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Episode #50 Be A World-Shaker

If you struggle with people pleasing, if you struggle with worrying so much about what people will think, say, and react to what you do that you just freeze, this episode is for you. 

I am speaking to those of you who KNOW you have something to offer, but just struggle with putting it out there. I am sharing my secrets on how you can start working to transform yourself and become a world-shaker. You’ve got a magic that it’s time you shared with the world to help other people like you who are walking the path you have walked.

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Nicole Laino
Hello, and welcome to the limitless entrepreneur podcast. I’m your host, Nicole Laino. And it’s us today. I have a question for you. Are you an undercover world shaker? Are you an undercover oral shaker? This is something that I identify with. And it’s something that I only recently kind of admitted to or for parts of my life, I’ve admitted to it. I’ve like I’ve, I’ve, I’ve come to terms with it, I’ve accepted it, I’ve embraced it even. And then I don’t. And this to me, is when I hear people say that they get in their own way. This is sort of the essence of it. You know, you are incredible that you have some gift, that you have a big purpose in life. And now when I say world shaker, first of all, because cool hand, Luke is one of my favorite movies of all time. And if you know that movie, you know that there’s a, there’s a character in the film that calls Luke, a genuine world shaker. And I always think about that. And I think about the nonconformist, the person who is so rooted in who they are, that even all the circumstances, no matter what the world throws at them, they can’t take away that spirit. And now world shaker can mean that you’re going to run for office, like I think those are the things that we think about, I’m going to I’m gonna like, I’m going to make radical change to my community, to the country to we think really, really big. But truthfully, if you think about the word and to me, what it has started to mean is, is it just rocking your own world to start out with. And for women in particular. And if you’ve gone through any of my programs, like becoming is one of the programs and if you’re in the limitless entrepreneur, you’ve heard me bring this up. But there are there are ways that we stay stuck, particularly women stay stuck, and there are four of them. But the the most predominant one, there’s two of them that I think that they fall into these categories are, are people pleasing, and playing small. Now there are two others, perfectionism and procrastination. And those are, I believe, sort of little little cousins or sisters of those other two but the big two, for me in this context of being a world shaker of, of living, your purpose, I think comes down to people pleasing, being afraid of what people will think being afraid of ruffling people’s feathers being too much, too much is a big one be an extra, which I just saw a thing on Tik Tok this morning that had me laughing out loud, where it’s like, when someone call you extra? You look at them and you say, am I extra? Or are you basic? Good question. I literally like laughed out loud when I heard that. I was like, That is like the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. But if, if you if you have been the fear of being extra, the fear of being too much falls into that people pleasing category, because because what does it do, then it causes us to play small. And those two things together, are what keep us this is the this is what keeps us in our own way, where we if you’ve ever said to yourself, I get in my own way, or I can’t get out of my own way, or I need to get out of my own way. Then I want you to challenge yourself to look to see if you are falling into one of these strategies, where you are people pleasing, and you’re playing small. Are you worrying so much about telling your truth, you’re worrying about what people will say, what they will think, how they will react, that it causes you to not do anything, but it causes you to procrastinate, that it causes you to play small, to be less, to only show some of your magic, and not all of it. And what does that do? People pleasing in its essence, is putting other people’s needs or your perceived idea of their needs above your own. Now moms can fall into this, of course, because we put our kids and our families like we are just naturally designed and the way that society is designed where our place was in the home for a very long time. And we just added things to our list. Now we work now we build businesses. Now we do this and we do all the other stuff. And there isn’t necessarily that same expectation of men. So they don’t have that pull. They don’t have that feeling of Well, I really got to be there for my kids first they make their plans and they do them they work and they they that’s their job is to provide in their mind, the subconscious is so powerful that we don’t know when we’re shifting into these strategies, we don’t necessarily know that we are people pleasing in those moments, we just know that we are not fully putting ourselves out there, or we are not putting our mission out there. And I can remember myself, and this goes back to childhood. And maybe this goes back to childhood for you. But can you look back, and for me, I remember this feeling of having the words to say, but lacking the courage to say them. And always feeling like I walked away from things being like I should have said this, I should have said that they were there, I just couldn’t get them out of my mouth, they got caught in my throat. It wasn’t a conscious thought of like, oh, no, people will think this not until after. After, then I think about what a hero I could have been if I had said what I felt, how it would have felt for me. And we end up living in that place, we end up living in that place, between the moments where we’re thinking about what we could have done and what we’ll do next time. But if we don’t change our way of being, if we don’t change how we view ourselves and our power, then that next time never comes, we do it again. And we end up in this gap place, again, of being like I should have done this. And I’ll do this next time. Next time, I’ll say what I meant. Next time, I’ll get them. And what happens is, we end up pulling in our experience based on the thoughts that we have the beliefs that we have. So we put something out on social media, we put something out in the world, and we’re waiting for the validation of it. Because we don’t fully believe in it ourselves, we’re afraid we’re going into it, we put it out there not with the power of, and I’ll say this next time, and it’ll be great. And we put it out there with that power. No, we put it out there where we say it and we’re afraid we’re afraid of what people will say we’re afraid of the reaction that we’ll get. And that energy is in what we put out. And this is how this is the difference between being a thought leader. And being a person who writes social media posts, not even a content creator, but a person who writes social media posts sometimes. And you might sometimes get a reaction, you might sometimes get a sale, you might sometimes be able to get the outcome that you want. But the consistency of it, you’re not elevating yourself to the level of thought leader or to a leader. And ultimately, leaders are what people follow. They’re who people will follow. They’re who people listen to. But that starts with you, if that’s what you want to be believing fully that you are worth listening to. That what you say has value. And you have to you have to believe in yourself. Because another thought that I had was, I remember feeling like I believed in what I thought, but I didn’t believe in myself. So do you see how the thoughts are not, they’re not the end goal. They’re not the end all be all, we think that we just need to think something. And then we also think that we need a strategy, someone will tell me how to format this, somebody, somebody will tell me how to write this post, how to deliver this video, how to deliver this podcast, someone will give me the structure and then my thoughts will be there and then it will be enough, then I will get to where I want to be. But that’s not the truth. The first thing that has to come before any of that comes is the thoughts have to be infused with your belief, they have to come from a place of power, they have to come from a place of inner power, in order to have any power on the external world. You have to have that that level of an confidence is part of it. But it’s a level above that it’s a certainty. It is a groundedness in who you are. And that is something that is cultivated over time. And this is why I think we see at least my experience has been that I see men come into this and I’m not a man hater. I love men. But I see men come into this industry and and they go not all of them

Nicole Laino
there are some of them that that that have similar problems to the women. But we all know the bro marketing we all we’ve all seen the alpha male l approach. And yeah, and the PAC follows alphas, they are more comfortable in that alpha role than females are. Why? Well, because we’ve been told for, for millions of years that we are not even second, but we’re, you know, when called upon, you shall be heard. So it’s a very big step for us to take to say, I’m going to be heard whether you’re ready to hear me or not. And to understand and have confidence and, and conviction in the fact that, who will need to hear this will hear it. And when they hear it, when I say it like this, it will impact them. And when it impacts them, they’re going to listen to the next thing I have to say. And that’s when you build a brand of power. And that’s the difference between just writing content every day, and writing powerful content that captures people, it might not happen right away. Audiences are not typically built overnight. And we’re all very obsessed with building an audience and growing the following. But it’s much more important to grow deep rather than wide. It’s much more important for you to if you get a like on a quote card, that’s not your quote. And it gets some comments where people are like, awesome. I don’t know, I don’t think that’s a great indicator that those 50 people who commented are gonna buy anything from you, I don’t. And that hasn’t been my experience. I don’t have a huge audience. I have a bit, I have a loyal one. And I have an audience that listens. And when I, I put together the content that I do, I think they feel where it comes from. They feel that I understand them, they feel that I understand my journey. And our journeys are similar. So they feel like I understand theirs. And that is the game. And I think about this stuff all the time. I have conviction in what I say, I believe in what I say, I believe that I can help people. And this is the journey is getting to the point where you can have that level of conviction in everything that you do. But a lot of women were in that place of feeling like well, I had a corporate job. And I don’t have that anymore. And that was my identity. And now that I don’t have that, I kind of don’t know who I am. Now, if I hope you understand that that was never power, having the job and that validating you enough that you were able to walk around with power. Because of the money it paid you the suit, you wore the title you had the building, you walked into the name on your business card, all of that is circumstantial circumstantial power is, is it could be gone in an instant. It could be you make a decision to do something that feels better for you, like leave that job, all of that goes away, goes away. The day that you walk out the day you put in your resignation, it goes away. personal and real power comes from within. And that’s when circumstances can change all around you. And you are unshakable. That is where you are speaking from a place where when people hear it, they are drawn to you. Now, this is what being a world shaker is you shake the world by saying this shell this box that I have been living in is too small. It can’t hold me and I am no longer going to shrink to fit in it. So I’m going to shake this world up this world that is mine, this box that is mine, I’m going to break it. And then I’m going to break it again. And I’m going to break it again. And I’m going to break it again because I grow. That’s the difference between and I hope that this is bringing this home for you that to be a world shaker you do not need to shake the entire world. You just need to shake yours. And then if you are out there peddling a service and putting out a message that it has a ripple effect to shake the world of people who have similar stories of people who have similar experiences that they look to you and they say She is shaking up my world She’s making me she is this is when we talk about when the vibe attracts. When you start shaking somebody’s world, that vibration is what they are tuning into. They’re like, she’s kind of speaking my language, I don’t know what it is. That’s how they feel it. And it comes back to them in there. And they look to you then to say, I don’t know where I’m going, or I have an idea where I want to go. But I trust that you do. And I want you to take me there. And I don’t care what you’re doing, it does not have to be this this amazingly inspirational zone. You just have to show people, what you do, how you do it, who you are. And then let them respond. That can be financial services, you might have a financial services business. So you think that you have to sit on a pile of cash and talk about money vibes and stuff you do not. All you need to do is talk about the journey of going from where you are to where you want to be financially, all you have to do is have a message and a clear, clear message and have it be rooted in something you truly believe. What do you stand for? What is your mission? Is your mission to help women create their own wealth? Then that’s a mission. And then everything that you talk about, should be passed through that filter should be passed through that filter of saying, Does this fit? Does this? Does this speak to my message does this speak to my person? Am I lit up when I speak about it? And,

Nicole Laino
and this, this is the essence of it, it doesn’t necessarily have to be I think we feel like you we have to talk about, you know, incredibly inspirational things where we have to have these amazing results. In order to attract people to us in order to be the world shaker. You need to shake the world of the people who are on your level or behind a guarantee you’re further than somebody. And you’re further than the person that you want to help. Or you understand their journey, and how they can get there. That can be in a million different ways. But we get very caught because the how is very safe, we get caught. And I’ll just show people how to do something. I’ll display my knowledge and my expertise by showing them how much I know. And that’s not opening them up to anything that’s not shaking their world. That’s them. That’s you people pleasing because you think that’s what they want. So you’re creating from that place of trying to please them, rather than set rather than creating from the place of, of true alignment with your message true alignment with your mission and saying this is what serves them, I don’t need them to do something different. I need them to be something different. I need them to see their world differently. Which with this episode, that is what I’m saying to you. I’m saying that you need to see your world differently. You need to come at this from a different perspective. Because the strategies this whole show is built behind the fact that strategy will only get you so far. And strategy is a way of playing small strategy when we don’t have to get into the energetics. And we don’t have to get into the way of how we think and how we operate. And what really makes us tick and what causes us to have an amazing day versus having a day where we just can’t do the work. That that it’s much easier to look at just someone give me the things to do. And it’s so much more than that. If you’re just looking for the things to do, you will only get so far. That’s that’s just not enough. You have to It’s who you are being when you do those things. It’s the power that you put into all the things that you do. So without doing the energetic work without doing the personal development and mindset work around it. You will only get so much out of all of that strategy and you might not get anywhere with some of it because you might not be able to do it. You might not be able to be consistent with your content. You might not be able to be consistent with your videos, you might not be able to really get anything out of all the work that you’re putting in because you’re coming at it from fearful people pleasing energy And you play small, because you won’t show up in your full power. This is the entire reason I developed my framework around that I call practical manifesting. It’s it’s centered around building a core message, core message for your business. It’s, it’s the energetic work applied to business, because so much of the energetic work I found to be too esoteric to out there. Not in concept, but in practice. I was like, how do you actually make this work for business? I don’t understand how this makes me better without just doing all of this work for years. And then coming back and starting my business, how can I move both balls down the court, I don’t understand. And so I developed this process, because that’s the idea is to be able to make advances in both your energetic and, and spiritual and mindset practices, to be able to be somebody different, all the while doing different things, and being able to do them better than you did before, because you’re coming at them from a new level of you. So that is why I created that framework. Because it’s essential, it is essential that you bring a new level of you to the new level of world that you want to create for yourself. That is what is required. Now I’m teaching a free masterclass. Right now, on this topic, you can click the link in the show notes, you can go to Nicole laino.me, forward slash practical manifesting, we have that workshop going on right now that will be going on through the 29th of September. If you don’t catch this, if you’re listening to this episode, past that date, please reach out to us because we’ll see if we can get you a recording of it. Or if we’re running that workshop. Again, I don’t know if we’ll run it again. But this, this is going to be I teach my entire practical manifesting framework. And I go into great detail about how you actually go through each of the four steps and how you become the world shaker, how you break the mold again, and again. And again, to step into the higher version of you all while having it rooted in true business practices that you can actually implement into your business right away and start creating from a new place. It’s wonderful, please go to the shownotes we’ll have that linked up for you there so that you can join the workshop for free. If you’re interested in reaching out to us, you can always DM me on Instagram. I’m at Nicole Laino official on Instagram and DM me there. Or you can join our Facebook group you can go to inner CEO group.com That will take you right to the Facebook group. Guys, this episode is so near and dear to my heart because I think about this topic every single day. Being a world shaker. Am I challenging the status quo that is my life? Am I coming at things from a new level of thinking from a new level of being without putting pressure on myself? Remaining an expanded energy and being able to do the things I did yesterday with a new level of conviction? Can I come at it with a new level of power? I hope this episode gave you some insight into how you can do that. And if you want to deep dive into it, please join the workshop with us the masterclass is going to be fantastic. And you will get so much more out of it. If you loved this podcast episode you will really love the masterclass. So I hope you join us there. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for making it to the end of the episode. And I will leave you with what I leave you with every single week. You are only limited by the limitations that you accept. And when you stop accepting those limitations. That is when you become limitless. I will see you in the next episode.

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