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Episode #62 Tapping into the Lunar Cycle and Divine Feminine Energy with Katie Tovar

This week on the podcast Nicole is welcoming Katie Tovar, Spiritual Healer for the woo womxn out there driven to reclaim their worth in all aspects of their life – mind, body, and soul. She is sharing with us her journey of awareness of the lunar cycles and how they affect her energy and choices.

Nicole and Katie are discussing two of the major phases of the lunar cycle, both the full moon and new moon and how they can impact you and your energy. If you’ve ever been curious about these cycles, this episode is a great first step to learning more!


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Nicole Laino
Hello and welcome to the limitless entrepreneur podcast. I’m your host, Nicole Laino. And I’m here with a special guest. Miss Katie Tovar is here with us. She is the founder and CEO of locomotive. She is a subconscious, Soul worker and spiritual healer. For the women out there driven to reclaim their worth in all aspects of their life. Katie, welcome to the show.

Katie Tovar
Hello. Good to be here.

Nicole Laino
So fill in. That’s just a little snippet of what you do who you are. Give them a little bit more tell them. What did I miss in that little? In that little short bio?

Katie Tovar
Yes. So my name is Katie. I am currently residing in Denver, Colorado, before that I was living in DC. And before that I was a big Chris Rica. So the reason that I say this is because when I was in college, I, I was actually serving in a Peace Corps. And in the first couple of months of me being in my site, I got pretty sick. For about the first six months, I would say, I was feeling rather ill having a lot of digestive issues. And it was due to stress and anxiety that I was projecting onto myself, not knowing it consciously. And so that kind of goes to the subconscious work. And eventually, after, you know, really tuning in and listening to my body, I started to realize that it was gluten that was affecting me, and I’d gone like a whole day after being tested in the Capitol, not eating gluten and came home and had like a cookie or something and my stomach immediately was triggered. And you know, after that, I started getting really curious about health in general, and how to heal our bodies through you know, more holistic measures rather than Western medicine. And I embarked on my coaching and health journey. And my journey started as a holistic health coach through Institute of Integrative Nutrition. And after that, you know, as just the personal practice of mine, I was practicing a lot of yoga and chose to get my 200 hour yoga certification. And that was, after I finished the Peace Corps got my 200 hour yoga certification down in Costa Rica and beautiful, sacred, feminine space. And I had never experienced that. So concentrated and such a purely divine feminine energy. And as you know, I continue to learn from other women similar to me with similar interests and passions and curiosities. I really realized, you know, how incredible this like feminine energy is, and how healing it is and just intuitively was, you know, drawn more to the spiritual side of healing, and started hosting Sister Circles and full moon circles. And the DC area, my first one was in my family room had like 20 or 30 women show up. And it’s just been a constant learning and practice and adding more knowledge and tools and techniques to my tool belt and eventually went on to become certified as a neuro linguistic programming practitioner. So that’s that subconscious work that we talked about, and has been even more focused recently on the lunar cycle. And this divine feminine energy and how we can start to use that to our advantage and really embody that, that fullest expression of self into our daily lives into our rituals that were our most Yeah, divinely embodied, ascended authentic versions itself. So that’s, that’s me in a nutshell.

Nicole Laino
I love it. I love it. And we’re going to talk about the lunar cycle thing. But I have a question for you first, and this is just kind of to set us off here. Do you feel that you talked about that you were in a feminine space when you got your 200 hour yoga certification and it was your first experience being in that kind of that kind of environment? And in your experience, the women that you work with and just being out in Your Life, do you find that most women are connected or disconnected from their feminine power? Hmm.

Katie Tovar
Um, okay, first something that I need to mention is a sister wound, because that was like, really definitely want to mention that and talk about it. Um, that’s something that I really encountered in that in that first space of like, I, you know, like there’s this opportunity to connect with the other women here and to connect with myself in my feminine spirit within and the ego. And what I’ve been taught in society, and it’s very much patriarchal, masculine, masculine driven society is, you know, competition is carrying the other person down to further yourself or whatever it is, and not having this really collaborative energy. And so that’s something that I’ve, I’ve really learned to leverage. And, you know, as I, as I commit even more to my own practices and become a deeper embodiment of the woman in the spirit and the person that I already am, I find that that’s reflected a lot of times in the people who I make connections with. And, yes, I do believe it’s available to every single person and every woman out there, and it’s already there, a lot of the times it’s more so just just sitting back and allowing yourself to receive or getting quiet enough to start hearing those whispers that that are there and starting to get curious about your experience. So I think it’s, we’re all the same, right? Like we all have that sort of collective energy, it’s just a matter of like, are you attuned to it yet?

Nicole Laino
Yeah, and right, it’s how much are we allowing it to come through? Or how much are we suppressing it or shifting into the masculine energy shifting into and I think that our world, especially like, if you’re American listening to in western world, where it is very masculine, focused with goals, and the way that we set goals and the way that we work, something that came up for me with the SR rune because, yes, first of all, like, you know, I always say that, you know, if you want to know what your internal state is, look at the world and the people around you, what you are attracting is reflecting what you feel inside. So if you’ve got a bunch of like, you know, infighting kind of things, your friends, you can’t trust them, then you have trust issues. But so it’s, it’s a great, it’s a great mirror for ourselves. One of the things you brought it up that it was, you know, the patriarchy can can cause that. And I and I agree. I also think that women further that sister wound and that that that relationship that competition, the you know, infighting, I think about it, it bothers me with movies. If you look at like a bro comedy, boys, the boys are just like, I’ll die for my friend, the whole premise of the hangover, is that they go on a bachelor party to celebrate their friend in such grand crazy fashion, he goes missing, they risk life and limb to get him back. Bridesmaids is about how a friend’s getting married and she has another friend and her best friend can’t take it and she destroys the girls like whole leading up to the wedding destroys her wedding makes her just this, where it’s her fighting for her friends attention. And so we feed into it with the our image of what women are what women are together. And that’s not true. If we tune into it if we tune into something better, if we choose to see women, as and we choose to be the woman who’s trustworthy to other women. If we choose to trust to trust other women, we will get that back. And that’s tuning in. To me that’s a part of tuning into the divine feminine and, and not hating the feminine in us that we’re throwing out in hating the feminine outside of us too. So I just wanted to bring that up, because the whole time you think I’m like, Yes, that’s my issue with like movies is that they showcase this. There’s this idea that the boys are like family, and the women are Catty, and infighting.

Katie Tovar
And I’d be curious, in those instances to to do a little bit of research and be like, Okay, well, who’s the producer whom, you know, who is the film writer, right, like, who’s the screenwriter in this situation? What perspectives are they taking? What is their experience and then that foot they are continuing to create a project

Nicole Laino
as well? Well, Kristen Wiig wrote bridesmaids and it’s a funny movie, but it is I it bothered me the whole time I was like, why are they depicting women as just like backbiting bitches like you can’t be for your friend. But I digress. I want to talk about because you brought up lunar cycles. And this has been a topic that has come up as I dive in more into my feminine energy and my my friends have been kind of it’s been circling around me, like pay attention to the lunar cycle, pay attention to your connection to it, your cycle your how you feel during this the lunar cycle. So let’s talk a little bit about that. What where do you go with that when when someone asks you about the lunar cycle?

Katie Tovar
Sure. So one thing that I want to mention before we dive in is also just the the intuitive knowing that, you know, that’s where your next journey is, or like the things that you’re going to be starting to listen to more and like be learning more of like, that intuition, in and of itself is that divine feminine energy and starting to listen to those more subtle whispers and starting to listen to maybe the louder ones doing the thing that you’re consistently brought to and brought with, like, if something is showing up for you. It’s not a coincidence, it is not a coincidence. And so that’s why I’m saying like this intuition, and really what as you start to tap even more into your divine feminine, starting to become attune to what those subtle like intuitive pings are and what the Spirit was telling you. But the lunar cycle, so trying to think my experience the lunar cycle, I think I started becoming like, obsessed with the moon in Costa Rica. It was when I was living in Costa Rica because I was in the middle of nowhere zero light pollution, I was also really tapping into that feminine energy being in the jungle. The jungle to me and just Mother Earth in general is such a divine feminine energy. And, and I would look up and see oh my god, the full moon is coming or oh, this is a new moon, okay, like, it really just start to be more aware of where the cycles were. And preceding not I again, like I was in as divine, the feminine sacred container, getting my 200 hour for three straight weeks and zero cell service. So really tapped in and tapped in with a lot of really elevated, beautiful souls surrounding me and supporting me. And that’s when I heard about the moon ceremonies. And of course, I’ve heard them before, but like really started to get curious and learn more. And so I was craving that energy when I went back to the United States, because it’s something that I hadn’t really surrounded myself by previously, and was able to start hosting these full moon ceremonies. And it was an I remember asking another woman who I actually had on my podcast as well, Sequoia, she’s a very intuitive, she’s clairvoyant and very gifted woman, asking her about how she held the space and what is you know how to cultivate and host the ceremonies with the men and she said, just let your intuition drive you. That’s all that it is. Right? So constantly like tying it back to that intuition to that flow. And so the full moon is all about releasing, it’s the end of a 28 day cycle. It’s typically when women are bleeding. And so when you’re bleeding with a full moon, it’s a time for you to just really tune in and nurture yourself. Time to take things slower, and practice that I stumbled upon no coincidence there was starting to fast with the full moon and this was a practice that I started last fall September of 2020. And at that point in time, I had heard three day water fasts again it’s like the spirit spirits like feeding you these pings and like you just got to start tuning in and listening. People had taught mentioned three day water fast three day water fast I kept hearing it and I was like, I could never do that. Like are you kidding me? Like I will never be able to and one day I just started doing it. I was like, this feels right I need this I need to rest they need to process things. And on day two slash three, it was the full moon and day two slash three I was also are facing a lot of resistance and tension more specifically, mostly my mind. You know, I want him to, to keep myself a voice. There is distracted from the hunger as much as possible. But there is definitely a lot of chatter in the mind at that point, too. And the reason that I started this fast was to detox and release things that weren’t serving, and it became a total energetic release. Well, and just so happened to fall on the full moon. And at that point, I’ve been doing ceremonies and Moon work for probably about a year and a half. But I had stopped through COVID, because just trying to be, yeah means to say,

Katie Tovar
because of COVID. And yeah, and I, at this point, I had moved to Colorado, and was kind of getting back into my spiritual practices more than I had been in the past months. And so yeah, so it was beautiful, because I got something that I was not expecting at all. And I done ceremony that night, and I turn the lights off, and I you know, set up candles and pulled cards, and I just really made it a beautiful, intimate ceremony for myself to just truly energetically release and also hit pause. And in those three days leading up to the moon, and this goes for a lot of women to your bleeding. And it’s a beautiful opportunity for you to just say no, because oftentimes, like the feminine and the wounded feminine energy is people pleasing and saying yes, a lot of times to a lot of people and things that might not feel completely aligned. Just because we’re people pleasing and and so that’s a beautiful opportunity for people to just say no, for women to just say no, and to completely tune in, to their sort of internal world. And yeah, so that’s, that’s a full moon in a nutshell. And then there are all the different phases. Yeah,

Nicole Laino
the two big ones kind of, at least for me, and I’ve only dipped my toe in the water is like the the new moon and the full moon, that the New Moon is kind of intention setting, it’s new beginnings, it’s that, you know, feeling over the things to come and being mindful of it. And I and then the full moon is the releasing the, you know, but you’re also Super Magnetic during a full moon, there’s, there’s energy to it, there’s when you start paying attention to this stuff. And you you, for me, it reminds me to tune into myself, if I get so busy with all the things if I get so busy with the schedule, and the family and the and the work and everything. You know, when I when I hear around, like, you know, oh, it’s a Harvest Moon, I’m like, a full moon. Well, first of all, that might be why I’m feeling X. But then I also like, what do I want to let go of? It reminds me it, it reminds me and then like, you know when when when we bleed when it’s the time for our cycle. You know, women used to go off and like have their own time during that time, like in villages was like she goes up to like, the tent, or whatever it was they had like an area where they went. And all the women went up there and they did their thing. And they had their time. And it was really for them to be alone, like and you can think about it that they were cast away. But it’s a time to reflect. And and I think that we forget to do that. So the moon can be a really wonderful way of reminding us to set intentions, to have intentions to release things to give ourselves time to love on ourselves. And that if you’re doing that kind of turns you into that divine feminine. It turns you into yourself. When you’re being kind to yourself. That’s the mother and you mothering you.

Katie Tovar
Yeah, absolutely. And so, too, I was having this conversation with another woman, a young woman friend of mine who’s also doing sort of coaching. And so her and I were talking about the moon and we were on the boat, we were on a boat with her parents. And she was like, I’m really happy because we were talking I was like, Oh yeah, like I do, you know, ceremony and I have a podcast and talk about like witchy seeings. And he’s like witchy things like what? What do you mean? What do you think, like, piqued her curiosity and I was like, oh, you know, like, the moon work like sitting in doing ceremonies and like, and so they were curious. Through equity mean like ceremonies like, what does that mean? And then I went on to explain like, well, it’s truly just the time to slow down and hit pause and set some intentions and do some reflection. Because otherwise you’re just going like, day in and day out every day for 28 days and on and on and on. And you never get caught like you don’t give yourself oftentimes that especially as women, like we’re cotton, we’re like, the homemakers and then this and that and like all the labels, and we’re constantly serving and giving to other people and, and so that’s why I love it too. That’s why I’m like so steadfast in the practice, and even if I’m not necessarily sitting down and like really, you know, journaling, or whatever is cultivating that awareness, and as you said to like, oh, there’s a full moon, like, oh, okay, maybe that’s why I’m feeling a little, you know, funky, or whatever it is, especially like, the moon is all about, like, your emotional body, it’s very much like a very, like watery flowy energy too. And so it really brings up that emotion is when those times, especially the foliation, like, whoa, okay, like all of that emotional water body is like brought to the surface as well. And so yeah, it’s just a really great time to anchor down and like, you know, that you can come back to it like, and then the beautiful thing is like, it’s here for you, it’s an opportunity for you to ground and like I’m an art, I’m a double earth, sun and Taurus, sun and Capricorn, Moon. And grounding is really important for me. And so these practices of grounding of committing these rituals, they’re just so nurturing for, for the higher self. And

Nicole Laino
yeah, and I’m glad that you brought up, you know, being curious, because I know that there’s someone listening to this podcast right now, maybe it’s you at home, now, we’re in your car. And you’re thinking like, this is too, out there for me, or I have practical things to do. And I, and I understand that because I’ve been there before. But what, what I hope you take away from this episode is something that I say to everybody all the time, which is exchange, criticism for curiosity, if this is having an effect on you at all, either you’re falling in love with it, or you’re like, huh, and you’re starting to judge any of these things that we’re talking about. Or you’re a little triggered by some of it, that is your clue to go deeper to get curious about it, to step into it, and dip your toe in the water, give Katie a call, check out our podcast, listen to something that that feels in the flow with this because everything, anything that has any sort of effect, high or low, is calling to you in some way. And this opens us up this work and diving into this side of things, the energetic side of things, was the answer to every question and challenge that I had, because I was so focused on productivity and being successful, and there was a way to do it. And it was a very masculine paradigm that I was playing in. And when I hit a wall and couldn’t create more magic there, and I didn’t know why I opened myself up to this work more, and the world like blew open. So thank you so much for sharing all of this with with our listeners. I’m I’m excited for everybody to listen to this episode and to just let it sink in. And I hope that they continue to follow you and your work. So tell them where they can stay in touch with you. How can they how can they get more info about you?

Katie Tovar
So my my brand is locomotive, that’s L O K eight motiv. And just a little bit of a background that brands the mantra Lokah samasta sukhino ballintotis They’re well known mantra, we say yoga Shala. And it means that my own thoughts, words and actions contribute in some way to the happiness and freedom for all and that’s my locomotive and you can find that online just locomotive.com We are on Instagram at locomotive. The podcast is law locomotive, so just that lifting the influence in that feminine influence the lives for the the feminine influence of the podcast and Yeah, we’ve got we’ve got a retreat coming up actually. So February of next year, the women’s retreat in Costa Rica, and my business partner so excited for that, like, unleash your inner shock for us like our trademark so unleash the inner goddess that divine feminine energy within. And wow. Yeah, those are those are places to find me definitely follow along because I’ve got a lot of a lot of extra feminine stuff coming up. My partner and I are developing a course. And I do ceremonies monthly as well. I have a membership becoming her. So lots of lots of opportunities to connect

Nicole Laino
you to fall and I’m going to check out that retreat. And thank you so much for being here. And you listen, I’m going to talk to you again and I’m going to say thank you for making it all the way to the end of this episode with us definitely follow Katie definitely stay in touch with her because she’s got magic to share with you. And if you made it all the way to the end, thank you just remember this you are only limited by the limitations that you accept. And when you stop accepting those limitations. That is when you become limitless. So I will see you on the next episode. Have a beautiful day.

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