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Episode #8 5 Steps to Building a Magnetic Personal Brand

What would it be like to…

  • Know exactly what to say on social media to get your ideal client to respond
  • Have dream clients proactively reaching out to you to find out how they can work with you
  • Feel totally aligned with what you do so posting and engaging online is easy and effective
  • Know when to add another stream of income and how to spot that perfect opportunity when it presents itself

This is what it feels like to have a Magnetic Personal Brand.

In this episode, I guide you through the essential 5 steps of building your Magnetic Personal Brand so you can finally build a business that is profitable and EASY.


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Hello, and welcome to the limitless entrepreneur podcast. I am your host, Nicole Laino. And I am talking about a topic today that I feel is such a foundational aspect of your business, if you are growing a business online and I don’t care if you are in MLM if you’re a coach, if you are a healer, a course creator, or even if you’re growing your following, but you haven’t monetized it yet, so you don’t know what your product is, you don’t know exactly what it is you sell, you’re still figuring that out, this is all going to apply to you. This is all just a a cornerstone of building a business online, in this day and age. So using social media and getting your message out there. So with all that being said, that is also going to help you it’s if you’ve ever found yourself staring at a blank screen, when you go to write content, or getting engagement on your content, closing clients. So even just getting people prospective clients to book Clarity Calls with you, or closing those clients, closing those prospective clients and turning them into paying clients after you get them on a call all of this ties into this episode, which I’m calling the five key elements of a magnetic personal brand. So why put the word magnetic in there is personal branding is very, very powerful. But when we talk about having a magnetic brand, there are other elements that just having a regular personal brand, the power is just missing. So I want to make sure that I’m that’s why there are five elements to this, you could probably you know, having a brand could just be a couple of things. And a lot of people think about, you know, when you think about having a brand, do you think about like colors and mood boards and, and all of this and that is part of it, that is certainly part of it, the feel of your brand is definitely a big part of what you do. But outside of that building a magnetic brand is really about building connection, strong connection, so that when people encounter your brand, they are like, I need this woman to help me, I need this person’s product, if they have a problem that they have. And they it makes them think of your brand as the person who can help them solve it. So we’re gonna go through the five essential elements of building a brand that is magnetic like that. That’s what we’re going to talk about today. So I hope you’re excited about that. I hope you’re excited about this I am because this is just a great conversation to have. And it’s a conversation you should be having with yourself all the time, like is this on brand or off brand, we’re going to talk about how you would know if something is on or off your brand. If you’re if you’re following these five steps, it’ll become very clear to you whether something belongs or does not belong. So like I said, the magnetic brand is really about building a connection with your ideal audience. And then just feeling like they wouldn’t have to consume every bit of content that you have. And when they do, it’s driving them to act on it. It’s driving them to click on your sales page and read a little bit more about you those people are getting curious. Those people are feeling like huh, I wonder if she’s the person to help me in this next stage of my business helped me start this, you know, whatever it is that you do is this the person to help me on my relationship journey is this, the person to help me Is this the course and the person whose perspective can help me break past this barrier that I have. So that’s what building a magnetic brand is about. It’s attracting the person but not just attracting them, it’s actually driving them to buy. And there’s like, there’s psychological elements of this. There’s emotional elements, and we want to make sure that we are building every single one of these in order to create that true attraction and connection in our branding. Okay. So the first element is your mission. Okay. And I just want to say right here at the beginning, as well, we have a free guide that goes along with this. So if you want to download this, I’ll tell you right here at the beginning, the free guide is you could go to Nicole laino.me, forward slash brand Bible all one word, forward slash brand Bible. And that will take you to the free guide. You can download that and you can run through this with the episode. But also we link that up in the show notes. If you’re not able to write that down. Now just go back to the show notes and we link it out there. So the first element is your mission. This is what your brand stands for. Can you come up with three to five points? That That totally event that, that act like a North Star for your business? That If someone asked you what you were about, you could give them one of those lines, and it would tell them so much. And we want to get those into these these three to five power statements. And the reason is, because they not only help your, your followers, your audience understand and connect with you, but it helps you to understand, again, when you’re writing your content, does this feel right? Does this does this align with one of my core principles? Does this does this align with one of my power statements? Am I getting that point across, and my guiding people in the way that I that I want to that I am that I’m committed to guiding people. And then it also comes into play when you go to add multiple streams of income. So if you’re looking to create another product, if you are looking to maybe join an MLM, and add that to your business, if you’re thinking about adding a different course or creating something in that way, go signing on as an affiliate for someone can certainly be another stream of income that you’re trying to figure out, does it fit in my brand or not? And asking if it aligns with your mission is the first statement is the first question that you can ask yourself. And that will tell you, that’ll certainly give you a good percentage of knowing whether that fits with your brand or doesn’t. If it doesn’t align with your mission. You know, if you are about healthy eating and veganism, it would be off brand for you to be an affiliate with a steak company. That would be odd, right. So so that’s a really extreme, odd analogy. But just to illustrate that point for you that your brand is about very high level things. But that for that example, it could be the power through living clean, and toxin free. That could be a core mission statement within your brand. So for me, one of my core might one of my power statements, and you hear me say it at the end of every episode is that you are limitless, every single one of us is limitless. And we are only limited by the limitations that we accept. If we stop accepting them, they disappear. That is a core mission statement of mine. So with that, that allows me to understand if my content is jiving with my overall message. So these statements should be really strong. Because then if we are aligning content with strong power statements, that creates powerful content. Okay, so if you have a wishy washy mission statement, you’re probably going to get wishy washy content, and people aren’t really going to be attracted to that, they’re certainly not going to stick around and connect with it and feel like you are the person to solve their problem. Okay. So that’s the first one is your mission. The second one is how do you solve a problem for a specific person. So we’re not going to get into your target audience here, your ICA your ideal client avatar, because that is a whole episode in itself. But you should understand that you are targeting your marketing toward a specific audience, and you should know that person inside and out. You should know what matters to them. But at the very least, you should know what are the problems that they have? And what are the results that they want? And now, this, this really ties into, you know, what do they want, and what do they need. And when you’re thinking about that, like this is going to tell you how to position your content, how to how to take that mission that you’re on, and show people that I’m not just about the rah rah stuff. I’m not just about the you can do it. But I’m gonna sit you can do it. And here’s how, here’s how I can help. This part is so crucial, because we want people to buy, we want people to see us not only as an authority, but we want them to see us as the person who can help them solve their problems. And when we do that, and we position ourselves that way. That’s how we get them going to our sales page, booking the calls. And when they bump up against a problem that they know we solve. were the first ones that they call that is how we do it. So you need to be focused on results need to be focused on their problems and the results that they want and how you solve them and how you deliver those results. The third point is your message.

Your message is sort of a it’s your perspective. This is like your special sauce. This is how you combine your mission with the problems that you solve the the results that you deliver. This message is kind Then of how it all comes together these three points, how are these two points how they come together and form your message. This is your perspective. This is your flavor. So your personality, your identity, and how you connect with them on an identity level. So if you are so part of my message is I, I help people again, being limitless. I help people I am a recovering people pleaser. I lived my life playing very small for a long time. And I have been busting through my own ideas of to some people, it doesn’t look like I’ve played small, but I know I have played below my ability. And I know that even still I am bigger than what I’m playing at right now. And every day, I am breaking past that internal boundary that I have of what it means to play big. And stepping into that and stepping into the fear that surrounding that. That is part of my message is that playing small gets you nowhere, and you don’t have to play small. And there are techniques that you can use to play a bigger game. And I provide that. So that is a part of my message. That is a problem that people have because in order to have the business that they want, in order to in order to grow in order to grow the following in order to grow the downline, if you’re an MLM in order to have the the sold out program, if you’re a coach, all of these people I help in order to do those things, you have to stop playing small, and I can show you how to do that. That is my message that is part of my message. Okay, so that is how I give a perspective on it. That is how your message ties in all of these things. This, this ties in with my mission, which is showing people that they are limitless. And then the problem that they have, they can’t they’re they’re bumping up against I call them internal glass ceilings, they bump up against these glass ceilings, they continue to play small, so they don’t get the business that they want. That’s the problem. That’s exactly what I help people do. I show them in my content, I show them in things like the show and in my Instagram posts and the videos that I do and in my Facebook group, exactly how they can overcome those limiting beliefs and play a bigger game. That is that turns into my message. The people pleaser part of it is one piece of my message. And I’m speaking directly to that person. So that’s how all three of these things tie together. The fourth element is the tone of your brand. Now this gets into some of the colors in the mood boards and the traditional things that we think of when we think of branding, but I want you to go a level deeper and really think about it on the emotional connection on the feeling you want people to you want to evoke in people when they encounter your brand. So are you about fun? Are you about peace? Are you about adventure? Are you about? Are you about family and, and togetherness and community. These are tones these are you might have heard these referred to as brand archetypes, which really helped to set a tone and a direction. So you’re speaking even more specifically to a need or a calling inside of a person. So what’s the tone of your brand? I mean, I know that I know a lot of people online, like they might have a ton of fun. So their colors and fonts sort of go with the fun vibe. The pictures that they choose for their Instagram feed, go with the fun vibe. I don’t focus very much on the visuals, meaning I shouldn’t say I don’t focus very much. I, I let all of the other work inform the visuals. And this is one of those things I do think about it from a sense of I like to appeal to a sense of power and adventure in people. So I think about that and how I position my pictures, how I look in my photos, things like that. That is how I take the tone and bring it into the magnetic brand. Okay. Now the last element, the fifth element, the fifth element, I love that movie. The Fifth Element

is I want first

of all before I tell you exactly what it is, I want you to understand that so being magnetic comes from

all of these four pieces plus this

This is part of that mystical element. This is part of that emotional element. This is that intangible thing. That is what separates you from you might say, Well, I have a message, I have a mission. I know the problem that I solve, I know I have the risk, I’m talking about the results, and I’m still not getting any, any traction, I’m still not not getting the clients, I’m still not seeing people respond to it. I don’t my brand is still not magnet, not magnetic. And let me tell you why. The Fifth Element is worthiness. It’s all of these four things plus worthiness, you have to feel worthy of the attention that you want online, of people’s money, of people trusting you have the respect. What is it that you see other people getting online that you want? So when you see him with someone who has the business that you want? What is it that you feel for them? What do you think that other people are giving them? This is a clue into what’s possibly missing from what you believe you have or you deserve? Look at their feet and say, well, people respect them, they seem like an authority. They they’re getting love, love? Do you feel worthy of love. And these are tough questions to ask ourselves. Because we think that we feel worthy. And deep down, we don’t, we feel worthy of a certain amount of things, certain amount of love, certain amount of respect. in certain contexts, we feel worthy of respect and authority. So maybe at your corporate job, you felt worthy of respect there. But in the entrepreneurial space, you have not owned that worthiness that you are worthy in this way. And this is a big problem for a lot of people, myself included, it took me a long time to work through the worthiness swamp and get my head above that quicksand. Okay. But once you do, things change, and I’m going to show you so the reason I want you to dig into this worthiness thing, because this is the the most key element, you could honestly, you could have the worthiness part and the others, and the others have them really, really weak but have worthiness like 1,000%, and you will see results, people will want to be around you. Because you’re powerful. And magnetic, it being magnetic is being powerful. By definition, magnetism is a force, right? We need to harness your power, okay, and put it into your message and put it into your brand. And that is how you become magnetic. And it starts with owning it, it starts with owning your power. Okay. And that can be really hard to do. For some reason, it’s easier to for a lot of us to see ourselves as power less than to see ourselves as the amazingly powerful beings that we are, who are afraid of that power. And there is no room for that fear in your business. Because that is if you’ve had trouble, where you’ve gotten some traction, and then you let it go, and then it goes away, or we think it we think it goes away. But really we let it go. That’s what consistency comes in. We do a lot of work, we go go go, go go and then we pull back. Don’t feel worthy. We don’t feel worthy. We’re afraid of that power. So that so much of the work has to do with that. And I work with my clients on that all the time. That is what we are always working on. And that is why having a live coach is so so important. And it’s not enough to just have a digital course with this stuff. Not until you get way way past this. And honestly, we need coaches all the time. But if you don’t have somebody to talk to definitely join my Facebook group because that is an opportunity for free coaching. It’s, you can find the link inside the show notes. We’ll link it up there. But definitely have somebody that is going to help lift you up and help you find your worthiness. So I want you to understand that every time you own another piece of your power that this is an ongoing thing. You never get over worthiness you what you have. Your whole world is a sign of what you feel worthy of you feel worthy of that level of home, that level of bank account. Don’t that level of debt, sometimes, which has a lot to do with shame around money, what you have is what you feel worthy of. And if you want more, you have to raise yourself to a new level of worthiness. And that is where like what like I was saying you shatter an internal glass ceiling that you have. And you say, Nope, I am worthy of more. And we’re doing that with our branding all the time, this is an ongoing process. And the more power you step into with your brand, the more magnetic you will become, to the people watching, people will start to pay attention. Okay. So some of the and this really all goes back to not playing small, I want to just worthiness is about playing at the level that you want to be at, not playing at the level that you are at. And that is a question that is something that you have to be reminding yourself of every day because your automatic program is to play at the level you are at. Because that level is safe, that level is known. You don’t have to work very hard, and you don’t have to encounter anything that makes you uncomfortable. So this is how you have to this is why you have to remind yourself every single day that there is no room for playing small. Okay, and some questions that you can ask yourself, to get yourself in the right frame of mind. To help build your after you go through the free guide. And you go through these five steps and you you sketch out your brand here. And you know what it means for you to be magnetic. To have your magnetic personal brand, you can ask yourself these questions. So one question that I love to ask is what would I do if I didn’t care what anyone thought? What would I do if I didn’t care if any what anyone thought? It’s a great question to ask yourself. So when you go to write your content, when you go to do anything really in your business, DM people reaching out doing all of that stuff? What would you do? If I didn’t care? What would you do if you didn’t care? what anyone thought? That’s one question. Second question. What do the people I want to help? Need to hear? Not what they want to hear? What do they need to hear? These are the tough love questions. This is the tough love question. I asked myself all the time, what do they need to hear? Because sometimes I find myself watering down the message to make people more comfortable to not offend, or to just not sound too forceful. And that is a way that I will play small. So this is a question that helps get me out of that frame of mind and remind myself who I am. What do the people I want? What do the people I want to help need to hear from me? Okay. And the third question is, what change do I want to make in this world? Now, I love this question. I love this question for so many reasons. Because one, it tells you so much. What change do I want to make in the world? And this is about power. This is all about power. But that last question that is so about power, and your personal power? And because it really boils down to do you believe you can make a change in the world? So check in with yourself. When you ask yourself that question, What change do I want to make in the world? Check in with yourself? How do you feel when you say that? Do you feel some resistance? Do you feel uncomfortable? Does it make you uncomfortable? Where when you start to think of a change you’d like to make? Do you start to back off of it? And say, Well, that seems unrealistic. So a change that I could make is I could pay my family’s bills. You know, whereas a change that you that the original thought might have been? I want to I want to build schools and third world countries. I want to build a nonprofit, which is a big, big dream. That’s a big, that’s a big idea. And you might think, well, there’s no way I could do it and you start rationalizing it. And this is one of those. This is one of those questions that tunes you in to where you don’t feel worthy and you want to start embracing every bit of inspiration that comes your way. If you have that dream in you then it is possible to make it happen outside of you.

So but this is a great check in question when it comes to your brand when it comes Most of what you’re sharing when it comes to understanding what you feel worthy of this is a great question. So these are your check ins that you can ask yourself those three questions to sort of check in with your, with your worthiness and to get you back on track with creating power in your brand to create that magnetic brand. And then these five elements are, that’s your building blocks, your content pillars come off of this, your your mood and tone, and your entire brand will start to come together. And people will start to respond when you follow this formula and this framework. And it can take a little bit of time. And it can take some coaxing and massaging to get it right. But don’t wait until it’s perfect. Just start working on it, the answers will come as you put things out there, as you talk to people. As you get feedback, things will get so much clearer, the changes that need to be made will be very, very clear. And you will feel very empowered. And being empowered is going to lead to you feeling more worthy. So the message at the end of all of this, do the work, do all of this, go through the free guide and put it into practice. Put it into practice every single day, go out there and put your message out in the world go be magnetic. So remember to tell yourself every day, I am magnetic, I am powerful. And of course, I am limitless. So I hope you enjoyed this episode, like I said, we have a free guide for you the brand Bible, you can get that at Nicole laino.me forward slash brand Bible. We’ll link that up in the show notes. Of course, as always, and we also join our Facebook group, if you are looking for I do Q and A’s inside that group, I do live coaching, I do a mindset Monday video every single Monday, that is a free resource there for you always and brand building requires feedback and requires help, because you have to get out of your own way to find that brand. And this is the most effective and cost effective way that you could do that is by joining that group. So please visit our group the link to it is in the show notes. We will direct you there it’s in the website you can go to is inner CEO group.com. And that will bring you right to our group so you can join and all the fun. So thank you all for being here. Thank you for always being so attentive and supportive of the show. I am forever grateful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. If you loved the episode, please leave a review on iTunes so that more people can find us or share this with your friends, teammates, colleagues and anybody else who you think could be helped by it. Thank you so much. And remember, you are limited only by the limitations you accept. And when you don’t accept any limitations. You are truly limitless. Go out there and conquer everyone. I’ll see you next week.

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