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Episode #63 Finding Alignment & Your Authentic Voice Through Human Design

After learning more about human design on Episode 35 with guest Analena Fuchs (if you missed it, it’s a great primer on what Human Design is and the different types, you can listen to it here), Nicole has spent lots of time learning more about Human Design and completing the first step in her certification. In this episode, she’s sharing with us what it is about Human Design that she finds so impactful, and why she decided to pursue it and get certified.

She’s sharing with us how we can use the information we learn from our Human Design charts to make better decisions in both our businesses and our lives.


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Hello, and welcome to the Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast. I’m your host, Nicole Laino. And I’m so excited to be here with you guys today, it’s just us. A little intimate conversation about my new favorite topic, human design. It has actually been my favorite topic for a while–it has been I’m completely immersed in it right now. And I felt very, very compelled to do this little episode and have a new conversation about it.

Now, we already talked about this on the show, I did have an expert come on, Analena Funchs came on and talked to us about human design many, many months ago on the show, I forget the number of the episode, but it was definitely earlier on in the show. That is a wonderful episode, we’ve gotten to a lot of the details about how the types work and all of this, she went through a really great high level sort of overview of how that works.

What I want to do with this episode is kind of dial it back and rewind a little bit and talk about why. Why human design is such an amazing modality and why I decided to get certified in it, to start working with my clients with it, and how it’s changed my life, and how it’s changed literally everything in my house, the way that I relate with my family, the way that I understand my son and the way that I understand the way that my husband works. And the way that I understand my clients and the way that I can guide them now.

And I hope that–my hope with this episode is that it shows you how you can use human design to unlock your magic. Because that’s really what this show is about, this show is about tapping into your limitlessness. This show is about getting in touch with who you innately are, and removing all obstacles to you actually moving through life as that person–as your true and authentic self making bigger moves. Now, that will look different at every single level, we’re going to start off, and maybe the hardest thing that we do, in being authentic in this moment is about speaking our truth. And then maybe it’s about making bigger offers. And then maybe it’s about changing our prices. And then maybe it’s about stepping into a whole other level like writing a book or doing something on another level where we’re reaching a new level of people, we’re reaching a new level of client, we are attracting a new level of client, every step of the way, we’re unlocking little pieces of ourselves and able to level up. That’s what this show is about.

And human design is the most unique, effective, amazing tool to actually dig into what makes us, us. What makes you, you. And the creator of human design–just a little bit about what it is. If you’ve ever downloaded a human design chart, if you’ve ever gone and run your human design chart, you’re probably very confused by it because it’s a bunch of shapes and numbers and colors and lines. And some things are colored in and some things aren’t. And you’re just kind of like, what is this thing?

So just to rewind a little bit what human design is, is it’s basically an energetic blueprint of you. It’s not a personality test in the way like a Myers Briggs or something like that works, where it’s subjective, where you’re answering questions, and maybe on one day, you register as one thing. And then another day when you felt differently, answering the same questions, you answered them slightly differently. So you got a slightly different answer.

This is completely run off of your birth date, your birth place, and your birth time. It is not subjective at all. You are who you are. And the reason that it comes in, just like with astrology, I’m a Virgo. So coming in to this world, it was Virgo was where the cosmos, where the stars where astrology was at the time that I came into this world. So that is the energetic imprint that it has on my soul, on who I am. And most of us usually relate pretty closely with our zodiac sign. We’re usually like, oh, yeah, no, I’m, I’m a total Virgo, or, Oh, that’s a cancer, she’s fully a Cancer. We, we all we all usually identify with it. And human design is that times a million.

So this takes many, many more factors into into account. So the way that your body graph which is that colored in set, that chart that if you download it and put your your birth date time and place into one of the websites that runs these reports for you. You got this, you got this like little map, that’s your energetic map. That is the thing telling you what all of your gifts are, where all of your conditioning might be hiding. It is a map.

So as a coach, what I love about it is I run a client’s human design chart, and it gives me a little insight into what questions might be the right things to ask them. If they tell me that they’re having a specific problem, it’s sort of it’s like a diagnostic that I can run and I can look at it and I can say, okay, well, maybe this is a great question to ask, or have you ever thought of things this way? Have you ever felt this way?

And first of all, immediately, you feel seen, when someone starts explaining your body graph to you, you just sort of feel like, it’s the truth. It’s the truth that maybe you haven’t always spoken, but you’ve always known. And that’s what’s so amazing about it. So all of the factors that it takes in order to create this body graph are the Chinese I Ching hexagrams, which is like an ancient, an ancient philosophy and in Chinese culture, astrology, the chakra system, and the Kabbalistic tree of life. So all of these are combined together to create this body graph. And everyone’s is completely and totally unique.

Now, I’m not going to go into great detail about all of the different types, we’ll get into those, because I’ll be talking about human design in more specific fashion. I’ll talk about types, I’ll talk about lines, I’ll talk about all the different things that I feel will benefit you guys. But this episode, I really wanted to get into the why. I want to get into exactly what human design can do for you and how it works, because I didn’t really get it until I dove in hard.

And there was a lot that could have been explained maybe a little bit better. In the way that it relates to your business, how human design can help you stand out, it can show you what your best strategies will be. It can show you how to overcome obstacles that you have had trouble with, like public speaking or ways of speaking your truth. It can tell you what ways you are most innately geared and designed to deliver a message, the ways that you are meant to create and use your energy in this world so that you are more magnetic.

And that’s the thing that we’re always trying to get our hands around, right? How can I be noticed? How can I put my stuff out there and cut through all the noise? And we hear the same answer. Well just be you. Be authentic, you know, put out your truth. Well, that might be really hard. And how–that’s always been the thing at the end of that that statement, you know, be authentic. Some of us don’t know how to do that, in a public way. Some of us have a really hard time with that. And that’s the struggle. How can I be visible? And how can I be visible in a way that people pay attention. And that is what human design does. Human Design tells you exactly how to use your energy. So that before you specifically not in this blanket, “well, this is what I did.” Because what I did might not work for you. And that was what I found over and over and over again, as I worked with people–we try strategies, and I signed up for coaching and worked with people where it worked for them, but it wasn’t working for me. Or I wasn’t able to operate the strategy the way that that person did. It just didn’t work for me. And I didn’t like it. I didn’t enjoy it. It didn’t feel like it was for me. But we get stuck on what we think works. So we look at the result we say, “That worked for them. So I’m going to do that.” And we don’t pass it through our own filter to figure out is this really right for me. And we give our power away every time we do that. So what human design allows you to do is it helps you find your authenticity, your true authenticity, what makes you you. It helps you trust on a deeper level. And one thing I have learned at every level at every step, the way that I grow, I grow the fastest I grow the easiest, where it takes the least amount of effort is every step involves me deepening trust, trust in myself, trust in the universe, trust that the next step will appear. Trust in my people around me and trust in my circle. The more I deepen that trust, the more my business grows, the more money I make, the less time I spend in my business, the more fun I have. So it helps you deepen that trust because it helps you understand not just how intuition works, but how your intuition specifically speaks to you. It helps you understand how you specifically manifest. Everybody manifests a little bit differently. And this will tell you exactly how you manifest rather than taking a million manifestation courses and trying all their tips and being like that didn’t work. That didn’t work. I sort of felt something there but I don’t know, all these other things didn’t work. So I kind of gave up on the one thing that maybe had like a little bit of a spark. This is a map to how you make everything work for you.

The other amazing thing about it is that it will help you tune into your true purpose in this life. How are you meant to work? Who were you meant to impact? What is the impact you’re supposed to make? It helps you, it doesn’t tell it to you, in the sense of here, now go do this thing. Because that would be giving your power away as well. That would be generic, that would be broad. And it’s not. It is very, very specific, where we give you these things to contemplate–a direction, a design, and tell you that here’s the template. Now you color in the lines. Now you color it in however you like. But here’s the starting point. Here is and then as you get better at using it, it starts to bloom, and you can start to move with it in a whole new way. And this is how it becomes a path to true authenticity. It is a template for it. It’s a template for finding your truly authentic self. It is the blueprint.

So this is a quote from the system was created by a man named Ra Uru Hu. And this is this is a quote that he has that I think really encapsulates human design. “What you can rely on, you’ve never relied on in your life, what you can’t trust, you’ve been trying to trust all your life. What you’ve been trusting has never been you. What you’ve been ignoring, has always been you. Try to trust what’s really you and see what happens.”

That can be the hardest thing for us, can’t it? To trust what’s really us, because we’re so busy listening to all the noise, listening to all the things. Still hearing the voices of people from our past tell us that we weren’t good enough, tell us that that wasn’t the right way. To tell us that the thing that we wanted was not really meant for us, that we were meant for a different path. Knowing deep down inside that that wasn’t right. But, we allowed the external world to dictate how we felt inside and to dictate the actions we took. It created a new version of ourselves that never quite feels like us. Right? That is what we’re doing.

This is the blueprint for coming home to what you’ve always known. Programs I have taught in the past have been about this–have been about coming back to the knowing, trusting your zone of genius, building your world around your zone of genius, because that is a universal thing, that when applied specifically to you, when you can find your zone of genius, when you can tap into who you authentically are and how you authentically help. And you build your business around that. Not around a strategy that somebody else had. Not around what you think other people want, not what you’ve seen work for somebody else, but something that truly feels authentic to you.

And when you trust that, and you move with that, magic happens. And you make a whole lot more money, doing it that way. And you have a whole lot more fun. This is when the work becomes easy. This is what we mean by the ever confusing thing that we hear online, which is you hear everybody telling you work less, make more. Lean back, don’t lean in, no more hustle. And then there’s a confusing factor to that because you’re like, but I have to work? So how do I work and lean back?

And the answer is to know what your lean back energy is. It’s leaning back energetically, it is not laying down and not doing any work. That is a common misconception that is really, really misleading. It gets to be easy. There are ways that we can make it easy on ourselves. And we do that by working with our energy by balancing our masculine and feminine. It does not mean laying in bed all day and doing nothing is how you make money. I mean, there are professions that you could do that but I don’t think that’s the thing that you’re doing. But you can work from bed and that is sort of balancing masculine and feminine energy.

There are ways of doing this. But what human design does is it tells you what your leaned back energy looks like. It tells you where you tend to lean into the masculine and how you can lean back into the feminine. Because so many women are overworked right now. Because they’re trying to make it work. They believe in their business, you might be feeling this, you might really believe in your business, you might know that you are on the cusp of something great, but part of you is saying something like, but it’s so hard. I’m working so much now I can’t imagine taking on more. And the revenue isn’t there to take on more team, I can’t quite figure out how to move this thing forward. And the answer is, you do less, you do more of the things that are in total alignment for you, you stop doing or delegate the things that are not in alignment for you, and you trust. And human design is what can tell you exactly what are those things you should lean into, and what are those things you should pull back from.

It gives you a mechanism for tapping into your intuition to figure out what decisions are right for you. Meaning in the moment, how do you ask yourself questions that get you to the answer that’s in alignment, rather than the answer that you think you should do. There’s a very big difference when you are living in the shoulds, when you are living in alignment with what the external world has told you is the right way. You end up burned out, you end up overworked, you end up not making the money that you think you will make, that you want to be making, you’re not hitting your goals. And you the business doesn’t feel like yours, you don’t feel authentic, and that leads to imposter syndrome.

Human Design is the path to fully understanding your greatest energetic capacity, the way that you can push your energy out in the world, to truly magnetize the things that you want, how to manifest in a way that’s very, very practical.

And that’s what I call my program. My framework is called practical manifesting, and human design fits so perfectly into it, it’s why I decided to get certified. Because here’s an example of how conditioning and low frequency has worked for me in the past. I’m a lover of knowledge, I love to learn things, I love to know things, I love to give my information and what I learned. And I love to turn it into practical applications for people. Now, the shadow side of that, the low frequency side of that could be that I learn so much, and I never feel quite ready. And I never feel ready to share. And I never feel like anything is quite ready to go out to the world. And that holds me back and causes me to move slowly.

But when I check in with my human design, and when I know how to ask myself the right questions, and I figure out what’s in alignment for me, I ask myself is Human Design getting certified another way of me trying to learn something so that I’m good enough, so that I’m better? Another thing that will help people like me want me, want my business, want to work with me.

And I passed it through my strategy and authority, which is the way that you learn what’s in alignment for you, and that’s what you learn through this technique, through utilizing human design. And it gave me the answer. It was no, this is this is meant for me. And what that has resulted in is me getting through the first level of the certification with complete and total joy. People signing up and working with me just on their human design, which I hadn’t even planned on, I hadn’t even thought that that would happen so quickly.

But suddenly, people coming into my world–why? Because I’m so lit up by this work. Because it is so amazing. And because I am so committed to it, and able to utilize it in a way that is so in alignment with my magic, with my unique qualities, with what I am great at. It’s made it effortless.

So I hope that you found this episode, useful in helping you understand how human design can work for you, if you’ve had an issue in any issues with feeling authentic, putting your message out there, finding your true message, really honing in on your zone of genius, building offers around your zone of genius, maybe you feel overworked or burnt out, and you haven’t figured out how to build a program that sustains you and gets results for people. All of this can be found through your human design. All of this because the answers have always existed in you. The problem is you haven’t listened to you. You’ve been listening to everybody else. And that is the magic of human design.

I hope this has inspired you to at least dive in and go and download your human design chart and see what it has in store for you, what it can unlock in you, you can find it at geneticmatrix.com is one of the sites that will give you your chart. There is also mybodygraph.com will give you your chart as well.

If you’re interested in booking a reading with me, you can go to my website at nicolelaino.me. We’ll link up the the link for that in the show notes here. If you want to book a human design reading with me personally, I would love to do that with you. If you have any questions, or if this episode struck you in any particular way, I would love to hear about it. Post it in your stories, tag me so that I can share it with my group as well. And please reach out to me with any questions. I’d love to hear from you guys.

I hope that you got value from this episode. And remember, you are only limited by the limitations that you accept. And when you stop accepting those limitations. That is when you become limitless. So go out there and be limitless everyone. I will see you in the next one.

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