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3 Mistakes People Make Using Human Design for Business

Episode 238

Today, your host Nicole Laino dives deep into the intersection of human design and entrepreneurship, exploring three common pitfalls that entrepreneurs often face when applying human design principles to their business strategies. This episode is a must-listen for anyone eager to align their entrepreneurial journey with their innate design, but who feel like they might not be getting the results they feel like they should.

Nicole offers not just insights but also real-life examples and practical advice on what these mistakes are and how you can avoid them. From the misconception of gate definition as a ‘magic bullet’ to the balancing act between healing and action, and finally, the crucial aspect of truly living your design – this episode is packed with valuable takeaways.

Don’t miss this opportunity to refine your approach to business with human design. Tune in to learn, grow, and transform your business journey into one that’s not just successful, but also truly aligned with your design.


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  Welcome to Unshakeable with Human Design, the show dedicated to helping entrepreneurs use human design to shift from hustle to flow without sacrificing results. Come here to become an unshakeable human and build an unshakeable business according to your human design. I’m your host, Nicole Laino.

 Hello, and welcome to Unshakeable with Human Design, everybody. I am your host, Nicole Laino. We are here today, just you and me, because we’re going to talk about some human design for business things. Specifically, we’re going to talk about three common mistakes that I see entrepreneurs making, when they’re trying to build their business according to their human design.

So when we build a business by design. Most people come to me because they are looking for some help in that area. When people come into my world, they want to live their purpose, they feel like they are called to a purpose, and they’re afraid that they will not live up to their true potential. That it will die inside of them.

And human design has shown them that there’s truth to this system, and they want to go deeper. Because if it did this for me, just with me dipping my toe in the water, what will happen if I start to expand my experience of this system and my knowledge of it.

And I love that. They feel called to something greater. They feel called intuitively, knowing that they are called to something bigger. That they are on this bigger path.

And the other thing is a lot of energy workers, healers, transformational coaches, people in that transformational space, who do really great work, who are experts and very skilled at what they do, but they have a hard time articulating it. They have a hard time finding their ideal person, being able to speak to them, being able to show up at an event and actually speak to somebody. When someone asks them, hey, what do you do?

And having that answer be something that is compelling. Where people walk up to you and they say, what do you do? And then they go ramble on for ten minutes, or they say something that is just like, oh, I do this system, I do this process, I do NLP.

But that’s not really pulling that person in. It’s not actually articulating a message or something that they do. And so they have a hard time with that. They’re very involved in their process, but they’re not necessarily great at speaking and articulating what that process is and how it helps people.

So they’ve tried those traditional methods, meaning they’ve taken content courses and worked with copywriters and all of that stuff. And it never quite comes out being anything that sounds like them. It sounds really general. It sounds really vanilla. It sounds not so compelling and people aren’t buying.

So they hear about human design, and they hear about human design for business because a lot of people are talking about it now, including some people who quite frankly, don’t know what they’re talking about. I know I shouldn’t say that sort of thing. And I don’t like bad mouthing people, but there’s a lot of not so great information out there.

And you know what? I’m just going to say it. It’s my show. I could say what I want. But there are a lot of people out there hearing that you can build your business by design, that it does link your purpose to your message, to your business, and they’re like, give me some of that, maybe that’s the missing piece.

So there are three common mistakes I see most people making when they come into this work, when they’re trying to build that business by human design. There are three pitfalls that I help navigate people through and I want to showcase them on this episode so that you don’t make those mistakes.

And if you are building your business by human design, if this is a topic that interests you, I do want to call out that I’m hosting a new three day workshop coming up on the 29th of January is when it starts. It’s called the. Authority Accelerator in HD. It’s a three day masterclass with some bonus sessions.

We’re going to do a bonus session on podcasting, and repurposing content. There’s a lot of really amazing content that we’re going to be delivering over this. It’s all about crafting your million dollar message according to your human design. If you are interested in that DM me masterclass on Instagram, I’m @NicoleLainoOfficial, and we will send you the link right there through the DMs.

Or you could go to nicolelaino.com/masterclass and you can sign up right there. But it’s going to be great, it’s totally free, this will be the last time that I do this for free I think. There’s so much content in there that I think this is going to become a paid masterclass if we run it again.

So this is your chance to get in for free, to watch it, to be there with us, and to not make these mistakes that I’m going to outline here and we will go in depth into them in the masterclass. So let’s dive into the three most common mistakes people make when they are building their business according to their human design.

So the first mistake that I see people making is they think that the gate definition is the answer. That if I just know what this thing means, if I can only figure out my mercury gate, or my conscious sun, or my Jupiter, or if they’re looking into the gene keys, if I could just figure out my sphere of culture.

There’s all these terms that are out there. They’re tied to these gates. They’re tied to these definitions. And they think that the answer lies in there, if I could just figure this out. And they make it a mental game. And what that usually breeds, what I have seen that do, and what I feel from people when they get into that space is, it’s such desperate energy. Such desperate energy.

If I could just figure this out, if I could just figure this out. And I’m not saying that messaging work isn’t necessarily fun. It’s a lot of digging and soul searching and crafting that goes into being able to speak fluently a message that really connects with people. So the idea that it’s this magic bullet, if I just figure out what this gate means, then all of my prayers will be answered and the clients will just be flocking to me, that’s a bit pie in the sky.

If you have done a lot of the background work and you’re like, I just need to see how this shifts. It can happen a lot faster, but what it does require is that you loosen the reins on it. So many people are really pushing hard, which is not what human design teaches at all. We’re not taught to push.

We are taught to allow. We are taught to work with our energy. So, almost in that pursuit of the answer, you’re making it a mental game, which is totally against human design. It’s not a mental process. And you’re missing the big picture. You’re missing how it all works together.

It’s not any one thing in your chart. And it isn’t the definitions all tied together necessarily. It’s starting to understand what your story is telling. What are the lessons you’re here to learn? What are the things you are here to transmit? What is the stuff you are here to receive? And then passing that through your life experience.

It is a much bigger picture thing to really craft a compelling message from your human design. There’s more depth to it than just being like, oh, my mercury gate is the gate of commitment. So I’m going to teach people how to commit. That is part of it. It’s not going to be all of it. It’s probably not going to work the way you want.

I’ve seen this with clients. I have one client that comes to mind. She was a private client. And we would go back and forth and it was constantly me just bringing her back to what the truth is, is I want you to see this piece, do you see how this other piece that you haven’t even been talking about is at play here?

It’s a balancing of your energy. And she had huge breakthroughs over a very short period of time, just a few weeks, with us working through it where she’s like, oh, I get it now. But in the beginning, it started with her kind of in that same place of being like, if I could just figure this one thing out, then I’d have the answer.

And if I have the answer, everything will work and everything will be better. Just release that way of thinking about it. And being more in flow and in relationship with these energies and noticing how you’re operating in them. Usually when you are in that desperate energy, you’re operating in the shadows of your stuff.

And we’ll get to that, because step number three is kind of the most important one. And we’re gonna get to that and we’re gonna touch on some of that in that answer. The second mistake that I see people making when they try to build their business according to their human design is they get stuck in the healing.

They go the other way. They get stuck in the healing. They’re not taking action, and they don’t have strategy. They think if they can just get to the energetic portion that they don’t need to have a well crafted message. And the truth is that that they work together. That’s what the magic of the business by design is, is that you’re taking strategy and you are blending it, infusing it, and magnifying it with energy.

Messaging is not purely energetic. When you are purely in that energetic space, and you don’t have, like, I made four million dollars last year as your social proof. Cause we see that. We see the people who have the purely energetic message. And if you notice that those people with the purely energetic message, where they’re just talking about magnetism all the time.

And they’re just in that space and they don’t have anything that’s really a process behind it. They are kind of paper tigers. The results that they share usually are just their own, nobody else’s. There’s nobody that ever talks about the results that they’ve gotten or what it’s like to work with those people.

And they’re inspiring, but people buy because they have this dollar amount behind it. If you don’t have that dollar amount and you are just in the purely energetic messaging space, you’re probably going to be disappointed. Maybe you won’t be, maybe I’m wrong, but I have tried that and I have seen many other people try that and it has not worked in my experience.

What that lands you in is the, you’re so inspiring friend zone with your ideal client. Or you get ignored altogether because you sound very much like everybody else, but you don’t have those results to draw them in and link them to you to get them really desiring what you have and they’re just not buying.

So they’re like, oh, I love your content. It’s so inspiring, but they never buy anything from you. We don’t really want that relationship with the people that are engaging with our content. Of course we want to be inspiring, but we also want to inspire people to buy something. And that’s where the strategic side of the messaging comes in.

That’s where the action comes in. It’s not purely about just pulling people in. And I will say that with human design, it tells us where we are meant to receive and where are we meant to lean in and where are we meant to lean back? So I do coach people on what is the right strategy for them.

I don’t have a blanket rule for anyone, but usually what I see is there can be people who get stuck in the energetic side of things and they need to lean a little bit more into the strategy. And it’s very funny, it tells me in their chart that they should be more strategic, that they are designed to be more strategic and they are resisting that.

So that is the second mistake that I see, people that are typically leaning the wrong way and not taking enough action.

And then we have the third mistake that I see people making when they try to build their business by their human design is they are not living their design. And this is my favorite one, this is the one that really drives it home.

This is the reason that I created the Human Design Lab, our membership where we teach you how to live by your design. I wanted to make it affordable, I wanted to make it where if you couldn’t jump into the business program, if that was going to put you into fight or flight, where you got so freaked out about dropping a high dollar amount on a high touch program that there were ways for you to be living by your design that were not going to break your bank, that were going to be very supportive to you, that you were going to be able to start to step into this work and expand into it.

Because it’s so important. You have to live the design in order to sell by design. When people come at it where they’re not living their design, it’s a little bit of the first two mistakes combined together, they’re like, tell me what I am so I can go speak it.

Tell me what I am so I can go be it. I wish it worked that way. I wish it was just like, oh, I read a book and now I know who I am, so now I’m gonna go be that. Not how it works. You can’t read a story about yourself and just be like, that’s who I’m gonna be now. It starts there. You hear your story, you start to understand your story, but you have to become the energy.

You have to embody it. And embodiment is not reading off your bio. It is not just understanding what four gates mean in your human design chart. It doesn’t work that way. Because what we teach you to do with real business by design is we’re teaching you how to sell from the most powerful places in your chart.

So where are you going to be the most quote unquote magnetic? How do you get into that state of magnetism? Because it’s the energy you put out that’s that’s magnetic, it’s not when you say a certain word, it’s like a Pavlovian trigger for your audience where they’re just drooling and throwing money at you.

That’s not how it works. Oh, I have the gate of revolution. If I say revolution, then all of a sudden my ideal client will be falling at my feet. No, it’s a keynote, but the keynote unlocks a part of you. And when you start to work with it, you start to change. When you start to embody revolution, suddenly that definition might be very different than what you started off with it being when you read it on a piece of paper.

And I’m sure it resonated with you if that’s one of your gates, if that’s one of your key gifts. Usually people are like that really resonates, that hits home. Great, wonderful. Now, really dig into what it means to you. Dig into the shadow, dig into the gift, dig into the city.

This is the Gene Keys work that I do. Here’s what I like about the term Gene Keys over gates, is Gene Keys implies that there is something to be unlocked. That they are a key to something bigger. They are a doorway, a gate, that you are walking through.

You gotta walk through that gate. You can’t just know the gate’s there and know what it’s called. That’s not how it works, unfortunately. It would be a hell of a lot easier, but then everybody would do it and it wouldn’t be all that special, now would it?

But you can’t sell from those powerful places until you’ve mastered those areas. So if you’re in funky energy in those, if you are living in the shadow of them, then ain’t nobody gonna be attracted to that. People are going to be like, that doesn’t feel right. And I have this experience with people, I see people selling things where they have the strategic part of the message right.

They’re saying all the right things. But the vibe I get, I just have this internal knowing where I don’t believe them. I don’t really believe that they are that embodied. I’m not feeling that. And I don’t know why, and I’m not passing judgment, but that is just my feeling, where I’m not going to give that person my money.

And I’m not judging them. They’re on their journey, but that feeling from me is just like, I don’t think I’m gonna invest with that person. Something’s not truthful there. My intuition, my spidey senses go off. And that’s what happens with people when you say a word that you’re not able to really mean yet, or you don’t even know what it truly means to you.

To know why it is some key that will unlock your magnetism. You got to learn to turn the key first, and you’ve got to walk through that door. So these keynotes, when they start to unlock something in you, when you do walk through that door, it leads to understanding. It leads to personal power. It leads to new ideas.

It leads to new depth. It leads to solutions. And you become the living solution. You become wise. You become this wealth of knowledge and of experience because you’ve experienced the full spectrum of that energy. But are you the living solution because you’ve embodied it? Or if you haven’t, then you’re a walking example of that problem.

And that’s what people pick up. That’s why it doesn’t work. So, this process can move quickly. But it depends on the level of commitment to both sides of the work. And this is what I see. I see people leaning on one or the other. They’re either leading into knowledge or they’re leading into the embodiment practice.

And what you really need is both. And this is exactly what I will be taking everybody through in depth in the Authority Accelerator Masterclass. I’ve taken the last few masterclasses that I have done, which have been amazing, which have gotten really tremendous feedback, which have gotten people results just from the masterclass themselves.

I’ve taken all of that and I’ve re digested it and said, how do I bring this into something really, truly powerful? And so we came up with this three day masterclass. Core content is three days. It’s on becoming an authority in your space using human design.

Crafting a million dollar message according to your human design. So I am going to give you the formula. I am going to tell you my authority matrix that I use to help fine tune people’s energy, both in knowledge and embodiment, and we’ll talk about both sides of that, I’ll talk about the strategic side that it takes to build a truly profitable magnetic message.

And then we’ll be doing those bonus sessions on repurposing content so that you are being more productive, how you are being able to be more visible and putting yourself out there without necessarily draining yourself by being a slave to social media and creating endless amounts of content all the time.

And we’re going to do that podcast bonus session where I’m going to talk about what specifically my favorite authority platform is and what made me an authority in this space and in my space and gave me confidence and helped me embody my design more is podcasting. So I’m I’m going to give you the keys to launching and growing a successful and profitable podcast.

I’m going to talk about how I’ve created over 100, 000 in revenue just from this podcast. I’m going to give you my secrets to that. So if you would like to join us, which I highly recommend you do, I hope I see you there, please DM me masterclass on Instagram. I’m @NicoleLainoOfficial. If you don’t already follow me over there, please come over, say hi.

And if you prefer to go to the website, go to nicolelaino.com/masterclass. And you can sign up right there. I hope that I see you there. I hope that you come introduce yourself, say hi to us and enjoy the masterclass and soak up all the goodness. I appreciate you for being here as always.

Thank you so much for being part of our little family over here. And remember in order to have a successful business, you must first become a successful human. So thank you for letting us help you on your journey of becoming Unshakeable with Human Design. Thanks everybody.

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