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Episode #9 The Manifestation Technique That Changed My Life

Do you ever feel like you get in your own way?

Like everything you want is on the other side of a fear that you’ve identified, yet can’t seem to get passed?

That’s because knowing what the belief or fear is isn’t enough. The truth is, that you don’t even have to know what the belief is to remove it.

Most people spend so much time analyzing and intellectualizing their problems but, that’s where they stop. So their issues are never truly resolved. The process of removing the issue is more important than you having knowledge of the issue. That’s why having a process to clear negative thoughts and emotions is essential to your growth.

In this episode, I’m spilling the tea on the powerful manifestation technique that removes negative thought patterns and emotions and allows you to unlock new levels of abundance and success. It is literally changing my life and the lives of my clients. You do not want to miss this one!


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Hello, and welcome to the limitless entrepreneur podcast, I am your host, Nicole Laino. And boy, am I excited that you tuned in to this episode. This episode is honestly, it’s something that has been on my heart on my mind for a while that I’ve wanted to bring to you guys. And I gotta say, there’s a buzzword in here that I’m going to use that I sometimes hold back from using, and I’ve talked about it on the podcast before, but I’m going to talk about it in a much bigger, much more forward way today. And that word is manifestation. I am very careful with it. Because I think that there are some preconceived notions about what manifestation is, I think a lot of people think that manifestation is magic, and that we are talking about witchcraft and, and just thinking things into existence. And while some of that is true, the way I see manifestation is getting out of your own way. That if that I believe that we are all capable of everything. That’s why I have this podcast is called the limitless entrepreneur because we are limitless. And what we are doing is we are not actually changing anything other than we are removing blocks that are keeping us from our limitless nature. So and we do that through releasing false paradigms and constructs and different things that ways of thinking that keep us stuck where we are. We release our limiting beliefs, we process emotions that are holding us back. Because when you think about the way that the brain works, that most of what we think and feel and believe was actually developed and installed in us when we were children before we the age of seven. That to think that your six year old self, and her feelings could be holding you back today. It’s removing that, that is really what manifestation is, is transcending all of this stuff from the past, and these things that no longer serve us. And it’s really clearing the path that has already been paved for us. It has just been covered up. So today I am going to share with you a manifestation technique that quite literally changed my life. It has changed everything in my life, it has changed my relationship with my son, it has changed my dog, it has changed my my business, it has changed my relationship with my husband, how I deal with everything and just how I feel in my daily life. It has been nothing short of mind blowing. So let me just say like where I was coming from before, so you understand what this can be used for. And like I said, this is a manifestation technique. But it is a technique that is really designed to just get you out of your own way, if you’ve ever felt that you were in your own way. This is for you. I certainly felt that way. I felt like I was in my own way. So even when I was succeeding, even when you know, to the outside world, I was I was doing really, really great that but I wasn’t where I wanted to be. So if I have my sights on something, and I’m not able to get there, or I’m having trouble getting there, or I’m finding that I get so far. And then I keep bumping up against this wall, or I break through the wall only to find out that there’s another one right behind it. That felt very, very frustrating. And I call these things inner glass ceilings. So it’s like I would get to a certain level. And then I would bump up against something and then only to find that there was another glass ceiling right above it, or parallel to just right on it. And so I wasn’t even getting like a breakthrough one only to find that I was stopped again. And that was really frustrating. And, and I I’m a big meditator as many of you know, I do visioning exercises. I had success, and I had success with those things. But I also had this feeling and I see this with my clients too, that there was something internally holding me back that I was somehow getting in my own way. Now this shows up for a lot of people it shows up for a lot of my clients as not being consistent. And consistency. I want you to know can can inconsistency can show up in lots of ways. That could be that every time you go to hire somebody you just kind of pull back on it and that causes you to be be overwhelmed and not be able to execute on everything you need to execute on to scale your business. Or it could mean that you’re in the beginning of your business. And you can’t write content in a way that’s consistent where you’re showing up consistently for your audience. Or you can’t consistently produce the type of material that you want to produce in order to keep your audience satisfied. And to keep them growing and, and engaged. All of these things can be consistent. So not consistent can mean lots of things, it just means that you are not able to keep up and you are not able to grow at the rate that you want to grow. That you’re not fully stepping into your authenticity, like all of these things. I was feeling I and some of them came all the time, and some of them would come occasionally. So certainly in the beginning, I felt like I had impostor syndrome, I was comparing myself to others. That that is sort of always there at every level, you just comparing yourself to different people. But there was also this feeling that I had, down deep that I simultaneously felt inadequate and small. That’s where that imposter syndrome and comparing came from. And at the same time, I knew in my bones, that I am a magnificent, brilliant, limitless, amazing creature. So how could they How could I be both a powerful goddess and a worthless peasant, the next minute, like one minute, I’m this powerful goddess, and the next minute, I am this worthless peasant. That is what it’s like to have peaks and valleys right to have these, you know, I take three steps forward, I take two steps back. So all of this, I’ve seen with my, my clients, I have seen, certainly I have experienced this personally, in my life, and in my business. And all of this stuff is it’s tied to our beliefs, all of this, this push pull these peaks, valleys, it is us. A lot of times we’ll powering through to reach a peak. So we run, run, run real hard. And then we hit a valley and we say that we just burned out, we say that we just got tired. But really, it’s a new an old belief that we were will powering our way past has just taken over again, it is just a we have just stopped pushing so hard because we got so tired, that we we gave in a little bit. And then that belief on autopilot, because beliefs are just programming. We are programmed like computers, our brains are just like computers, that that those old beliefs that old programming is just taking over. Now I’ll throw out the statistic that I love that we have 60 to 70,000 thoughts per day. And 90% of those thoughts are the same thoughts that you thought yesterday. So if you think about that, if 90% of everything that you thought was the same thing that you thought yesterday, you are running a program. So all of this, we when we go into that 10% of new thoughts that starts out is just us pushing so hard that we’re like, I won’t believe that stuff anymore. I’m going to believe these new things. But the we didn’t remove the old programming, we have just tried to install something new on top. And you can’t cover up Bo with cologne, it might work for a little while, but you’re gonna be stinky, very, very soon after that people

are going to be like, do you smell something it’s going to come through eventually the Cologne is going to wear off. And it’s very similar with our beliefs that you can’t just positive think your way past negative programming and old programming, it is too deep rooted in who we are, and how we think and how we operate. Okay. And it’s also our subconscious mind is saying, we have these beliefs, we’ve tested this, we have run this road before, these are the problems that we have that that we have identified. These are the paths that we think are not safe. And our job is to keep you safe. So this is how we’re going to operate. It’s why you’re running that program, your brain is designed to keep you safe. And these are the this is the the full example of of everything that your brain has learned said that these things work, these things don’t. So we’re going to run under the assumption of all those things being true all the time. But we need to remove that in order to step out of our comfort zone and do the things that are going to get us to where we want to be. So what happens a lot of times is we get to these beliefs and And we don’t know what to do with them once they are there. So we journal and we get to a negative belief, and we might journal our way through it. And, and then we don’t know how to remove it, we don’t know how to change it. And when they’re really deep, you know, it’s like pulling out a weed, if you pull the top off, that weed is still going to grow back, you’ve got to get to the root, and not just the root, but the root system, in order to not have them come back over and over and over again. So this is what happens, beliefs when we when we try to overcome something we think we have, but then it comes back, you know, the new belief didn’t stick. This is why this is how this is working. So and the reason is, because we’ve never processed the emotion beneath the belief. So every thought, has an emotion that is tied to it. And when we don’t get to that emotion, then we could change the belief and we could change the thought all we want. But you have to actively change that thought all the time. And all we’re doing is it’s almost like putting on an act, it’s not actually going to be who we are, it’s actually going to be how we operate. So you can’t just intellectually reason it all out. Because it’s in your body, it’s in your nervous system, your brain is automatically your body and cause your emotions and your feelings are what directly influenced your actions. So you might think something and say, it’s safe to step out on social media and be really authentic. And you might say that, but inside your gut is saying, Oh, no, it’s not. And you feel that in you, that feeling is more powerful than the thought that feeling is more powerful than the thought and that feeling will always win. And sometimes you don’t even know the feeling is there, you won’t physically feel it, or you’ll feel it a little bit. And that’s just the little bit of discomfort that gets you to say, You know what, I’m going to fold laundry instead. Or you know what, I’m going to do this other thing, I’m going to make a graphic on Canva. Instead, rather than handing that to my VA, that’s how it works. It’s sneaky like that. So you’re not necessarily always going to know when you’re turning away from but it’s gonna be the feeling that drives you away. Because you will look for a better feeling your body in your mind will say, This doesn’t feel good, let’s go find something that feels good. And unfortunately, when we want to break past internal barriers, and these inner glass ceilings, we got to be uncomfortable. And we got to sit in that discomfort and say, You know what, I don’t care. But the other way to do it is to is to actually change what makes us feel comfortable, change the feeling, process, the emotion, and not have those triggers of when I go to do this thing that’s very productive and will move my business forward. I feel awful. How do we change that feeling? How do we get to that, that core feeling inside of us. So and this can show up? There are lots of examples that I can give for this to give to this. But one of them that’s a big one is something like your money story. So a lot of you probably if you’ve done personal development work, you’ve heard that you know that you have to work through your money story and rewrite your more money story. And one of the money stories might be that, you know, you have to work hard for your money or rich people are greedy. And you might say, Well, okay, if it’s rich people are greedy. I’ll say No, I have some examples of people who aren’t greedy, like, look at look at these people. Look at Warren Buffett, he’s giving all of his money away to charity, like he’s not greedy. And he still lives in the same house in Omaha, Nebraska. Not not greedy, and he’s one of the richest men in the world. So you’ve intellectually worked through this. And you’ve you’ve broken it down, but the belief is still there. It’s not enough. So how do we get past it? How do we get to that core emotion that is triggering us to act in a way that keeps us from getting everything that we want that keeps us from manifesting because manifesting is is rooted in belief. You have to believe something is possible you have to believe not only that it’s possible that it’s inevitable. And your your emotional state and how you feel about the things that you want to create is going to be is essential. So if you think I have a million dollars and you and you know if you haven’t listened to my episode number two, I believe on alignment on what it means to be in alignment. Go listen to that episode, because I break that whole thing down about how this works and how what it means needs to get into alignment. But if you say I have a million dollars, and you could say that every day like affirmations like I have a million dollars, I’m a millionaire, I have a million dollars. Money flows to me easily. You can say it all you want. But if in your guts it says no, you don’t, you do not have a million dollars. You don’t even have $5,000 in your bank account. That is going to be more powerful than the affirmation the affirmation will not stick. So how do we get past that? How do we get it to stick? How do we process that emotion that says no, you’re not a millionaire? How do I get to feel like a millionaire? The answer is this technique that I’m going to share with you. So the technique that I have discovered that has literally blown my mind and blown up my world in the most magnificent beautiful way is called the rapid manifestation method. It is by a woman created by a woman named Sarah Longoria who is amazing. It is a clearing process that uses EFT which is called the which is the emotional freedom technique, or better known as tapping to clear out stuck emotions. Because if you are stuck, the reason is you have stuck emotions and you need to move those emotions out so that you can experience something new. And the way that it does this is it clears out the it clears out the stuck emotions by tapping on meridian points and that will release the emotion. So like I said it’s based on she has a slightly different take on EFT.

She does it differently. It’s it uses the same principles but it’s different. And the difference between EFT and the RMM technique the rapid manifestation method is EFT neutralizes emotions. So you say things like so you tap on the meridian points and it works very much the same as acupuncture does. So meridians are channels within your body in which energy flows. If you’ve ever had acupuncture, acupuncturists will will place needles on meridian points, tap those meridian points or attach a machine that vibrates the needles to open up the channel so that energy can flow. Tapping does the same thing. You’re just tapping on the exterior points of these meridians on specific acupressure points, it will vibrate the meridian and you do it while you are talking about emotions you are experiencing or beliefs you want to clear the difference between EFT and RMM is EFT will neutralize that emotion by talking about it in a different way than RMM does. So EFT would have you saying things like if it were the Money Story, you would say like, I release the need to think that that I have to work hard for money, I don’t have to work hard for money. Money flows to me easily, it’s very much affirmations. And you might get into the the details of it and some of the nitty gritty, but you’re really going to talk about it. And I see it as a very passive kind of safe sort of space, whereas RMM will have you digging into the true root feelings underneath the emotion that you are experiencing. So we go deeper with RMM. So I’ve become certified in this technique, because I believe in it so wholeheartedly and I am determined, I’m teaching it to all of my people, my clients have already started to see, I’m just getting message after message about how life changing this technique has been for them already. Okay. So that is what the RMM technique does, it actually processes the emotion for you. So when you are talking about something that you feel, you will get very, very deep into the emotion while tapping. And that will allow your body to process it and move it out. Which is where you want it out of your body out of your nervous system out of your subconscious that you are actually going to transmute that energy and you’re able to turn it into something else and you’re able to get past it. And then you can install new empowering beautiful programming. So if you’ve tried manifestation stuff before, if you’ve tried like the gratitude journal or visioning your your future, and you haven’t been able to truly, truly believe it or just hasn’t really manifested. If you’re journaling and you’re getting to the problems that you don’t know how to remove them. So you’re journaling a lot but you’re like, Okay, I’m getting to stuff. I see it. I intellectually understand it but I don’t feel better. I don’t really feel different and you should feel different. The end result should be the You feel different. When you sit down to work, it should be easier. When you go to write content, there should be more ideas there, you should be able to get into a flow state, easily if you’ve truly processed a root emotion that you that has been holding you back. So if you’re not experiencing that, then this technique will absolutely help you and not only help you, I mean, it will if your mind isn’t blown, I would I would definitely want to talk to you and work with you and be like, no, no, something isn’t right with the way that you’re using it because this will blow your mind. And if you’re experiencing plateaus, it’s the same thing. If you feel those inner glass ceilings where you’re like, I keep bumping up against this, I feel like I’m getting in my own way. I’m doing all the things the stuff is in place. I just don’t see how I don’t see what the next move is. I don’t see what I could be doing differently than the answer is that you need to remove stuff. It’s not that you need to learn anything new. It’s not that you need to do different things it needs that it means that you need to show up differently, and you need to remove things that are keeping you stuck. The answer is a lot of times when you get to a certain level, it’s subtracting, not adding to what you’re already doing. So if you’re experiencing any of this stuff, and you want to just manifest more abundant life if you want to and that can be in many, many forms that could be in your relationship that can be in your if you have a weight loss journey, your fitness, if you know if you want to manifest a different outcome for your business. I am teaching a free masterclass one day on December 9 2020 at 1:30pm Central time inside my Facebook group the unlock your inner CEO Facebook group. I’m going to date this podcast normally I would leave this to the end. But this is so important and so powerful that I’m dedicating this episode to it to getting you to this masterclass I promise you this will shift your inner being this will shift your external world this will change not only how you do business, but will change how you what you are able to call in what you’re able to achieve and will directly impact the results that you are able to get after this 90 minute masterclass. So it’s 90 minutes so that I make sure that I have enough time for you. I think we’ll be done in an hour but leave 90 minutes. Again, it is December 9 2020 at 1:30pm Central Time. This is the unlock your abundance masterclass, I’m going to give you three steps to practically manifesting everything you want. I know it’s a I know that sounds like a big deliverable, but I promise you, this will rock your world. So you want to join this group, the links will be in the show notes will be it will link that up for you so that you’re able to easily access them. But if you are listening to this and just want to jump over to the website, go to www dot inner CEO group.com That will take you directly to our Facebook group, so that you can join and get in on all the action because everything is going to go down in the Facebook group. If you’re not part of the Facebook group, you won’t be able to participate. And I don’t want that for you. I want you to be in this group in this masterclass and to experience the major shifts that people are going to experience after this one class. Now if you are in network marketing, and you have a team, if you are a coach and you have friends, you know business besties that you that accountability buddies and people that keep you honest with your work and you want to help succeed and you guys are on this journey together, send them to this group. This masterclass you want everybody to attend, this will be life changing for people, and it is free. So there’s really no excuse not to participate. I promise you, this will be a life changing experience. So make sure that you participate make sure that you join this group, you join this masterclass and you learn this technique that I’m going to share with you I’m actually going to walk you through how to perform this technique on yourself, how you can do it, and how you can use it to change your business and change your life. So I hope that you found this useful. I hope that this piqued your interest because I promise you this is a the most powerful technique I have ever found and I have literally tried everything. I’ve tried every personal development technique and I have not found anything even remotely as powerful and insightful and interesting and honestly kind of fun than this technique. So I hope that you found this episode useful. I hope that you will come to this masterclass and experience the shifts that I am seeing with my paying clients and with other people that I have shared this with and other people that I am on this journey with. And you can follow me on Instagram at at Nick Laino and I see l a i n o will link all of this up in the show notes. Please if you loved this episode, leave us a review on iTunes or on Spotify and do a little screenshot add this to your IG stories and tag me and I will give you a shout out on my page as always. So guys, thank you so much for listening. I will catch you on next week’s episode. Remember you are only limited by the limitations that you accept. And you are a limitless entrepreneur when you stop accepting those limitations. Have a great one. I’ll see you on the next episode.

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