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How Taylor Swift’s Incarnation Cross Shaped Her Career

Episode 268

In today’s episode, Nicole takes a deep dive into the world of Incarnation Crosses by exploring the chart of one of today’s most influential celebrities: Taylor Swift. The Incarnation Cross, often referred to as a person’s life purpose or theme, provides a fascinating lens through which to understand the consistent patterns and lessons that shape an individual’s journey.

Through an in-depth analysis of Taylor Swift’s Left Angle Cross of Confrontation, Nicole uncovers the unique challenges and opportunities presented by this particular cross. By examining each of the four gates that make up Swift’s Incarnation Cross – the Gate of the Egoist (26), the Gate of the Gatherer (45), the Gate of Conflict (6), and the Gate of Crisis (36) – listeners gain a profound understanding of how these energies have manifested in the singer’s life and career.

Nicole expertly weaves together the complex interplay of Swift’s Incarnation Cross with other key elements of her Human Design chart, such as her 5/1 profile and Splenic Projector type. Through this holistic approach, the episode will teach you how Taylor’s innate strengths and challenges have influenced her remarkable journey as an artist, leader, and cultural icon. Whether you’re a devoted Swiftie or simply curious about the power of Human Design, this episode offers an enlightening and entertaining exploration of one of the most intriguing aspects of this transformative system.

Listen to the first episode we did on Taylor’s Human design here.

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Hello and welcome to Unshakeable with Human Design, everybody. I’m your host, Nicole Laino, and we are here today, together, to do a celebrity reading. And we’re going to do one a little bit differently than we’ve done in the past. We are actually going to do an Incarnation Cross reading. And the reason for that is I really want to show you guys what the Incarnation Cross is.

We’ve talked about it on the show, but I think it helps to have examples. And the way that I approach all celebrity stuff on here. I do not purport to know special things about these people. I don’t know them personally, so I’m taking what we see out in the world because we’re all seeing it.

What we see might feel a little bit different because we all have our opinions, but that’s where I try my best to separate my opinion and just speak about the things that are actually happening, very factually and approach it that way.

So that I can show you a design at work. So I can show you how somebody’s design, the mechanics of it, are just at play because it can be difficult to see it for ourselves. And part of the process that has helped me the most, too, is the more I observe people in my life, people in the public eye, observe myself. The more I become aware of design itself and then seeing it play out in the people around me and the people that I am aware of and I’m witnessing, the more I understand this beyond the definitions, and I can start to see how they come together.

So that’s my goal with these episodes, is to show you how this stuff comes together. And the Incarnation Cross, I think, is something that gets people very confused. It is also known as your purpose. I really like it as a life theme.

That’s going to tell us what are these consistent themes that you’re going to bring that you are going to constantly be embodying. You’re either going to be embodying the shadow of it or you’re going to be embodying the gifts of it. And that will move throughout your life. Now, these bigger themes, they are going to have a huge effect on the rest of your life, whether you’re in the shadow of them or the gift.

If you’re in the shadow, you will typically find that everything feels hard because it is influencing the rest of your chart. Because it is such a huge part of your energy, this incarnation process. the four gates that are part of it. So what I’m going to do today is I want to take you through someone’s incarnation cross.

We’re going to do Taylor Swift. She’s very much in the news right now. And I feel like she’s one of those people.

We’ve done an episode. We’ve talked about her here on the show before. Episode 110 was a reading for her. I did a little mini celebrity reading for her way back. Go back to episode 110 if you want to hear the whole thing. We are only going to focus on the four gates of her incarnation cross and a little bit of her life story through her nodes. But it’s mostly going to be incarnation cross.

And the reason for that is, I think that she’s someone, she has put so much of her life out there. She has divulged a lot of her personal experience, how she feels about that all the time, I don’t know. But, to me, I can see her design very much at work, and I don’t know this woman.

So I don’t know what happens behind closed doors, but as we go through this, I hope you see that some of this stuff is just quite obvious. And we’ve been watching her, she’s been around for so long that we’ve actually seen the evolution of her design and how she’s maneuvered it.

Now, of course, everything Incarnation Cross is a piece, it is a very big piece, but her whole chart is going to influence her purpose or her life theme. Now let’s talk about it. A little glimpse into Taylor. She is a 5/1 splenic projector. So we’re going to talk about Taylor Swift’s human design, but we’re mainly going to focus on her incarnation cross.

But the fact that she’s a 5/1 splenic projector speaks about how her purpose will be fulfilled. The 5/1 is going to be who she shows up as. Splenic is going to be the way she makes decisions. How she moves through life if she’s in alignment will be spontaneous. And as a projector, she is going to follow recognition.

What are you being recognized for? And the rest of her chart, the fact she has an open G center and open throat, all of these other things play into this, of course, but I go into that more in depth

in episode 110 and I don’t want to just repeat it. The incarnation cross though, I think is a theme that we are seeing her really step into here.

And I touched on it in episode 110, but now we’re going to dive deeper into it. So let’s just talk about Incarnation Cross here for a moment. Incarnation Cross is the conscious sun, conscious earth, unconscious sun, and unconscious earth gates in your human design. So those columns of the gates that run down on either side, they’re the top two on each side.

The personality on the right, the design on the left, or conscious versus unconscious, they all mean the same things, we just have different languaging for them. So, it can be known as your purpose, the Incarnation Cross, we do call it purpose. And I want to be clear here on the distinction there, and why depending on who I’m speaking to and what I’m speaking about, I might talk about them a little bit differently, which is why I like to give a little bit of context.

Life theme, I think, makes a lot of sense because it tells us that these are four themes that are going to be consistently coming up in our lives. These are kind of going to be the umbrella themes that everything plays itself out underneath. And your nodes are going to have an effect on that as well.

And we’ll talk a little bit about hers. I don’t want this to be a two hour episode. So we’ll touch on that just a little bit here, but ultimately, when you learn to master these and you’re living in the highest expression of them, somehow your purpose is lived out in this way.

When you step into the bigness of these, when you step into the highest expression of these energies, of your cross, by leaning on the other aspects of your design. So I think Taylor has started to grow into her cross and you’re starting to see this come out more, because it comes out more over time because you’re mastering yourself throughout your life.

She hasn’t done that by just focusing on her cross. She’s focused on, what I can see are certain aspects of her design. She has mastered certain channels. There’s certain things that are coming out in higher expression. And she’s becoming a better projector as the type of projector that she is.

Using her channel of struggle to apply focus to her creative work. That how she’s dealt with the shadows of her cross seems to be that she has leaned, I’m guessing unknowingly on these strengths that are innate in her.

Meaning her channels stand out to me the most. Her channel of judgment, being able to correct the things that she sees are wrong, using that, sharing that. Using her channel of struggle to see through creative projects. By being creative, she’s able to correct things that she sees wrong in the collective, in life.

And then her channel of surrender, which is the 26-44, this channel of a transmitter, which is all about having a message, which is all about leadership, which is all about being your own boss and being able to sell people stuff. And she’s one of the greatest salespeople out there right now.

And what is she selling? She’s selling her story and she’s selling her creativity. And that’s how she’s leaning into and growing into her incarnation cross. So let’s talk about that. Let’s look at her incarnation cross. She is the left angle cross of confrontation.

Interesting, right? Sometimes the names of these make a ton of sense and some of them don’t. Like, my cross is the cross of dominion. I didn’t know what that meant. I was like, dominion over what? I don’t get it. I get it a lot more now because I’ve broken it down to the four gates and I have leaned into the stuff that I did know, which was the mechanics of my design.

So it’s not about you necessarily understanding that title, but some of them jump out at you. So she’s the left angle cross of confrontation. I think there’s been a lot of confrontation in her life, whether she has asked for it, I don’t want to say that she’s invited it cause that’s not at all what I mean, but whether she’s had control over it or not, confrontation has been a theme in her life. That’s more how I wanted to word it.

She’s a left angle because she’s a 5/1. Being a left angle means that her destiny is tied to other people. Literally everybody that she meets, she has some sort of karma with. She has a song called Karma. I find there are a lot of weird, funny synchronicities between her design and the songs that she writes and the language that she uses, karma being one of them.

Being a left angle means that your destiny is connected to other people. If you’re a left angle cross, you have a 5 in the front or a 6 in the front of your profile, it will be very difficult for you to live out the purpose of your life and to step into everything that you are here to be, which is really what your cross is about, without other people.

And it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re doing it with you, it just means that your interactions with other people are going to be part of that journey. They are going to be part of your growth. They’re either going to be your downfall or they will be the thing that lifts you up. But for better or for worse, people are necessary.

Cleaning up the karma, learning through it, and you learn through it, through the lessons of your design, through facing the shadows and learning to find the gifts in yourself. That’s what this is really all about. So let’s break that down for Taylor here. The left angle cross of confrontation is made up of four gates, like they all are.

Her conscious son is gate 26, and that’s in a fifth line. Her conscious earth is gate 45, which is in a fifth line as well. That’s what makes her a 5/1, because the ones are on the other side. Her unconscious son is gate 6, the gate of conflict in the first line. And her unconscious earth is gate 36, the gate of crisis, also known as the darkening of the light.

The gate 26 is known as the gate of the egoist. It sits in the ego center. Gate 45 sits in the throat. It is the gate of the gatherer. Gate 45 is one of the biggest, if not the biggest leadership gate in the body graph.

It is the top of a hierarchy. It is the queen of the castle. It is the queen of the tribe, or king. But we’re talking about a woman here. And she certainly has worked her way up to be the queen of a tribe. So that is her conscious earth gate. Her conscious sun gate is gate 26, the egoist, which is about being able to adapt what you say, adapt how you deal with people, how you put yourself out there, and be able to adapt so that people like it.

People buy it. It’s marketing. It’s why 26 is known as the marketing gate. Because it is the ability to sense what people need, sense what they’re looking for, and know exactly how to package that and give it to you. Now, there’s lots of shadowy sides, but the shadow side of 26 can be manipulation.

It can be not using that power for good. And the shadow of it in the gene keys is pride and working out of pride or letting your pride drive your actions. And maybe being in a low frequency of that causes. Not the greatest behavior. Now with this, let’s talk about the gift because we tend to talk about the shadow of 26.

I think that’s the one that comes out first because people can see it as shifty, and it can be. But I’m not at all making that claim about Taylor, I’m just talking about the gate here in general. But the gift is artfulness in Gene Keys, that’s the word that they use for it.

The way that I look at it is it’s just, it’s like the ultimate resourcefulness. Gate 26 is really about being satisfied with what you’ve achieved. And there are so many themes that go along with this and her being, with it being in the fifth line, it very much is about the message and the marketing. 26 in the fifth line is about being able to sell people what they want.

And that artfulness, that resourcefulness of being able to really shift in a moment to change for what the situation needs. And that gate 45 is saying, I will lead us. There’s strong leadership energy, particularly 45 in the fifth line. So this is who she is. This is going to be the light she shines in the world.

We see that. So when we put this cross together with the other side of it, now we go from being leadership, ego focused and expression focused to being emotional. 6 and 36, they’re highly emotional gates, these sit in the emotional center, they sit in the solar plexus. She has an open emotional center.

So what does that mean? That means that this theme is going to play out in probably more of an erratic way than if she had this as a defined center or with any of these being defined channels. These are hanging gates. So these might feel a little tougher to grab. 26, it’s a defined center with a channel.

That’s probably going to feel like her strongest, most reliable energy. 45, hanging gate and an open center. So bringing the 26th into alignment is probably going to help stabilize the 45. They are a polarity. So that might feel a little bit easier.

It’s also on the personality side. The other side, we get to the design side and we are looking at emotions. We are looking at deep, deep emotions. 36 is also a very sexual gate. It is all about experience. It is all about what happens when we leap in and say, I just want to do it to know what it feels like.

I think there’s a lot of that in her songs, that she had to go through it to learn the lesson. She couldn’t think about it. She couldn’t know better. She just had to do it because she needed to feel it. And to know what it felt like, and she wouldn’t understand it until she did. And somehow those connections with people, those experiences with people that maybe didn’t work out, or do work out, or become her best friends, or fall by the wayside because that relationship had to end for whatever reason, it served its purpose.

Now being a now being a 5/1 they do serve a purpose, as long as you’re looking at it, processing it, and allowing yourself to understand what these relationships are about, that you’re really connecting with that. That karma that you have with all of these people, it’s really, really tied to your ability to be able to process those emotions around those relationships.

That’s what this cross is about. Confrontation is the name of it. Conflict is the gate of her unconscious son. And crisis is the gate of her unconscious earth. Now, does this mean that she’s only going to be in conflict and crisis all the time? No, of course not. Usually our design side stuff is the stuff that comes later for us.

Once we get the conscious sun and conscious earth under control through our life, then we start to create a higher expression, and a higher understanding, and a deeper connection to the gifts of the unconscious side. It’s unconscious to us though. It just has to work itself out in its way. It’s not something that we necessarily try to bring into alignment.

And I have 26 and 45, her conscious sun and conscious earth are my unconscious side. So I have that relationship with those where it wasn’t something I could necessarily do on that side. I had to do the work on the personality side and then watch and observe and put gentle contemplation on these unconscious sides to allow them to show up.

Allow them to open. It’s coming out in our behavior. is really where the unconscious side comes out. So Taylor’s behavior, we see a lot of emotional situations, right? We see some confrontation. Some of it seems like relationships that she has willingly gone into, and then she’s obviously in the public eye, and we have the whole Kim Kardashian thing, and all of these other aspects where she’s had these public feuds with people, I mean, the way that she sees it is that Kim Kardashian entrapped her, and framed her, and then tried to destroy her name.

That’s a conflict. That’s just something that with these gates, the 36 and the 6, these are going to be things that probably get attracted into her life. Not because it’s a bad omen that she was born under, it’s because these are the lessons that her soul needs to learn in order to do whatever it is that she was put on this earth to do.

What was she put on this earth to do? She’s here to change things through confrontation. She’s here to learn things through confrontation and to gain support to lead and to gain support from followers, from people in order to expose the things that are not right in this world and to show at least her understanding of where we need to be going.

It’s a cross of emotional resilience and building emotional resilience over time. We don’t come into this life emotionally resilient. Usually, it’s something that we have to learn and cultivate. Certainly somebody with this cross is going to have to learn emotional resilience over time. Because the nature of that 36th gate is to not know.

It is to not understand right away. It’s not logical. It’s emotional. It’s not a logical path. It is an emotional path that her cross is pulling her on. Through that emotional path, through the behavior of it, through the interactions that she has, probably unconsciously pulling this stuff to her, she’s learning the lessons, or not, learning the lessons of this cross.

Learning the lessons of maybe not getting caught up in confrontation. Maybe learning how to resolve confrontation with diplomacy, which is the gift of gate six. So it’s showing you how these key strengths are things that get built up in us over time.

Now, Taylor is still very young. She’s 34, she won’t move into her nodal shift, into that second phase of life for almost another 10 years. She’s got quite a bit of time. So when she shifts into that second theme, we might see a big change in her. Now, that’s kind of where the nodes come in. The nodes talk about the trajectory of your life. So, if we were to kind of sum this up, Taylor’s design nodes, her environment is Gate 29 and Gate 30.

And really, this is about perseverance and kind of grinding it out. That her life theme, the stage that it’s set on until she’s about 42, 43 years old, is going to be built around perseverance, commitment, just going for it and really putting in the effort and the energy consistently to make it all happen. Grinding it out, so to speak.

And then that’ll shift, so we’ll see how that goes for her after. And we’ll see what type of lessons she’s pulling out of this. Because she does sort of let us know how she’s processed these things, she does it through her songs. Like I said, that’s a way of looking at the rest of her chart, Because that’s really how this all gets played out. We live in the gifts of our channels.

We live in the gifts of our centers. We get guided by our authority. We live correctly as our energy type. So for her, she’s going to step into this very strong leadership role, possibly as like a lightning rod, being a 5/1, dealing with projections, dealing with the way the world sees her.

Either being swayed by that or standing up to it, learning to deal with that. And I think we’ve seen her do that over all the years that she’s been in front of us. And whatever they’ve said about her, I think she feels like a lot of 5/1’s do. Like there’s a lot of criticism that feels unwarranted, and a lot of attention that maybe feels excessive.

And why does everyone have so many opinions about me? Cause that’s sort of just how it works for us. It’s a savior. And I think she’s dealing with the fact that she gets some benefits of being the savior. She commands an army. She is a leader, but there’s a dual, that’s a double edged sword because, I didn’t say that I would save all of you.

That’s not what I signed up for. It might be part of what she’s thinking at times. So, being that 5/1, the more she steps out into that, the more she becomes embodied in that, the stronger her energy becomes, the stronger her power becomes.

What’s the power? Her power of confrontation. Her power of being able to navigate confronting and difficult situations, even in times of crisis, to be able to lead and still adapt and still put out a message and her leadership qualities throughout that, despite it, or maybe because of it. So there’s usually a strong sense of personal justice with this cross.

There’s a strong sense of a natural ability to lead and inspire others based on what you feel is right. I think that is something that has really played out for her. Now if you have this cross you might be like, well I’m not Taylor Swift. How does this play out for me? It’s gonna be through the rest of your design.

Taylor’s a projector. So when I say that it plays out through your type, your strategy, your authority, all of that, this is played out through what has Taylor been recognized for. She’s been recognized for her songwriting. She’s been recognized as a performer. She’s been recognized as an artist.

The more she gets recognized, the more successful she becomes. That’s how it works with projectors. And then she’s leaned into her channels, knowingly or unknowingly, I’m guessing unknowingly, but she might be able to look at herself and say, I know that these are my gifts. I think she understands herself to a certain degree.

Enough to say things like, I know that I’m not sexy, I’m not going to be that type of person. And they ask, well what are you? And she’s like, I’m creative, I’m smart, and I’m hardworking. I have the ability to sit down with something creative and I have the discipline to see it through. Where a lot of people don’t have the discipline to sit there with nothing until it becomes something.

That’s her channel of struggle. How does she do it? What is she sharing? What types of things is she sharing? She’s sharing her channel of judgment. How is she doing that? She is transmitting it through the design of a transmitter.

I hope you’re seeing that it’s the living of the rest of your design that allows your cross to come into greater focus. And it’s working through these shadows. She may have had to work through. The shadows of pride, of dominance, of maybe being not the greatest leader, maybe being a dominant leader where she wasn’t really looking at everybody as equal or like a flat organization or being able to say, I lead, I decide, but everybody matters here. She might have had periods where she had to go through that to understand that and work her way through it so she could become a more communal leader.

She might have had to work through conflict and friction and difficult relationships and learn how to deal with them more diplomatically. She might have had to work through her areas of crisis and difficult situations and really dark times. And I think that’s probably the one that we see very, very clearly. Her purpose ultimately in life is grounded by her ability to navigate turbulent times, to be able to handle the emotions that come with deeply sexual situations, deeply emotional situations. Going from, I don’t know, to I know through experience, which can lead to a lot of difficulty when we’re going through something and we’re not going to read about it and we’re not going to logically break it down.

We’re going to say, screw it, just do it. I’m going to go do this thing because I just want to have this emotional experience. I want to know what it’s like to be with that guy. And I want to feel it and I want to feel it to my bones and I want to know what it’s like to have lots of sexual experiences, and I want to know what it’s like to dive in to this type of life.

That sometimes brings crisis. That sometimes brings deeply dark emotional places. That sometimes brings us to our knees. Because it’s unpredictable. We can’t figure it out. And then we look to the past and we try to make sense of it. That’s what the emotional side does. That’s what the abstract does.

So, understanding how this all works can help you understand maybe why the things happen in our lives. That there’s a greater purpose at work. That there is something that’s happening beyond us, that’s guiding us. And if we just pay attention to the lessons that are innate in our design, that are coming through all the time, that we can somehow step into what is our bigger purpose in life.

Because her purpose does have something to do with confrontation, and it does have something to do with showing people a different way. And maybe helping them learn, or demonstrating how you navigate a crisis. How you can come out stronger. And leading from that place. There are so many interpretations that we could make from that.

But from a very high level, these are possibilities and potentials. I know that understanding my cross has certainly given me so much clarity as to why the things that happen, happen, what my lessons are. The more I pay attention to the lessons, the less lessons I have to learn because I’m living in the gifts.

And then life changes. And then you start to feel really, really grounded about the steps that you take. Because you’re like, this is what I’m here to do.

So if this sounds interesting to you, we have a little guide on Incarnation Crosses. DM me Incarnation Cross. Just those two words though please so that the bot sends it to you correctly.

DM me Incarnation Cross, we will send you the little guide, or go to nicolelaino.com/incarnationcross. We’ll have it all linked up for you in the show notes,

as well as episode 110, which was my full reading of Taylor’s chart. If you want to go back and listen to that, we will link that up in the show notes for you as well, but please DM me Incarnation Cross if you would like that little guide on incarnation crosses, we’ll have it for you there. Thank you so much for being here. I hope you like this episode. I hope you like this little detour that we’ve taken on our human design journey where we dove into a celebrity chart. If there’s somebody that you wanted to learn more about, if there’s a celebrity you wanted us to do on the show, DM me that word too. Let me know who it is and I’ll see if I can run their chart.

Remember, In order to have an unshakeable business, you must first become an unshakeable human. So thanks for letting us help you become unshakeable with Human Design, everybody. We’ll see you next time.

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