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Episode #180 This Mindset Shift Will Change EVERYTHING

Get ready for an inspiring episode of “Unshakable with Human Design” as Nicole takes you on a journey of mindset and energetic transformation. Discover how a single shift in your thoughts can lead to financial abundance and incredible opportunities.

If you’ve ever wondered about quantum leaps and how to manifest success, this episode is a must-listen. Join Nicole as she empowers you to embrace a positive mindset and unlock your true potential.

Whether you’re facing challenges in your business or seeking to elevate your life, this episode of “Unshakable with Human Design” offers practical wisdom and inspiration to help you navigate the path to success. Tune in and unleash your true potential today!


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Hi, welcome to Unshakable with Human Design. I’m your host, Nicole Laino. We are going to be jumping into an episode today, um, really where I wanna answer a question that I get asked a lot. People come to me asking me some version of this question all the time. I get it in my dms and Instagram.

I get it when I do workshops. I get it inside my programs, even sometimes people are asking this in a different way. And then I certainly get it replies to my emails a lot of times that I send out, when I ask a question at the end, I usually get this question in some shape or form. And I thought it’d be cool to answer it here on the podcast and to do it in a way where we were actually kind of helping you arrive at the answer yourself.

So kind of presenting it as these answers and then, and helping you back into whether this is correct for you. So the question is, is human design gonna help me in my business? Is human design going to be the answer that I’m looking for? And the truth is, a lot of times the answer is yes, but sometimes it’s difficult to arrive at that.

Is it right for me right now? Is this going to be the thing that I truly need or not? Right? And it does depend on what you’re looking for, right? So most people are saying like, can I use human design to speed up my results? Can I use it to align my offers? Can I use it to attract new clients? And the answer generally is yes.

The answer generally is yes, but some people are not at the right stage, or there’s more work to be done, or something different that needs to be done. And that is what I wanna help you with this episode. So I’m gonna give you five indicators, five signs that human design is the right next step for you.

So helping you answer that question yourself. So I hope that this allows you to sit back, listen to this and say, is this me? Is this not me? Does this really feel right to me right now? I find that this is sometimes more helpful than just going through the content, right?

Obviously if you’ve been listening to the show for a while, human design, it is a self mastery tool. It can be used for many aspects of self-mastery. So in general, this is why there is a very broad application of how human design can assist you in your business.

But, if you’re looking for Instagram hacks or things like that, obviously human design is gonna help you with certain aspects of your messaging, of the way that you show up, of your confidence. But is it gonna give you those things? No. But the question is, is the Instagram hack really the thing that you need, or is what human design has to offer the thing that you need?

And I think it’s really important when people dive into human design, and they start to use it, and they start to apply it to their business that you go into it with the right perspective on it. Because that’s gonna allow you to apply yourself the right way, get the most out of this, rather than looking for something in it that’s not necessarily there, or you can’t see cuz you’re looking for the wrong thing.

A lot of human design is unlearning things and it’s about trusting something you haven’t trusted before. And it’s about doing the things that don’t necessarily make sense logically, but will ultimately get you what you need. It is a new way of thinking and a new way of being.

Which can be really uncomfortable at first, but once you start to do it, you start to see how it starts to help you with things that you didn’t think it would help you with.

So let’s just talk through, I have five signs or indicators that human design is the right next step for you or might be, and maybe that you should explore it.

Okay. So I’m gonna go through these five and I hope that they help you ask better questions of yourself, and I’m gonna explain exactly why each one of these is in this episode, and why it’s so important, and how human design can help you with this.

So before we start, I do wanna call out that we do have a new membership that has launched, it’s called the Human Design Lab. The Human Design Lab is a membership. It’s a community designed to get you experimenting with your human design, to get you diving in and using it, using it and applying it to your life so that you get results with human design.

It is designed to be a longer term container so that you’re actually putting in the effort and giving human design the time that it takes to do its work on you. There’s some deconditioning built into it because of the time that we’re taking. It is specifically built to not have you just consuming information, which is what a lot of people do with human design, and to get you applying it so there’s mini transformations every single month.

So every month we have a focus, and during that month, you are deliberately and intentionally going through the content, using it, without it taking you a lot of time, but just getting you focusing on different things and stepping into these different aspects of your design. Deconditioning along the way, and then at the end of that month, you will start to see the effects of all the work that you did that month. All of the awareness and experimentation that you put in. So, it’s a really cool program. I’m super excited about it. We just launched it. If you want more information on that, go to nicolelaino.me/lab, and we will link all of that up in the show notes for you.

So let’s get into those five indicators, okay? So number one, let’s just start off with if you have bought a ton of courses, If you’ve hired a lot of coaches, if you’ve been searching for the answers from other people, other experts, mentors, and other resources out there. You bought a lot of $27 programs and stuff off of Facebook ads, and you still don’t feel like you’re even close to where you wanna be.

It doesn’t feel like you are really growing at the level that you feel like you should be. Basically, you still feel stuck. You still feel like you are at this place where the tools that you’ve bought, the guidance that you have sought out has not paid off in the way that you feel like it should.

A big reason for that can be that you are looking for those answers outside of yourself. You keep feeling like you have potential that is unrealized and somebody else will help you get it. And that’s what I call abdicated authority syndrome. You’re putting your authority on somebody else.

You’re saying they know, I don’t. So you buy the course, you hire the mentor, you jump in. Almost thinking that that will be the solution. Because there are sales taglines that are like, the transformation is in the transaction. And while that can be true, It’s not the only part of the transformation.

It’s part of it, but so much more needs to be behind it. You have to feel like you are the authority, like you are making these decisions from an empowered place. Not because you want the result that somebody is offering, but you truly know that that is the path to getting you the result. That you have made this decision from a place of saying, I know that this is right for me, whether it makes sense or not.

Whether the sales page looks perfect or not, whether the exact result is there or not. I know that this is correct for me and I’m able to ask the questions that I need to ask that you’re coming at that from an empowered place. Now if you have bought these courses, if you have been falling into this abdicated authority syndrome, if you’ve caught a case of it, like I’m explaining, then human design will help you shift that authority from being outside of you to being inside of you.

That is gonna help more than just this problem. But if you’re thinking about buying something else or trying some other tactical solution that you think will solve your problem, but you have a shelf full of tactical solutions that you either haven’t been able to use or you haven’t been able to use well, then maybe it isn’t the tactical solution that’s the problem.

Maybe it’s the way that you’re coming at these solutions. Maybe you need to strengthen something inside of you. What’s really beautiful about that, I see this all the time. People strengthen themselves. They become their own authority. They start making different decisions. They start being an authority to themselves.

Suddenly people start seeing them as an authority, and human design can help you step into that. That is at the very core of what it does.

Now, number two. You’ve created offers. Maybe lots of them, and either you haven’t felt like they are aligned or sustainable, or they haven’t sold. People haven’t been interested in them, and you don’t know why.

This can come from a lack of confidence. I see this happen a lot where people are like, I know I have something. I know I have potential. I’ll just create this. And there are a lot of coaches out there right now that are modeling this, where they have a million offers.

They have so many things out there. And what you’re not seeing is, either those people are not as successful as they appear, or they have something set up where years and years are behind it of audience building and all of this other stuff where they make it look so simple.

Or the other thing that happens is that these offers, by creating so many of them, you’re actually diluting yourself. And it comes from this sense of lack. I gotta find my purpose. I gotta find the thing that will catch, I gotta find the thing that somebody will buy so I’ll just create more.

I’ll just create more. I’ll just create more. Again, this does go back to that authority. You’re not really being an authority to yourself. You’re looking at the outside world and saying, I’ll create this. Maybe this will get their attention. So a lot of these are related, but they’re coming up in very different ways for you.

The result of it might be different, but they’re coming from that same place. So this has a lot to do with confidence. Being able to confidently sit and wait for the thing that’s right for you. To not feel so pushed to move. This can come from being really impatient and there’s a lot of patience that’s built into human design and starts to show you where you should be patient, and what you should be waiting for, and how to tap into when to move for you.

That’s power right there.

The Human Design Lab. A lot of it didn’t necessarily make sense. You know, when you look at what it cost cuz it’s very low ticket. Most of my offers have been very high ticket. It’s intentional, but when I explain it, there were a lot of people that were like, I don’t know if it’s worth it for you.

And I get that. I get that it probably on paper doesn’t look that way. And if I were looking at it purely that way, I would agree. But in my gut, in my knowing, it all came to me exactly through the way that it’s supposed to. It was response. It was my emotional authority being waited out.

By being able to follow my process, I made this decision and just said, I will either get the result I want or the lesson that I need. But I don’t create things out of a feeling of, I haven’t created something, there’s no money coming in. That feeling of scarcity, I no longer make decisions from. I no longer create anything from that, which means I no longer sell from that.

And when you sell from a place of scarcity and lack, people feel that and they run away, not toward your offer. Okay.

So number three, the third sign, the third indicator that human design is the right next step in your business is, you’re thinking of burning your business to the ground because you’re burnt out, you’re tapped out.

It does not feel good to you anymore. Maybe the money has come for you and you’ve actually had some success. But you are so burnt out and you are not using your time or your energy wisely, and it just feels like there’s no motivation for it anymore. There’s no love for the business anymore, and human design can help you realign yourself. Because more times than not, I mean way more times than not, 99% of the time, you do not need to burn the business to the ground.

You need to make some very intentional and strategic tweaks that are in alignment for you. So not tweaking, and then tweaking, and then tweaking for the sake of making changes, but actually tapping into yourself to not feel like if I don’t change something, I’m wasting time. Again, these are all ways that we make decisions, or we change things, or we shift our lives out of some feeling of I hate this feeling, so I need to make a shift.

Human design takes the power away from, and teaches you how to sit with that feeling. And to process the things that the universe is giving you, the signs that you’re getting.

How to make decisions, and how do you notice when you’re being communicated with. So even when things aren’t going well in your business, you’re able to use them as feedback and then you’re able to pass them through your process. And then the answer, the next answer comes. This is where when they say things like, the answers are within you, but maybe you don’t know how to get them out.

Maybe you don’t know how to access that answer. This is how human design can help you access that answer because they’re not all in you. They are responses, they are invitations. There are all these ways that we are being communicated with by the outside world.

I’m a manifesting generator. I know to wait for a response rather than to act out of a need to initiate, cuz I’m scared. That’s the shift of changing the way you live, changing the way that you view things. Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about becoming the observer. Can you observe your thoughts?

Can you observe your life? And human design, makes you a very keen observer because it’s tuning you into your process and keeping you at a place of higher ground to look down at everything and see everything from this more objective view, rather than feeling like you’re in it and you’ve gotta fix it all right away.

I can comfortably sit and say, that’s not my process. That’s not how I deal with that. So I’m gonna sit here.

I am not perfect and I get this wrong a lot, but I look at it all as feedback and more of confirmation of my process. Cuz whenever something doesn’t go right, I look through it, I’m like, oh, I see how I didn’t really follow my process there. I see how I got pushed into someone else’s timeline. I see how I made a decision without waiting out my wave. I see how I initiated here.

I recognize it and I move on, and I know that next time I won’t make that same mistake again, but everything just keeps getting better and easier and more expanded.

Number four. Number four is you feel unseen. You feel unheard. So maybe you don’t know what to say in your content. You don’t know how to be more visible. Maybe you feel like you’re hiding, or if you feel like you are putting yourself out there, nobody’s listening, and this really comes from the your voice and really feeling like you deserve to be seen.

Maybe it has to do with really finding your unique voice, which so much is tied to your profile in human design. And stepping into this bigger, bolder version of you that’s unique and authentic to you, being really grounded in your authenticity. People respond to that. That is what makes you magnetic.

That is what ultimately will draw people to you, and the work is letting go of everything that is not authentically you. Human design can show you exactly where you are not in alignment with what is authentically you. It can show you not in a cookie cutter way of saying, well, you can’t be this, but to give you a map to say, where am I not being true to this?

Gives you great questions to ask and helps you see exactly where you’ve been pouring energy into something that’s not you. And then the experiment is what happens if I stop doing that? You don’t have to take our word for it with human design, it’s let’s try this. And instead of just trying things that worked for me, it’s specific to trying things that will most likely work for you based on your design, based on your unique blueprint.

Now, number five. You have all the tools, but you still feel like something inside of you is holding you back. I’ve been doing all the things, but I’m not where I need to be. I feel like I’m climbing and climbing and climbing, but I’m never reaching that next level or the ascent to that next level is taking a lot longer than I feel like it should.

Then this is where again, another language for that might be saying that I feel like I’m blocked. So this is an indicator that human design is the right next step for you in your business is if you feel blocked, if you’ve ever used that word, rather than feeling like I feel blocked and I don’t know what to do, I don’t know where the block is, if I only knew.

And then, sometimes we’re looking for someone to tell us. But with human design, you become that authority to look at your design, to look at your blueprint. When you learn how to use it you can see where you might be blocked. It can become very obvious where you might be blocked and how to move it.

Cuz everything has a shadow and we can see exactly where you’re more prone to fall into shadow rather than into your gifts. And how to lift out of that shadow and into your gift. And with that, and with the deconditioning of these shadow patterns that you have, we can lift you into your gifts and have you staying there.

And that’s the beauty of it. And that’s when, that’s the art of getting out of your own way. And that is honestly one of the top things that human design can help you with. The art of getting out of your own way, the roots of it are in your human design. All the answers that you’re seeking are in that chart, if you know how to look, and you know where to look, and you know what to do with what you see.

So the Human Design Lab is really designed to focus on what I call the human design trifecta, which is your type. And that is how your energy works. It’s the root of your process.

Your authority. Becoming an authority to yourself, building inner authority, taking the power away from the outside world and putting it right where it belongs right inside you.

And that is your power and helping you make decisions from this like unshakable place. And your profile, which is your voice. This is who you’re here to be. This is your true authenticity. And then of course, that’s the core. And then there is the deconditioning process of working through all of the nine centers and breaking that down.

And then there’s the gates. And the Human Design Lab is designed to take you through this in a very digestible way. Cuz if I threw all of that at you in a course, you’d probably choke on the information. Or you’d stop, or you would listen to it, but really not integrate it and not implement it in your life.

And we don’t want that. Cuz that’s where you pay a bunch of money and you sign up for a thing and you listen to all the things and you’re like, okay, I heard it all. I went through the course. I don’t feel any different. Or I feel a little bit different, but I still don’t know what to do. And we don’t want that.

We want results. We want transformation. And the transformation is in the integration. That’s where it comes from. It’s not from the information. It is from the integration of that information, of actually shifting the way that you work, in the way that you live, and bringing that power back inside of yourself.

That’s when you are authentically you. So we break it down in a way that is digestible. Each month we have a focus where we’re gonna decondition a center. We’re gonna work with you on deconditioning a center. We’re gonna take you through specific gates each month.

Everybody gets access to my accelerator course, which goes through type, authority, and profile. So you get access to that right away. And then there’s discussions with other people who are just like you. We have little rooms created for, you know, if you’re an emotional authority, you join that room. And you share your experiments there.

Because this is how you change, and I wanted to deliberately create a space that was cheap enough that people could stay in it, that they could go at the pace that you need to go at, rather than feeling like, I’m gonna decondition it all in the next three weeks, or the next three months. That’s very difficult to do.

I’m not saying it’s impossible, but most people don’t. And I wanted to give everybody a place where you could take your time and it wasn’t gonna bankrupt you. We also have a VIP tier for the people who want to decondition faster. If you wanna go through my specific deconditioning process, which is somatic as well as informational, we have a VIP tier for that.

And then for those people who want lots of support where we go through creating your offer suite, or if you wanna build a podcast based on your unique blueprint and your voice. We do that inside my unshakeable entrepreneur mastermind.

You would join that for that, but I wanted there to be this very easy yes for somebody who’s looking to dive into human design and transform. If you’re looking for transformation, then this is the place for you, or at least to go and check it out. So encourage you to go over to the pages, tons of information on our details page at nicolelaino.me/lab.

You can go over there. We have some bonuses if you’re listening to this. The bonuses end tonight, but you can dive in where there’s some live q and a calls with me that you can get into if you join by tonight. So if you get this, if you’re listening to this in time, you can jump in and take advantage of that.

Otherwise, The Lab will be open. There just won’t be all of the bonuses that we are offering with this inaugural launch, but I hope you check it out. If you are intrigued by human design, I hope that you, if you’re driven for results, that you will check this out and see if this community feels right to you.

In fact, we even wanna get you started right away with using your authority. Go scroll all the way down to the bottom of that details page at nicolelaino.me/lab, and we have each of the authorities listed below, and you can expand it, and it tells you how you can make a decision and pass it through your own authority.

So that whether the Human Design Lab is right for you or not. So we wanted to add that there for you. So this can be one of your first aligned decisions if you’ve never made one before consciously, of course you’ve made them before. The best decisions you’ve ever made, I guarantee you are probably in alignment with your human design strategy and authority.

So we wanted to give you the opportunity to maybe make the first conscious yes decision, that’s aligned with your authority by giving you the guidance there right inside the details page. So, I hope that you sign up. I hope that you come and join us inside the community because I’m so excited about the space.

We start July 1st, is our first day, and you can be with us for the entire journey if you join us right away. I hope that you decide to, I hope you check out the page.

And remember, having an unshakable business first starts with being an unshakable human, and that’s what we’re here to help you do. I hope that you join us in the next episode so that we can continue our journey of helping you become unshakable with human design.

I’ll see you there.

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