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Episode #48 The 4 Things You Need to Make Any Strategy Work

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ve probably been sold a lot of “hacks”. We’re constantly being told that “this is the way,’ but if you’re anything like most of us, these strategies don’t seem to get the same results that all of these entrepreneurs are claiming that they got.

That’s because it’s not JUST the strategies, it’s how you apply them to you and your business. Whether you’re trying to get your business to 6 figures, trying to get beyond 6 figures, or even trying to hit 7 figures and beyond, Nicole is sharing the 4 strategies you need at every level to continue to grow.

These same four strategies can be applied at any level you are at in your business, the key is in HOW you apply them. Nicole is going to teach you how to level up your way of being and create an internal shift that creates massive external change.

If this episode spoke to you, join Nicole starting on September 20th for her new masterclass: Practical Manifesting

You’ll learn…
– How to speak to your audience
– How to level up your messaging
– How to approach every single day in a new way so that you get new results
– How to change how you relate to money
– How you create new realities in your life


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Nicole Laino
Hello, and welcome to the limitless entrepreneur podcast. I’m your host, Nicole Laino. And it’s just us today, it is just me and you. And we are talking a little bit about the four things that you need to grow your business to six figures and beyond. So if you are trying to get to the six figure mark, this will help. If you are trying to get beyond the six figure mark, this will help if you’re trying to get to the seven figure mark, this will help why how is it that four key strategies four things could apply to all of these different levels? Well, because you are applying them differently at the different levels, they but they apply all the way through the journey, you are always coming back to these four core things. No matter what stage you’re at, you’re just evaluating these same four things every single step, and saying, are these four things in alignment with this next step that I want to get to this next stage that I want to get to. So when you have these in place, this is when anything can work. This is when every strategy that you try, if it is aligned for you, if it’s something you enjoy, if it is something that you want to do, if it’s something you’re putting your energy behind, it will work, you will not have these massive failures and wondering whether it will work for you down the road or not. If you have these in place, if you have this particular package in place of these four things, you will be able to apply them to anything that you want to try. So let’s talk a little bit about what can happen with most of us. So if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ve probably been sold a lot of things, a lot of hacks, this Instagram hack, this Instagram strategy, this LinkedIn strategy, and you see all of these people growing. And you see all of these people just blowing up on different platforms live launching, email marketing, slow funnels, you hear all of these different strategies. And you’re constantly being told that this is the way and then you try them. And if you’re like me, a lot of them did not work. And they didn’t work not because they don’t work. Not because those testimonials were lying, because they’re not, at least I don’t think they are most people don’t lie about the testimonials that they have. And there are a lot of factors that go into those things. So when you see that somebody made $200,000, in the first two weeks of working with somebody, I can almost guarantee that that person was not starting at zero. So that just first of all pay attention to those things. That when someone when you see those type of testimonials, if you are at the very, very beginning, and you hear that somebody made an astronomical amount of money in just a matter of days, they have probably been working at this at least for a while, where they understand some certain fundamental things. And what they’ve probably done is they have probably worked on these four core things, before trying this strategy before that thing working for them in this huge way. So there are four things that everything comes down to. Now those people if they’ve worked on those four things, then they are ready to take these next big steps. That’s when tiny steps can become huge leaps in your business because this core work is done. Now what I call this work, and you’ll hear this referred to in in lots of places. But for me, what was happening and a lot of this has to do with what I call practical manifesting. This is the term that I’ve given my strategy and the way that I teach it. And the reason that I gave it that was because a lot of the manifesting world, a lot of the energy coaches what I found difficult or difficult for me to understand being the type a hippie that I am, that I like a process. I like a strategy. I really like to understand things. And they could sometimes be very esoteric in the way that they spoke about how you went about leveling up your energy. Because this is what it all comes down to all those strategies that you hear working for other people. And then you try them and they don’t. And when you hear about those testimonials of people suddenly having this big breakthrough in their business. It’s because they have learned to practically manifest. They’ve learned these core strategies in some way, not maybe the way that I teach them. But what they have done is they’ve leveled up their energy. They’ve leveled up their way of being. They have leveled up their way of thinking, but beyond thinking it really is their way of being Now there are three core elements to that. But I believe that there is a fourth, fourth, which makes it a practical manifesting method. Because a lot of these energy coaches, when they talk about manifesting, they talk about mindset, they talk about all of these things. They can, they can make it very, very high level, or they can say things like, well, you need to become an energetic match for the thing that you want. Think about the thing that you want, and pretend it’s already yours. Now, that is wonderful advice. And it is true. But for me, I was like, Well, okay, but how do I do that? How do I make it real for me? How do I? How do I really how do I change my energy? I feel like I’m being the best I can be right now. So how can I be different? I’m trying to and it’s not working. And that led me into a way of thinking where I got very worried that it was me that maybe I’m not cut out for it, maybe I maybe I’m not supposed to have the things that I, I want the things that I desire. And that is not the truth. The truth is that there are better ways of teaching this. And there are better ways of teaching it as it applies to business. So when you hear a lot of the energy coaches speak, they are talking in ways that would speak to anybody, they might be talking about, you know, manifesting relationship, manifesting the perfect partner, and yes, it does work the same way. But I believe that there is another element that matters for the business owner. And I really do believe that this is the key factor that shifts entrepreneurs, from where it really blends the doing and the beam, it really blends how you take the best of yourself, elevate you, and put it into practice in your business every single day. So that you can create a new reality, so that any strategy works for you. So that you’re like, I’m going to do Instagram, I’m going to do LinkedIn, I’m going to focus on Facebook, I am going to jump into my Facebook group, when you have these four key elements in place, any of those work, whatever you choose, why, because you’re able to put all of your energy behind it. Now what does that mean? When you’re energetically holding back. Now that comes from ways of thinking, ways of being what you believe to be true about your future, about your the possibility of what you want being able to come to you, all of these things, factor into the energy that you put behind the work that you do. And if you feel like you are doing all of the things and none of it is working, I guarantee you, you are not doing all of the things with your energy behind it. You are doing all of the things and you are leaking energy everywhere. So your energy actually isn’t going into the things that you do. Your energy is actually leaking out into probably tasks that don’t need to be done or don’t need to be done by you. You are being subconsciously distracted from the things that are truly important. Time is passing by, you are showing up with I don’t want to use the word week but but weak energy in the things that you’re doing, you’re not showing up to the level that is required for you to have the success that you’re trying to align with. And this can be a really tough needle to thread until you understand the the core principles, but then also this fourth principle the three core principles plus this fourth one that I throw in, which to me makes my method practical manifesting because there is manifesting, but there is the way that I present it in the way that I teach it and the way that I live it is in a way that is easy to understand how it applies to you how it applies to your life, how it applies to your business. And when you shift these things when you start putting your energy into these areas and expanding in this way. You are able to make any strategy work for you. You are literally able to show up as a new and better version of yourself. versus what internal shifts feel like. And if you feel the same through your whole journey, except for when things are going really, really well. And we have like a great big win, and you feel your energy go up, and you’re like, Oh, my God, things have changed. And then you come right back down to where you were before, right back down to that same level, and you realize that nothing’s changed. Only now, you actually feel like it is less likely to happen, because you had the big when it came crashing down. So to you, it almost feels like it’s either always going to be really hard, or it’s not meant for me. So you actually have less belief than you did before you had one big win. Now I know because I have been in this place, I have been to the high high, and then I have felt a drop. And the reason that I’m able to teach this now is because I have learned how to shift that energy. at will. I’ve learned how to step into a newer level where the high high and the low low, don’t have a, they don’t matter to the vision that I have for myself. They matter only in that moment where I celebrate them, or I learned from them. But I continue walking, and I am growing, whether they happen or not. And that is the level that allows for consistent growth. That is the level where you not only can earn the money, but you can hold it and you can earn it again. You not only can show up on Tuesday, but you can show up on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and Saturday, the consistency is there. Because there’s consistency in your energy. There’s consistency in who you are being. And when that happens. It’s amazing how easy things feel. How the things that felt hard, particularly if you feel like you don’t know what to say, you don’t know how to communicate with people, you don’t know how to get people into your world, you don’t know how to attract you don’t know what to do when they when you do attract them. What do you do with those leads, all of that stuff becomes easy as if you had known the answer all along. But you’re unable to hear it. That’s the shift that changes. That’s the shift that happens and it is an internal shift that creates massive external change. Now, this four step process that I go through, I will be teaching it is what I teach in my programs it is it is what I teach in my singular programs, but I also teach it as a whole I am going actually doing a free workshop on this topic on practical manifesting and I am going to go into each of the four categories each of the four core principles of this method. I am going to be going through each of these it is called practical manifesting. It is a five day free masterclass. It will start on September 20. I will take you through every step in the practical manifesting framework. These will cover how you speak to your audience, how you level up your messaging, how you approach every single day, in a new way so that you get new results, how you relate to money,

Nicole Laino
how you create new realities in your life. This will be the strategic approach, we’re going to give you the actual things that you are doing, we are going to give you the strategy behind how to change your business. So if you are having trouble calling in the people that you want to call in, if you’re having trouble writing content, if you are having trouble with bringing the right people into your world and converting them, we’re going to give you all that. But then we’re also going to give you the piece, which is how you show up and infuse all of that strategy, with your energy with the best of not only who you are but of who you can be. How can you connect, relate and live as this next level version of yourself right now in every way as it relates to the way that you look at your past as it relates to the way you Look at your future as it relates to money. Your money, mindset your relationship to money all of this will be covered in this five day free masterclass, it is completely free. But it is not by any means, at a level of most people’s free workshops, this is going to be jam packed with value, you will walk away understanding how to communicate with your audience on a new level, how to truly attract the people that you are looking to connect with. And to do business with how to change your relationship to money, and how to look at your future in a new way where you’re looking at it as if it is happening right now. We are going to make everything that has felt possibly confusing about energetics, we are going to make it feel very, very strategic, very, very easy, simple and give you a practice that you can walk away with and use in your business right away. So this is going to start on September 20. It is going to be fabulous, it is going to be wonderful. Please go to the shownotes where we have a link for you to register for the workshop. You can find that at Nicole laino.me forward slash practical manifesting all one word, but like I said, we have linked all of that up in the show notes for you. So you do not have to worry about it. If you cannot find that if you did not write that down, do not worry, we have you covered. Go down to the show notes. Click it, we will take you right to the registration page. You do need to register for this workshop in order to participate. So please go over there and join us on the 20 Yep, I hope you found this valuable. I hope you are excited about the workshop because this is going to be life changing. I hope to see you there. And remember You are only limited by the limitations that you accept. And when you stop accepting those limitations. That is when you become limitless. I’ll see you on the next one.

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