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Human Design Centers: The Solar Plexus Center

Episode 269

Today, we continue our deep dive into the nine Human Design centers, focusing on the enigmatic and powerful solar plexus center. As the second installment in our series, this episode unravels the mysteries surrounding the emotional authority and how it influences our lives.

Join Nicole Laino as she explores the intricacies of the defined and undefined solar plexus centers, shedding light on how each type experiences and processes emotions differently. Discover the importance of understanding your emotional wave and learn how to harness its power to make better decisions and navigate life’s challenges with greater ease.

Whether you have a defined or undefined solar plexus center, this episode will provide you with valuable insights on how to work with your unique emotional energy. Gain a deeper understanding of how your emotions affect your relationships, decision-making process, and overall well-being. Nicole shares her personal experiences and offers practical tips on how to become more comfortable with your emotions, ultimately leading you towards becoming an unshakeable human.

Tune in to this thought-provoking episode to uncover the secrets of the solar plexus center and learn how embracing your emotional authority can transform your life. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to dive deeper into the world of Human Design and take another step towards becoming your most authentic, unshakeable self.

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Hello and welcome to Unshakeable with Human Design, everybody. I’m your host, Nicole Laino, and we are here continuing

our centers series. Another installment of a deep dive into one of the nine centers. So if you haven’t listened to the series, if you are just catching up with us now, and you’re coming into this brand new, to let you know what we’re doing here.

We did a series on the profile lines a while back. That was a huge success. People really, really loved it. And when I asked my audience what you all wanted to hear next as far as a series, you all said that you wanted the centers. That was without a doubt the runaway winner in that little contest.

So here we are. There are nine centers. We are doing nine episodes, an episode dedicated to each center. Because centers are at the center of our design. They are such a core piece of what makes us, us. So human design is a science of differentiation. We are going from really big categories like type, which type is determined by centers, authority, which authority is also determined by centers.

So you see how important the centers are. The centers are the center of our consistency. What is consistent for us? It tells us how we interact with the world energetically. And how the world receives our energy, what they receive from us, all based on the centers. The centers have an integral part in this, and they tell us so much.

So we have these big categories like type, authority, profile, and then we get more and more differentiated as we go down. Because I can be a manifesting generator, but I could be a manifesting generator technically with just a sacral and my throat defined. With the 34-20 channel. And I could be a really open manifesting generator.

Now I’m not. I am a manifesting generator with six defined centers and three open centers. So my definition is going to be very different than that person that just has the sacral and the throat, even though we’re both Mani Gens. I’m also emotional. That person in that example would be a sacral manifesting generator.

All of these things start to tell us why when you read a definition of a type and you’re like, that doesn’t resonate with me, or I don’t really feel like I’m that, you do have to take in the whole chart. So what we’re doing is we are breaking down the chart into the nine centers and we’re deep diving into each of them.

Because obviously we want to know what the whole chart says. We want to know the synthesis. That is the key part that is so important to understanding how your energy works and how it’s received. However, I understand that that’s not going to be something that people can understand right away.

That’s what a reading is for.

Definitely book a reading with me if you want to go deeper into what your synthesis is, how all of this works together, how your particular design makes you, you. That’s what readings are for, because I tell you. It’s not so much that we’re telling you, this is what you do and this is how you live.

That’s integration. But we give you this is what you are, this is how it’s all working together, this might be why you are stuck, this might be why you’re experiencing this. This is potential for you, here’s some guidance on what to do to go forward. But for the most part, it’s going to be long term focus that gets you understanding on a soul level how you operate and who you are.

That’s what embodiment is. We can’t embody from a reading. Sorry. I wish we could. And if you have had ten readings, you’re not going to embody from ten readings. You’ll embody from integration. And that’s what the long term work is for. That’s why I have longer term containers usually, because we’re trying to get you to integrate.

And that takes time. And it takes support. So be gentle with yourself. But in this series, our goal is to break these pieces down so you can start recognizing the pieces and hopefully you’re getting an idea of where you may be conditioned, where you’re not conditioned, maybe where you are healthy in some things.

What are you transmitting? What are you receiving? Because that’s ultimately what we’re talking about here. Defined, anything that’s colored in on your chart, whether it’s a center, a gate, a channel. Doesn’t matter. Anything that’s colored in in your chart is what we call defined and that is what you transmit.

That is who you’re here to be. That is something that is you consistently. So we want to be consistent good, not consistent condition, not consistent unhealthy, right? And then everything that’s white in your chart is what we call undefined. That’s what you transmit. That’s what you’re taking in. That’s what you are feeling from other people, the outside world, outside themes.

They’re not for you to be all the time. And most suffering in our lives comes from us trying to be something all the time that we’re not meant to be. And rather than it just being this limitation or something that we think is wrong with us. I think one of the beautiful things about human design is you look at the chart and your chart tells you right away who you’re here to be and more importantly who you’re not here to be.

Stop trying to be the things that you are not. Now don’t mistake me in thinking that means that I’m saying you can’t do things, you can’t achieve things because you don’t have or you do have something. It does not mean that at all. It just means there’s probably going to be a different way you go about getting that thing, achieving that thing, becoming something.

It’ll be by becoming you. So that’s my goal. This series is going to be about helping you piece by piece. All of the nine pieces that make up the biggest system, one of the biggest systems in the body graph, one of the most powerful pieces that tells you who you are and who you are not are the centers.

So we’re going to show you what each of these pieces means. We’re going to give you the information and some anecdotal stuff, examples to try to get you to understand whether you are conditioned in this space or unhealthy in this space and what you can do to move that into a healthy state.

So, I will say that we have a little e book for you if you’re interested in Business by Design, because I know that many of you are. This is a show that’s geared toward entrepreneurs looking to use human design to become the best version of themselves and translate that into their business, into their brand.

If that interests you, we have a little Business by Design e book for you. So, just DM me the word e book on Instagram, I’m @NicoleLainoOfficial and we will send it to you or go to nicolelaino.com/ebook and you can download it right there off the website. So that’s a little guide for you, gives more context around things. It’s more of an ebook style than our traditional guides. We’re trying something out new here for you guys to try to give you another way of looking at this stuff, my perspective.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the emotional solar plexus. This is the house of emotions as far as the centers are concerned in the body graph. This is where emotions come from and are received. This is where our depth comes from. Our passion comes from here.

We tend to think of emotions as bad because we think of emotions like sadness and depression. And yes, it can be all of those things, but emotion is passion and excitement and joy, all of that. Those are just the opposite sides of those other pieces that we were just talking about. Sadness, it’s joy on the other side. So what the solar plexus tells us, whether you have it defined or undefined, is what’s your relationship with emotions?

How do you experience emotions? How often do you experience emotions and where do they come from? Now, this is a bigger conversation about processing emotions, but what this center tells us is how you can go about processing emotions. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re defined or undefined.

We all need to process our emotions based on our circumstances. The things that happen to us, we need to process them. We need to face them. We need to make peace with them. We need to feel our feelings. in order to heal our feelings, in order to heal ourselves, in order to move past things. Now, when I talk about deconditioning, I talk a lot about emotions because emotions are what tether us to the past.

We repeat old experiences and patterns because we’re emotionally attached to those past experiences and those patterns. And we repeat them because somewhere deep down we know that in order to move past them, we need to resolve them. So we revisit is more how I like to look at repeating.

We are revisiting the same thing. So how do we process emotions? How do we process the things that happen to us? How do we use human design and whether we’re defined or undefined in our emotional center, in our solar plexus? How do we use this as a guide? Because that’s really what human design allows us to do. It’s like a map.

First, let’s talk about the defined emotional center. The solar plexus, which if you go all the way to the bottom of the body graph, and you see the root center all the way at the bottom, the square at the bottom, if you go to the right and up a little bit, you hit a triangle on its side, which is the solar plexus.

So, if that is colored in, you have a defined solar plexus, congratulations. You are also an emotional authority. That’s how we figure it out. If you’re defined in the emotional solar plexus, then you are an emotional authority. Now, you can’t really talk about being defined emotionally and not talk about being an emotional authority.

But let’s talk a little bit about what makes you different being an emotional authority. As an emotional authority or defined solar plexus, your emotions are not going to be necessarily circumstantial. It’s not going to be, I’m emotional because this thing happened and it made me sad.

This thing happened and it made me happy. This thing happened and it made me feel really motivated and excited. It doesn’t work like that for us. Those things can affect us of course, we are humans. But more than likely you wake up every day or throughout your day, you feel different, moody, maybe. Happy, excited.

Now you want to be left alone. There’s an emotional process that is always happening in us. I am an emotional authority, I have a defined solar plexus, I know this well, this is my process. And I have to say that of all the things that I’ve learned, my 5/1 is big, being a 5/1 profile, but absolutely learning to master my emotional authority and learning to wait, why I wait, why we’re told to do all the things that we’re told to do as emotional authorities, understanding that at a deep level and really surrendering to it. As far as what makes me unshakeable, that’s a big deal. Emotional authority, getting it, working with it, surrendering to it, learning to make it my power, because that is something that is possible for us.

If you’re an emotional authority, it can sound really awful when we talk about it, because they work on a wave. They move on a wave pattern. If you’re defined emotionally, it means that it’s consistent. Anything defined is consistent. The solar plexus being defined means that it is consistently creating, so to speak, emotions.

Not through circumstance, but through chemicals, through a chemical process in us. The same way our bodies as women, the same way a menstrual cycle comes. There comes a time where the chemical process in our body is happening and it says, now it’s time for you to either get or not get your period, depending on what’s happening inside of you.

It isn’t that, it’s raining outside and someone yelled at me and now I got my period. It doesn’t work like that. It’s not circumstantial. It’s part of my biological process. It’s the same thing with emotions. We have a chemical process that is happening inside of us and that is what is creating emotions for us.

That is why you wake up in the morning and you might feel worse today than you did yesterday and you don’t know why. Nothing’s wrong. You have no reason for it. And the worst thing that most emotional authorities are doing throughout their lives, if they don’t know this about themselves, is they’re trying to fix it or explain it.

Why do I feel this way? I don’t know why I feel so bad. I don’t know why I feel so sad all the time. I don’t know why I feel sad some days and then not. And then we look at our life and we try to explain it. Oh, maybe I’m not really that excited about that thing I was excited about yesterday.

Now I’m questioning it. Now you’re thinking about it. Now you’re adding thoughts to your emotional process. Which makes it worse, which makes you usually more emotional. I’m scared about something. So I have circumstance and then I have this emotional process that’s also happening, making the circumstance feel worse, potentially.

This is why we wait, this is why for an emotional authority, your authority is to wait. To wait before you make decisions that are a commitment of your time, energy, or other resources. The reason is because we feel differently all the time.

If I feel great today, and I say yes to something, but then two days from now I don’t feel so good, I might question that decision I made today. Because I didn’t make the decision having experienced all of these different emotions. We wait so that we are experiencing the different emotions.

We’re taking that decision with us throughout our day and we’re being like, okay, when I’m angry or when I get really sad, or when I get really upset, I’m going to look over at this decision again and see if I still like it. I’m going to carry this around for a week.

And see how I feel about it. Cause that’s really what you’re doing. We see how we feel about things. It’s how we make decisions. We feel everything. Everything is about feeling to a defined solar plexus. So the quicker you get comfortable with that and you start to observe your emotional wave rather than try to fix it or try to explain it and make sense of it.

And then act from it. So what can happen there is I’m afraid of something. I’m afraid something is going wrong. I’m afraid that this thing is not going to work out. So quick, I’m going to go run and do something. I’m going to go hire a coach. I’m going to go fire my coach. I’m going to go launch a new offer.

All of these things that we could do, you don’t want to do them out of an emotional place because it’s not the truth. You’re not fully lucid in that space, you’re not clear. And that’s what we mean when we say you’re waiting for clarity. So defined emotional center is always experiencing emotions.

They don’t have anything to do with circumstance and they’re happening on some sort of a cycle. And that cycle is based on the channels that you have activated. It’ll tell you what your cycle looks like, what your wave looks like. And then on the individual, because there’s going to be something that’s purely you, of course, because you are an individual person.

Now let’s talk about the undefined solar plexus. I know when I first started learning about human design, I was like, I wish I had an undefined solar plexus. That seems so much easier. And while I do think in some ways it is easier, cleaner to go through life. You can move faster, because emotional, we tend to need to take some breaks because, well, we’re emotional.

We have these moments where we’re unsure and we have to wait. We have these pauses. We do have the potential to be very passionate, sexy, powerful. Emotions are powerful. To be able to affect people emotionally is powerful. But it does seem easier to me to be undefined.

However, with time and with understanding myself through my emotional authority, making peace with it, working with it, learning to use it. Now I’m like, I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t emotional. I don’t even know what I would do. I don’t know how I would be. Maybe it would be better, but I don’t know. I would be different.

I’d be a different person if I were an undefined solar plexus. And I don’t want to be anything but me. That’s how you embody. You get real comfortable and kind of fall in love with yourself. I always say, I want you to love this shit out of yourself. When you learn your human design, you start embodying it. That’s the effect that this should have on you.

But if it is undefined, that means that you are the receiver of people like me. I walk in the room and you will just feel different. For better or for worse, you’re going to feel something. You’ll feel my emotions. If I’m in a bad mood, you’ll feel that and you’ll magnify it because that’s what openness does.

It magnifies it. It makes it bigger. Now, why does it magnify it? Just from an anecdotal perspective, I think because we just don’t know how to handle what we’re not used to. I can handle them. I’m not afraid of emotions at all. Why? Because my life would be hell if I were afraid of emotions.

I’m emotional all the time, to some degree. It’s my life. This is how I live. But to the unemotionals, to the open emotionals, it’s brand new. It’s different. Now that can be very attractive. Opposites absolutely attract. And I think they very much attract in the emotional department.

Those who are not emotional are like, ooh, there’s something juicy and sexy and interesting about the defined emotions. Now, that doesn’t always mean that it’s comfortable all the time. So you’re receiving that emotional frequency. You’re receiving the emotions from the outside world. And you have to figure out for yourself what that feels like to you.

My husband would come in the room sometimes and he would be like, what’s wrong? And he didn’t mean anything by it, but there was really nothing wrong. I’m just emotional at the time. And he picks that up and it makes him uncomfortable. Now I just say, I think I’m in an emotional part of my wave. So if you need to like, just chill out, not right next to me, that’s cool. I don’t mind. I get it. It’s okay. And he goes and he does his own thing.

He’s very open. I’m not. He feels a lot from me. I know I’m a lot for him, which can be very exciting and sexy and then sometimes he’s like, it’s a bit too much for me right now. I need a break. And I’m like, cool. I no longer take that personally. I wish I could say that I never took it personally. That would be untrue though. Before I knew this, I took a lot more personally.

But the conditioned open solar plexus avoids confrontation and truth. That’s the textbook answer, which really means I avoid emotions. I don’t want to feel them from you. I don’t want to feel your emotions.

So I might avoid you because I don’t really want to be near that right now. I don’t really want to deal with that. So it says, ah, I’d rather just go over here where I don’t have to feel all that, but also, you avoid your own emotions and that’s where you get into trouble.

And if I have open emotionals come into my world and they are stuck in some way, I’m right into those emotions. What aren’t you feeling? What aren’t you allowing yourself to feel? Because that will tell you so much. That will tell you that’s what you need to clean out. If there’s ever a center that needs to be cleaned out and gutted, it is the open emotional center.

Because it becomes a storage facility. Because there’s so much of avoidance that has to do with being open and the conditioning of the undefined solar plexus, that it becomes this place that you can pack away emotions. You stuff them down. I don’t want to deal with this right now. Ick, emotions, yuck, hate them.

And you’re not dealing with your own feelings. You pack it on, you hold it, and then you end up becoming so full that you have no capacity for anything else. So more avoiding, more stress, probably not attracting the things that you want and ultimately ending up where you feel like you’re doing a lot of personal work.

And you may know the story of your life and where a lot of your conditioning came from. And what I say to people when they say, yeah, well, I know where that came from. And I know it was my dad or this had to do with this thing that I experienced as a kid.

And I’m like, great. Have you felt all of your feelings that have to do with that? Have you allowed yourself to go to the depths of your emotions there? Now I do this with defined and undefined people. I had to do this work. This was some of the most impactful work I have ever done. This is what I use EFT for, clean it all out, really excavate the emotions.

However, for open emotionals, I find that this is usually the hardest piece because think about it, the conditioning of the center says, avoid confrontation and truth. I’m not going to make that move because it might cause a rift between this person, or it might make somebody uncomfortable.

I’m not going to say that online. Because somebody might see me and they might be offended by that. I don’t want my friends back home thinking that I’m better than them. All of these are avoiding confrontation and truth. You’re avoiding your truth because you are avoiding confrontation. So you’re not doing what feels in alignment for you, what your sacral is saying yes to, what you’ve been invited to, what feels like a real pull of your energy.

Doesn’t matter. I think I’m following strategy and authority. Well, you’re not, if you’re avoiding confrontation and truth. Your energy wants to go in one direction, but your conditioning says, no, don’t want to deal with that. Don’t want to feel that. Let’s just stay over here.

So this is why you have to clean it all out. This is why you have to do that work of excavating that, because that becomes your go to and you don’t realize that you do it. So you do all the personal development work. You’re doing identity work, but if you are still really avoiding the feelings, then that’s why you do all of that work. You’re affirming things in the mirror and you’re saying all of these things that sound wonderful.

But the feelings are what determines your frequency. They are what determines what you are able to be out in the world and what you are attracting. If you don’t decondition the center, you’ll find that a lot of your work probably will not pay off in the personal development department. And possibly in the, regular strategic work that you’re doing, because you’re not able to fully show up for it.

You’re holding back energetically. You’re not doing things consistently. This is where a lot of it can come from. We think consistency all comes from the ego. No, this is where all of these pieces get intertwined. This is where when you understand the synthesis of your design, it can act as that map to say, these are the areas we should focus on.

Because you’re dealing with this problem. Let’s dig in here. That’s how I work with this stuff. I use human design as a map to show us where some of these themes might be. And it doesn’t matter if we are dealing with emotional issues and going through the emotions, it might be having to do with a ego center theme.

But if it caused an emotion, the emotional center is going to be how you work through it. So this is how it can start to help. I hope that you’re seeing how the solar plexus operates, that if you have it defined, it’s going to be this consistent process like a machine creating emotions on this cyclical sort of wave.

And then if you have it undefined, you’re going to be feeling everybody else’s emotions. You’re probably avoiding emotions and emotional situations. You might be avoiding things that are really important for you, but because you don’t want to feel the emotions that may or may not come up, you avoid those things.

So you’re not taking steps in the direction of your dreams because you are more attached to playing it safe emotionally. And it is the feeling that will get you through that. So, I hope you found this helpful. I hope you liked this episode. I hope you’re enjoying the series.

If you want that e book, go to nicolelaino.com/ebook. You can grab it there, DM me ebook on Instagram. I’m @NicoleLainoOfficial. We will send it to you there. Thank you for being here. Thank you for making it to the end of this episode. I’m so happy that you’re here with us on the series. Hope you’re enjoying it. And remember, in order to have an unshakeable business, you must first become an unshakeable human.

So thanks for letting us help you become Unshakeable with Human Design, everyone. We’ll see you next time.

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