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Episode #25 What If Everything Was A Sign?

How often do things happen to you or are you hit with inspiration that you simply shrug off as meaningless? What if those seemingly mundane things were actually signs that were pointing you down the path to your future?

We so often let the negative voices in our heads tell us these ideas will never work, that our ideas are crazy, that they could never happen, and we trust those limiting beliefs more than we trust our own intuition.

This week on the podcast Nicole is diving deep into just this, and asking you what would happen if you chose to see those pieces of inspiration as breadcrumbs on the path to you going exactly where you were meant to go. She’s helping you stop casting these things off as coincidence and start looking for synchronicities, so that you can receive the course that the universe is plotting out for you.


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Hi there, and welcome to the limitless entrepreneur podcast. I’m your host, Nicole Laino. And I am coming to you with this little tidbit today. So this was something I talked about inside my Facebook group, the unlock your inner CEO Facebook group where I do a little thing called Mindset Monday. And this got a really great reaction. And it meant a lot to me and I wanted to share it here. So what I wanted to talk about is just floating an idea with you something that I want you to take with you. And I want you to ponder, I want you to apply it. And I want you to just consider this. So the question that I have for you is, what if everything was a sign? What if everything was a sign? What if you were watching and paying attention so much, and you were so acutely aware of everything going on in your mind, in your world, and you looked at your life and the things that came into it in all ways, and through all channels, and you looked at them all, as a sign. Now, obviously, I don’t mean that I want you to go down the rabbit hole and dissect and analyze and freak out and go a little crazy on signs where you’re shiny object syndrome going all through your life, that’s not what I want you to do. What I want you to do, though, is I want you to kind of what I what I want you to the reason I’m bringing this up, is we often shrug off the things that happened to us the things that we think particularly our inspiration, and we shrug them off as meaningless. We are so quick to read something, have an idea, have a thought have these things happen. And we we we don’t give them any weight. We don’t give them any respect. And we often will let the negative voices in our heads telling us that that’s a crazy idea. That’ll never happen, that’ll never work. You can’t do that. That’s not the right direction for you. We let those voices win. And we trust them more than we trust our own intuition. And there’s something in us that is and the reason I’m bringing this up is when you are trusting the negative voices over your own intuition. You are letting your limiting beliefs win. Because that’s all the negative voices are. The negative voices are like other personalities that are inside your body inside your world inside your mind, that are your patterns, personified, so to speak. So if you thought of them, like little personalities in there that are there for a reason, they have a purpose. They are there to keep you safe. But they have some dirty, nasty tricks to keep you where you are, because where you are as safe. So when you have an idea, when you think about a post, or starting a podcast, or creating a course or stepping out in a bigger way, they tend to those negative voices tend to say like they’ll pull out some dirty, nasty tricks. And they’ll tell you, you’re not good enough. And they’ll tell you that you there’s no way that you can pull that off. And they’ll make you think that you’re crazy for paying attention to that little bit of inspiration in you. And I want you to this is why I want you to know normally that can happen on autopilot, that the negative voices take over and we just succumb to them when we go, Ah, yeah, that’s just a pipe dream. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing. And I’ll do the safe thing, or I’ll do what they tell me. Or I’ll do what’s comfortable, or I’ll do what I agreed to do, you know that I told my husband I would do. And when. And then we end up in this pattern again, where we just walk away from the things that are the things that ultimately could lift us up, rather than keep us where we are. So this is something that I put out to the group. And it was interesting when I when I talked about this during my mindset Monday. And if you ever want to join us for those just join our Facebook group over in our CEO group.com. And when I floated this question, people were like, oh, that’s an interesting perspective on it. So I’m going to float it here. What if so, if you had an idea for a course, so you were like I’m gonna this is a program that I have this idea for this is the the it pops in your head, and it feels wonderful. Like you get this little tingle, you think about it, you get kind of excited about it. And you think about it for a second and then your instinct is to say like, I don’t know how I would do it. I don’t have the resources for that. I don’t know how I would ever pull this off. Nobody would buy this, like you go into that. Everything that could go wrong will sort of spiral that downward spiral. Raul. Now I want you to think about the same thing. Now, what if it were, you had tea with God. And you and God actually sat down, had a cup of tea, and God gave you that same inspiration and told you that that was your purpose, and told you that this was what you were meant to do, and told you that it would all work out, would you apply yourself differently to that same exact thing, no, mind you, you are the same person, you have the same skills, you have the same resources, everything is the same, the idea is the same. It is just coming from a different a different place. It is coming from a being of a force that you would see as validating you in a way that you can’t validate yourself. That’s really the only difference. In this scenario of you having something pop up in your mind, or me telling you that you have a tea, you have tea with God, and God says gives you this assignment and says this is for you. This is what you have to do. Now that my question is, would you operate differently, with God giving you an assignment versus you having an inspiration of your own? And the answer inside the group was was? Yeah, I would. And I want you to just start thinking about the inspiration that you get, what if they were signs? What if you were meant to look at them as a gift. And as just a little inspiration, a little breadcrumb on the path to you going exactly where you were meant to go. We’re all asking all the time, what is my path, show me my path, you are already on it. You’re there, you are just sitting on a bench on the side of the path waiting for someone to walk you down it and that’s not going to happen, you have to take those steps. That’s why getting help helps. That’s why hiring help a mentor coach, an accountability partner, all of these things help, because they are sort of walking you down the path. But what we’ve talked about before on the show is that the path is already there for you. There’s just things in the way. And one of the things in the way is your belief that the inspiration you are given is not anything to really pay attention to that it’s just a pipe dream, that it’s just some part of you the dream or part of you, that is unrealistic and shouldn’t be trusted. So I would like you to take away from this episode, I would like you to walk away. And I’d like you to just start paying attention to the things that come up. So make a commitment to yourself right now. To when you get inspiration. When something pops in your head. When you walk by your bookshelf. And you see a book out of the corner of your eye, it just it catches you for a reason you notice it not? I see books, it’s one book stands out to you that you pick up that book, that you open it to any old page and you just read what’s on it. Because there might be something to the little tiny moments. And when you start paying attention to the little tiny moments, when you stop casting them all off as coincidence. And instead, start looking for synchronicities. Start looking for tiny little breadcrumbs, you ask for something right? You ask for the course you ask for the idea you asked for the program, you ask for this thing from the university say give this to me.

And what if it’s giving it to you in these tiny little breadcrumbs, these tiny little sparks of inspiration. And if you’re ignoring them, you will never see it, which means you will never get there. But if we start paying attention, and we start moving forward and inspiration and possibility, instead of looking at them all and saying that’s just a coincidence, I could never do that and letting the negative quote unquote realistic voice in your head when all right now some of the things that I want you to start paying attention to are when someone messages you out of the blue, on Facebook on Instagram, text message, email, who do you get messages from pay attention to someone pop into your head out of nowhere and you feel like you want to reach out to them. A lot of times we sit on that because we don’t have something good to say or we don’t know what we would say or it’s been a long time and we feel awkward or we start analyzing why they will think we are reaching out to them. Don’t give into that. Move forward and act on the inspiration Action. Another one is you get an idea for our course, you get an inspiration for a post for a video to do, you get inspired to start a podcast and you get all these ideas for episodes that you could do move forward with that inspiration, move forward in faith. So what I want you to do now that I’ve kind of laid out what these little sparks can look like, and they can be as simple as like catching a book out of the corner of your eye, it can be that too. But now that I’ve laid out, like what these examples can be, this is what I want you to do. When something like that happens when you get a little spark of inspiration, I want you to write it down, I want you to take a moment I want you to write it down, put it in your phone, put it in a notebook, wherever I don’t care where you put it, but write it down, I got inspired to do a video on on everything being signs, that is where this episode came from. That is where everything came from, I was inspired to do this, I did not have the full idea. I just trusted that it was put there for a reason. And you know what, I got a great response. And it felt really good delivering it and so much so that I made it into a podcast episode. So that is how this works. But write it down. So this is your steps, write it down. And then I want you to take a moment and swim in the space of that thing. Going so insanely well, that like where does that lead you. So if it’s the course, I want you to picture the course, I want you to picture the idea. I want you to see it impacting people, I want you to see the money that you make from it, I want you to see and feel how good it feels to have this group of people who are benefiting from something that you created, I want you to see where that leads to with your following. I want you to sit wherever it takes you. But just play in that space. Live in that possibility for just a few moments. And then act on it. And then ask yourself, What’s the action I could take right now it should come from that vision. That little vision that you have there, that two minutes that you took to just swim in the space of possibility should give you a clue as to what your next steps are with that to actually make it something. Okay. So watch for the signs, be inspired, be so daring to act on your inspiration. And pretend if it helps you. Like they really are signs like they really are an assignment from the universe. If they really are the bread crumb that is showing you which way to go on the journey to exactly where you asked to go. You asked for something you’re being told every single day how to get there, but a lot of us aren’t paying attention. So please start being aware, start paying attention. Start living in that possibility. Play in inspiration and act on it. So I’m going to leave it there. As always, I would love to know what you think about this episode. If you live in the show, please go review us on iTunes that helps us get noticed and get and get found by other people. Please share this on your stories. Tag me I’m at Nick lino, tag me on Instagram, because I would love to give you a little shout out on my page and show you how much I appreciate you. And tell your friends tell anybody that you that you love that you think would benefit from this show. I would really appreciate it if you put it out there. And let me know what you thought about this. Tell me always feel free to message me and let me know what you thought of this episode of this and what inspiration Are you going to act on today? Because I would love love, love to know. But guys, thank you so much for being here. Thank you for listening to the end. Guys. Remember you are only limited by the limitations that you accept. And when you stop accepting those limitations. That is when you become limitless. I can’t wait to see you guys in the next episode. Have a great one. I will see you next time.

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