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Episode #24 How to Create Reliable, Repeatable Revenue in Your Business

If you’re a coach who has tried every method under the sun to launch but you’re still not making enough money to sustain you and you’re feeling burnt out, this week’s episode is for you. Nicole is going over how you can stop being reactive, but take in data and use it to create reliable repeat income in your business.

You don’t need to constantly be reinventing the wheel, Nicole will teach you the way to repeatedly bring people into your wold, introduce them to what you do, and give them content that already exists by building a premium signature program that delivers a ton of value.

This will allow you to launch on a schedule, create a cycle, and finally give you space to breathe. Wouldn’t that be nice?


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Hello, and welcome to the limitless entrepreneur podcast, I am your host, Nicole Laino. And we are talking about a little topic that I like to call creating reliable, repeatable income in your business. So this is something that comes up a lot, I think that we’re going to talk about some of the ways that entrepreneurs struggle, particularly when they’re starting out or when you’ve been doing it for a little while, and maybe you start to second guess yourself. So when you’re starting out, or in that first like year to two years of your business, in particular, I think you’re starting out and there can be a lot of confusion. You are chasing tactics, you’re chasing strategies, you have a pile up of $37 products that are promising you millions and millions of dollars, and only just a few weeks. And then all these tips and all these crazy things like on how to increase your follower count all of this stuff, is what you are piling on to your list to your mind, and trying to wrap your head around all while trying to make money. And trying to figure out what the most profitable way is for you to run your business. And unfortunately, what usually ends up happening is you end up barely getting by, and pretty burned out. So maybe you launched some one on one clients, and you’re getting some of those, but you don’t have a steady stream of them. And then you have a program that you come out with or a digital course or something. And you try launching that for a while. And I’m saying this because I was there to where you’re creating products, and you’re creating programs, and they don’t make enough money to sustain you. And then you are launching maybe trying every different strategy because when a product goes out, then it doesn’t work. You look at it, and you say, well, maybe I’ll try launching it this way, or I’ll try launching a different thing another way. And because there’s all these different tactics, and it’s so noisy out there. And if something isn’t working, we can tend to look and say we tend to throw the baby out with the bathwater a lot of times, and we’re not necessarily because there there is this definite, urgent need to earn for many of us, we want to we want to prove out the idea. We want to validate ourselves and our program and what we are out there to do. Typically, we’re getting a lot of pressure from the outside world that probably doesn’t believe in what we’re doing. So we want to prove them wrong. We want to prove ourselves, right, we want to validate this idea, so that we can continue and we don’t have to we we don’t have to do what everyone tells us to do and go back and get another Gob you know, so So what ends up happening is, you know, you end up reinventing the wheel a lot of times, because we’re we’re just throwing things against the wall. And then you know, after every launch, you know, you end up starting from zero again. And especially when you didn’t have the $80,000 launch or the $200,000 launch, like a lot of people talk about starting from zero feels like oh my god, how am I going to do this again. And I say this because I was there I say this because I was in the situation where you’re, you’re you’re forgetting. And until you take enough time to take a step back and look at things really clearly. And from a neutral standpoint, not from a sense of feeling overwhelmed, not from a sense of feeling like how am I going to make this next dollar, but really looking about how can I serve? And how can I do this in the most efficient and effective way possible? How can I do this in a way that serves me as well as my audience. So and not being reactive, but really taking in the data that we get and making a good decision from that. And one thing that I’ve learned from working with and studying other seven, eight figure entrepreneurs and working with them and seeing how they’ve done things from the back end, is I’ve learned that the best solution is usually very elegant and very simple. Most of the people that you admire online are the ones who are, you know, taking three months off to go to Europe and go on a backpacking trip or something. Those people the ones that have the life that you want. They typically have some sort of Cornerstone elegant funnel, I’ll call it it’s a way of repeatedly bringing people in into their world, introducing them to what they do, and offering them something that already exists something that is part of their existing ecosystem that they have worked on. And they’re not reinventing, they aren’t coming up with new offers every single week, that is the quickest way to burn yourself out and freak yourself out and not get the best results, one, because if you’re creating a new product all the time, that product is not really tested, unless you have a mechanism to do that. And we’re going to talk about that in just a second. So what we’re talking about in this episode is, there is a better way, there is a better way, there is a way for you to build a sustainable, reliable repeat income in a coaching business in the coaching world. Now, a lot of people talk about passive income and passive income, I believe, absolutely can come now I’m someone who’s built a software company where I have reliable repeat income from my software company, that that is effectively a membership or subscription people pay for that every month. And that continues to renew and grow over time. So I have that. But I also have my coaching business. And I’m going to talk a little bit about the way that I found to build that centerpiece product that ultimately fuels the rest of my business in not just the income way not just in not just in revenue, but it actually feeds the knowledge base and the testing market research side of my business as well. So the way that we’re going to talk about and what I’m going to talk about in this episode is building a premium signature program that serves at a high level and delivers a ton of value. So this is a cornerstone product that gives you for me, it gave me everything that I needed. It was it was a way for me to wrap my head around, it was a way for me to deliver tons of value. So all the ideas I had the all the things I taught all the ways I could serve could kind of be wrapped in this very comprehensive program that still niched down to serve a particular audience. And I could add the coaching element, I could add the digital course element, which I also have. So people could learn at their own pace, but also be walked through. Because digital courses, most people see them as something that collect dust on a digital shelf someplace that most people do not finish and do not get results from. Most people feel that they need more support. When you offer more support, you can charge a premium for that as well. I happen to also love coaching, the coaching part is the part of my business that I love the most I love working with entrepreneurs. And my program, the limitless entrepreneur program has been built out in a way that it has been it was tested, and put out in the digital product. And the digital product now serves as the core for people who come into my program. And so they can learn at their own pace, they can be directed back to a digital course, watch information that so I don’t have to deliver it over and over and over again, the same information. I can direct someone and say there’s a module inside the program for this, watch that and come back with questions. So they’re they’re getting that feedback, and they are getting that support that they

need. So when they have a question, which they inevitably will, when they have a question about how do they deliver or how to how do they execute on something, they can get that feedback and they can and in turn, I can see what their questions are. And when they have a question and other people have similar questions, I can say well, that is something else I should build into this course. So it is serving. Now I can charge a premium because they are getting my time they are getting very personalized service and coaching from me, every single person in my program speaks to me gets coached by me, that is a premium price that I put on that because it is my time. They also get the digital course component which is hours and hours. You know, now it’s just blown up to, you know, like 40 hours of, you know, all these different modules and just all of these tools that they have that they can go back to time and time again, no matter where they are in their business no matter what But they’re needing help with there’s something in there for them there is that there is the community aspect of it. So I get to charge more than I would for a digital course, I don’t get to charge what I would charge for one on one coaching. But it gave me the ability to scale. It gives me the ability to deliver at a very high level for my clients, where they get a very high level and very high quality product, they get coaching, I enjoy it. And so I get to charge what I would like to charge, I get to scale that I have people who have paid in full where I get a cash injection at a certain time when they when they sign up. And I have people who sign up on the monthly. So that allows me to have monthly money coming in every single month where I am not recreating the wheel every month. But the way that this works as well is so you build out the program, you build out the launch to support it. So the mechanism that you’re going to use to launch it, you can use many methods to launch this, although I use one particular method that is absolutely the most effective. The which I use a live launch method, which is incredible and incredibly effective. You build out that launch, and then you are improving on the launch and you’re improving on the program as time goes on. And you are launching and relaunching the same thing together. What does this do? This gets rid of that feeling like you have to reinvent the wheel every month or every couple of months, you have money that is being built up in your bank account to support you. In growing out and optimizing this program, you have some space to breathe, you launch on a schedule, you are creating cycles within your business. So that you are it focuses your energy on whether you are delivering the program you’re in delivery mode, or you are in launch mode. And by not having to rebuild out a launch and not having to rebuild and come up with a new product and build it out all over again, you are launching the same thing. This is how you can build momentum. This is how you can launch on a cycle on a launch cycle. And be bringing in cash every six to eight weeks, you can be bringing in cash. And you can be launching in different ways as well in between your bigger launches, you can get creative with the way that you launch. But then what you’re also getting is through this process, you are meeting and delivering value to your ideal client to your ideal client. Some are coming into your program, some are just coming into your launches, and seeing what you do. And you get to get feedback from them on why they didn’t join, what they’re really looking for. You get the people who joined your program, and you’re hearing their experiences, you’re optimizing your signature program to based on what they tell you not what you think they need, what they actually tell you they need, you get to see what their results are. And then you get to optimize again, you can then take the pieces that are within your program. And you can start releasing those as separate products. You can take pieces that are valuable, you can take pieces without your support, just in digital product form for the people who maybe can’t afford the premium price. And you can shave off bits of it. That will get them to a specific result. And you can launch those as separate programs. And you can be taking that same audience that came but maybe didn’t buy and you can sell them something else, something that’s targeted to them, something that has been tested by the people inside your program, and you can then release it to these other people. You can charge you can do one on one if you want, that can be a choice. I’ve raised my prices on my one on one. But I still love doing one to one work. So if someone would like to pay that premium price, particularly for mindset, a lot of people I really tried to focus on doing the mindset and manifestation work one on one with a certain level of client. The prices are higher for that. But if someone wants to pay me for that, then great. I will make time for that. And you get to choose but I make all of these decisions and I get to choose what I work on. I get to do all of this while I deliver this program that supports my Business and allows me to scale up, staff up my business and take things off my plate, so that I can deliver more for my clients, I can spend more time in my zone of genius, which is coaching, not chasing followers, which we will talk about in another episode, why chasing followers doesn’t work, why going, I don’t believe in going wide with your audience and chasing that red herring of the big following. I believe in going deep with your audience and bringing people close, and really delivering value for them, and delivering products that they want, and getting to know them very, very well. This has been how I have built a six figure business, this has been how I grew leaps and bounds. This is the change that made all the difference for me where I got out of the one to one game, where I felt like I was always always chasing clients and always trying to get somebody to sign up. Because every day, it felt like I didn’t have enough on the books for three months from now. And by having a longer signature program, my program is an annual program. So what I do with that is I keep the price down for people and make it a manageable price for one year. And they can pay my bill per month, or they can pay in full depending everybody has their choice. But they have they have the choice to pay in full or or drag it out over the entire 12 month period and make a smaller payment because it’s going out over a longer period of time. But I also have reliable income for one year, every time someone signs up, that is a one year commitment from them to pay me and for me to deliver for them. You can make it shorter, you can make it whatever you want. But the concept of having a premium signature program is proven. And it is the easiest way for you to focus your energy. So you always know what you are promoting. You get to know your ideal client so well, your niche your marketing, then your messaging becomes so tailored to what they need to their problem to the solution that you provide. Because you actually know what the solution is, the solution is your program. So you look at all the ways that you deliver inside your program. And those become the things that you talk about in your marketing. What we get so confused about is when we talk about one to one, and every single person is different. And we’re not delivering something consistently, we’re not walking them through a real process. We’re just coaching, it can get a little bit overwhelming from a marketing standpoint, to talk to know exactly what you’re going to talk about. And to be able to articulate and communicate what your value is. And when you’re changing programs. And when your offers change, and you don’t know how you’re launching them. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed in thinking about how am I going to do this and not not, again, not targeting your message to something that’s ultimately going to get people to buy because you’re talking about your messaging and what you do in a way that is too abstract and not directly related to what you are selling. When you have a signature program you can speak about the thing that you deliver on, you can speak about that program, you can talk about the results that your customers that your clients are getting inside your program. It is the fastest, most efficient, most enjoyable, and and most lucrative way to grow your business through a signature program.

So I will be delivering a I will be delivering a workshop a free masterclass on it in just two weeks, I’m going to date this podcast. So if you’re listening to this after March 29, then this podcast you’re going to want to look to see when I’m delivering this again because I will always be delivering these wars these workshops masterclasses over and over and over again so you want to go back to my website to see when I’m delivering that. But if you’re listening to it before if you’re listening to this live or the week before, you will want to sign up for this masterclass we will link up to it in the show notes just visit or you can visit my website where you can Nicole laino.me Nicole laino.me M E, go to my website and you will be able to click on the registration link and register for the workshop because you will not want to miss this we’re actually going to build out the signature program for you is called the signature program accelerator. We’re going to go through everything that I just covered why we do it but I’m going to give you the soup to nuts on how you build scale and Launch Your Signature Program. You will not want to miss this. Okay, people charge 1000s of dollars in programs to teach you exactly what I’m going to teach you in this workshop. So you want to make it to that. So please go and check that out, go register for the workshop. And we will stay in touch with you. But thank you so much. If you stayed to the end of this episode, I appreciate you, I always appreciate you. If you’re a listener getting value from this episode, and from the show, please leave us a review on iTunes, or on Spotify, or both if you’re feeling super generous, and then snap a little photo, snap a little snapshot of of the episode and tag it into your stories tag me in your stories. And I will give you a shout on my page, because that just helps us get the word out. Help us help us tell people about the limitless entrepreneur podcast because I know that this message can really really have such an impact on so many people. So if you help us get the word out, I will absolutely and if you have a review, I might even read it on the show. I’m going to start reading them on at the beginning of these episodes, some of the reviews will start pulling them out. So I might read yours if you leave one. So make sure you tell me in your in the stories as well. If you left a review of so that I can go check that. Thank you guys so much for being here. Thank you for listening to the end of this episode. If you stayed all the way to the end, guys. Remember you are only limited by the limitations that you accept. And when you stop accepting those limitations. You truly become a limitless entrepreneur. I’ll see you soon

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