of a new endeavor. We have, uh, we have a new event that’s coming up the end of June that I hope that you all sign up for.

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Sign up for the wait list and get all of those wonderful goodies that we have for you. Okay? Also, if you are looking to dive into your human design, please book a human design reading with me. This is the best way to get an understanding if you’re confused as to what’s happening in your chart, what’s going on with you.

These are very, very carefully. Curated readings. They are completely tailored to you where I walk you through your chart and exactly how these energies are showing up for you and how you can use your human design to get the results that you’re looking for in your life. You can also get that, you can book a reading, um, on [00:04:00] that same exact page on Nicole Laino dot me slash podcast links.

There is a link there to book a reading with me as well. So I hope you take me up on that. Okay. Are you ready? Let’s talk about overwhelm, shall we? So human design, I’m gonna talk to you about the role that human design plays in overwhelm and it, the role that it can play in alleviating it. How can we use human design to basically, I, I don’t like the term fix, but how can we use it to fix ourselves?

That’s ultimately what we’re doing here. I’m gonna cut to the chase because. Human design gives you a framework to understand when I am overwhelmed, this is probably what happened, and this is how I can help myself in this moment. And there are tools that you can use. There’s obviously the, the greater our toolbox, um, than, than the easier it is for us to be able to course correct moment to moment.

But human design gives you that [00:05:00] framework of understanding, not how it works for me, not how it works for everybody else, but how it works for you. How might your circuitry be getting crossed and causing you to slip into overwhelm? Okay, so overwhelm. What we’re really talking about here. I gave you that definition of overwhelm to be complete, to cover completely to submerge.

When I read that in in Webster’s dictionary, I was like, Ugh. It does feel like that, doesn’t it? It feels like you are underwater. And what do you feel overwhelmed by? Do you feel overwhelmed by the work? Do you feel overwhelmed by the financial situation? Do you feel overwhelmed by pressure? Do you feel overwhelmed by the pressure you put on yourself?

There are so many ways that we can look at overwhelm, but really what overwhelm is is your nervous system gets jacked up. When you feel overwhelmed. Your over sis your, your nervous system is taxed. And that causes you to go into fight, flight, freeze, or now we’ve added fawn on [00:06:00] there, so fight, flight, freeze or fawn.

It’s gonna cause you to go into one of those states and then when you’re in that state, it’s very difficult to get out of it. Um, you know, you can do deep breathing and things like that. I use tapping. To regulate my nervous system and the nervous system of my clients to teach you how to use tapping so that you can, you can regulate yourself in a few minutes after you’ve been doing it for a while and you get the hang of it.

You can use it to write the ship in just a couple of minutes. It’s, it’s really miraculous. But what causes our nervous system to get. Jacked up what causes our nervous system to go into overdrive, which causes us to feel like this sense of being submerged to co to be covered in this feeling right now.

One thing is your thoughts. Your thoughts can cause you to feel overwhelmed. Your nervous system, your emotions. Now your emotions are tied to your solar [00:07:00] plexus, your thoughts, those are gonna be tied to your head center, your Ajna center. Um, and these are just a few ways that this can be, that this can be looked at.

So everybody’s chart is different. Everyone’s chart is different. So you’re gonna have the way that yours works, you’re gonna have your openness, you’re gonna have your definition, you’re gonna have these things in your chart that are going to give you the formula for overwhelm that is working inside of you and kind of working in your design or not working in your design.

It’s out of alignment. So I’m gonna give you these kind of. These general ways of looking at this from a human design perspective and how it might be playing out for you. And again, this is something that we go into in a reading. This is something that I could explain to you when I look at your, your specific chart, that’s where we can get into a lot of detail.

But I wanna teach you how to just look at this from, from a, a higher level here, so our [00:08:00] thoughts can cause overwhelm. Racing mind, feeling overwhelmed by thoughts, trying to make something out of an idea. Feeling like we have so many choices to make decision fatigue. That feeling like we don’t know which way to go, what should we do?

And getting caught in our head, right? That can cause overwhelm. That’s head center, ANA center. Now, if you have those centers open, or if you have those centers defined, it’s gonna change the way that those things come up for you. If you have it open, then it can get really be really easy to get caught in that pattern of the not self or the low expression of that, of that center, which is to feel like every thought needs to be acted on.

That every question that comes into your head, which it’s accepting all of them, by the way, until you learn to work with it, that they all need to be answered and we have to be the ones to answer it. It’s overwhelming, [00:09:00] right. So even just understanding that, even just seeing that and observing that, you can see how it’s happening and that can start to calm you down.

It’s like, oh, that is just a low expression of this center. That’s just, that’s just this thing operating in a way that is, it’s, it’s not meant to operate. Right? So thoughts head ajna, this can, can, this can be really, uh, this can trigger a lot of overwhelm. So it’s two areas of the human design chart that can cause these feelings of overwhelm.

If you are defined in those centers, it might be that they are overactive in some way, and you’re dealing with that a slightly different way. Now, the second thing is your nervous system, right? So your nervous system in human design is tied to your solar plexus. It’s cuz it’s tied to your emotions. Your emotions are what trigger your nervous system.

It’s what triggers your energy to tell you the truth. Um, if you go back to my episodes on like the law of attraction and things like that, I go [00:10:00] into the connection between our emotions and the nervous system and our, and the connection between our nervous system and the energy that we put out, right? So the nervous system, uh, um, and your emotions and your solar plexus.

If you have a defined solar plexus, then what may be happening is you’re not understanding what it means to be an emotional authority, and you’re not working with it the way that it’s designed to be worked with. You’re not waiting out your wave. You’re making spontaneous, impulsive decisions. You’re not easing into it and like surrendering to the wave.

Maybe you’re getting caught up when you’re at a high, super high end of the wave or a super low end of the wave. A lot of times emotional authorities, it does usually, you know, most of us have experienced some amount of anxiety cuz there’s a motor, an emotional motor that’s running at some level in us all the time.

So one of the things that can be [00:11:00] causing you to feel overwhelmed is that your emotional authority, you’re not working with it. You are at its mercy and you haven’t learned how to build a relationship with it and to understand what it’s doing and to understand what that natural sort of anxiety feels like in you, that you haven’t worked through some things that you’re carrying and that you’re at the mercy of the wave and you’re fighting it.

And that only usually leads to just more discomfort with this center. If you’re open in the solar plexus, then maybe you are not dealing with the emotions and you’re storing them, and that can lead to a lot of overwhelm and you’re trying to distract yourself from your emotions, avoid emotions. So rather than feeling them, you push them aside and you push them in your body and now they are silent and invisible, overwhelmed.

They’re just this feeling that’s building [00:12:00] up in you. Right. So these are, that’s another way how your human design can start to tell you how you can work with overwhelm. So that’s how we work with it on the emotional level. And then there’s the outside world. Are you at the mercy of the outside world? Are you doing things because you should?

Are you doing things because you’re on someone else’s timeline? Are you doing things because you’re on a timeline that you set for yourself? Are you a projector who’s not waiting for invitations? Are you a generator? Who’s initiating all the time? Are you a manifesting generator who’s initiating constantly and then going back and starting over and feeling like a failure because of it?

Are you a manifestor who’s not resting and not giving yourself space to allow a creative urge to come through? Are you not acting on the things that you feel are really aligned for you? Are you a reflector who’s feeling like they need to be around people all the [00:13:00] time? You are not giving yourself the time that you need to be alone.

Are you not allowing yourself the time that you need to wait in order to feel good about things? Are you feeling like you are at the mercy of everybody else’s stuff? Work, kids, family. If any of these things are happening, basically what I’m describing there is you’re not following your strategy for your type, and what that’s going to do is it’s going to put you in your not self theme.

And most of the not self themes have some form of like, they, they kind of have their own flavor of overwhelm or can be experienced and felt as overwhelmed, right? Frustration can be felt as overwhelm. Anger can be felt as overwhelm. Bitterness can be felt like overwhelmed, like I’m filled up to here and I’ve had it.

Disappointment can feel like overwhelm. I just can’t take it anymore. [00:14:00] So human design, if you start following it and you start working with following your strategy and your authority, If you start to work with your centers and decondition your centers, you start to actually use the information that you’re taking in on shows like this, and from Instagram carousels and reels and all of this stuff that you’re taking in, and you actually put it into practice and understand how to put it into practice, then, then you can start to really see this.

For what it is, you could start to see how overwhelm, I’m not gonna say it becomes a total thing of the past because I still get overwhelmed sometimes. I just know how to deal with it in a healthy way and work through it very, very quickly. And that’s what we train people to do inside my programs and that’s what I work with people to do.

And it goes beyond just understanding this. It’s understanding how to clear out your nervous system too, and that makes all [00:15:00] of this so much easier. And this is all the work that I do with deconditioning. So I hope that you see how human design can give you that framework to understand how you never get into overwhelm in the first place.

And then if you do, you are in such a good place where your nervous system is. It’s not, you’re not constantly dealing with like the three quarters way filled cup that has no capacity to take anything else on. So what I mean by that is like, you know, if you start with your vessel three quarters of the way, 75% full, there’s only 25% for you to take in before you feel overwhelmed.

When you start living in alignment, when you start to clear out your nervous system, when you start to decondition than you’re draining that 75% I start my day with. As close to a 0% full vessel as I can, I try to start very [00:16:00] clear and clean so I have the capacity to one hold space for people, which is what my job is, and then also, so I’m bringing my best energy and I have the capacity to deal with the tough things that happen the horrible days that it no longer can knock me down.

And that’s what happens when you start working with this. So I hope that this inspired you to take your journey to the next level that, um, that have given you some ways that you can start looking at it if you’re an emotional authority. Even just the thought of like, is this just me not being in touch with the emotions that are happening within me very naturally and this stressful situation is adding to my already emotional state.

Does that thought process does? Does that idea that it might just be something that’s kind of tacked onto a natural process, does that automatically start to make you feel a little less overwhelmed? Try that. Just start trying to play with this. I hope that this episode helped you with that. Um, please. [00:17:00] If you love the episode, please join the wait list.

Go to Nicole Laino dot me slash podcast links. Join the wait list there so you can be in on the, on the event that we have going on at the end of the month and hear about what we have going on, co going at what we have coming up for you going forward. Uh, book a reading with me if you wanna go deeper into your design and if you would like to leave a review for the show.

Or subscribe to this show. I highly recommend that you do that. Please do that so that it helps get us get the word out about this show to more and more people who are looking to bring human design into their lives. So everybody remember to have an unshakable business first, you have to become an unshakable human.

I hope that this episode helped you, and I hope that you join us next time and you continue your journey with us on becoming unshakable with human design. I’ll see you next time.

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